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Dont Forget To Hydrate Edition
>Why Gold?

>Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info

https://findbullionprices.com/ (US)
https://eu.compare.pm (EU)


>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

EU/ENGLAND sources
https://www.chards.co.uk/ [Much cheaper than BullionByPost]
https://goldprice.eu5.net/ [Website to compare gold prices for UK]

Russian/European coins

Guide for Precious Metal Newfrens

Last thread: >>29900928

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first for sub 20 silver

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Let's make this happen

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Posting infographics

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condition: trouée. pas de problem. 75,8g argent 0.950 ou 0.800.

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Anon check out $MCM
They are gonna rock soon.

> No investments
> no ico
> original concept

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Nah the numbers don't compute.

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just picked up my first silver eagle from LCS now i can't stop pinging it

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Sell on craigslist without getting scammed or getting got

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I think im a gold bug now. Silver is great but gold, gold is somthing else.

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First for asteroid mining!

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"We have outlined all that is happening in our recent news releases, including drilling at the Bayhorse Mine.

It takes time for these actions to develop into hard news that we are able to report. We believe the first shipment of concentrate under our off-take agreement will create more shareholder value, and we anticipate that by the end of March.

Otherwise, we only discuss information that is in the public domain

Best regards

Bayhorse Silver"

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Speak English or get banned faggot

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Possible indication of imminent inflation, pic related.

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Can confirm this works.

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Why not both?

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learn other languages or stay american, faggot. french silver is best silver.

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Stacklet gun anon with some questions for you guys. Are the listed values reasonable?
>Gun with msrp of $700 for 23oz silver
>Gun with msrp of $3,045 for 100oz silver
>Gun with msrp of $300 for 10oz silver
Preferably in silver Krugerrands or maples

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read the rules of the site

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(forgot to attach pic)

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>a gay wreath they forgot to put something in
checks out

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Luv me octopus.
Luv me Kraken coin.
Simple as.

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Bless you for starting the underground economy early.

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I don’t need to learn poor people languages. You have to speak MY language, filthy third-worlder

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>he never searched ebay for "medaille" "argent"

I really wish we had a permanent (((sabbath))) for kikes would ban themselves from the internet forever

>being this butthurt

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>We believe the first shipment of concentrate under our off-take agreement will create more shareholder value, and we anticipate that by the end of March

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assuming the gun msrp's are the actual going price (they're probably not), then all those prices value silver about $1 lower per ounce than you can buy it for

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You might find that the caliber matters since ammo prices are through the roof.
>.270 starting at $2.50/round

Based burger. And you mean "people" not people.

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based, anon
keep it up

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Yes, anon.

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you do you, but at least scribble something in the center

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So investors have one month to continue loading up on shares.

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Can anyone tell me how to value junk silver? How are you supposed to know based on weight or whatever, if you're getting a good deal or not?

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Got the start of my stack on the way from JM. Kinda hyped

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These are gonna have a ton of memeismatic value in the future

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Use coinflation.com they even have apps for your phone

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$1.40 = 1 oz. junk silver on ebay tends to carry a very high premium for being junk. you may thank doomsday preppers and "survival money." better option is to search "medaille" "argent" for listings with weight listed and hallmark photographed. "1 argent" = 0.950, "2 argent" = 0.800.

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I know that feel.

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Almost couldn't find bread, nice stealth edition

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>Even if you liquidate your most valuable assets you're still not even a fledgling panner
I don't know what I was hoping for.

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Thanks for the update anon!

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just stamp an x on the eyes and you are all set.

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Technically he's gonna be the reason silver will moon.
It's like putting Hitler on commemoration coin for peace after WWII because we wouldn't have peace if we didn't have war.

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Every $1.40 in face value of junk silver (Say 4 quarters and 4 dimes for example) equals 1 troy ounce of pure silver. This works more or less with any mix of denomination. Use that as your baseline. If you can purchase $1.40 face value of junk for the going rate of a pure silver round, it's a decent deal.

