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Barely a scratch.

The hype train is here friends,
Instant and almost feeless transactions on the Matic Network via Quickswap will open up decentralized trading for all.

Americans will no longer need to worry about CEXes banning their IPs.

MATIC to $1
QUICK to $2000

end of March
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>Americans will no longer need to worry about CEXes banning their IPs.
where are you from sirs

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2nd for FUCK bitcoin

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Anon who shilled quickswap at $200 here.

Quickswap is actually going to hit $1.5B+, over $10K per Quick, because:
1. same economics that made uni token balloon
2. its the only dex on the same layer as the layer that Dapps will transact on right now - and it will be the Uni of liquidity on layer 2. All other dexes are planning to move to layer 2, but it's not happening any time soon and liquidity is needed today. Rewards are still way better on quick than on Uni or Sushi, and layer 1 does not need to be interacted with as often as it is being now.

we're seeing the future unfold infront of us

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Anon who shilled Quickswap at $150 here.

Quickswap is not going to hit $1.5B+ because we're in a bear market.

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Rank yourselves among the Council

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>waahhh waahh I can't afford to buy any quick tokens
>better FUD instead maybe i can get some cheap quickies

You'll be left behind.

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current sentiment : ETH = cannot scale. crashing in price thus confidence.

MATIC / QUICK will quickly close in the gap and QUICK currently being at 63 mil market cap which is around 300 MC rank.
instant transactions with 0 gas fees...

compare it to UNI/PANCAKE/SUSHI/1INCH.
holy shit no-brainer.

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MATIC stands strong, literal chad token. If this market recovers, MATIC will fucking see a moon like no other.

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>watching alts get red
>prepare to buy low
>add more money
>buy fucking trashtoken
>weep everywhere that he is stupid lol

I can't take this anymore, lil boy check ENQ, stop going into this trashscheme. Use nodes, mining other features. have income with no risk

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I'm financially ruined..

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Left behind how? It's a bear market. $1.5B gets us to the top 10 by the end of next month. even 2x from here is looking difficult if BTC doesn't stop shitting up the bed.

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best two projects to buy right now, matic and bao. their L2 liquidity focus is unparalleled.

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my matic don't give a fuck about this dip. holding strong bros. i'm getting more and more bullish everyday.

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>It's a bear market.

Begone bobo. Bears are unwelcome in the court of dragons

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Lots of fud in this thread.

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2 token green whelp gestating in egg reporting

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>just ignore half the market being down 40-50% from ATH bro

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Dragon bros, the FUD army is upon us: a bullish signal.

We will, as always, prevail.

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How long until the new pools go live?

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>price silently starts going up again


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Lmao I was in the vietnamese groups who bought these for under $30. I’m not gonna buy their bags

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Ok Rostyslav quit shilling. You are doxxed

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Believing we're in a bear market isn't FUD This, however, is: >>29907056

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Believing we are in a bear market when BTC price is just getting fucked up by miners flooding the market is really dumb if not fud.

Also where the pools at

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>BTC price is just getting fucked up by miners
Have they also been dumping their mined DeFi tokens?

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Disingenuous as fuck.

We started to correct because we launched to almost 60k for BTC practically overnight. Almost 20% or more over most models on what a reasonable price should be.

When we started to correct back to 50k, where the price should be, the miners started to flood the market.

Go away bobo. Bear market isn't here yet. You'll have your time at the end of the year.

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is this true? will this token make me rich sir?
or you just try to fool fuckers with shitcoin
>I have already bought GSX and got rewards

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You're delusional. I wish the warosu archive went back all the way to 2018 so I could show you the faggy posts about le miner dumps, but you wouldn't listen. Be happy you're holding onto two of the only tokens outperforming the bear market with us and don't get too cocky.

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Someone posted this yesterday. It may be slightly off now but still fairly accurate.

To the people asking about supply.


Top wallet is not circulating supply.
The explorer does indicate that it is 87.08% of the total supply.
So that would make the total supply 975566 QUICK.
With 126010 in circulation.
This makes fully dilluted Mcap 516 Million and Mcap in circulation 66.7 Million.

Assume we are around 75 million right now. It's something close to 100x from here simply to catch up to Uniswap today despite it being a better product. Thinking it can't do another 10-20x is annoying. Also the supply is only being released through liquidity mining over 4 years so we don't even have to worry about being dumped on.

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My Matic doin a lil sumthin

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Is this eventually going to have all the tokens that uniswap has? Any upcoming competitors?

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Actually I just checked. Our current circulating supply/marketcap is only 55.25 million. It would be a 120x from here to simply match them at current circulating supply.

If you want to look at fully diluted for some reason it would still be a 50x.

