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Should I debtmaxx my credit cards before the USD goes into hyperinflation later this year?

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Nice desk. Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it.

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yes. also stop paying your rent, they're going to extend the eviction moratorium a lot fucking longer when the hyperinflation meme pops off. take that $1000/month+ you're paying to shekelstein and leverage it with MORE DEBT.

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Seek help or ngmi

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Market down 7%, $MCM up 70% =)))

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>later this year?
Nah it’ll take a few years to play out

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poor as fuck

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>should I make decision
Might as well you already can see the future

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Bitch needs to rent a carpet cleaner and touch up those baseboards. Fucking nasty.

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yes, try YOLO with these tokens that never give you profit
GSX is yr path to stable income, how can you not understand it? if you wanna to be right there for tothemoon, buy rn

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The best kind basically

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We all know about the Federal Reserve increasing the bank reserves by orders of magnitude since the corona virus and the repo operations in 2019. Many people see that the M2 money supply has seemingly gone parabolic. What most people are not taking into consideration is the velocity of money. The velocity of money has plummeted as well and has been on a decreasing trend since the 2008 financial crisis. Inflation isn't just an increase in the cost of goods and services but instead an increase in the cost of goods and services with an increase in money velocity AND an increase in money supply. For years the FED has been attempting to increase the velocity of money by lowering interest rates and lowering reserve requirements but the dollar just isn't moving like it once was. The reason why goods and services have increased in price do not have to do with inflation but have to do with the cost it takes to get around these government imposed restrictions nationally and internationally.

Those are not the only reasons why this USD inflation talk is moot. Other governments are printing their currencies at blistering speeds. Canada is about to hyperinflate and what are Canadians going to switch to? Assets and dollars. Globally speaking, corporations, Joe Schmoes and governments use the dollar. You can go anywhere and the dollar is accepted. When their own currencies hyperinflate they will seek haven in the dollar and hard assets. America will be the LAST fiat to hyperinflate and only then will Americans feel the hyperinflation and they will feel it magnitudes higher than any other nation before.

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what do trannies gain by calling obvious women men? literally every thread that has a picture of a famous instagram woman has multiple trannies calling her a man

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'I think they are memeing

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>being this new

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>velocity of money has plummeted
but anon, you can't measure velocity directly. Its just a ratio:
v = GDP / Money Supply

So in order for velocity to increase you need to increase GDP and/or DECREASE money supply. I don't think you understand QE.

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Either you are a legit boomer or have found us via reddit. Either way be gone normie.

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>why this USD inflation talk is moot
Increases in prices and services are still considered inflation. I agree that its less monetary and more cost-push right now, which is probably why debtmaxxing should wait, at least until UBI.

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It's a good angle, all photos are just good angles.

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Yes and GDP has dropped because spending has dropped.

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I'm newish, been here since 2015 and it's a new thing. Really only this year I noticed that every thread has 2-3 people saying "that's a man"

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every iteration it just keeps getting longer

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dont lie reddit faggot

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its been going on since 2018 retard

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sorry I'm not well versed in discord tranny raid methods, niggers

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how much btc to get a guy like him?

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I don't think so, It'll go down by the end of this year when it's cold, they'll sacrifice Biden for Kamala.

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This is so smart. Why isn’t everyone doing this? Big brain, genius move here

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There is still enough worldwide demand for the American dollar to prevent hyperinflation for a long time.

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He's right, The money deamand is still high in the US, so even if prices do continue to inflate, you will see a liquidity trap, where money demand remains high, and continues to pucsh down interest rates. QE is impotence.

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this image made me so terribly sad. I have to leave the computer for a while and think

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kek, what are you talking about, trash boy
>these niggers stole all your gems
don’t be so stubid and believe in every scam on topics
eat a cake and go to JustLiquidity and their julswap
any asset can give you benefits from holding

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From whom?

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Looking at that angle it makes to desestabilize the USA first and they are right on it, aren't they?

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>coomer OP
>that’s a man shitposter
>noofaper moralfagposter

Yup, it’s /biz/. Now how long until “bullish” and “bearish” become the next “based” and “cringe”?

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Thoughts on holding Mochimo.org?

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why do you make scenarios up of people you dont like? At least be honest about why you aren't a fan of them.

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imagine the smell

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