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not even Biden buys Biden coins

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Metals are already up a lot over the past year. You all don't think all the money printing has been priced in?

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Yes, its the top, sell everything.

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they are about to print another TWO TRILLION DOLLARS

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based ID and yes, the silver premiums would suggest that the market demands no less than $40/oz whatever the spot price is.

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Two trillion dollars, who cares if it's two or twenty or two hundred trillion dollars, they print that in a day. It's not real, none of its real. It doesn't matter at all.

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Post links to other threads full of pink wojaks please

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Thanks bro, here's a modified version with some conversions into ounces of silver. wagmi

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Just use the spot price per gram and work it out based on 90% silver (or whatever % if you're using different junk).

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they will need to keep a lid on inflation, it only doesn't matter if they are unable to start a war in the very near future. if they cannot pull the rug out from underneath it the american system will collapse.

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unironically Want these

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1 oz Ag 2k EOY.
1 XRP 2k EOY.
Mark my words.

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Nice work! Saved

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Why dont they have any actual pictures of the coins, why is it all CGI?

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I would never sell 1 ounce AG for 1 XRP

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>be a billionaire
>want to mine asteroids to be a quadrillionaire
>spend billions to develop, research, fund, and plan mining missions
>start mining silver and gold from asteroids
>bring it to earth
>the second it comes to earth the materials I spend my fortune on become worthless
>wasted billions and crashed the Silver/Gold/other metals market for no reason nor profit
This is the biggest problem with the Asteroid mining FUD.

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Exactly. Buy them separately with worthless fiat.

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as always, cheapies welcome

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thanks to the anon who scoped out this deal. 13.4% under spot. I wish we could go back to sharing deals without all the (((newfriends))) shitting up our thread.

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nice, what coin is this?
i want one

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it says right in his post that he doesn’t make profit, he’s just liquidating assets he hoped to save.

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You mean how diamonds became worthless when immense quantities from Africa became available?

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He probably thinks it costs the same to have a bunch of niggers mine your gold with buckets as it does to send trained white men on space ships to mine it from an asteroid.

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I disagree.

The biggest problem with the asteroid mining FUD is that to pull it off you need a self-sustaining spacefaring civilization. Once you have an self-sustaining spacefaring civilization what the fuck do you care what the dirt people do? You don't want to go back to sharing an atmosphere with them, they have nothing that you want or need.

Maybe you let them have orbital vehicles to conduct trade in low earth orbit, or maybe you decide that they're too fucking dangerous to be let off the planet and you spread a few hundred tons of gravel into geosync orbit. But you don't fucking care what they do on Earth when you have the whole rest of the solar system to exploit.

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Best value in silver right now.

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it's a medal of the french gymnastics society, engraved by alphee dubois, student of henri chapu of the neoclassical school. pic related is currently selling on ebay for much more than what I paid. BUYER BEWARE. pic related isn't silver, it's silverplate bronze.

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The post is titled how to sell on craigslist without getting scammed or getting got, not how to sell on craigslist and make the profit that you'd like to make. I'm posting infographics not wish fulfillment fantasies.

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always check the hallmark on the rim. french silver is easy to authenticate:
>1 argent = 0.950 silver
>2 argent = 0.800 silver
>bronze = bronze

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I think I’m out on pmg. I’m pretty new to metals, but I know my interest won’t be with a bunch of faggots who want to sit around talking about what coins they like. I’m waiting for the ice to melt and then I probably won’t see home for 4 months. I can’t even talk about my plans because so many of you are such limp-wrist faggots that you can’t even fathom the concept of someone else doing things. definitely not for me. I’m not gonna spend months waiting around for pan man to show up so I can barrage him with questions, and he’s the only one that seems to know anything about pm’s before they come out of a mint. not for me. later faggots

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One, we have a much higher population since then, so that's a factor as to why Diamonds retain a semblance of value, and two, the amount of silver/gold attainable from Asteroid mining is (quite literally) astronomically more than what we even have here on this planet. So they're not too wrong in the sense that "if" we could consistently mine asteroids (in a relatively cost efficient way, which is ridiculous in itself) it would fuck the PMs market, but that is the largest "if" I can think of.

