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Bull run over? Just beginning? When do you cash out/how much do you hodl?

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cash ouuuuutttt GOING TO 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CARSE OWWWWWWTTTT! Burtcerms ganna gow to 0 dollers

bye bye

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fuck bears I am still buying INJ from the dip. I will not sell any single INJ before the fucking mainnet. tokenized stocks on L2 DEX gonna make all INJ bulls

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bull run is not over but staying on usdt during the damn correction. waiting chainguardians IDO now and bought some superhero NFT for it

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just hold stables and use that to yield farm until market recovers

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>goes down 10% every day
>bull run not over xD

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By installing the Pallet, any Substrate blockchain can become Ethereum-compatible while taking full advantage of the modern WebAssembly ecosystem.

Check this out lads!!
Potential gem

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Its not even a 30% correction yet.

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Fuck you pajeet

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fucking wasted

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newfag here.

DOT - should I convert this to BTC during the coming storm, then go back in?

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goddamn pajeets

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I woulnd't convert anythiing to BTC at the moment. No idea where it will go next. Take your profits from DOT, put it in USDT and wait for the bottom to reinvest, if this truly is a downturn. I think there's a good run coming still as people get vaccinated and more money can go into the market. Just my opinion.

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I made a “Profit taking general” thread at the literal peak. I used the songs on professional retard pic if anyone remembers my post. Anyway, I took no profit :/

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DOT is unironically doing better than BTC, it has adamantium support at $30

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Depends when you bought really. If you got shit super cheap you can hodl til end of time, but if youre late you gotta cash out near the top or forever be cucked. Theres no guarantee alt coins will go back in next run

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>Theres no guarantee alt coins will go back in next run
There is no guarantee there will be a next run

fixed that for you

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What Coin you guys are talking about?

I just found a gem! real use case, new technology, growing like crazy!

Plz share with me more good projects.

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Shill me a good yield farm anon

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hello twin brother
i've been posting about the impending crash, how the tether scam is unraveling, gbtc premiums, miner sell pressure and so on for a couple weeks
while keeping 95% of my portfolio in eth
i get good (You)s tho

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