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>searched GRT thread in catalog
>0 result
Did you all faggots roped yourselves? Fuck this shitcoin. I'm losing lots of money. Should've sold at 2.40.

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>Pink ID
Just fuck me up senpai.

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I’ve been buying on the way down, idc lol

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Literally how? Why didn't you do like the rest of us and accumulate sub $1? Still comfy hold fer me fren

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Paper handed faggot, go back to plebbit

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Bought at $0.3 and I'm going to sell now.

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I sold at 2.10 the other day. Was a nice x2

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Same, I got in before $1.00. You guys arent seriously panic selling after every dip, are you? Youre never going to make it.

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I can't fucking sell mine because it's still locked

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I wasn't even planning on selling until next year at the earliest. Because of Americans gay short term capital gains tax. So I don't even care for the dips. GRT will survive a bear market. Can't say the same for the other shit coins, especially the ones with a low market cap.

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i bought around .94 and have already initiated Delegation... surely it wont go below $1 right?

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>surely it wont go below $1 right?

I'm hopeful it will. I've been DCAing from $0.81 to $2.20, and would love to get some more sub $1 buys.

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Sorry anon. Things will get worse before they get better. Forget grt for now. Itll come back in the next run

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Tripled my money and sold. Now unironically all in on HOGE (which has already x5 for me and has a strong chance of x100)

Fuck "muh google of blockchain" just invest in memes

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I bought in at $2.50.
DCAing now.
Not worried about shit.
Stimmy checks are coming.
7000+ subgraphs are coming.
L2 integrations are coming.
I'm chillin.

If you're worried just zoom out.

$10 end of year still guaranteed.

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>Chasing trends

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It's always so easy to spot lunch money fags.

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Keep holding that "great tech", i'm sure it will moon to 100EOY like link, icon, req, vechain, etc... ...wait

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Agreed. Be weary who you are taking advice from. Could be a sub 1000 stack holder.

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hey guys remember that time everyone was saying $4-5 was realistic for the end of this month?


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sold looking forward to buying back at sub 1.

this dip is 100% because of bitcoin. Such an easy profit when bitcoin fucks off.

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In it for the long run don't care, still up be it only €30 with my 580 stacklett

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I sold at dead cat bounce when it was at 2.40 last week lmao hold my bags faggots

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No one who's seriously interested in GRT is depending on some schizo 100 EOY predictions. Pretty much everyone buying it have always been saying "in 5+ years". $1 EOY would be great.

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> $1 EOY would be great.
> less than current value would be great
Absolute state of GRT cultists

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But these digits tell me $100 EOY

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read nigger

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EOM means end of March newfag

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Do you know what GRT is? Legit question.

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As technologically significant as solving the "oracle problem"

The technical argument means nothing when it comes to the crypto market. See: success of doge

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I bought 2500 GRT when it was like 0.30 and cashed out at 2.8. You're still a faggot though, shilling a scamtoken when no one asked. KYS.

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Still holding and will increase my stack if it's a 1 or less. Bought with the intention of holding 4-5 years

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>success of doge

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imagine buying this over .50c. I've been peacefully delegating without a care in the world. I hope it goes back to .30 before the stimulus checks drop so I can get a few thousand more.

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Speculative memeing has been more successful in the normie run than legitimate projects. At least for now. I hold a GRT stack though, memes wont last

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take a look at dex for Justliquidity
don’t make quick dump
>go 500$ on farming
>waited a month
>rewarded to 1200$ yields pools
taxes so low, kek don’t cry about gas on erc

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The technical argument is why bitcoin outperforms the dollar.

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>See: success of doge

Yes, PnD's let you scam retards. No, PnD scams aren't a long term investment. GRT is a long term bet, you're looking for a short term bet... those things aren't really comparable.

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Sitting comfy at an average of .75 per GRT, feel sorry for the idiots who bought at the top. I swung a couple hundred during the dips, but set my limits to 85c and will buy back at the bottom.

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I'm just wondering how you can call doge "successful"

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Even the devs want people to sell. For GRT to make sense it has to be cheap.