So yes, asteroid mining "could" fuck the PM market """IF""" we can actually fucking do it, and actually make it cost effective along the lines of just mining out of the Earth.

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Well, goodbye

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if you have a question, ask retard

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The overall market cap for gold likely won't go down, only now you have a much larger portion of that market cap. It wouldn't be worthless.

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I've got an opportunity to buy 25 of 2 mark 0.625 Reichsmarks at the cost of about 4-5 1oz 0.999 coins. Seems pretty good, what chances are these might be fake?

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Thanks guys!

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Although the Weimar Germany plot is logarithmic, so is actually rising much faster, there are a great number of similarities between then and now.
Also the fact that it's exactly 100 years ago. For some reason THEY love numerology and probably see some significance in it being 100 years.

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I do stack, and at the end of the year I will have homemade gold bars, and they will never be posted here. bye /biz/

>> No.29909422

>I’m not gonna spend months waiting around for pan man to show up so I can barrage him with questions
I know this is bait, but this part is some bullshit. Pan Man is here like every fucking day, or at least every other day.

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Another major problem is that asteroid mining would require a space elevator to be safe and economically viable. This type of project could only be accomplished with cooperation from a developed nation’s government that has an existing space program. The private sector could not do it alone. So, since there are no governments currently discussing this, we can assume it is not in the works in the near term, and so asteroid mining cannot be done any time soon.

>> No.29909506

I don't think we're going the exact same route this time because a lot of money that would flow into gold have and will flow into bitcoin and other crypto. Unless someone rugpulls crypto hard, I don't see that changing. Gold will moon, but not at the rate of Germany.

>> No.29909519

bye bye drama queen

>> No.29909582

>a space elevator
>economically viable
as likely as flying pink unicorns

>> No.29909623

Diamonds aren't really valuable. We use them in angle grinders and at dentist office.
We can make them in almost any quantities at relatively low cost.
The only way natural gemstones have retained their value is because people felt for diamonds are forever meme and de Beers crushed supply.

>> No.29909687

False, a lot of money flowing into equities is going towards crypto. People who are looking for a safe haven store of value are still gonna go for lolbonds or pm's.

>> No.29909726

god you're a fucking faggot

>> No.29909727

I saw on pawn stars they drilled some guys like 1000oz bar. Wouldn't it be kinda based if fake bar dealers minted bars and then drilled and filled them to give the appearnace of being tested previously?

>> No.29909740

truly evil (((marketing))) around diamonds like "your engagement ring should cost 1 month's salary."
>a fucking chunk of carbon

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there’s no point. I came here with an interest in surface mining, and I’m in the wrong place. none of you will want to discuss the mineral maps I have saved, no one will care that I have all the available gold mining cells in bc mapped out, no one will want to prospect them, no one will want to mine them. it’s not you guys, it’s me. you like your coins and bars, and that’s fine, but I’m tired of a job that someone else sets my hours, and if I can pull even $15 an hour out of the rivers, I’ll work like a nigger for it with a smile on my face for 10 hours every day it’s not storming. so ya, wrong place. I will just go back to reading books and shitposting on /pol/ until the snow melts on the northern parts of the Fraser, cuz I can’t get on it without claim jumping south of dunkley unless I pan on the public panning reserves.

>> No.29909882


>> No.29909887

Why are so many Morgan dollars drilled with holes? Are/were they that commonly used for jewelry, or is there some other reason?

>> No.29909932


it's called the "Gold Standard" for a reason. gold is the true end goal for wealth preservation, not silver, although silver is cool too

gold is also better on premiums right now; these silver premiums are ridiculous

>> No.29909947

Oh my fucking lord you are an attention seeking faggot. Do everyone a favor and don't come back. like you say.