It's still on Ethereum, so no reason for tokens to not appear on QUICK as soon as they gain a bit of momentum. The only real competitor is Uniswap itself, but it's L3 solution is still going to be having insanely higher fees and transaction times compared to QUICK. Some other anon may have the numbers on that, I forgot to save them.

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Guys would i get better returns on QUICK-maAAVE or just QUICK-MATIC pools?

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fellow quick $500 bag holders report in

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theres a kike arb'ing from the matic network repeatedly dumpign in small does keeping us down

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cool it with the anti semitism, seriously

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agree with you 100%

I'll say it again.

current sentiment : ETH = cannot scale. crashing in price thus confidence.

MATIC / QUICK will quickly close in the gap and QUICK currently being at 63 mil market cap which is around 300 MC rank.
instant transactions with 0 gas fees...

compare it to UNI/PANCAKE/SUSHI/1INCH.
holy shit no-brainer.

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Does quickswap use the graph?

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QUICK-MATIC by far. AAVE is dead in the water for now, just look at >>29907699

>Is this eventually going to have all the tokens that uniswap has?
The amount of tokens already mapped is actually huge. We just need people to come provide liquidity. That's taking a bit longer when so many projects have their yield farms on layer 1. Harvest Finance adding their first Matic pool should be an encouraging signal for everyone else.

>Any upcoming competitors?
Uhh.. Baoswap, lmao.

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Yes, Sameep mentioned it in the Telegram chat

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Very cool, thanks

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b-bros, when will the new pools be available? First time liquidity farming, just withdrew all my coins from pools.

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Can i stake Matic? Whats the APY?

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Right now

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They should be available right now but I can't see them.

You have to calculate APY yourself. I believe they made a Medium post about it.

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Ah, if only no one entered the pool after me and this number could actually be true for more than 15 seconds..

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At least you see them anon.

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bought matic at 0.19c and it's still holding up. we will all make it bros

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can't you add them by going to Import it?
Then choose your coin pairs and it will show

>> No.29910238

you're in the wrong tab anon

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I could but I actually don’t have enough to LP right now but I still wanted to see when it goes live.

I kind of want to split my stack between QUICK and MATIC but I’m waiting for the price of QUICK to rise

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FOMOing hard to port my eth and dai over to matic asap. I thought people would be prepared for this.

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enjoy the gainz for now anon

>> No.29910579

but I'm not in yet, I thought that the pool will be full immediately

>> No.29910646

nope. the first few hours are free for all. last week I made 2 QUICK in the first 24 hours

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Anyone knows why eth fees all of a sudden are manageable? It's midday in burgerland. I expeccted like $50 fees

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Holy fuck I'm a retard I just ported over all my eth and now I don't have enough for gas fees for DAI

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Newcomers are giving up on crypto thanks to btc dumps, the board isn’t even being spammed by BSC scams anymore because no one is buying. It’s over.

>> No.29911211

you can port it back... it'll just take you 3 hours :(

it's actually sad to see newfags cling on to their Bakery Token, Egg Finance and whatever else and wondering why it didn't work out...

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>The amount of tokens already mapped is actually huge. We just need people to come provide liquidity.
Do you know how this works? I'm a little bit of a brainlet when it comes to this stuff. Like does the token provider have to do it, or can I create an LP for it myself and make it happen?

>> No.29911420

I started LPing this morning, do I need to re do it?

>> No.29911472

shill me on why this is better than rubic.

>> No.29911527

I panic sold API3 i had on kucoin at a loss and now I'm moving it to my ledger and sending dai over to matic. Holy shit that was unnecessary

>> No.29911530

Yeah the pools expired. New ones are now up.

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Fuck sake. Feeding and bathing my fucking kids now. Aight thanks

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You have to bridge the tokens to Matic first, obviously. The list is here: https://mapper.matic.today/.. Copy the Matic address of the token you want to bridge over. For example, there's no GRT on Quickswap, so I'd type GRT into https://wallet.matic.network/bridge/ and bridge it.
Next, I'd go to Quickswap and hit the Pool tab on https://quickswap.exchange/#/pool.. Click 'Create a pair' to begin LPing, for example ETH-GRT. Because you're the first person to pool this pair, you get to set the ratio between tokens yourself. Be careful with this and make sure to doublecheck the market prices via DEXtools and Tradingview so you don't fuck yourself over.

Which pair?

For starters... It has a working product

>> No.29911767

>Next, I'd go to Quickswap and hit the Pool tab on https://quickswap.exchange/#/pool.. Click 'Create a pair' to begin LPing, for example ETH-GRT.
Forgot to add: you'd have to paste the address you copied earlier into the bar, since GRT and other as of yet unpooled tokens aren't on the Quickswap default list.

