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>on the verge of hyperinflation
>still sitting in cash looking at 15min chart

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What is your opinion?---


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>traders teach you how to make money
bullshit, buy and hold

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holding 0.7 btc. Will buy the other 0.3 when we hit 25k, then it's HODL

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stop looking at charts
fiat is pure dogshit
btc is hope, btc is sound money, btc is sanity in a clown world
you are saying basically
>i want to buy 0.3 btc with 25kg of dog shit instead of 45kg of dog shit
but in reality why would you keep holding 45kg of dog shit in first place? i mean, it's dog shit, get rid of it asap

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not buying
stay salty bag holding negro

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im switching my beetcoin for moonero.

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>not buying, i'm going to lose my purchasing power and nobody can stop me from taking bad decisions

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We are on the verge of deflation.

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bitcon is shit, there are 50 other coins that are better. Look at LTC....... faster, way cheaper and capped fees, better mining algo, everything about it beats btc. DONT BUY BITCOIN

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>on the verge of deflation

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>hold dollars lose 2% purchase power in a year
>hold bitcoin lose 84% purchase power in a year after the last bullrun
hm it's a difficult choice anon

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Will “the verge of hyperinflation” happen in the next 72hrs? Because otherwise there will be a lower entry point.

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Commodity markets don’t agree.

OP is based. All we have to do is hold BTC and we win both financially and socially. I have no idea how to help people see this. I just got a message from a newb I helped buy BTC at $13k that they had taken their “winnings” and bought “invested” in “doge”.

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shutup chud I bet you don't even have 10 BTC

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>m2 money stock +25% in a year, with huge loss of purchasing power and asset hyperinflation
>btc 400% in a year
i was happy with a +25% honestly, with the current gains i can already offset other 3 years of bear market
have fun getting poorer

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we are going to keep getting a lower entry point each day untill tether starts printing again

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>t. newfag retard who didn't experience the bear market

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Bitcoin is a monetary network. It’s value has nothing to do with technical parameters. LTC is a network of resentful people that were scammed and are now trying to dump their bags on others.

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This but unironically. Typical /biz/ children don't understand how the money supply works.

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okay based

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>corporate CFOs don't understand how the money supply works
>wagie wagie keynesians economy professors do
lmao have fun staying poor

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>on the verge of hyperinflation
You are a moron.

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10-15% a year what fiat costs you. will increase to 15-20% now.
bitcoin did historically +360% annually. while there were bad years good years more than make up for it.
so what you have is -15% against +360%
obviously bitcoin is not a short term safe haven but you can decrease the volatility when you want by strategic partial shorts on your holding on a small margin.

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Satoshi nakamoto is adam back
How interesting is Bitcoin now?

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>15m chart
Nigga. I look at the 1m chart only.

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oh yeah? let's go have a look at asset prices

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>Businees Administration midwit
>calling others wagies

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Traders work during times of volatility over 1-3 months. If markets aren't volatile then they'll hold positions for much longer. If you want maximum profits you have to learn both.

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We've been deflating since 2008 anon
Why do you think we've done QE "to hit the 2% inflation target" nigger?
We might be on the verge of hyper-deflation but eventually we'll have hyperinflation. Economists just differ on how we'll get there
First through hyper-deflation or maybe hyper-inflation right away

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>owns a pepe plush
oldfag spotted

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anon are you living a simple life or what?

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I almost bought into the Cardano hype and distracted myself from stacking sats. I'm a maxi myself and doing my best to become /fullcoin/ ASAP, but does the ADA crowd have a point in saying that they have a better coin than BTC?

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>has 13btc
>still has an iphone 4

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lol check how this stupid genius tries to have some cash from these poor people

Fuck that.
Already took part in yield farming on YVS Finance and their smart staking system with low gas. That’s what you should check first now

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>one get paid by studying how economy works in real life and choosing the corporate strategy to avoid getting raped by inflation
>one get paid in free printed out of thin air fiat by teaching fairy tales

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That’s amazingly retarded imagine thinking you should unload your USD at a higher price when it’s guaranteed to go way lower. Stop breathing

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that's not really proof if you know about the inspect element capabilities of modern browser...

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very simple and very comfy life
i don't even have a tv
who fucking cares bro, it still works

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Bitcoin now, bitcoin tomorrow, bitcoin forever.

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more decentralised, cheaper TXs, native assets launching next week, smart contracts next month. the creator streams AMAs every week

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>On the verge of hyperinflation

2 more weeks

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keep browsing on your little tetris phone my nigger imagine having 13 btc and not buying a new phone

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>take image of old bitcoin wallet on the internet
>open it in browser
nice plush though faggot

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What the fuck is the point of owning an iPhone?