>> No.29909960

I really hate diamonds especially on watches. They are getto af.
In the past white people cherished different gemstones like rubies and amethyst.
And the funniest thing is that synthetic diamonds are superior to natural ones yet they are much cheaper.

>> No.29909984

What a weird assumption. I'm interested. Are you going to be focusing on panning or will you try to prospect and maybe do some mechanized trenching or small scale drilling? Are you experienced in prospecting or geology? Come on I'll gladly listen.

>> No.29909996

Where can I get mineral maps of the U.S. Southeast?

>> No.29910047

I wish you luck. Always follow your dreams. If you don't you will always regret it.

>> No.29910057

>I do stack
Your reposted image casts doubt on that as does your lack of repetitious numerics. But sure, you'll stack a huge number of home made gold bars and you will never post them to /biz/ and you'll get a gf and she'll touch your peepee and we will all be jealous. Go away now.

>space elevator
Only if you can't make everything you need outside the gravity well aka have a spacefaring civilization. And a space elevator might as well be magic given our current technological progress. Shaniqua isn't gonna design the cable that's for sure.

The fake bars on the marketplace were created in this fashion.

Yeah we get it but the materials to make this don't exist and the social technology to maintain this doesn't exist. You don't fuck around with a space elevator, if that cable snaps it will come down on the planet like a bullwhip.

>> No.29910072

New Rules:

1.) Do not post pictures depicting your hands, feet or other body parts
(we are here so discuss metals, and view images of metals, not human anatamy)

2.) When taking picture of metal to post here. place the fucking thing down on an inanimate surface like a table or the floor, or on the ground outside.
(you don't need to hold the god damn thing in your hand or rest it on you lap to take the god damn fuckin picture! who even does this? retard millenials?)

*anime waifus are fine and should be the preferred character in any image if included.

** cats are acceptable on occasion.

*** battle buddies (caninnus dogoes) are also acceptable when appropriate.

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let me see the paperwork for these new rules

>> No.29910208

Based and autismpilled

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File: 26 KB, 500x368, 1590332031345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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diamonds are not a gem for white people. no wife of mine will ever receive a diamond. completely worthless rock controlled exclusively by (((de beer))) and reliant on more (((price manipulation))) than even gold and silver. pic related is more my style.

>> No.29910287

tfw I haven't even touched my gold because I didn't want to take it out of the plastic wrap.

>> No.29910303


>> No.29910331

I spent 8 years as a bush surveyor and had an autistic fascination with water flow patterns since I was a kid. I’m not an experienced prospector, but I’m very experienced with being out in the middle of nowhere for weeks at a time. as far as geology goes, nothing beyond what I read in books. my schooling was for geomatics. I have been practicing panning in my bathtub when the kids are asleep with random local dirt and a few lead bb’s to get the hang of it. I see lots of YouTube videos and i feel like they are all full of shit, but I can’t do much about anything until I can get out there and find out for myself.

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File: 1.18 MB, 2214x2210, 1583157035473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based. welcome to the club. silver is great but it's not gold.

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Are you the fucking king? I bow to no man.

>> No.29910426

>water flow
You watch Randall Carlson?

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ehm do you guys keep spreadsheets etc.. following the values of ur stacks? Premiums really seem to hit hard

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The board of operations (picrel) will be releasing a new Terms and Conditions of Use letter.

>> No.29910532

Dan Hurd makes great panning videos, check him out if you haven't already. He's as real as they get. And if you haven't already, check out 911 Mining & Prospecting, they have very educational videos showing all kinds of prospecting. I have learned what most common mineral-bearing ores (like chalcopyrite, azurite/malachite, sphalerite, galena) look like and what minerals they typically carry just by watching those videos. Super useful stuff.

>> No.29910541

sorry we don't speak faggot round here

uh huh

>> No.29910624

This. Gold is the safest, most stable investment you can possibly think of. You're not going to "make" a lot of money over time, but you are damn near guaranteed to ward off inflation, and a little more past that. It's easily liquidated, and has the longest investment history of anything in the world.