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>Feeding and bathing my fucking kids now.
cute take good care of them :-)

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Rubic isn't a Layer 2 scaling network, it's just another L1 exchange for now.
In fact they just created Wrapped RBC for the purpose of swapping with the matic network.
Pic related is Quickswap txns

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I just want QUICK to go to 500 so I can take half of it and exchange to Matic so I can provide liquidity for now.

I went all in on QUICK

>> No.29911937


Will this outperform Orion Protocol?

>> No.29911954

Matic is trading wayy under market value on Quickswap rn so you might as well do it now.

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I never trade at a loss anon.

>> No.29912132

gains and losses exist in many dimensions, anon expand your mindset to opportunity costs, sunk/prospective costs and the general concept of counterfactuals and you'll make it

>> No.29912336

>general concept of counterfactuals
this is interesting - what exactly are you pointing to, I googled it and found a wide diversity of stuff

>> No.29912400

I will admit that I only have a minor understanding of those concepts. I just do not see how selling at loss right now (well, half of my QUICK into MATIC), as heavy as 20%, is a good idea.

If you could convince me otherwise, then I may.

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Exchanged 31029 USDC for 30680 Frax on UNI.
Transfered them to Quick.
Traded them for 32963 USDC.
Profited 1934 USDC, minus fees on UNI, matic bridge, let's say 1880 USDC.
Yep. that was not too bad.

>> No.29912621

Will you be doing back and forth or does the 3 hour bridge back make this difficult? I haven't actually tried bridging back to L1 yet

>> No.29912635

A counterfactual is an event that did not occur but could have occurred, like alternative history or the outcome of a treatment on a control group that did not receive treatment. I think this is what you're looking for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counterfactual_thinking

Just telling you that Matic is undervalued on Quickswap compared to other, much more liquid markets. The existence of an arbitrage opportunity does not necessarily mean it will be executed by anyone, of course...

>> No.29912696

ok so do I buy matic or quick?

>> No.29912754

I'm 50/50, pooling them.

>> No.29912755

Matic or both

>> No.29912780

>A counterfactual is an event that did not occur but could have occurred
so how is this relevant to trading i mean

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Okay. Well, fuck it may as well. We are still early.

So am I understanding this correct that I should gain 360 Matic at the end at current rates?

>> No.29912946

are u lads all in on this?

>> No.29912989


>> No.29913014

what's the difference between WMATIC-DAI pool and MATIC-DAI pool? WTF is WMATIC?

>> No.29913037

Fuck it. Went in. Providing liquidity for QUICK/MATIC right now.

>> No.29913118

3 hour bridge makes it difficult, looks like the window has closed quite a bit already.
1 Frax = 1.04 now and a couple minutes ago 1.02 so not counting on it anymore.

>> No.29913162

If I provide liquidity for QUICK how long are my tokens held and do i recieve the same number of tokens back in the end?

>> No.29913206

it helps you critically assess your past decisions and better plan your current decisions by helping you consider a wider range of outcomes, that's how I see it. too many people have tunnel vision and get too attached to their tokens because they don't

your pool share is 0.21% so you get 0.0021*50= QUICK a day if you also stake it (!), that's around $43,15 at current prices. not bad I'd say. will probably come down a little as more people enter.

>> No.29913210 [DELETED] 

2300$ FROM 33000$ FOR A MONTH

>> No.29913254

You can withdraw them any time you like anon. And you don't receive the same number of tokens, usually. Look up impermanent loss.

>> No.29913329

shut up kike

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Am I crazy or is eth $150 cheaper on quickswap? How does this affect my pooled eth? Will I lose money on withdrawing?

>> No.29913336

thank you. I am researching both of these now.
it looks like quick is a sidechain?

>> No.29913338

Cool anon. I deleted my original post because I figured out the calculation myself.

I know about impermanent losses, but hopefully this won't be a bad play over the next week.

>> No.29913455

No, you're not crazy. Arbitrage opportunities aren't being exploited by enough people yet. How it affects you? Well, people will want to buy your undervalued ETH and give you DAI in return for it. That means you'll leave the pool with more DAI and less ETH, if the market does its task.

It depends almost entirely on boomercoin holding up. Cross your fingers

>> No.29913611

>you don't receive the same number of tokens,
k im just gonna hodl then thx

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Attempt to remove them and see what you'll get back. The value remains balanced so the exact token amount of each will change as their prices change. Their prices moving together is what you would want ideally, but you still gain if only one moons, that just results in some impermanent loss.

>> No.29913727

Explain how this is functionally different from just switching to xDAI or something
It's "on ETH" but you can only transact on the Matic chain

>> No.29913730

I'm 50/50 MATIC/ADA because i never go all in but i' really tempted to sell my ADA. Regret not doing it at peak yesterday.

>> No.29913980

literaly same fren hahah im waiting for the ADA hard fork tomorrow, might see some more pumping

>> No.29913992

I'm 100% bullish on matic but quick is 50% the booming coin only has 1 million current coins. That's not enough for a market. Even btc has 21mil. Need more circulation.

