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When is this shitcoin going to pump?

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Big chance that it pumps soon, but it's also possible to go down in price

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Don’t know OP, 3-12 months.

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Maybe 2023 just keep accumulating and trust the process

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its not, dead beat coin with no hype, no one cares frankly, solid .20c coin 4 life

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This is one of those 2017 type coins that just slowly lose bitcoin value over time. These LTO devs are stealing your sats. Hold it for maximum Mcdonalds points

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Very soon,
We already have a thread going here btw >>29891058

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seems like a good try in any case.
I don't expect to lose more than 20% if it slowly bleeds, but on the other hand I can also see a 10x in the near future with its current low market cap

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It's bottomed out in this huge cup >>29897872
Just like previous 2x
I'm think ath will be within next 10 days

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LTO sucks are marketing to retail, because the token isn't for retail its for businesses. Combine that with the fact that crypto is absolutely clown world with things like ADA pumping to #3 on a whitepaper. Its going to be a while.

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>because the token isn't for retail its for businesses.

only thing you can market to retail is the staking/leasing part(passive income), becoming an active user of the network that will stake their coins (potentially through a lease) and run a node to validate transactions and help expand the network. Retail token holders can also vote as well for new features or price upgrade or downgrade in terms of how much an Anchor costs on the network. Let's be honest tho passive income is what most retail token holders are looking for. All the fancy business stuff doesn't matter to us as long as it makes us money.

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congratz you wasted a post and said nothing at all

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Once price can no longer be suppressed. Binance wallet is losing a lot of LTO everyday.