>but (insert thing here) is worth more! you can get rich off it!!!
And that's fine, I'm not saying 'only buy gold and do nothing else ever' with all your money. But a lot of investors want something to have their money stored in that isn't a savings account full of dollars. Most other investments have wild volatility and risk. Even silver is more volatile and risky than gold, and silver's a relatively tame investment (save for maybe the past year or so).

>> No.29910634

I have crunched numbers and if I can even pull 2 grams out in a 10 hour day I could make enough to get by the first summer while I collect ei, get a survey job for the winter and get laid off in the spring, save up and buy equipment. there’s a lot of regulations when it comes to sluicing in bc, but if I find a place that’s worth it I would definitely get a high banker. I could go out and find it all to be a total fucking bust and I go back to wage slaving with my tail tucked between my legs. I don’t know. I’m looking forward to finding out tho. Wife is on board too. She likes gold. I’ve been planning everything all winter and the only factor that’s missing is the most important one; how much gold will I find in my pan at the end of the day

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yes. silver is out of control right now. pic related is selling for 56% over spot on ebay and I'd consider that a decent deal. 62.64g of 1 argent (= 0.950) for $80. I'm sure if you messaged him politely he'd consider selling it for $70 or 36.5% over spot.


>> No.29910681

Almost as good as looking at your stack and playing with your stack is making spreadsheets about your stack.

>> No.29910756

Yeah I'm changing internationally accepted units of measurement just to appease a diabetes-ridden mutt, who's probably get bankrupted by his next hospital visit.

>> No.29910763

yep, miner and physical. I like knowing where I'm going with my decisions making.

>> No.29910765

Sounds awesome, worst case you get a lot of fresh air and exercise

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weird, i dont think about you at all

>> No.29910862
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the new Term and Conditions are defacto Law, enforceable by our Security and War council

>> No.29910871

Also, gold is usually better on premiums because it's less manipulated than silver. Silver's manipulation is off the fucking rails, so pushbacks on the manipulation result in higher premiums and rises in spot. They also result in ridiculous scenarios like we see now where silver is having a higher demand, a lower supply, yet a crabbing/shrinking spot price.

>> No.29910875

That's the spirit anon! I like that you're willing to take a risk like this, very admirable. If you happen to find some good ore on the surface while prospecting remember to take it and if you find a big outcrop with lots of mineralization why not whack some of the rock off and send it to a lab for assays? Remember to keep your eyes open for overburden as well

>> No.29910890

according to Dan Hurd, it takes about 68 hours of hand panning to collect an ounce of placer gold, and he said that was in a spot he knows has good gold, and calculated from an hour of panning in that one spot and then doing the math. Very unreliable numbers. most of his videos are just showing different gear and stuff off, which I don’t care about. It was useful to know that gold in bc is flaky and a lot of equipment isn’t designed for it, but it’s not useful when trying to calculate what is possible for earnings. He is more into selling his claims than he is mining them, unless it’s for his channel. I don’t really like watching these prospecting channels. I don’t like people, I don’t like hearing their voices, and I wouldn’t want to hang out with any of them.

>> No.29910982
File: 286 KB, 1280x720, babe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude, we have the technology to get to the asteroid belt in a couple months or less with a full fucking industrial factory right now, and that's launching out of the bottom of the atmosphere. It doesn't take exotic materials either:


The problem is that we lack the social technology to pull it off. Could we in theory make a Jacob's Ladder? Maybe. Could we in practice make one? Absolutely not.

>> No.29910985

Is your health insurance coverage for all of EU ? Like if you're on the German health insurance, and get injuries in Bulgaria or France, who's going to pay for that ?

>> No.29911004
File: 784 KB, 800x600, silver and gold pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hahaha wipe the tears from your eyes and take a deep breath you raging pussy

>> No.29911010
File: 529 KB, 1429x856, hindenburgers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still tempted, unfortunately googling fake 2 mark burgs reveals very little.