>> No.29914077

Why wont quick fucking follow matics bullish rn. its still sitting below pre dump while matic held the line and is now breaking out. i want to go to sleep but quick is making me nervous

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>> No.29914137

Quickswap has currently 12 times the liquidity of Honeyswap. Functionally they do the same thing but xDai is not seeing a similar level of adoption.

>> No.29914319

Waiting for Sunday to dip MATIC so I can double my stack

>> No.29914828

Realistically what do you guys see the price of QUICK being at the end of the week?

I am hoping for $700

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>> No.29914968

I've been following both for days. QUICK has recently had a more rapid rise than MATIC and of course is a smaller cap and available on less exchanges than MATIC. MATIC, relatively speaking, is much more steady.

So QUICK will have wilder swings in both directions and still has more people taking profits (though this seems to be dying down) but IMO will continue to grow more aggressively than MATIC's relatively more stable rise.

>> No.29914972

Thanks anon, this is super helpful. I'm pretty new to LPing so I'm not sure exactly how to set the ratio, I think I will do some more research on this.
I want to see some more tokens get liquidity, not just for rewards for me even though that's a bonus. But also because I really like Quickswap and Matic after using it for a few days now, and I want to help it get bigger.

>> No.29915190


>> No.29915228

100% of my portfolio into QUICK. Since QUICK is criminally undervalued.

but if quick goes up to around 1k might provide liquidity and sell 50% of QUICK for another coin.

Retirement plan there.

>> No.29915352


a-anon how much did you yolo into QUICK

>> No.29915388

>I'm pretty new to LPing so I'm not sure exactly how to set the ratio
Well, for example, GRT trades for 0.00109963 ETH on Uniswap. That means I should input my GRT, multiply the amount of GRT I have by 0.00109963, and input that much ETH. So if I have 1,000 GRT, I'd put in slightly over 1 ETH.

>But also because I really like Quickswap and Matic after using it for a few days now, and I want to help it get bigger.
I and nearly everyone else who's used it agrees with you. I've invested in a small cap project with almost $2M locked liquidity on layer 1. The community will be incentivized to move that to Matic once testing finishes within the next week or so. It'll take some time, but I'm confident Quickswap will get there.

>> No.29915453

will be a hard battle for this to go under 0.2

>> No.29915487

no specifics, but a bit more than what I can save being a wagie for an entire year in this country.

>> No.29915496
File: 39 KB, 886x358, stani.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's just a matter of time

>> No.29915853

This has been a super interesting day to watch and to participate in. I dont know about you anons but this is just sheer fun. Waiting till they announce, then I got frax, fsx and dai from uniswap and then the mad rush to get your pools in the liquidity mining pools and arbitraging here and there.
I'm still approximately mining 2 times as many QUICK, 3 hours in, as I did yesterday with roughly the same amount in pools. In the beginning I was mining 5 times as many.

As for the project, we're now at 66 million in liquidity even though all major tokens are significantly off their highs (ETH, QUICK, etc)
There's now 1.1 Million Frax and 455k FSX on the exchange (yesterday basically zero) and 225k DAI (up from 115k yesterday).
I found it really aggressive of the team to put 2x100 Quick pools on FRAX but well it did grab a lot of extra liquidity and I'm sure that by tomorrow there will be twice as much.

All in all very interesting and I think all these new stablecoins on the exchange will fuel QUICK a lot higher, which in turn will push liquidity to $80M by tomorrow.
Happy farming and a special thank you to the anon that spammed
>ETH has scaled
over the boards the past few days.

>> No.29916053

I figured it was something like this. I'm doing a bunch of reading on it right now just make sure I'm not missing anything important. I also put some USDC and maUSDC into the pool this morning to get a better feel for how it all works.

>> No.29916362

ok bros I need an advice. I have 13,5 QUICKs to my name so what strategy will be best for maximum wealth? just hold or to sell half and buy matic?

>> No.29916610

sell half for matic and provide liquidity

>> No.29916699

I managed to sell midway through the dump and saved 3k, is it worth it to buy MATIC?

>> No.29916859

Anon who shilled quickswap at 30c. I eat poopoo.

>> No.29916986

It wasn't just one anon, there were at least 3 of us. Like we keep saying: this shit shills itself. Even while it's only a side chain Matic beats BSC in every possible way. Plus, anyone migrating reduces traffic on Ethereum to the benefit of ETHbros.

>> No.29917159

what profit I could have from it? Also should I lock them for some longer period of time? Can I unlock the coins any time?

