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He’s gonna end up holding the bag all the way down isn’t he?

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He'll announce he sold soon and crash the market for real.

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he already dumped all his bags

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Of course. Fuck this clown

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he will sell soon

he wont fucking announce it lmao

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hes a smart guy i trust him and elon musk

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This guy hands down says the most retarded things possible about bitcoin. He is literally always wrong and is worse than both winklevii combined.

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He is leveraged to hia teeth, he issued bonds and bought bitcoin with the money. I think he will be forced to sell somewhere in the 30k area to lock in some profits. If he holds to 10k then microstrategy will go down.

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His average was like 17k
We are not going down there anymore

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>Incels at 4chin thinking they know better than Michael Saylor

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He survived the dot-com bubble crash, he'll handle the crypto bubble crash just fine

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he bought bitcoin at 20k and 40k
i bought at 2 dollars
who's the retard here

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Holy shit did you really?? Do you still have any??

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The most I ever bought BTC for was 6K this nigga bought at 20K then 50K. Yeah he's a genius.

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Price won't ever dump below his average..
I like the guy, but he always looks pissed off, like everyone disgusts him.. a (hopefully antisemitic) meltdown wouldn't surprise me if we fall from 42k

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Saylor isn't trying to time a parabolic pump though. BTC has demonstrated time and again that even when a bull run collapses, 3 years later it'll be back at the previous ATH and then go even further up.

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Are you a millionaire? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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>Michael Saylor is thinking big again – and this time, he says, it’s going to be different.

>The chief executive of Business Intelligence software company Microstrategy is remembered for his flamboyant pronouncements, and sketchy bookkeeping that led to a spectacular corporate crash (and payment to the Securities and Exchange Commission) in the dotcom era. He has brought his company well back from the bad days of a decade ago, and is possessed with a vision of the world far greater than ever.

>This article is from 2011

KEK he is one of those people that took part in the dotcom bubble this tells a lot about his position in bitcoin right anons?

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Like FD7 ventures he will dump BTC for ADA and will make it.
While your shitcoins without any mass adaption and mass demand will crash down again.
Like it always did.

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he got in at 23k average price, he will probably sell at 30k

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>op doesn't realise the floor gets raised & ms didn't buy the top

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PowerBI is eating his lunch, bitcoin was his move to stay relevant lmoa

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>what is dollar cost averaging and why does it make my point nonsense?

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his company was providing business intelligence and digital profiling before that was even a thing though.. that should also tell a lot about his ability to predict global sentiment

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oldfag holders and miners hate him, they are going to liquidate him even if it means dumping bitcoin to 10k or below

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What he did is unacceptable.

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