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>make meme coin as a joke
>now has 7 billion dollar marketcap
mission success

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Lmfao this retarded bait

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>yes people will pay hundreds of dollars per lookup instead of developing a free API
You're delusional.

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Why would this ever be the case? Explain thoroughly.

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even if GRT hits 1000 dollars, query fees will be less than 10 cents.

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yeah lost $500
still up but damn

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I think biz prefers PRQ as the on chain - off chain token.

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If I already delegated 2k can I accumulate and add more GRT to my delegated stack without having to pay gas fees?

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it was in one of their blogs. They insinuated it. Too lazy to find.

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No. They didn't.

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So no sauce.

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lick my smug salty balls.

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Comfortably bought at 0.23€, soon gonna buy some more once SEPA's gone through.

Instead of being weak-hands overlord just go outside and take a walk with the dog.

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> t. Room temp IQ
Query fee will be fixed at a USD price. GRT has many, many decimals. The absolute state of GRT fud

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everyone with millions of $$ worth locked up are gonna dump so fucking fast as soon as they can.

>> No.29908340

No. This is why many anons suggest delegating 5k at once to offset the gas fees

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I dumped it, devs want to keep its price low so fuck that

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>a Google search costs the price of its stock
This is literally your retarded reasoning. Google charges less than a sent per query and rakes in trillions of dollars a year.

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>could care less
Big sell signal.

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people try this FUD with literally every single token

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Hell no they won’t. Has anyone been paying attention to the scope of this project? The value and wealth this will create is absurd. Those with 100k GRT or more basically have money printing machines. They aren’t going to sell that machine

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obviously token price is not a function of use im not retarded. However the devs really want to keep the price low for some reason. was the point i do agree with.
>very aggressive token release schedule
>token burn system designed to only be effective at sub $1
i still don't understand why they want to price to be low. They seem to hate speculators based on their discord. Though at sub $1 the token burn system will see some nice deflation after a year or two.

nigger what the fuck are you talking about. also
kek'd, retard

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Dumped at 2.50, averaging in on the way down. Holding is a mental illness.

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i delegate 123K and i feel nothing.

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They don't want it to be low. That is a speculation with little to no basis and you are now parroting it as fact. No one cares if you buy GRT or not.

>> No.29908927

I care. I want him to buy GRT because I want him to make it, I want all of us to make it.

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read this

>>very aggressive token release schedule
>>token burn system designed to only be effective at sub $1

and this. you fucking mogoloid. If you're brain is this piss poor stop dumping money into things you're fundamentally incapable of understanding. Get a job work 9-5. You're dumb, bad intuition. ngmi

currently swinging from $2.00 def buy in at around a dollar. BTC can't hold it down forever. fuck the devs. Im captain now.

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first part was directed at u opsie x3

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You realize that /biz/ being completely silent about a coin they used to talk about before madness, newfags, /pol/tards and so on broke out again, means it will go places?

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Oh look another moron who doesn't deserve dubs

>> No.29909241

Yeah, you sound like a bitch. Just keep DCA and we'll see you at $20

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dubs of truth

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Bollock confirmed!

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when will all the early investors dump so i can buy the bottom of grt

>> No.29909748

With the way things are going you won't need a dump. Bitcoin is going to shit now that tether can't print infinite money to inflate it. We're going back to 10k where Bitcoin was before all of this. At that point maybe alts with a real use case can see healthy growth. Just accumulate alts and Bitcoin all the way down.

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Is this the extremely slow fall to $1.00 today and tomorrow?

"Red March" and all that

Holding but I'd only buy now under $1. Token isnt worth shit

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I read it and it doesn't imply what you're saying it does

>> No.29910190

what? no, i've grown numb to losing money, i'm ready to wait for literal years, i'm going to check back in 2 years when this shit 2000%+

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You are so fucking retarded.

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bought at 1.85
could have sold at 2.50 didn't

I sold at a loss yesterday. jesus christ.. well once the correction happens with BTC I'll buy back under a 1$ and recover all losses.

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Bunch of babies in crypto right now.