>> No.29917662

>what profit I could have from it?
you get rewarded in QUICK if you stake the LP tokens after pooling. the APY is phenomenal on most pairs
>Also should I lock them for some longer period of time? Can I unlock the coins any time?
you can move in and out any time you like and it'll cost you less than a cent

>> No.29917784

Yeah you can unlock at any time.
Profit in the early hours is as high as 2% per day, near the end of the week this will go as low as 0.6% per day. This all depends on adoption and the price of QUICK.

I don't know about you but I have never used uniswap and the ether first layer as often as I have done last week to position myself well on Quickswap and to take advantage of arbitrage and new liquidity pools

>> No.29917874

please someone explain to me how this works. this is centralized sidechain? actual decentralized lightning style network?

>> No.29918083
File: 633 KB, 5120x2880, zCT2SmO0TEpwY8sFiK1gHsTTNA6jbUbGTOeNR5iqTvg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Polygon/Matic a decentralized sidechain that's also currently best positioned as a true layer 2 solution. Quickswap happens to be the only relevant DEX on Matic.

>> No.29918742

MATIC is 2nd best performing 24h and best performing 7d on CMC front page. People are finally noticing how undervalued it is.

>> No.29918976

>Quickswap happens to be the only relevant DEX on Matic.
And also the only relevant DEX besides Uniswap and Sushiswap.

>> No.29919011

thank you. the decentralized is what I was looking for.

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boys we're casually retesting ATH on the worst day in crypto since forever

this shit is gonna moon, TODAY

>> No.29919149

what's the matic price target bros? need some fap material, porn doesn't do it for me anymore.

>> No.29919218
File: 2.95 MB, 1140x2982, screencapture-quickswap-exchange-2021-02-28-18_39_45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't blame me.

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File: 329 KB, 1200x801, 1614277967804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well its not btc/eth level of security BUT:
108 nodes and growing every day
Also anyone can run node
21 CZ controleld nodes

AND still 6x faster and 30x cheeper because its real plasma tech not fork of kovan eth testhen with lower blocktimes and 21 dpos validators like BSC

>> No.29919281

Dunno but I dont see why it couldnt do AVAX mcap, which would be a 2x from here

If we do DOT mcap, it's a 30x.

>> No.29919323

we don't know exact prices, we know that DOT is a similar product and has a market cap 31 times bigger, so we have a lot of room to groom.

>> No.29919638

when I try to trade on quickswap.exchange I get "wrong network".

>> No.29919651

Someone redpill me on 50/50 QUICK/MATIC instead of all in on one.

Also someone redpill me on providing liquidity for this pair or not.

>> No.29919758

Anon who bought QuickSwap at $300 here after it was shilled to me at $150 and $200. Just want to say thanks for your effort. I honestly wasn't a believer until I used the product myself. I wouldn't be sitting comfy if it weren't for you folks

>> No.29919898

Is there any better way to check prices on the matic network yet? We really need a matic network chart explorer to track the prices.

>> No.29919918

SO put your metamask on matic mainet maybe?

>> No.29920010

After you stake, you have to go to the tab labeled 'QUICK' inbetween 'pool' and 'Charts->'. That is where you can deposit your liquidity tokens for staking.

>> No.29920154
File: 185 KB, 1998x718, 1596230971188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Liquidity and Volume is increasing again


>> No.29920155

reading more. looks like matic is its own network sidechain. have to burn tokens on eth to transfer them over to matic.

>> No.29920212

im new to providing liquidity, when im done with it, will i get back the LP tokens or the coins?

>> No.29920289

You would get a different amount depending on price movement.

If both coins go up the same then you should get an increase in both for the transaction fee rewards.

If one goes up more than the other you will get more of one coin in comparison (maybe less of the other) and could suffer impermanent loss.

You can use this to help you.


>> No.29920581

it seems no matter what combinations i put in, i end up getting fewer coins back

>> No.29920638

Ok so I don't seem to be earning much Quick on my pools. What's the minimum you have to deposit to earn something significant back?

>> No.29920748

I would do this too but I don't want to hold Eth or Dai haha. I want to hold as much QUICK as possible so I'm only interested in those pools :/

>> No.29920784

Honestly anons Liquidity Pools can be fairly complicated. if you aren't extremely confident in your prediction and math abilities it's usually better to just hold on.

Liquidity Pool is for when you are already halfway to making it. If you are new to this maybe just play around with pen and paper for a week and see how you would have done.

>> No.29921060

So when does Matic hit $3?

>> No.29921087
File: 470 KB, 2020x736, 1594820966039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still setting ATH's for Liquidity. If volume continues and breaks ATH as well except MOON and QUICK to rise quickly.

>> No.29921288

Thanks for the help. One last question, what happens if I withdraw liquidity prematurely?

>> No.29921436

Nothing. You can pull out whenever you want.

