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TRON TRX like the only alt actually gaining sats during this bloodbath.
Moon incoming as soon as market stabilizes

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I have a feeling we might actually gear up towards shitcoin, I mean alt-season. Crap like TRX, ONE, HBAR, VET might do something for once. I need something to happen besides this bear and crab orgy. It's all so tiresome.
Disclaimer: as always and forever none of my posts are financial advice and are entirely satirical and for entertainment purposes only.

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for sure. TRX is as oversold as a coin can be, its due for a massive release pump.
tron blockchain is great aswell, superfast and cheap, most USDT transfers of all networks on tron with TRC20

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Matic is getting a lot too

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can't we ban all anons like this one that are so obviously from reddit and need to go back?

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ALGO holding steady at $1.00+. Why would you even sell algo when you're making 8% APY just by holding (not locked stake, freely movable!). Absolutely no reason for it to ever go below $1, but only go up.

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