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>bought at 1.85
>could have sold at 2.50 didn't
>I sold at a loss yesterday. jesus christ.. well once the correction happens with BTC I'll buy back under a 1$ and recover all losses.
You're a dumb ass nigger who isn't going to make it.

You never panic sell. Only panic buy.

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this is the first time ive dipped under my initial investment in crypto. originally got into GRT at .42 but I bought a lot more since then in the 1.50-2 range. im scared fellas

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Put the phone away

>> No.29911347

Fuck it just hold until it reaches bottom and buy in again, then watch as it all comes full circle in 3 years

>> No.29911361

This. Some ppl truly are not meant to make it

>> No.29911393

I'm still at about .40 average, still in profit and from this vantage point it doesn't look so bad. I'll only panic sell at 80 cents and until then I'll still believe it'll moon eventually. This is LINK in 2017, but it probably won't take as long to moon.

>> No.29911541

So if you panic sell at .80 and that’s the bottom, what then? Honestly just close your blockfolio, you’re gonna be ok. Grt is not going anywhere

>> No.29911632

Should have said I'd be tempted to panic sell, but really I've only got 2k to lose so I shouldn't worry.

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So let me get this straight.
>The indexer is wagie. He works.
>The consumer is the customer. He tells the indexer what to do.
>The curator is wagie's boss. He decides whether or not wagie gets paid, but is kind of a wagie himself.
>The delegator is the neet. He does nothing and makes money.

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actually waiting for this to drop more and then buy more, i wonder if this makes it into the 2024-2025 bullrun?

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>bought at $2.40
>now holding $10k worth of the heaviest bags I've ever owned

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why did you buy at 2.40 was the fud about all of the early investor tokens being freed fake

>> No.29913428

Bought at 2.20 and i'm hodling at least until eoy. No way I'm gonna take the loss on a coin that's relatively new until I've got a bigger sample size. Not gonna die if it stays low, I've got other plays

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Mfw waiting for my tax refund to buy this dip

>> No.29913936

My profits are completely obliterated and I’m currently sitting at -5% on my portfolio
In 2-3 days we’ll be back, no sense in selling at a loss when we’re just about rounding the corner on this artificial BTC dump

>> No.29914365

>My profits are completely obliterated
How can this be? I am still up 600%

>> No.29914489

>"buying the dip"

lmaaaoooo you fucking grt bagholders are in for a world of hurt

>> No.29914599

who is actually using the protocol?

>> No.29914635

Caught in a bad trade right before BTC took a shit

>> No.29914651

I am getting annoyed as shit that I delegated my 10k stack at 0.66

I really wanted to sell when we breached 2.60 the first time because I thought the run was unsustainable. Decided to just hold.

Two other coins I was watching did fucking 20x in the past month and a half and I would unironically be a millionare right now.

>> No.29914668

I was told that anything sub-$10 was cheap.
...I feel like a real retard in hindsight.

>> No.29914723

Buy yAPE! its cheap as fuck

>> No.29914944

i honestly believe in this based on the utility but it seems likely to be tough sledding for awhile until the early people taking profits are gone

>> No.29915158

I'm a simple man, I see GRT falling hard, I buy more GRT.

>> No.29915475

Pretty much the same. Average cost is 58 cents and dropping every day thanks to delegation. I don't intend to sell just because I don't want the tax hit. If by some miracle we drop to 30 cents or less I'm dumping in at least 20k so I can complete my 100k stack. The longer we stay below a dollar the bigger this will get. Eventually the market will recover and this will moon again.

>> No.29915953

Thanks for the hopium, hopefully it rubs off on the pink wojak fomofags who bought the top.

>> No.29916112


>> No.29916127

Well it is, as long as you hold

>> No.29916306

>$0.30 GRT to acoom

The dream...

>> No.29916323

I'm holding till its past dead for the LOLS, cryptos in general are a big joke and should not be taken seriously by anyone.

>> No.29916399

Let's hope it does, I'm trying to stack up

>> No.29916425

Can anyone tell me when the next time this thing will be above 2 is? Will it really take 4 years?