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Yeah, those BA fairy tales are only causing trouble for anybody.

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>t. midwit looking at fake cpi
>ignores real estate increasing 10/15%/20% a years
>ignores tech stocks being used as inflation hedge
>ignores skyrocketing average working hours needed to buy an s&p500 share
>ignores commodities prices
yeah if you look at the mcchicken it only increased 50 cents, it doesn't mean you are not getting poorer while cantillionaires get free negative interest rates money and keep buying multi-million properties all over

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fucking buy a samsung i'm not talking about the brand i'm saying he's using a phone from 2011 with a tiny screen when "he has 13btc"
he's poor

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it's real anon, and that's only my personal wallet, i also have another company wallet with other 6 btc on it

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Fucking kek

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Best I could do is 35k. Take it or leave it

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We've been in "hyperinflation" for the past 12 years after the '08 crash, yet everything is still fucking gay and companies aren't crashing and instead earning even more.

When arizona iced tea becomes 2 dollars, than I'll believe you.

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>ignores skyrocketing average working hours needed to buy an s&p500 share
That's how capitalism works, the amount of capital increases over time

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Getting this desperate makes me bearish

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>When arizona iced tea becomes 2 dollars
fucking moron

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What the fuck is wrong with your finger? Why is there a bone sticking out?

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>the amount of capital
it's not capital
it's a pure debt fueled economy with no real production going on

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>Big number go up
So what?

Retards will still use dollars and faggots will continue to wage slave? What's your point?
Mastercard controls 90% of all transactions in the world. When big number goes up they just get bailed out and the system keeps going

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Bitcoin is stupid. Bitcoin maximalists are retarded. They say that Bitcoin can adapt but every time they propose bitcoin improvement proposals this chain splits in two. Bitcoin maximalists call BCH shitcoin but what is different in BCH? Block size is 32MB instead of 8MB. If majority of miners whould back 32MB blocksize and 8MB proponents would split current Bitcoin would be called shitcoin by Bitcoin Maximalists.

But what does BTC do? Blockchain is simple: it tracks adresses and what is stored on those adresses. By its decentralized nature its impossibe to be tinkered with. So what does Bitcoin track? How many bitcoins you have. There are litreally houndreds of better tech shitcoins out there. Let alone crypto that is programmable aka smart contracts, or can store files, does NFT or DeFi. Bitcoin is huge all because of brand recognition and hype. Its macdonalds of crypto.

Let me tell you about PoW: its steampower engine. Good for its time but obsolete tech. Even lightning network is essentially PoS but not really. Its like Bitcoiners recognized that PoW is obsolete but were so hung to Satoshi's whitepaper they didnt switch to PoS.

Oh this is another thing to complain: deifiyng Satoshi Nakamoto. Sure Bitcoin whitepaper was brilliant for its time but just cultlike behaviour of BTC maxis is laughable. Its like deifying Wright brothers and refusing to improve on their prototype.

To sum um how retarded BTC Maxis are let me give you final example: In the beginning of BTC development BTC was intedned to become everyday currency. Blockchain enthusiasts were discussing among themselves how small time vendors will begin to accept BTC. There's a problem: BTC cant scale. There isnt enough power in this solar system to power PoW so in can process all transactions on Earth. So what did BTC maxis do when they realized that BTC cant scale? They started calling BTC store of value. Its not a bug its a feature - BTC isnt supposed to scale.

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Technically its reflation

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>So what?
so you want to avoid getting rekt by the chart you just posted
>Retards will still use dollars and faggots will continue to wage slave? What's your point?
wagies will continue wageslaving and lose purchasing power
i will not, cause i hoard btc

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Losing purchasing power isn't the same as hyperinflation
Wagies could keep losing purchasing power for the next 50 years and they'll still be fat as fuck because they'll keep getting more goods.

Face it, the American economy is too fucking stupid to fail

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>shit op
>turn out to be good thread

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>Losing purchasing power isn't the same as hyperinflation
when inflation (real one M2 money stock, not fake CPI) it does a +25% yearly it's not a good sign...

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The real question is whos gonna crack satoshis password first? Seems like he lost it?

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Probably not. But signs aren't consequences.
These slippery fucks will continue pushing the burden further and further until both you and I are dead.
Hence why
>2 more weeks
Is applicable

Think about it like this
If 2008 didn't cause other countries to dump
And chink flu for a year didn't cause other countries to dump
Unless America gets nuked nothing is going to happen

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im working on a quantum GPU that will do this in approx 2 months

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Tell me how I know you're poor

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Why would you buy an expensive phone, being a depreciating asset, when you can buy stocks from the company making them and their subsidiaries and become rich?
You see the iphone, see your friends and every other normies buying them and don't do it ?