>> No.29911058

Well the reality as Pan Man has said it himself is that it's not an easy life to make your bread while panning for gold. It is very inconsistent. You will probably make more money by doing surface prospecting and selling your claim provided you can find a very prospective area. Keep your eyes on the ground too, if you find some great ore you might want to start doing trenches or taking soil samples.

>> No.29911063

Pan man has been on daily. Come back after a few hours and get it straight from the panner himself.

>> No.29911067

But have you studied the hurricane technique by ya boi Dakota "The Hurricane" Fred?

>> No.29911136

no but after a quick search I’m pretty sure I should, and add him to my reading list. I assume he’s an author.

>> No.29911167
File: 291 KB, 1034x875, treasure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know that feel

>> No.29911201

I keep track of how much I have, but I try not to focus too much on its present value in fiat. I'm buying to prepare for what happens in the future rather than to profit now.

>> No.29911262
File: 253 KB, 557x1250, philharmonics btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do Eurokeks seethe so hard at us?

>> No.29911356

>internationally accepted units of measurement
last time i checked gold and silver are traded in USD

>> No.29911370
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what if you're just crying out in pain as you strike the europeans?
>tfw foreskinlet

>> No.29911372

Your paying that premium for the collectibility.
If all you care about is stacking silver then buy generic rounds, bars or coins.


>> No.29911392

I’m prepared for a difficult life but you also need to remember my location is very advantageous for seasonal mining. Hell, I’m only a 24 hour drive from Dawson city. I can make that in 21 hours and $120 in fuel, not to mention my diesel station wagon is rigged for me to live in. where do you think I stayed for a month when my town burnt down in 2016?

>> No.29911458
File: 44 KB, 817x658, canada durable goods spike 2021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why not just chart durable goods directly?

this one is Canada. source: https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quotidien/201201/cg-a003-eng.htm

>> No.29911500

Yukon is iffy tho. I’m comfortable anywhere in Alberta or south/central bc, but I’m not going to the northern corners of bc or anywhere in the Yukon without a partner and several guns.

>> No.29911568

maybe add "for one person" ? I did the math myself and a family of 4 could buy food forr 2-3 months not a full year

>> No.29911578

Well good luck then anon, I hope you know what you're getting into. Make sure you recognize signs of mineralization at surface if you come across any, wouldn't want to miss a good outcrop or float. And remember to get to know about the region a little bit, whether the has been any mining done nearby and whether your claim is along strike to any prospects, etc. basic stuff like that

>> No.29911678
File: 115 KB, 560x560, 1583512070285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

of course. modern bullion will never be more or less than what it already is. even in 300 years, it'll always be exactly spot + 5% or whatever, because these coins are minted by the billion and there are millions who autoslab whole tubes of them at MS70. modern bullion is a loser's game IMO. old bullion, not so much, but not that much better either.

>> No.29911798

Looks like we are in a nice little dip and I just got my tax return so I just bought another ounce of gold.

>> No.29911878
File: 719 KB, 742x457, 1614534910531.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29911985

ya, I got so much to learn about it. I just want to get out there and start, work my ass off, and maybe a few of the right people will see me and offer the right guidance one day if I’m lucky. Whatever happens, no one will ever see me and say I’m probably just out filming for a fucking YouTube channel. pan man scares me. he will say the things I want to do are fine as long as no one sees, but I know that’s not true and I want to play by the rules. if I’m prospecting on rivers, I gotta remember that the river belongs to the fish, not me. I don’t want to fuck around with sluicing against regulations.

>> No.29912042
File: 248 KB, 1503x795, venezuela prices converted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Burgerland has tons of problems, nobody on this general would deny that. It's just funny how much the Europoors seethe and gnash their teeth at us.

The thesis is that a disproportionate uptick in durable goods would indicate that people are buying expensive things now with the anticipation that prices will rise soon. Thus you need to use nondurable goods as a reference.

