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I found my old dogecoin wallet that I thought I emptied and it has about 9k USD but I don't remember the fucking passphrase.

I checked the receiving addresses in the explorer and I have 190k DOGE.

Is there any software that alllows me to brute force it given some words that I think are in the password?

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Unless you remember 90%+ of the words, you are fucked.

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no. just give up already, do your best to forget it.

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Man thats sad.. also, you got some ugly ass fingers

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>Is there any software that alllows me to brute force it given some words that I think are in the password?

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I think I do, doge was a stupid gimmick and I really didn't care about it so the password must be something very stupid

No u

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never ever

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>doge was a stupid gimmick and I really didn't care about it
You must be pretty desperate for money then lel

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What's wrong with your salad fingers

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An expensive lesson

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Damn that's a bummer. At least you didn't lose some amount of that would allow you retire and buy a mansion.

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I found something in google and seems like it uses gpu acceleration any tips are still appreciated in case that doesn't work

Yes I am

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A retard with retard fingers

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I actually wrote something to do just that in order to get a wallet back for a girl I know from coinomi
How much of the phrase do you remember?
If you're missing 1 or two words it shouldn't be impossible but if it's more than that you're looking at an eternity to get in
It's also built for linux in C but the up side of that is it's stupidly fucking fast
I can lend a hand if you're willing to slip me $500 worth of doggo coin if I manage to get in

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Stop eating so much you’ll make that 9k back real fast.

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Try old passwords you might remember, worked for me. If it's a 12-14 word style pass you can't do it, but if it's an ordinary password you might be able to crack it with enough computing power. I think some people used AWS to do it too.

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Where did your life go so wrong anon? Begging for 10k in Doge while autists on an anime imageboard laugh at your fingers. Thank Christ I’m not you

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he doesn't even look fat anon?

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found the fat fuck

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You can quite literally make those piggies in a blanket with those fingers

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Fucking lol

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Post tummy

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and if you don't believe me I can post the code for other /g/fags to verify

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I also have a 2014 Doge wallet (with much less DOGE), but I am trying to update the blockchain and it is hours and hours and it is only 0.10% or something.

Is there anyway to speed things up? Any other way to be able to update my balance and then sell the DOGEs?

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Your hands are disgusting, start lifting you fucking piece of obese garbage. Just kill yourseof you fat fuck

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Lmfao fat fuck
No one tell him shit

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Yes I can u ugly weirdo.

Email me the wallet.dat file and password clues and I'll crack it for you and send you half.

I cracked the montecrypto wallet.dat with a python gpu script

lfabxbhk (at) grr (dot) la

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You don't have to wait if your wallet thinks it has them, even it is still unconfirmed. The doge network is dogeshit. Just try sending it anyway.

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I feel your pain anon. I used my old wallet and because the protocol changed my transaction of 25k doge is stuck in the network and idk what to do. Pls help friends:,(

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kek, fat and stubby hand. incel confirmed.

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put it on an SSD, it might also only say you got as much doge as you do because the block's not sync'd yet

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post it devil

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why dont you just go down to the cryptocurrency bank and provide ID to prove its your account

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alright, one sec, lemme get my ass out of bed and to my machine

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I think the passphrase is a combination of a limited set of possible words because I used those words for everything at that time. This script uses the GPU but I'm getting 7.63k tries per seconds, that seems a bit low I think?

I don't know how many tries or the ETA tho

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It's basically hopeless if that's the case, unless you think it is some reordering of those words.

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I'm curious how this goes for you anon, gl

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But, it starts updating the blockchain and after a few hours it only has updated like 0.10% so my DOGE don´t appear.

Maybe someone know if I can work it out with other kind of wallet or other method?

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No, there is no way to speed it up. If you're using the light Doge wallet I have to warn you: it will never update. The program is broken and hasn't been updated in years.

Your best, and easiest, bet is to export the private key, create a wallet in dogechain.info and import the private key there.

It's the official Doge blockchain explorer, so it's safe. After importing you can send your Doge to somewhere else easily.
Do you have the private key? If so, you can always use the trick I gave to the other anon.

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That is THE most disgusting hand I've ever seen.

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Also if you do manage to unlock it make sure you dont fuck up and lock it in the old protocol

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>the passphrase is a combination of a limited set of possible words because I used those words
It’s hopeless then you worthless fat sack of mutt dogshit. Fucking brain damaged goblino retard

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If it's 12 words there are 12! ~ 479mil combinations. That's probably doable.

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Ok, thanks. So, I go here: https://my.dogechain.info/#/overview

And select: "New wallet" or "Existing wallet"?