2011 phone? Let's say he would've switched in 2013. $1000 then? $7500 now simply never selling.

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Do you mean the quantum computer will be done in 2 months ?

Or when it is completed it will take 2 months of guessing to brute force it?

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butthurt android fag detected. Neurons connect when he hears iPhone.

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>an image on a screen is suppose to prove something
we are not old boomers in our 60s dipshit, we trade highly volatile complex assets for a living, you think you can fool us with that silly image. Shame on you.

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Why the fuck would you buy a “new iPhone”? It’s the exact same shit only 3x the price and slightly larger screen. If the phone works, can make calls and texts, browse the web, and take photos, you don’t need a new phone. Trendhopping faggot.

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nothing wrong with trendhopping as long as you consume stocks and not products

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You are literally retarded.

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faggots and retards have been screaming that bitcoin is going to zero or will be replaced by something 'superior' for 11 years now and not only has it not gone to zero but it's hitting all-time highs like clockwork.

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The nocoiner will lie

The nocoiner will cheat

The nocoiner will use words he doesn't really understand

If he gets desperate enough, he will start to shill or kvetch

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I'm thinking the same

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Tell me straight, is it the moment for me to buy a bit of bitcoins ? will it go up again soon ?

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you probably own an iphone unironically don't you nigger? be honest I won't tell nobody ok?

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>the fate of all nocoiners

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>bitcoin did historically +360% annually.
not after a bullrun, check it's performance after every single bullrun top every single top had more than 80% retrace, if you buy after the retarce then you will be in profit
but advicing newfags to buy now is a fucking malicious

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Uhhh yeah, of course I own an iPhone idiot. It’s the most secure phone on the planet. Do you think I’m going to trust all my crypto to an Android? If it got hacked it would ruin my finances. Think again bud.

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The modern economy is deflationary. Central banks and governments will burn the world to a crisp trying to avoid this reality, for a variety of reasons. They risk hyperinflation in their efforts.

How this all plays out in the short to medium term is the game we're playing with crypto.

Long term, the economics are deflationary however.

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Yes. Buy and HODL for 10 years minimum. Buy the high. Buy the dip. Never sell unless it's to buy an appreciating asset like property or land. Ignore temporary volatility. Number go up over time. Nocoiner tears and seething will be at an ATH by EOY...

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wait and buy back around 10k

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>$1.5m networth
>my phone is redmi I bought year ago from alixpress for $160

glad I invested in crypto instead of buying the latest gayphone

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Not using at least half is stupidity.

You will be unavailable to cash it out anyway.

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This chart gives me a hard on.

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>btc is hope, btc is sound money, btc is sanity in a clown world
sergey is life !

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cute pepe

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according to schizos we've been at the verge of hyperinflation for the last 4 decades

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ITT: seething oldcoiners

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market orders fees killed my small 200 dollars account in bybit

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Is wbtc as safe as btc?

>> No.29898176

renBTC fren

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Technically, it's stagflation.

>> No.29898374

that's worse than buying paper gold

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>> No.29898448

are you me?
>7 figures
>still trying to buy an LG G8x for cheaper than 400 CAD.
>in the meantime still using my LG G6

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isn't that the economists worst nightmare?

>> No.29898533

BTC is exactly what it needs to be, its digital gold, better get used to it

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>Only goal is the greater attainment at wealth in order to pursue the next product as a signal of wealth to others

At what point along a persons journey do they realise how lost they have become?

>> No.29898662

Yeah, bro. Invest in dollars! The strength of the dollar is going to be like when my grandpa was a kid, when he could go out to a restaurant for a quarter and the waiter was OVERJOYED when he tipped them a nickle.

It's going to be like that again and you losers with your crypto bucks are going to be sorry!

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Everybody here bought at 50k or what lmao

>> No.29898840

i'm not even trying to get any new phone until the one I have stops working. I just don't have any reason for this

>> No.29898917

Based. Niggers here making 6 figures and have lower living standards than a mcdonalds wagie

>> No.29898958

seething nocoiner
buy in so I'm not in the last layer of the pyramid scheme you stupid goy

>> No.29898999

First deflation
Then lots of inflation
Be ready for the kangaroo collapse

>> No.29899091

rich people don't look at a 1000 luxury or tool and go "I NEED THAT 1000 DOLLARS IN TESLA!"