It's for two people but point taken, here you are. 6 eggs a week per, 8 ounces of cheese a week per, a pound of chicken a week per, plus bread. Like it says, basic. You'd be hungry on those rations but not dead.

>> No.29912071

Speaking of meeting the right people why not just ask Pan Man to meet up with you and show you the reins? Maybe go to Barkerville and hit him up at a cafe or something?

>> No.29912251

I thought he was in Arizona for some reason. As much as that would be the smart thing to do, I hate meeting people and they usually hate meeting me. I can’t afford to pay him so I could never ask him to tolerate me.

>> No.29912293
File: 18 KB, 360x450, 1588408189447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd be annoyed if I had to deal with americans too. even when I travel, I avoid all anglophones like the plague because they're such cancer.
>tfw you're assailed by drunk brits who can't find their hostel from hackescher markt and you tell them to fuck off because you know exactly where you're going and don't want them to follow you

>> No.29912386

Haha, I'm sure he'd be glad to help you. Ask away if you're interested mate don't be so shy. You're going to do something you don't know much about, it could be life-changing to get some hands-on guidance from a professional. Wouldn't hurt to ask!

>> No.29912406

PanMan is canadian but there are a few AZ bros in the thread.

>> No.29912550


kys already autist

>> No.29912606

I avoid everyone.
t. Anglow

>> No.29912608

I know, but it’s also not fair to him. the reasonable thing to do would be to try my best on my own and then seek guidance on the issues I come across. He has better things to do than hold my hand. He might save me a few weeks of learning, but he’s got his own shit to do. If I was to ever meet someone like pan man, I would want at least enough knowledge to be able to go out with him and be useful, not need be babysat. It would be different for someone raised in a city, but I’m just going out in the same woods with a different set of tools. Once I have confidence that I can keep gold in my pan once I get it there, I will be more confident in seeking guidance to get more gold in my pan.

>> No.29912674


>reddit spacing
bought gme @ 450, didn’t you?

>> No.29912717

That is very reasonable. Be safe out there anon

>> No.29912777
File: 138 KB, 1190x429, brainstop vs silber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Foreigners suck, simple as. Fortunately the USA is large enough that I never have to leave if I don't want to.

>> No.29912846

I will spray myself with bear repellant every morning before I go out, no worries.

>> No.29912936

>Metals are already up a lot over the past year.
But aren't we just at the start of another commodity supercycle?
At least that's what bloomberg told me.
Maybe put some money into some ETF for this area. Any suggested ones?

>> No.29913017

Only advice I have (just ordered some don't have any yet) that I learned here is that RMs with reeded edges are clearly fake. There should be lettering (indented) around a smooth outer edge.
Just buy from goldeneaglecoin they have best prices if you're a burger.

>> No.29913045
File: 26 KB, 462x540, GeneKelly1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jackpot digits

>> No.29913150

>literally any store called Spätkauf selling beer 24/7 for cheaper than water
>walk in a straight line past the $80 whores with bolt-on tits

depends on the foreigner. chinks are easily the worst "people" in existence, followed closely by americans. I can deal with white europeans for the most part.

>> No.29913200

Seller seems legit with positive reviews and assuming that coins in pics are real, then edges are lettered rather than reeded.

>> No.29913466

Brits abroad can be vile. Love watching Nigel and Hans fight over sun loungers on Spanish islands though.

>> No.29913688

It doesnt matter dude you can tell women they're overpriced rocks and they still dont care. As long as it's expensive they want it. Her friends will make fun of her for getting a gold band

>> No.29913704

Europeans that make it stateside are generally polite and deferential. Frankly that's all I ask, be polite, spend your money and get the fuck back to whatever shithole birthed you.

It's probably more the fact that we inherently screen for social class/disposable income. We have the advantage of not having 49 Euro flights in to us from Europe. I can only imagine the fun if toothless yobs could land on the east coast and then rent a car to try to drive to Vegas or some bullshit.

Geography matters.