I have read it fast but it says in that page that it stores the keys in the cloud or something. Where should I send the coins so I can trade them in 1-2 months?

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You can do it on binance or any other exchange that supports doge.

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I will do a search in your old HDD and select the dates in which you used to work with that wallet,, a few days earlierr or later. You might have it on a .txt file.

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Forget that shit, go outside for a jog, stop eating sugar, you're a fucking disgrace.

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[email protected]

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there's a tool that can bruteforce 25 length passwords I think its called

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>create a new wallet
>log in the new wallet
>import the private keys
>send your DOGE to an exchange like Binance
>sell them

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>I think the passphrase is a combination of a limited set of possible words because I used those words for everything at that time
that's not bad but if it's using CUDA it could probably be a little faster, you might be better using that instead since it can take advantage of the GPU which my tool doesn't

Here it is, you'll need the seed phrase wordlist and it only works with one missing word right now but can handle the position being unknown
It also heavily relies on xdotool
also will need this

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I'm 80% sure it is the list is quite long tho

Thanks fren post your dogo address I will send you 100$ if I make it

I have the private keys but I also need a passphrase to use / dump it

My plan is to get the priv key and import it to any light Wallet I have multiplayer copies of the files so having the nos enough I think

49 words
And Im sure its at least 3 words long but no more than 6

Hmm that's seems useful will try!!! Gimme it address 100$ for you too

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>49 words

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Not sure you can do it on your own computer if it was 6 from 49. That's about 10 billion combinations.

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thanks, godspeed

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>I have the private keys but I also need a passphrase to use / dump it
No, you don't. If you have the private keys all you need to do is create a new wallet on the Doge blockchain explorer and import the private keys into that wallet. The passphrase Dogechain asks for is the pass for the wallet created in Dogechain.

Dude, it's solved. Use dogechain.

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>I have the private keys but I also need a passphrase to use / dump it
Don't need that at all, if you're running an old wallet application it just requests that to open it on your end, you should be able to access the wallet on a newer application if you have the priv keys only.

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can't you make your program just generate a wordlist instead of actually bruteforcing? John The Ripper would do a better job at crunching passwords.

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>I have the private keys
then it's solved

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I did it for myself for ethereum years ago with something in python off github. Same situation, knew some words and bruteforced word combinations and some numbers/letters/special characters/upper lower case around it. First you need to find out what hashing the wallet software used, im on my phone so no spoonfeeding, probably forked from ltc or btc so maybe you find some existing solution. There are gorillions of tools like jack the ripper and hashcat you can also try. In my case that super slow python script was enough though, did the masking myself with python for loop bebbeh code.

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sure, could just change it to print words to STDOUT and use `>` to push them to a file
I did it this way since I didn't know of any other tool for this sort of thing, that program is pretty fast still since it leaves no delay in xdotool but if there's something better that might be worth it

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You think that is bad, my mining partner was an early adopter of mining litecoin and BTC. Was living like a king in Morocco to get away from Canada and had his phone stolen which had all his wallet information on it, stupidly, he had no backup of this information. His BTC wallet was worth over 7 million USD when we last checked back in December. I would have hung myself.

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>He fell for the password meme

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According to this is only 25 million possibilities but the software has been trying 34 million wtf


Sorry I think I explained myself wrong, I have the wallet.dat file from the dogecoin core client, AFAIK and please correct me if I'm wrong the private keys are inside that file but that file is encrypted with a password because the client is asking for one if I try to use the dumpprivkey command to get the raw key

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The .dat file should be able to be loaded into other wallet applications for doge iirc

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If he's doing 7,630 combinations per second, it's about 15 days for 10 billion combinations.

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Order matters so you have to multiply by another 6! = 720. I also assumed no repeats allowed, if they are it's even higher.

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Man your fingers are FUCKING GROSS

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Thank you! but what address? ETH? Appreciated!

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Yeah I used the wrong calculator, the total is about 13billion, a bit less because I set a parameter to use at most 3 repetitions

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inbred fingers lmao

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It's far from hopeless then anon, don't listen to the retards telling you otherwise

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>I actually wrote something to do just that in order to get a wallet back for a girl I know

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Hey, I made $50 and got laid, that's pure profit for something that only took a day to write

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its like 9k fucking forget about it fat fuck.
the meme coin gonna dump soon anyway

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>Hey, I made $50 and got laid, that's pure profit for something that only took a day to write
Fuck your sister isn't exactly an achievement.

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hashcat can do it if you've still got the wallet file and the password was something stupid

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