>> No.29899211

>>on the verge of hyperinflation
I keep hearing this, but I just can't believe it will happen.

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found a kike. Get him, boys

>> No.29899258

Unironically what do you even really need in life?

I only use my phone to play games anyways

>> No.29899265 [DELETED] 

PolkaFoundry improves DApp functionality and security with:
A secure signing key with an expiry date and limited set of permissions.

Another gem lads


>> No.29899314

Fuck bitcoin the original shitcoin. This ancient coin needs to die so cryptocurrency could prosper. Everything would crash to almost nothing if that ever happens, sure. but it's better than current situation where every single thing in this space are propped and highly inflated by bitcoin price speculators wanting to discover the next bitcoin.
I am also pretty sure there are some kind of marketing campaign being run and funded by btc maxis and btc-made multi-millionaires to force adoption en masse.

>> No.29899339

QE is deflationary it sucks money out of the money supply

>> No.29899348

There is not a single historical example of bitcoin protecting anyone’s purchasing power

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>who fucking cares bro, it still works

>> No.29899587

If hyperinflation was really going to happen (it's not), gold and silver would be much better options

>> No.29899591

ten years ago I bought buy a chicken sandwich at Jack In The Box for 99cents. Now the same chicken sandwich is $1.59. The value of bitcoin has more than doubled since then (UNDER STATEMENT), so I can effectively still buy chicken sandwiches for less than 99cents with how bitcoin has retained my value and then some.

>> No.29899611

>checked alts got red
>ready to buy low
>add more cash
>buy stupid shitcoin
>weep everywhere that he was fucked lol

I can't take this anymore, lil boy look at ENQ, stop going into this trashscheme. Use nodes, mining other features. get earnings with no risk

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>Wants Bitcoin to go to zero so he has no competition for his shitcoin to shine
Lmao have fun staying poor

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>>on the verge of hyperinflation
This is exactly why you sell Bitcoin

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>Bitcoin whitepaper was brilliant for its time
There is nothing the 2009 protocol can't do that any other crypto can do. FACT.

The problem, is BTC is not the 2009 protocol

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>> No.29900241

Are you suggesting that inflation has increased by 60% in ten years, anon?

>> No.29900276


This guy gets it

>> No.29900310

lil girl, stop shilling this trash here
I’m not tard who believes in this trash
I have julswap for juld staking and my wallet makes income

>> No.29900329

no? i have my own calculations and estimates about real inflation being about 100% in 5 year period. bitcoin however did 155240%.
i feel protected.

>> No.29900362


>> No.29900525

he big guy, what with the cursor?

>> No.29900555

Thanks for the thread OP, I'm in the same boat. Bought 11 BTC in May of last year, no other investments.

Bitcoin is an insanely deep topic. Every time I think I've wrapped my mind around it I stumble across something new that was unexpected. I've probably consumed 500-1000 hours of books/podcasts/articles at this point.

Suggested materials:
The bitcoin standard
All podcasts by Preston Pysh
Anything with Michael Saylor
Everything on the Nakamoto Institute
Anything by Lyn Alden
Certain videos by George Gammon to understand how the existing financial system works (eventually replace with the upcoming book The Fiat Standard by Saifedean)
There's a million other podcasts out there too, whatever scratches your curiosity, but the finance/macro ones matter the most IMO.

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Same. He calls us "moron", then demands our money. Wtf?

>> No.29900645

For that graph to be useful you need to look at the effect of missing negative days

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>i have my own calculations and estimates about real inflation being about 100% in 5 year period

>> No.29900654

Bidenbros are doing anything and everything to make sure crypto sinks due to the awful USD

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How much monero do you have? Unknown amount?

>> No.29900959

Bullcoin is still up 40% just MoM.
I am still up 50% and I keep DCA in

>> No.29901362

stop laughing, hes right

>> No.29901499

soooo, do I buy?

>> No.29901531

This actually makes sense

>> No.29901728

5% real inflation is not unreasonable

>> No.29901839

Thats up to you. I wouldnt listen to the dumb-dumbs on this board if I were you, unless you wanna be a shitcoin bagholder

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>> No.29901885

Why do you care about what I do with my money anon? Had I bought when you said so I’d be down $1200

>> No.29901987

Just own Bitcoin and Monero. What more could you possibly need? Maybe some ETH or ALGO if you are feeling naughty

>> No.29902023


>> No.29902029

The printer can't go brrr forever.

>> No.29902072

I DCA into BTC and my 2 alts each pay day, have done for quite some time.
I don't like the general sentiment atm though so have hesitated this month. I will probably buy though anyway as I am in for the long term.

