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>the future of bitcoin
>but this time it's different
ath 2013 - 29 nov 2013 - $1242
ath 2017 - 17 dec 2017 - $19800
ath 2021 - this year's early pump was very powerful, indicates 2 potential scenario:
a) this time ATH might be earlier(july/august)
b) fomo near december will be of extreme magnitude
ATH 2021 : from 160k to 600k ATH depending on fomo level

my prediction:
april 2021 - ~68k
june 2021 - ~52k
scenario a) ATH ~august 2021 - ~300k
scenario b) ATH ~mid november 2021 - ~600k

screencap this
don't listen to newfags, they know nothing
don't be too greedy on alts, alt season is after the btc ATH
the cycle will continue every 4 years, no matter the retarded dollar price
you know what to do

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So what you're saying is...we just need to cool off for the next rally?

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BTC won't go over 200k, the rally hasn't even started and you are already at delusion wtf.

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thx just sold everything

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2021 ath 58k
2078 ath yes you guessed and you were right its >58k

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I mean, look at the rainbow chart.
i predict the all time high will be at a bit under 200k.
unless the dollar crashes, that's how it will go.

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I think 100k is a more reasonable top for this cycle

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>'cycles' and projected value
>when we're heading for a huge global crash

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so ure telling me this will go on forever? because it can never be diferent?

why should a useless piece of shit like bitcoin reach an infinite value? because its digital gold? i doubt it.

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if you plot them on a single graph it becomes much more clear
here enjoy the free alpha: 350-400k around mid october (10th - 25th)
and everybody here longer then december should know to ignore the willybot scam peak

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Why is the green line cut?

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>you know what to do
sell the dip?

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that was the willybot scam and thus not a valid datapoint, it stretches out the graph

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If this is the top it would be the shortest bullrun in btc history with the lowest pump from the previous ath. I ask you, why would this time be different

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Market cap is exploding algorithmically and legislation would need to be put in place to drown Bitcoin

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especially in a time where more old boomers died since last time, people are getting less tech illiterate, where fiat currencies are going through many problems, where the richest man in the world is invested into it, where more people learn about the existence of crypto, etc

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So what sort of suggestions can you provide around pursuing alts right now? Should we be accumulating alts now that we expect to pump, or should we be working on accumulating btc instead?

Ty for any advice

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I think we got a 2x-5x before the crash

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I would accumulate mostly btc as well as alts that are used as base trading pairs, the sooner the better

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