>> No.29916471

It's not like you can actually turn cryptos into real currency so why should it matter? It's all funny money that you cant turn into real cash or assets.

>> No.29916521

When the grt Google is up. How many grt for a Google search?

>> No.29916536

How are you going to report your grt gains come tax season? Are you recording the price when you get the payout and just reporting x @ y dollar value for each payout or...?

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File: 3.34 MB, 450x506, 1612284447623.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he's clinically retarded and bought in @ $2.27
I deserve everything but regret nothing.

>> No.29916810

You're supposed to report it at the cost at the time you receive it. So if you mint 2000 grt at $2 and the price is now $3 you made $2000 profit which counts as income. Conversely if you mint 20 grt at $2 and it's now $0.30 you've technically lost $3400 which counts as a capital loss credit. If grt can manage to stay a loss all year I might actually get away like a bandit on my income tax.

>> No.29916830

You can do that right now with Gemini. You can go to any of their retailers that have partenered wirh them and pay with crypto at the point of purchase. You could go to Lowe’s and buy a new refrigerator or building supplies right now and pay with like two dozen different crypto’s. You could to get an ice cream cone at Baskin Robbin’s right now and pay using Gemini.

>> No.29916855

Do you need to report gains made by delegation? I thought you only need to report gains when you sell for USD or convert to another crypto and made gains there?

>> No.29916934


Sell now buy Monero

>> No.29917096

This shit is why you don’t average up on alts during BTC bull runs. Just go all in at the bottom and let it go. GRT at 30cents was the most obvious winning buy I’ve seen in years. If you don’t have enough capital at the right moment then oh well you miss out but at least you won’t be in constant panic mode like the newfags ITT.

>> No.29917148
File: 479 KB, 1288x1600, C398D8DA-95C6-45DC-A354-3ECF482EAD38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice meme

>> No.29917289

This is true to an extent and its not going to be the standard, cryptos will all but die out before the decade is over that's 100% for shure, the powers that be are already starting to crack down on it. They do not want cryptos to be a thing unless it's under their rule. People who thing otherwise are ignorant at best

>> No.29918030

Looking term.

>> No.29918093

Technically yet. But really they'll never know.

>> No.29918250

That's literally the point of crypto though. That it can run even when governments don't want it to. Smart contracts and decentralization will win. As soon as ETH figures out the gas price problem it's going to the moon.

>> No.29918749

I see what you're saying with your other post -- thank you anon. I didn't realize you could technically claim a loss if the price point where a delegation period is over is less than when you initially began that delegation. It makes sense, despite the fact that you are generating additional (unrealized) tokens.

>> No.29918779

Long term*

>> No.29918895

I bought 4 million GRT at 10 cents what the fuck do I care. I account for 60% of my Indexers rewards kek

>> No.29919343

Well it's not based on delegation periods at all. It's just the calendar year and when you got the tokens.
>January 1
>Get 1000 grt at 1.00
>December 31
>Grt is now testin trading at 0.50
>You haven't sold yet but you've made a capital loss of $500 which is now a tax credit
>January 1
>Get 1000 grt at 1.00
>December 31
>Grt is now testin trading at 2.00
>You haven't sold yet but you've made a capital gain of $1000 which is now a tax burden
So ideally the price goes down just before the new year. It's bullshit that the tax air dropped and mined crypto before you even sell.

>> No.29919665

Okay, thank you anon.

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File: 1.36 MB, 2044x2048, 1613089061133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got in at .30, 40, and .50. 640 stacklet and got super cheap gas ($42) for delegating. Expecting 13 GRT a month. Feels comfy.

>> No.29919945

I would like to thank my GRT bros. I got in early and made a good profit. Used it to close on a New house for me and the finance. Plan on buying back in soon.

>> No.29920054

I got in at .60 and sold at 2.5. Only reason I'm not red right now. But then I put the gains into LINK and I'm at like -30% on that shit, so I'm just barely up. Life is suffering.

>> No.29920058

Hold and accumulate, it is guaranteed to go up in the future, $3 easily

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