>> No.29902182
File: 110 KB, 598x586, 1613295893413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 0.43 btc
How does it feel knowing YGMI? I'm just content I got some and gonna HODL forever kek.

>> No.29902187

People are still waiting for sub-10k price to get in. Top kek. "but but but CME gap"

>> No.29902219

It's obviously going down. Why buy high when I can take profits now and buy more later?

>> No.29902292

>stil a massively unhappy douche
Checks out

>> No.29902418

Why not?

>> No.29902706
File: 100 KB, 1024x1104, 7ca4ba58ed70f412037f60ee8227f9bf-imagejpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thinks he can swing trade
This is the root cause of the flood of pink wojaks that plague this board. You're not Warren Buffett. You cannot successfully time the market. Every time you sell your BTC, Michael Saylor gets a shit-eating grin, does a fat like of cocaine, buys your bag, and prices you the fuck out.

Stop gambling with your birthright.



>> No.29902737
File: 87 KB, 326x305, 097FA4AA-FF3A-4C9A-9D38-6BF0749C324F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Smart contract platforms (or those that aspire to be one like ada) have a an attack surface that is orders of magnitude larger than bitcoin. Any such platform will be attacked a la the DAO/Ethereum fiasco. Smart contracts and DeFi are at least another decade out from mainstream adoption and the winner will likely be bourn of a newer generation of crypto platforms.

>> No.29902903

>The problem, is BTC is not the 2009 protocol
so you are saying any client released by satoshi in 2009/20010 would sync up with bsv chain?

>> No.29903023

Based Graphposting

>> No.29903159
File: 76 KB, 500x578, 12EE04FB-C3D2-4B2D-9061-99DD7B0BABD6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ngmi. You’ve got to lengthen your time preference to have a chance, not just in crypto/finances but in life

>> No.29903557

Nice. In ten or twenty years even 1 BTC will be enough to retire on, I imagine the network will grow by around 100x in real terms (much higher nominally).

I consider myself lucky that I stumbled on the right resources at the right time. But once I understood it, there was no more luck involved. It's funny, I've told all my close friends and family about it and not one of them has bought.

Btw that fucking picture cracks me up every time.

>> No.29903687
File: 199 KB, 1080x1328, F8DA6D34-11C7-42F8-A3D6-47490940E39B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noice digits bub. Holding onto a few of my coins from 2014. I’m back on the podcast grind, steeling my resolve for the coming attacks from nation state actors.

Stay stackin friend

>> No.29903876

Hi mike

>> No.29904022

Tether 13% backed. Without tether bitcoin would be at 1000 at best today. Cope

>> No.29904143

>thinks fiat is worthless
At least try to sound less desperate. If fiat is so worthless why do you wage slave for it? Fucking go kill yourself shill, the scam is over. Cry harder

>> No.29904147

>when it hits 25k
So never?

>> No.29904203

Lol. Stay mad shitcoiner

>> No.29904210

kys you faggot zoomer.

>> No.29904250

dude, btc is in free fall

>> No.29904338

>panic sell bitcoin at an 84% loss
>fomo back in when bitcoin has gained 840% purchase power
>rinse and repeat

>> No.29904392
File: 351 KB, 800x538, 800px-Alert[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice larp faggot

>> No.29904482
File: 524 KB, 611x1013, 1614273786574.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We are on the verge of deflation.

>> No.29904521
File: 111 KB, 568x305, 473A5CEF-5BF5-4098-8D55-5001B542511C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29904633


>> No.29904661
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>> No.29904681

So it all comes back to stacking sats and letting the competition fight over which DeFi platform is best. Sounds good to me, I might throw some spare change in Monero just in case our government goes Full Omega Retard 9000 lmao.

Why is btc maximalism so /comfy/ bros?

>> No.29904979

Impressive, it usually takes more timeffor people to learn about it.

I would recommend that you see Andreas antonopolous last video of "the ships are sinking"

>> No.29905330
File: 170 KB, 360x346, 1614352957453.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy mother of based

>> No.29905437

>trying to time the market and failing loses you money
Yea no shit sherlock

>> No.29905465

not buying your bags cause you didnt sell the top lmao

>> No.29906073
File: 546 KB, 700x525, 1613091066606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

those digits

>> No.29906533

we've been on the verge of deflation for 12 years now.
The only stopping a complete deflationary spiral has been the Fed and continous amounts of BRRRT.

But retards here keep spouting about muh hyperinflation like the smoothbrains they are

>> No.29906604