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>90% of biz after making it

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At least I would be able to afford being depressed.

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this post seems like a cope for not having made it

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cruel, but probably accurate

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Not me fren. If I make it, I'm gonna buy my mum a house so that she can stop overworking herself

if you can't satisfy yourself, make others you love happy

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Wise one. True happiness is derived from bringing goodness to the important things and people outside yourself.

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Based and MommyPilled.

I think its a good idea to get a part time gig too. Live among the normies and pretend you aren't rich. Only reveal your power level if you've known some cool guy you work with for years, or you're quitting because everyone there is shitty.

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If you believe money can't buy happiness you're an absolute retard.

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Based and rural-Apu-pilled.
If you're not happy with your life right now, you're not going to be happy with your life when you make it.

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You guys are the best. I started with 7k and doubled that last week. Now it's 12k cause its bear season right now but I'm aiming for six figs EOY. Currently on GRT ADA and ALGO

I need one more good coin to invest before I leave it to simmer.

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I'm far too unhappy with the state of the world to truly be happy no matter how rich I am.

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I was thinking of doing 40% ADA, im currently holding my net worth in ETH right now and dont want to sell since my buy average is $1250

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Change what makes you unhappy, fucking looser

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I don't understand why everyone always tries to be """"happy""""
I'm fine with being content

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Do you think this episode was a whole allegory for "making it"?
Yeah. Camus was probably right...

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It's not bear season yet sadly anon, these dips are nowhere near bear brutality.

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57k to 42k sounds bearish, anon. Dunno cause I wasnt there when it dropped 40% last time

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"Dont fall in love with a shitcoin"
this applies to working places too funnily enough, don't join a startup and fall in love unapologetically with the environment

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well what did you expect. money isn't going to make you attractive or socially acceptable. i'm not rich but at least i'm able to make myself nice monthly gains to live off

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I'm depressed while poor so I think I have the resolve to live while being depressed while successful.

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At least I could be miserable on my own terms

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The things that make me unhappy are far out of my power to change. (politics)

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Much better than my life now. Living in depression is always better than living in fear.