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I don’t get why we hate Indians anymore. I mean designated shitting streets were all fun in 2015 but nowadays it’s like clinging to a dead meme.

Besides the vast majority of scammers that aren’t call center workers, are chinks, slavs and even amerimutts.
So this pajeet hate seems like it’s just a rent free obsession over a people I’ve personally had great experience with

>inb4 t. pajeet

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Ok, Rajesh

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>designated shitting street
Those were great times

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Yeah right, like street shitters will go out of fashion, have you seen indian tik tok?

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No one cares about Indians. It's just fun to make fund of them. We all understand who the (((real))) enemies are.

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Apologize, racists.

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I find some of them funny

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indians are based

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t. pajeet

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holy shit kek

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If they’ve stop shitting in the streets and rivers and bathing in their shit rivers, we can be nice again.

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Indian tiktok is better than any other country’s tiktok

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Pajeets are better than china. But know this jeet if you want to live in America youre lower caste to our whites and blacks

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sir do your needful thank you

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Not sure if OP is a Pajeet or Pajeet wannabe, either way, cringe as'f.

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Almost all Indians have access to toilets nowadays so street shitting is dead except for in outlier cases of course

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Yeah, okay Pajeet.

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no u

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It’s annoying. A bunch of nu-jeets screaming in their high pitch voices.

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I hate them. They're dirty, smell terrible, have no hygiene, are black, have feminine voices and always act like faggots. Like, you can tell they're dirty fucks with probably some extremely disgusting fetishes and depraved minds, that has to be true considering their disgusting appearance and behaviour. They live in terrible conditions, shit in beaches and streets, eat unsanitary food that looks like sewer water from the same streets they shit on. Let's also not forget how many Indians live by stealing money from the elderly of rich, white countries, and flex their shit stained rupees attached to their brown, horrid skin. Hating Indians is a must

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Based and factual, they're fucking disgusting creeps

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pajeets are pretty cringe but im not threatened by them so idrc
>t. white man

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I love the little brown bastards. They're the hardest working scammers on the internet, and you gotta love the hustle.

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>t. shitskin feces-stinking jeet

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from what I've noticed, most scammers are lower class crabs in a bucket type white people. pajeets are annoying but not much more than that

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This thread smells of curry and shit

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My government is hellbent on turning my country into india

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Ive seen too many indian scammers to undo the stereotype so everytime is notice a scammer here i asumme theyre indian

Sorry Rahul :)

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Go to a place like Thailand and see how disgusting they are. I swear if you are EVER talking to a female there you can literally out of the blue so how shit Indians are they will always agree with you. Honestly it is probably the most stimulating conversation you can have with a Thai woman

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Having access as opposed to actually using them.
Nice info graphic, though

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Look at this shit

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Sorry kabir.

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Nope. Just your standard new England white trash here.

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You're brown

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indians are dirty filth until they become second generation half casts...and even then they are still a minority.

nice try pajoot pajeet walawaladingdong

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This. Not hating these nauseating is not normal, they are sickening in every way. I'd kill myself if I was born in some shit country like India or Bangladesh, they're the closest "humans" to animals. Fucking burping, shitting and spitting pajeets

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Pajeet scams are still real so still funny. + You are a new fag. Pajeet meme was late 2016.
So go wash yourself in shits creek/cemetary river and try again.

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Nice way of generalizing my wytoid fren

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I think of myself as more of an olive complexion. I do get asked occasionally if I speak Spanish, or chicks will just start talking to me in Spanish (I ain't even mad), but I'm like polish or some stupid thing. I think my grandmother probably had a Mexican fuck boy or something.
Who cares? I have an awesome dick and a delegating stack of grt; you're on a jeet board complaining about jeets.

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Those are gutters, every country with frequent flooding got those

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Is it actually a jeet board though? These threads from seething Indians are rare and this board always shits on them

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If you're participating in a thread about anything that doesn't price out the third world with gas prices, y'all niggas posting in a jeet thread.

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They are literally all scamers. Every phone call I ever get is a pajeet calling, asking for personal info. Online, they try to take my btc. Not racist just dont like em.

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Indians are based. I like them.
I dislike scammers though and if you're Indian and a scammer I don't like you.

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It’s kinda ironic because you used to find alot of corpses along the Yellow River in the past too
Thing is that this was from 2008, at that point around a third of the country lived under $1 a day. Third world shitholes change fast these times

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I highly doubt you get much calls from India other than call center scammers, and thirsty bobs if you are a girl

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its easy to HATE
its difficult to LOVE
especially if you are a NATTY KING
cant stop for HATERS

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Agreed. They don't even like masks.

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nice try pajeet ranjeet

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More pajeet humor please

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>I mean designated shitting streets were all fun

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Pajeets are objectively worse than niggers or jews. A literal bottom of human race

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Seethe harder cumskin

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just an FYI the reason this street shitter is saying this is because 99% of them hate the chinks and they want there shitholer street shitting country to get manufacturing jobs

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I hate indians on a personal irrational level

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India is only good for some of their women and curry; that's over a billion people going to waste.

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Cant debate any of this

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Post hand with timestamp, anon.

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>tries to rationalize pulling your pants down in public, squatting on the walk way, and pooping in front of everyone, literally shitting on your community when bathrooms not only exist, you will be paid to use them
You're Indian, there's no other people on the planet with internet access that would justify this

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>over a billion people
>still not enough time or people to build a working toiletry system
>country is most known for attempting to scam call old people in other countries

What happened to the Sanscritt and Vishnu days, India? wtf

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We hate indians because they are true wagies.
They won't even breed outside their designated caste.
You're country is scummy and still has polio.
Sort you're shit pajeets, we need you on our side.

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>Trusting a pedo muzzles account of pre-islam pakistan.

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When /biz/ laughs at your shitcoin purchase and then it 10x

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Now also read the Arab accounts of vikings LMAO

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Watch White Tiger and it makes more sense

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That recurring facial expression is some of the most autistic and yet based shit I’ve ever seen

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Please send them. I'd be fascinated to read it. I love ancient accounts of societies different to the writers.
>pic-related on niggers

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>prostate cancer is better than testicular cancer

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Where’s the lie

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they smell bad and are notoriously rude

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If you think white people don't like you, just wait until you hear what chinese, black people and muslims think about you.

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stfu you fucking pajeet, go shill some ADA so i can start recovering again

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They are shitty in every aspect. They are shit incarnate.

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thay hat us becauze thay ant us sir

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My first gf was Indian. I wish I had an Indian gf they’re like a Jewish gf and black gf put together

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Sure thing pajeet

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at least they aren't mudslimes unlike pakis who abandoned their indo-european heritage, literature and history for kebabs

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Why not hate them all equally

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He's coping, must hurt to know you're a mucky animal

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t pajeet