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please don't tell me there was a smart contract hack

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>he fell for scamcor

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>He didn't buy at $1
Babies first -20% loss?

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No. I’m usually not that retarded but fell for biz FOMO and bought around 5.30 after a dip. It kept dipping. I’m thinking we’re gonna bear for weeks before another run, probably going ro sell

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It's pretty much crabbing in sats... What are you complaining about? It's a bear market.

I sold the BNT pump but c'mon

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Why aren't you staking?

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because its not worth it with my poorfag 400 stack. i thought this would go on a AAVE level run

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I'm up 174% this month
Based bancies

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>losing money on free money
no possible way you're really this retarded

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bought at 2, never selling

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Just stake it you baby

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Nigga I’m staking 450 and making like $1.50 a day.

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it isnt worth it lmao. 100% in a year?

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I've been buying in increments all the way from 2.30 to 6.40 lol it literally doesn't matter, enjoy the discount and start staking

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why would i stake for 2 dollars a day

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That's free coffee for life, what the hell is wrong with that?

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why is it a bad idea to trade my vBNT for stable coins and stake with them?

When i want to remove by BNT stakes just sell my stables back for vBNT?

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wow only doubling my investment (apart from appreciation) in a year, that's fucking awful

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If BNT moons you'll have to buy more stables to get vBNT to get it out. You're essentially short BNT if you do that.

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So you don't think we are going back to $2 then?

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No idea, but you asked why it could be a bad idea. If you believe we're headed to $2 there's nothing wrong with it.

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Am i missing out by not touching my vBNT?

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This is why i like bancor. No shilling. or excellent shilling.

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You're missing out on potential profit and also potential risk. vBNT can basically be used to take out an Aave style loan against your BNT. Loans can be quite good or quite bad.
My ideal setup, personally, is to trade vBNT for more BNT, and double stake it. However the vBNT/BNT swap rate isn't great so until it starts burning I'm just holding.

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Hopefully VBNT pool opens up more because i’m a dumbass and don’t know what to do with it.

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>why would i get 2 dollars a day when i can get 0

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Doing nothing is not that bad, it's the lowest risk option.

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More like
>2 dollars a day! What the catch?
>oh no catch sir, I will just be needing you to send me thousands of dollars on bnt first and locking them up for months

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>any form of investment

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>all the retarded fomo swingies that bought a couple weeks ago after it had pumped 3x and now are mad that it's dropped a bit during a big btc dip
>selling low
>selling when bnt has held strong and only reason for dip is btc
>not realising as soon as btc recovers we are hitting $10 in no time
absolutely plebian

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im in same boat. prob not worth swapping into another token right now.

ive never seen the vBNT with any space. and i check regularly

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This describes any investment, really. It all has risk. The timelock isn't even required, just prevents IL.
You'd be hard pressed to find an asset from classical finance that returns even a quarter of the yield that you'd get here, so the return you're complaining about is quite good, anyone would agree. Just a matter of whether you're willing to hold BNT.

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fuck this were heading to 2

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I bought at $1. Do I sell and move on now that I have made a comfy stack or hold for a little longer?

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Never gonna make it with an attitude like that

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how sure are you?

swap your vBNT for stable coins.

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fortunately, I don't need to, I'm already there.

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Maybe yeah. Why did you buy it, cos you thought it’d go up in a perfectly straight line?

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He doesn't even stake

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wont the need for this be obviated by ETH post-optimism

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How would that even happen?

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lol, bancor is a DEX anon
i genuinely cannot wait to see you in this thread again in 2 weeks

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Stake your rewards after a couple of years and you’ll be making $4 a day.

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>lol, bancor is a DEX anon
yeah, but for most people uniswap (which is also a DEX) is fine, an ETH will have lower gas fees starting in march

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What's the chance that this will actually keep on giving rewards? Compounding passive income gives me a rock hard boner even if it's kind of low, but not if it could just stop

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Uniswap sucks

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bancor will also have lower gas fees via arbitrum, probably sooner than uni as it's already running on testnet just waiting for arbitrum launch. if gas fees are the same for both, then they are a non-factor in discussing the comparative merits of eg bancor and uniswap, so i don't really understand your point anon.

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There’s rewards for the next year

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also discussion on extending current rewards in the main pools.

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I understand buying at an ash and watching it go down for a few weeks is stressful, but I bought bnt because staking and high rewards actually protect us pretty well from the fluctuations. When the bull market resumes we’ll be incredibly well set by holding this.

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Do you know which are the main pools?

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Almost like btc took a shit and 75% of alts are down even more. I bought at 2$ so I am still very comfy staking. Price will go up after btc corrects

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LINK, wBTC, stables etc .

Nothing confirmed yet. Check the gov section

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you realise this was doing extremley well price wise, constantly setting new highs and bla bla every other day till btc dumped? just wait for btc to stop being bearish and bnt will get back to that.

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lost all my money yesterday trading bitcoin on bybit fuck crypto fuck you fucking scammers it was my fucking first day as a trader and i lost if fucking all

i hope that the faggots that shorted bitcoin yesterday choke on their own fucking blood

pieces of shit never touching scamcrypto again

probably will do stocks or forex fuck this shit and if you dont agree go and suck a donkey cock and burn in hell

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This, if you look at BNT/BTC it's just crabbing at the moment.

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this is making me so bullish for bnt

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Hey guys this system only works because of rewards that are going away at some point and requires constant new investment to maintain any value at all. I know a lot of people think this project is new but it's years old. It's normal price is 20 cents.

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thanks, bought more.

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fuck off chink. you're not gonna fud this glorious white jew coin

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Should have bought at 20 cents. Now you're gonna hold those bags all year. Cut your losses now and wait for Jigstack or you are not going to make it.

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>microsoft of defi

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you should be making close to double that, 4x when you hit your max multiplier. what pool did you go with?

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Lmao eat a dick double digit IQ nigger

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Bnt and Eth

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i literally only have 180 bnt, but I'm thinking about staking link? opinions?

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well you will pay like $200 in gas fees just to stake, and best case scenario you double your stack in a year

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>Why yes, I did notice total staked BNT is over 60% and I am indeed aware that this will make us rocket to the top 50 the very moment the market loses its bearish sentiment, how could you tell?

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even though gwei is only ~85 right now?

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I’m 2 weeks into Staking ~2k BNT. Have 56 BNT in rewards.

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The arbitrum update is probably only a few weeks away if you can wait? Cuts fees 50x

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I’m 1 week in with about 1k staked, just 10 bnt in rewards. Assume because the multiplier won’t have kicked in for me yet?

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Stay poor

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true I guess I'll wait for that, in the meantime gonna use my wagie paycheck to acoomulate some more

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Just relax in the pool, it'll kick in soon enough and you'll be counting stacks.

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bought at 6.2 so might as well crash with the ship
I'm holding boys

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Multiplier is applied once you withdraw or stake your rewards. So the number you are seeing is without it.

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This is not true. Multiplier will apply to your displayed rewards every 7 day period, until it hits max of 2x.

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