>> No.29921494

I hope it doesn't moon yet. I need to accumulate more QUICK

>> No.29921775
File: 186 KB, 2006x730, 1596676118395.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29922000

JFC... it's over for the gay pink unicorn

>> No.29922211

>Don't blame me
Holy shit anon, it's hard not to

>> No.29922218

the FUD attacks are starting guys, they dont know what to made up now, so they are saying now we gonna crash because traders are buying Matic.... as if traders werent buying bitcoin since the beginning.

>> No.29922266

Is quickswap linked to matic?

I only have matic, also only 10k

>> No.29922369

Any word on when the airdrop is? Got some UNI which should result in a nice little drop.

>> No.29922401

it can be staked on binance for a petty 8.6%.

But there are no fees getting in/out so it's better than just plain hodling

>> No.29922472

So what do you guys think is better for holding, QUICK or Matic?

>> No.29922599

It is just a good DEX that lives on Matic network
Matic is friends with Quickswap, but that's kinda it

>> No.29922684

70% matic
just my humble opinion

>> No.29922752

right, so they're pretty unrelated but will help each other up. Thanks bro

>> No.29922826

MATIC holder here, how long do I hold. Don't want a repeat of the BNB situation

>> No.29922881

I've tested it and became super bullish on matic

>> No.29922883

>QUICK silently heading towards ATH as the rest of the market shits itself
You hold it for a few months anon.

>> No.29922973

You forgot Pangolin but yeah, pretty much

>> No.29923010

you're early, so a binance-type situation will be great. Early binance coin was like under $10 for fucking ages

>> No.29923033

Thanks fren

>> No.29923111

4k quick better get here. i got 2 months to find a job :(

>> No.29923297

checked but guys seriously I need to accumulate more. pls don't 4x until end of march thx

>> No.29923336

buy twice as much and only have to wait for 3k?

>> No.29923344


That would be a 7-8x anon

You still have time. Today I am guessing we will go to a 700 QUICK

>> No.29923434
File: 187 KB, 2028x742, 1594403414584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29923468

Anyone expecting MATIC to go up a lot more tonight?
I kind of want to HODL it more but I also feel like exiting for today and using the funds on something else.

>> No.29923591

anon we haven't even broke volume ATH yet

>> No.29923675

What else would you use the funds for tho? This is good.

I only have 12k of the fuckers but I feel great about this one

>> No.29923701

That's not even my full form.

>> No.29923808


Fair, thanks.
I'm very new at this and I'm gambling with actual pennies, the rest of my initial investment got tied up in various coins that have not taken the past 3 days well. Maybe I'll sell some at a loss and put it in here, looks promising.

>> No.29923840

Anon do not sell at a loss.

>> No.29923844


>> No.29924005

I sold some shit for a loss yesterday to buy some matic. Since then the losers went down further and matic rose further, it was a good call, so I done it with a couple others. It pays sometimes

>> No.29924066

next dip 27c

>> No.29924101

Actually did the same, but again, trading with sums you guys would laugh at so it's easy to ignore a loss.

>> No.29924109

no income lol. i've honestly been trading up every other week. i fucked up so many times. id be at like 50k by now.

asko was the worst fuck up i've done.

>> No.29924158

it's all just a % basis bro

>> No.29924342

FTM and REEF were my fuck-ups haha, still holding both though because I'm stubborn

>> No.29924345

I was a fag that got into crypto right before the January 2018 crash and, immediately left, and got back in a month ago when BNB was $70.

I had an old Binance account with pocket change left in it... except $90 in BNB because it had soared so much. Was probably a few cents when I left it.

My dumb ass sold it before it went up another 5 times.

Make of this what you will.

>> No.29924367

Is this the comfiest hold in whole cryptp atm?

>> No.29924427

Just bought more at the top? Am i retarded

>> No.29924438

I think REEF's gonna have some sort of announcement tomorrow or so so keep eyes peeled.
I forgot what it was though.

>> No.29924439
File: 118 KB, 784x1728, dragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, this is the comfiest hold in all of crypto rn

>> No.29924540

OGN and MATIC are top tier comfy

>> No.29924549

in 3 months you will be glad you bought "The top."

>> No.29924552

The announcement will be Denko dumping 10 billion more tokens on the market

>> No.29924579

there was a email from binance about futures trading for reef, I got it a few hours ago. It gives it some publicity at least.

Unless the announcement is a token burn, it's not gonna do much imo

>> No.29924712

my hopes is that maybe this one moons a bit and maybe matic becomes a hit, and i can just trade inside the matic network for some 2xs and 3xs.

and try to find the best "antshares" gem within it

>> No.29924790

I actually saw that in notifications earlier than the email was sent out but there was no noticeable impact on the price, BTC was still shitting itself.

I'm ready to halve my sixty bucks stack baby.

>> No.29924794

I would already be into 5 figure hell if I got out of ASKO in time. At least I am still in the green overall.