>> No.29913741

icelanders are based af though. one guy was telling me about how him and a friend were chatting up some girls in ireland. it turns out they were austrian. so his friend did a roman salute and shouted HEIL HITLER in the middle of the bar. same guy told me a story about how he was driving a motorbike courier through north africa, past the ooga booga militas with AK47's, and his balls fused to his leather chaps in the heat.

rofl. brits are okay in their native land outside london.

>female opinion

>> No.29913881
File: 114 KB, 657x527, 1614524799236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29914119
File: 7 KB, 274x184, 1614431928212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using your hard earned money on anything else but your future financial independance
>caring about where you spend your money

>> No.29914162

There are three threads up right now what the fuck is happening today

>> No.29914321

the only cringe icelander I met was some guy ranting /pol/ tier nonsense in icelandic
>taka taka thimurhavenkleiper SJW meithirfliesenkrupper equality ragnhlemmurthoreithmalksann
I took him aside and was like, dude you live in paradise on earth. I come from america and all this stupid shit comes from (((international media))) and is complete bullshit. just fucking ignore it and bathe in a hot spring.

another fun icelander story. I told the bus driver that I didn't have enough bus fare (it costs like $4+ per ride ffs) and the bus driver said "no problem. what do you think this is, europe?" then I got caught pulling a trick another time by unloading a handful of 10kr coins. had to get up front and throw in a couple 50-100kr coins, which still wasn't the correct fare.

>> No.29914390

OP fucked this one up by omitting /pmg/. Second one got OP pic deleted. We're at the growth stage where we have a lot of interest but not a team of dedicated bakers.

>> No.29914555

anyway, the "heil hitler" and melted nutsack guy was really based. he told me that israel punished iceland for trying to ban circumcision by installing a rabbi in reykjavik. akkurat

>> No.29914637

They also jailed their bankers. What happened in response to the rabbi ?

>> No.29914937

dunno, probably nothing sadly. reykjavik also has a mosque for some reason. it's really sad that such a beautiful people in a pristine land has to humor the existence of foreign semitic filth, to accommodate all 100 kikes and however many muslims (3?) live there. kinda want to move there cuz iceland needs 30,000 extra people to staff their government (about 10% of the whole population).

also, jail in iceland isn't really jail. one of my friends got caught speeding and the police wrote him a ticket. se said he just wasn't gonna pay it and go to jail for a couple weeks instead. same guy also made the news for trying to import a suitcase full of machetes on the plane from central america.

>> No.29915037

Lot more muslims now.

>> No.29915109

>The Pew Research Center estimated that the number of Muslims in Iceland was below its 10,000 minimum threshold, and official statistics put the figure at under 1,300, or approximately 0.4% of the total population
>(((10,000 minimum threshold)))

>> No.29915187
File: 633 KB, 640x637, 1613013081420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29915270

How did I fuck it up I tried to be extra careful this time. I dont usually bake desu I'm just a lurker and sometimes poster. Posted this at the end of last thread tho so I feel like there should have been no confusion.

>> No.29915602

hey niggers, thinking about buying 50+ acres in Montana or some shit. need to secure a good bug-out location. but the more i think about how to survive a collapse, the more i realize there is strength in numbers. maybe i should sell 10 acre lots to /pmg frens?

>> No.29915633
File: 64 KB, 339x399, missing tibtle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related. Didn't mean it harshly desu, appreciate you baking.

>> No.29915871

>thinking what happened after WW2 could be called peace

>> No.29916148

We need to revive real estate general - /reg/. I wouldn't trust internet people without some kind of vetting process, desu.

>> No.29916174

You put the thread title in the namefag spot but you're still cool don't worry

>> No.29916290
File: 113 KB, 800x838, 1583608117919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29916318

we can perform the brown paper bag test. we just need find a way to test for jew, and to determine if autism levels are too great

>> No.29916499

>brown paper bag test
Half of /pmg/ is /pol/ and 3/4 of /pol/ are mutts. Guess I'm moving to Texas or something.

t. mutt

>determine if autism levels are too great
Well they're on 4chan, so...

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