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I put y application in to become a /biz/ janitor.
Wish me luck.

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Make sure to be assertive when negotiating your salary.

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race humor is funny, even against my own race. pls no flag/report race based humor

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ban pink wojaks they really stress me out

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Make sure to clean up all the porn threads.
Thanks in advance.

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Fuck you wannabe jannie fag

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Make sure to delete KTLYO Croatian facebook scam threads

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Fuck you pre-jannie, you are a filthy tranny and dont delete my cunny threads

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Tell the other jannie and mod they are being waaaay too strict on /biz/ lately. don't be a faggot it you get it. I've been on /biz/ since 2017. it's a fun board and jannies let board culture run it's course here. be like 2017 jannie, and kill /pol/ niggers when they pop up.

that is all.

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real talk, this board probably has some of the better jannies, you can have wildly offtopic OP and they either get archived or stay up for a few hundred replies. it's fun and contributes to a lighthearted board culture
meanwhle I literally got a 3 day sitewide ban from faggot /r9k/ mods for making a thread discussing racemixing

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>he does it for free

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no. pink wojaks are part of the board's integrity.

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one of these nigger jannies gave me a fucking warning for saying some bullshit about kikes

what a faggot

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how much does that pay?

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Please delete all the eth token scam threads.

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You better not touch any Rubic threads

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/biz/ was even better than this. but as of late, the jannies and mods have been pruning and banning like no ones business. I've been banned 3 times since the bull run for making typical green or pink wojak threads or talking about actual work.

The current mod and jannie need to fucking chill.

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>he does it for free

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gl fren

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Please chain ban all the degenerate retards that keep posting "that's a man"

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well, don't be a /pol/nigger.

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u nigger. green wojak and red wojak threads are pointless. you literally kill threads to shitpost. you deserve to get banned for shit like that.

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Ban any mention of XSN until they launch their dex.
Which will be never, but yeah

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no, ban the degenerates posting coomer shit

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>it's a fun board and jannies let board culture run it's course here.
Shills, pajeet scammers, and endless porn aren't the result of board culture.
All it does is remove decent threads that are actually /biz/ related.
The Jannies lately were more likely to give temporary bans to people posting in roll threads.
I'd rather see the board littered with roll threads rather than endless porn of "women" and some fat guy's micro-shlong.

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This. I hate to admit it, but /biz/ jannies are pretty based. Most off topic is allowed as long as it’s funny/ interesting.

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Fuck off faggot.

The mad shitter will return!

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>until they launch

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Shilling is the essence of the board. So protect the shills no matter how retarded the project is. Even if they're advertising literal shit.

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>thinks only /pol/tards hate him
you faggots aren't making any new friends lately

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that's like half the reason i even come here

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I already mod something somewhere else but /pol/acks need to use this opportunity to infiltrate, just say youre a normie investing enthusiast or something and make it sound like youre apolitical but dont like the influx of racism, then when you get in dont actually mod /pol/acks, get the people sperging about /pol/ because meta conversations about /pol/ are off topic.

You all realize this new janny app period IS because the board is 80% /pol/ now and they want to kick us out, right.

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>Wish me luck
Best I can do is wish you death

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>get banned for posting wallet into airdrop thread
fuck you janny trannies

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Fuck you faggot, that shit has been with the board since it's inception, and they are clear market indicators. i just have to glance at the catalog to get what the fuck is going on with the market. Seriously take your pajeet coins and shove them up your micro pee pee hole and die, if you really think half the threads are worth keeping. /biz/ has a high thread turnaround because it keeps the pajeet threads at bay. if you don't like it, then go back to /sci/ you fucking dweeb.

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kys. /pol/nigger.

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I second this jannies are in on the fud i know it

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Yea that guy was antifa there chief.

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you make no sense. /pol/tards are bad for business and worse, are poor and enjoy it.

Continue to being a puppet of your own rhetoric.

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>/pol/tards are bad for business and worse

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checked and kekked

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I could care less. /pol/ is and deserves to be poor.

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>he does it for free

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Good luck anon, I'm sure you can use the money. How much do jannies get paid these days, anyway?

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Well your making multiple asspained meta posts about /pol/ on /biz/ says otherwise. Trump is a socialist btw, Its Socialist to give 500 billion dollars to niggers.

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>(1) seething reply
based and true post

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Good luck.

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Rubic and dubs everywhere

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Please unban me, I'll post more good looking girls for biz
t. tranny poster

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tl;dr neck yourself

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and you're not making meta posts on /biz/ about /pol/. fuck outta here faggot. seriously, you guys are cancer. worse than /b/

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You lost.

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Also, I just applied for the position.

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Get us flags

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>$0.00/hour and not a dime less!

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What's the rate of return on doing it for free?

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Good luck OP. Hope you're not a faggot.

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>sitewide ban
i don't even know why these exist, short of posting cp or violating "federal laws."

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what about a fun trip from planet earth when the GSX does 10x ??
doDO NOT waste your effort on erc20 tokens, if you want profit - join GSX and earn $$$

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Janitors CAN...

Remove threads, replies and images on their assigned board(s).
Submit ban and warn requests to moderators.
Access the reports queue to more easily respond to rule-breaking content.

Janitors CANNOT...

Ban users.
Access any administrative functions.
Use capcodes, make "official" posts, or set rules.
See user IP addresses or hostnames.

Janitors ARE...

Volunteers: Janitors are uncompensated volunteers who should be genuinely interested in the betterment of their board, and the site as a whole.
Anonymous: Janitors are not to disclose their position nor present themselves in an official capacity or share any private information about the team or site's users. Doing so will lead to immediate termination.
Versed: Knowledgeable about the content posted to their respective board. Active members of the community.
Limited: Janitors can only delete from one board to start. Over time, janitors may be eligible to select additional boards. Janitors are to focus on their assigned board(s).
Accountable: All moderation actions are logged and reviewed.
Active: Inactive janitors will be removed and replaced.
Professional: All new janitors are required to go through an orientation, evaluation, and review process.
Savvy: Proficient with computers. Janitors should own a computer for their own private use (i.e., not a public or shared computer). Janitors need to have a basic understanding of Discord.

Janitors ARE NOT...

Moderators: Janitors are not full Team 4chan members.
Interpreters: Rules are to be enforced as written. Janitors enforce site policy only and personal motives should never influence deletion. They are objective, not subjective.
Rogues: Janitors are expected to maintain regular contact with the moderation team via Discord or e-mail. Janitors should be present in the Discord channel whenever they are performing janitor tasks.

Drawbacks of being a Janitor
You do it for free.

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>Janitors should be present in the Discord channel whenever they are performing janitor tasks.
that explains why every janny is a retarded fun-hating newfag, as if doing it for free was bad enough

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It's also like the bigger half of the catalog. There will be nothing left if he deletes them.

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