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I am done with this shitcoin.

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Rubic sux. Rubic is cubic my benis

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I bought at 70 cents
I will be stuck holding these bags forever will I

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It works well for me

Fix your WiFi Fud faggot, its curious how all the Rubic fud threads appear at the same time isnt it??

$rope yourself pajeet nigger

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The fuck are you talking about? If it works well for you post the transaction. I am not fudding half of my portfolio is RBC but the cross chain swap doesn't work. Anyone can go and try it right now and see it is fucked.

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Post hands and wallet Rajesh

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Coins been out since October 2020. You’ll have your money back eoy almost guaranteed

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Why would you buy, not just RBC, any coin when it fucking moons lmao??? Stupid newfag

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>Say that their crosschain swaps work well for you
>Gets asked to show proof
>P-post hands and wallet Rajesh.

Show me that is works well for you or get the fuck out of my thread.

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Rubic is a fucking scam retards

The future is HOGE. We are back

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Begone then faggot

We will eat your measly 1000 dollar dip and send the cube to the europa

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if rubic can hit 79c in its current form it can hit $5 eoy these are facts

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They should at least have a cooldown timer. This is the only thing that annoys me.

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I'm having the same problem. It's not fucking FUD.

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It worked for me well, but I hope they fix this soon because this is dangerous

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I tried it a week or so back, and was going to start using rubic as a legit exchange to help you bros out. I don't like start threads about it, or anything, but yeah, anyone invested in this is in trouble.
Not even being a dick, and every time I try to low key warn you guys, you tell me to fuck off and say I'm trying to buy back my stack (lol).

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fuck off. youre priced out

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Op maybe is a retard, warning says to clearly fucking wait.

Idk wat the issue is, but if u fucking think its a concern fucking contact the team you mong.

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Rubic is not a project you should be investing in long term. Reasons:

1. Market cap: $33M !!! For a swap exchange that has a really shitty UX and product, cannot be even compared with 1inch (used by Rubic primarily and has stellar product with $500m market cap and 8b monthly volume). With 99m circulating supply, reaching $10 is not possible in a gazillion years looking at this shitty product.

2. Usecase: Who the fuck wants to swap on Binance chain outside of Binance!? Also why the fuck would I use Rubic when I can easily get the best prices on 1inch, Uni or Metamask swap?!

3. Contant shilling: Pajeets scamming this board with stolen link memes just waiting for you poorfags to pump the price so that they can dump on you!

4. Inexperienced tech: Their dev team/tech is really inexperienced compared with dev teams of the defi world. Check the dev teams at Sushi, Aave, 1inch, YFI, CRV, Uni, SNX. These guys dont even stand a chance.

Worst part: The website was down for almost 2 hours which has happened 3-4 times so far (server load is a shitty excuse)! Imagine website going down during a swap.

That being said, yes the constant shilling on biz might pump the price a bit maybe but this is never a safe long term hold, because either you might get rugpulled or whales might dump hard and the price would never recover and you would be holding these coins forever.

So DYOR. There is no reason for you to use Rubic when there are literally 100x better products in the market.

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>bought the top
you do not deserve money retard

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It has been saying wait every time I try to use the fucking thing. I have actually never successfully swapped anything with Rubic. Why the hell is it making me wait?

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how noble of you to warn us that the project isn't finished yet. obviously we fucking know that, we're betting on the price going up when they implement more features and clean up the exchange. So yes, fuck off and sell your stack pussy (lol)

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Yeah I tried to use the rubic exchange a few days ago and it kept telling me I had insufficient balance even though I had a shitton of balance. It simply doesn't work.

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Imagine investing in Rubic with shit product and reasonable FUDS.

MATIC's QUICK is where you should be at. Even the last 24hrs barely left a dent in MATIC and QUICK actually going up.

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>wifi fud

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Rubic was fake the whole time, we were just fucking with you to get some gains so you can buy /ourrealcoin/ asko

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I think RBC could hit a dollar EOY but you bought the top. Remember when ppl bought graph at 70 then it fell to the .30s?

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LOOM is also looking good

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Just tried and it worked fine?

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I personally like zero. It's avax eth presently, but soon to be dot and bsc as well. It has actually gained value during the crash, and these rubic kids could get into it cheap as fuck to make up for their losses here.
It's the only dex in my portfolio. I'm normally don't shill, but if that's what we're doing here.

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That being said, anything matic does look nice. Wish the whole protocol wasn't Indian, but for all I know, the anon devs of zero are Indian too.

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Fud faggot newfag doesn't know how to use an exchange

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1. Market cap: $33M Rubic is a multi-chain one stop shop DeFi startup. Big things have small beginnings. Comparing Rubic to the already established 1inch and Uniswap from the get go is completely retarded They are an upcoming competitor that will take market share away. In addition, Rubic will offer services and provide features that both of them don’t You are just a crypto newfag, You wouldn’t get it
With just 99m circulating supply, upside potential is tremendous. Far better tokenomics

2. Usecase: You can easily get the same or in many cases better prices than 1inch, Uni or Metamask swap. When new features are added. You will be able to trade with the lowest fees around

3. Contant shilling: Jelly of all the fresh content and Rubic Meme Magic. Learned from the best, Link Marines showed us the way. In fact plenty of OG Link Marines contribute to it. Link holders are some of the biggest holders of Rubic according to wallet analysis

4. Experienced tech:Their Russian dev team is experienced. Rubic's team has been present in the crypto sphere since 2017. Their first product platform is MyWish - the leading platform for Smart contracts builders for blockchains. It has delivered several successful projects and has worked with big players such as Binance, Tron, NEO, and others. Rubic's platform was launched in September 2020.

5. Your best point overall was that the Rubic UI/UX is suboptimal and needs improvement. The team has listened to the community and acknowledged it. Vlad and the Rubic team have pledged to do a complete overhaul soon. They just hired a new developer to help with it. They also hiring two more devs as we speak.

Worst part
You are a complete liar and fud faggot
Website was down once a month ago because of DDOS attack for 2 hours. No information was compromisedThat's it, similar problems have impacted 1inch and Uniswap in their early beginnings. You wouldn't know though because you are a fud faggot newfag

Rubic Total Victory

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How long do you have to wait though? Like I said, if it's an antispam measure, there should be a cooldown timer.

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weak fud

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I think it was 3 trades per hour or 30min (don't remember).
Have used it several times with 0 problems, so don't know what the problem might be

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If you open the console you might see a more descriptive error.
In my case, the float value of the token I was trying to swap was too large. Reduce the size of your mantissa and try again.

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