ASKO was my lesson in how to ride hype. TRDL was my lesson on when to buy and when to bail on a shit project (for now anyways). Got out at $6.20 at a loss but made it back QUICK

Thankfully I am doing well on other gems that I am accumulating still and QUICK

>> No.29924931

same. goosefinance helped me from ASKOs fuckup. then i hopped into quick. but i can't consider myself green until QUICK hits at least $700 floor

>> No.29924935

1.6 Million Frax on site right now.
850k Frax Share.
450k DAI.

Pretty crazy. All there was yesterday was 115k DAI between these three.

>> No.29925092

If this doesn't moon, it should at least rise pretty well, so this is super comfy either way.

I only have like $2500 worth but I have that staked 30 days, maybe when it comes out it will be $10k worth

>> No.29925328

>Quick already at $462
>when I woke up it was at $400
>I bought like a retard at $500

I was a little worried desu but now I feel pretty comfy

>> No.29925468

iFARM also added tons of liquidity. There was like $300k this morning, now I see $750k.

>> No.29925600
File: 102 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20210228-151454__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29925721

fucking nice bro

>> No.29925735

Good job anon.

Also can someone tell me what is up with USDC? Matic Web Wallet gives me a value of 9456 but USDC only gives me 9096

>> No.29925791

What's even worse is I initially bought like $200 worth at $180 and then going almost all in with about $2000 at $500 2 days ago. I could have doubled my money already, but I was hesitant selling my other coin.

>> No.29925901

I think its a problem with the wallet, it's always way off, like it's using uniswap prices or something.

>> No.29925909

I'm not sure honestly but I only go by USDC for value since it only matters what you can get for it. Block folio seems based on UNI's prices for quick and idk where the wallet gets it's numbers

>> No.29926010

you are gonna make it anon

>> No.29926121
File: 77 KB, 960x960, 1498015154461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only have 10K MATIC
I'm should just rope bros.

>> No.29926176
File: 180 KB, 2012x732, 1603919975490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29926183

Zoom out bro we are going to 1000-2000 short term with this and higher long term.

>> No.29926378

is okay anon we will hit $1 soon

>> No.29926450

Ten grand is nice but it's still not much. I guess I can sell it and reinvest in other stuff?

>> No.29926470

Fuck I hope so, I'd take 230k. I 10xd matic during it's initial launch a few years ago. It's ATH in BTC is like 570.

>> No.29926581

I'm in only a slightly better position. Even if we don't completely make it this bull run, imagine the alpha Chad level we will be with the knowledge and capital gained from this bull run when the next one comes around.

>> No.29926724

that's what everyone said last bull run. you have no idea how demoralizing bear season can be... you might end up deleting everything and not looking at crypto for years

>> No.29926730

I had so many chances, but I figure now taking a safe bet with modest returns is better than a shitcoin lowcap gamble.

>> No.29926798

That's the game imo.
You only have to double $10k 8 times to be over $2 million. That's doable, sooner or later.

>> No.29927177

Literally what I did. I got in in January 2018 right before the huge crash and was gone by February. I'm not making that same mistake again. I am making it, sooner or later.

I don't think we are there again yet. But if we are I'll continue wage slaving and slowly accumulating large caps and cope with my losses.

>> No.29927632

wait till quick pumps and the 15 million thats in quick on the site adds another 5 million in a day.

>> No.29928278

Well we just briefly touched $500 for half a second there.

I think it's time bros.

>> No.29928374

$508 on Block folio so on uni I guess
475 USDC on Quickswap

>> No.29928464

Was Quickswap. I am watching Breaking Bad and I opened my laptop. The swap tends to cycle through the trading prices real quick and I saw 495 for a moment on Quickswap.

We getting there boys.

>> No.29928533

Matic is mooning WHY. I wanted to buy :( was this really the dip

>> No.29928616

now that boomercoin stopped pissing its pants, we can finally see the true potential of the Polygon ecosystem. MATIC to top 25 mcap and QUICK to top 100 is entirely realistic if this continues.

>> No.29928710

fkasdapdkapodkp i never buy in at the right time

>> No.29928747

we still are not at ATH's for either QUICK or MATIC anon

>> No.29928887

I was an ETH buyer in 2016, and have not been as bullish on anything for the past 5 years in crypto as I am on Polygon right fucking now.

>> No.29928912


>> No.29929248

Matic has been outperforming quick today, the opposite was true yesterday. I think both are great holds but there are going to be more L2 Dapps that will push matic above the rate quick is going. Adjust accordingly anons, WGMI.

>> No.29929281
File: 1.16 MB, 333x200, 9F94354B-C5F7-4821-9271-52F36DB2123E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are we guessing around $1 Matic EoY?

