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This literally happened 4 years ago in the same exact fashion

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Happened 5 times and then it ran up even higher after

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You're talking about the start of the largest alt coin run in crypto history right? That was 4 years ago. The tax season for that year.

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brrr, money velocity, institutionals, lack of hysteria/maniac bullrun....It's nothing like the 2017 peak.

If you mean early/mid 2017... maybe.

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imagine if we are in early 2017 right now lmao holy shit there would be thousands of 8 figure anons bred from /biz/ alone

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We're so insanely close. It's literally starting this week.

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this time its different

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yep. the only ones panicing are those who just entered 2 weeks ago instead of average costing or swinging their way through.

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Sadly due to inflation 8 figures will be the new 7 figures in terms of purchasing power... but yes.

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>4 years ago
It was January 2018. Learn math anon.

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Hi folks, wazzap here?

>Did you see that scam attack on /biz/ today?
These poor pajeets really believe that smart trader will check their rubbish
Funny imo
>I don’t risk today, my assets are on yield farming on yvs finance and I can withdraw any time

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If the bubble is 5-10x bigger, why not?

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Goyim cattle trash will never learn.

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>he thinks the bear market has started

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this was literally happening in January but was delayed by Elon.

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Yeah people were making excuses back then too.
>it’s Chinese New Years
>it’s the mt gox lawyer dumping
>it’s tether getting audited
Fun times. It was always ‘it will bounce back tomorrow’ but it never did muwhahaha.
The chinks were supposed to dump it on the 12th but Elon delayed that by a few weeks. Btc only costs 6-9k ish to mine and that’s it’s value. The miners have been dumping since summer as it mooned and now they need more time to mine... say until the next halvening lol. They don’t need the price high for now, they can even rebuy the btc they sold cheaper if they want... or just buy valuable assets with the profit, like western land. #Chinked

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newfag detected

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It has

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This, I called it for the 12th and then Elon did his thing.

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>2017 was 4 years ago
fuck my life

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Right after cme started issuing options too

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Does that mean that we buy everything after crash?

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checked and yes.

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Holy fuck when will it end

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>He thinks we're not already in the bearmarket

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Why which alts do I buyyyy none are on easy platforms like coimbase and im lazy

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>like western land.
its curious you know, because there is nothing inherently special about "western land"
it's just land
do they lack any possible introspection as to why their land is so shit?

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>something happened once
>its going to happen again
midwit logic

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>History doesn’t repeat itself

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Yup, tether up and wait.
t. Not a financial advisor and I’m not tethering up because I’m lazy with only 15k in the game

Although... some guy did say tether is getting fully audited in 6 months which will crash it all. I’m ride or dying this bitch :)

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It means we don’t have it lol. It’s got value that will remain unlike fiat and crypto or the cheap shit they sell us.

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Even thoug I expected a 25% dip I'm a little nervous, ngl

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> tether up and wait

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apprently these don't coexist

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Zoom off somewhere and floss to some nigger music youngling

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me lol

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Yeahhhhhhhhh.. I'm not fucking selling. A captain goes down with his ship.

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Ok boomer

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-23% in one week

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you are a RETARD
read him >>29906000

read again
read again RETARD
read again

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You are probably going to die by my age faggot. If the tranny suicide rate doesn’t get you then a biden war or starving to death under an economic collapse will.

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I wonder how many bots there are that are harder to notice. Sometimes it seems like I'm just reading a thread of bots talking to eachother

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>He thinks I’m from muttland

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>he things a biden war won’t be WW3 and he won’t get drone strikes on his basement
t. Bong

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Holy shit I haven't seen this picture since the 2017 run.

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Yes but if you sell now you will x4 your bitcorn

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Kill it

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Bitcorn popped on Dec 2017 and alts on Jan 2018

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You are a literal fucking retard

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Nope, difference is, there were no covid scare

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How do I profit off the coming baby boom in Africa?

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We are in late 2016 newfags

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Nah we comfy in the north

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buy land as far from africa as possible.

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Buy real esrate cause theyre all flooding here. 2011 nigrant crisis was just a tease

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It's worse

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If you look at the oil prices I swear it feels like they happened this exact way and price for Obama and now Biden too. Get your money back with oil imho. SU BP GUSH.

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I'm legitimately interested in this.... They literally live in the stone age, I was thinking there's a shit load of money to be made with building a decentralized primarily-solar power grid across africa. I just don't know where to start

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invest in renewable energy, unironically. oil/coal isn't going to be enough for the boom that's incoming.

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Planned parenthood business like in the US.

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Fuck tether get on Robinhood and go immediately into cash no chance of losing it all.

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Based digits

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Someone post pic of nogs destroying solar pannels

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Was there worldwide stimulus last time?

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Africa has a retard amount of untapped solar potential. idk who to talk to in order to actually get a project started. I bet all the progressive euros would gladly pour money into a project to help africans

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JMIA Jumia Technologies will be a 1000+ dollar stock in 10 years but I just can't be arsed to wait that long I am having too much fun in crypto.

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There will be billionaire anons.

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give a couple of nogs some aks to pull security on the solar farm. kill two birds with one stone

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Man if only there was a coin planning to give all this niggers a banking system...

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Invest in water filtration and water treatment companies, decent plumbing and sanitation are massive infrastructure projects the whole continent needs and will need even more as the baby boom hits.

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Wrong, that's a screen shot from a video that came out in late 2018.

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Why do you cry about these shittokens?
This is all your fault dude, don’t be so tarded
Wanna see income?
>listen attentively my boi, visit JustLiquidity and use yields for JULD
>Watch the stat, be smart!

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If you believe bitcoin is going to 100k then you're fucking yourself out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by not selling and buying at the bottom.

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Not yet.

Bullmarket ends when BSC blows up.

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How new are u?

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sir bitcoin is going to 0 please do the needful and sell

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Anon Africans break down and sell everything for scrap. If you give them fruit trees, they sell the wood.

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Actually it didnt desu because alts never got back where they should have. Weak cycle I guess.

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no it hasnt alt coins barley moved

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>some guy did say
>and i believed him

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Oh come on you don't get a fucking opinion if you're not a member of the six figure hell club. Your $15k should've been traded into at least $150k by this point in the game

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>buy cheap land infested with niggers
>nuke it
>extract minerals without niggers nogging aroung

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Your pedophiles in chief constantly causes wars and all it does is kill a bunch of arabs and zogbots

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Cool, when should I buy in?