>> No.29929309

top fucking kek. 1 dollar by end of Q1 if BTC continues on the uptrend

>> No.29929867

>touch 490
>back to 465
>back to 465


>> No.29930018

I think alot sooner

>> No.29930855

I am so fucking tempted to swing now that we are at 486 but part of me knows as soon as I do we will launch straight to 700

>> No.29931810

Uhhh I bought Matic on Binance, but I only see BNB and ETH to send it to, how do I sent it to the matic network? or ...

>> No.29931888

Add Matic mainnet to your wallet first: https://medium.com/@quickswap.layer2/guide-how-to-set-up-custom-matic-mainnet-rpc-for-metamask-transfer-assets-from-l1-to-l2-to-use-3b1e55ccb5cb

Then bridge here: https://wallet.matic.network/bridge/

>> No.29932249

Good call lol

>> No.29932390

Ah crap and I need some ethereum for the gas too? I just switched from the BSC network to buy Matic on Binance, still have my Matic on Binance.

>> No.29932411

to add to >>29931888, that means you can only send it to your Ethereum wallet first and THEN to Matic. if you just want to hold, keep it on Binance.

>> No.29932527

I want to switch to the Matic Network mostly to buy some portals for some NFTs I won't mention the name of, but watching Matic go from 0.18 to 0.23 I'm wondering if I should try leveraging 10x and hoping for 1$. I would also go for Quick, but leverage is what makes you rich over night.

>> No.29932636

sure anon, but leverage also makes you poor over night. we welcome all Aavegotchi bros though.

>> No.29932667


>> No.29932733

Matic is a safer bet but I'd stay away from leverage. Quick has been pumping less than matic since it's a governance token.

>> No.29932788

Where can I ask for a listing bot? There's 5000 members in the telegram and a max of 5 portals per address, I doubt we'll have 25000 portals for everyone.

>> No.29932873


>> No.29933321

MATIC breaking out from ATH again. Price exploration is here bros

>> No.29933538
File: 323 KB, 1080x1072, FlyerMaker_27022021_124335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Matic will be .50 by end of week screen shot this

>> No.29933669

we gonna make it frens

>> No.29933683

My 8000$ just turned into 8400$ by keeping in MATIC for like 20 minutes, kekkus maximus. That's a 5% gain.

>> No.29933729


>> No.29933750

I'm really really wondering if I should try to go ALL in GHST+Quick when I could be leverage trading Matic with a safe 5x and make my real gains here.
Aavegotchi I'm not even sure if I snab a portal on time, let alone 50 portals like I'd like to.

>> No.29933794

Buy now retard it's going to 0.3 minimum

>> No.29933886
File: 281 KB, 896x784, 1588860825254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>w-when is it my turn to break ATH

>> No.29933976

Yeah fuck it, keeping it all on Matic and maybe even opening a 4x leverage and sleeping on it like a baby. Gonna wait on Aavegotchi till the last moment on Tuesday.

>> No.29934062

It's always worth exiting a shitty position. As long as you learn a lesson. I exited SWAP at a loss because I have zero faith in it going back up to my entry price.

>> No.29934085

Fucking shill this shit everywhere let's get some real gains

>> No.29934848
File: 54 KB, 898x389, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moon in 3....2...1..

>> No.29934896

bros I need to shower
do I tether up?

thinking our goal today is .25 - .30

>> No.29934983

>tether up

What the fuck? We're entering price exploration

>> No.29935011


>> No.29935052

Someone shill me aavegotchi. Where do yous see GHST going. I'm looking into projects on Matic

>> No.29935086

Fucking shill this shit

>> No.29935101

We're about to moon to 35 to 50 cents and you want to tether now?????????

>> No.29935115

Do i switch my DOT for MATIC? Or am i buying top?

>> No.29935172

anon please don't play with my heart

>> No.29935189

Lemme shill you one. Search the catalog for GFARM2 and read the last few threads. The name sounds like shit but just listen, okay?

>> No.29935197

Just set a SL at like 22 cents dingus and go take your shower

>> No.29935226


>> No.29935266

go back to BSC or /r/wsb or wherever the fuck you came from

>> No.29935267

How do I even do that on Quickswap

>> No.29935338

It's like u don't even like money

>> No.29935396

Calm the fuck down lol This ain't a PnD. You don't need to Shill it like that. Smart money will find it

>> No.29935449

Thanks anon I'll check it out

>> No.29935750
File: 232 KB, 394x737, EvSCw6sWgAEMKsx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thread is autosaging.







>> No.29935818

>safe 5x
ok, dumbo

>> No.29937653
File: 7 KB, 337x104, oof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


bought more

>> No.29937679
File: 18 KB, 253x306, 1599409996166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget DB Dark Build

But also GFARM2

>> No.29937726

Bought 188 few days ago. Do i acoomulate more before it spikes?