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why do we lose everything being born in the usa? eurofags talk shit about us like we like living in this fucking third world hellhole

>cant do shit like lending and margin to make extra money
>the jews are steady banning every exchange they cant monitor and control and rape you
>cant use binance
>fucking get taxed just for tethering
>everything is a fucking nightmare and you have to fill out 90 pages of taxes for every transaction you make


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USA only exists to be a cattle farm for jews

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I thought that the overall taxes you have to pay are similar to Europe, just that the paperwork is a million times higher as you need to document every fucking trade

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I'm leaving europe because our wages are to low. I kneel as a join the labour force of the US

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>chances of being born in USA ≈ 4%
>chances of being born in EU ≈ 5.7%
Your luck fucked you

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its 800 a month for health insurance

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just go to Canada u fuckig retard fuck

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Wish I was American, drive around in a big ass Truck, rolling coal on pedestrians and cyclist.
Not having to pump my own gas.
Gas being cheap af.

>>cant do shit like lending and margin to make extra money
Margin up to 5x (soon 10x), also for murricans

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eurofags hate you because of leftist myths
>muh crime (sweden and UK has the same amount)
>muh poverty and homeless people (sweden and germany have the same amount)

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Go back Karl Marx it's like 300usd I think

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But it is a third world country anon, sorry but it's true

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>can't earn 6 figures, everything tops out under 100k eurodollars
>pay over 50% taxes
>everything costs att least 1.5x as much as in the US
>can't live and work in the us

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This. It's not even a real country it's more like a containment zone for international breeding stock.

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Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

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my dads is 800 bucks and his job pays half of it. so unless youre rich you basically get raped by it by not being a wagecuck. it forces you into wagecucking every way possible

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That's why I married a flip that owns property in flipland this time. I'm outta here. The jews can have the USSA.

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You are not supposed to get rich. Social mobility is very low in the US. Every governmental institution is there to make rich richer and keep poor poor. They even tell you its for your best, to protect you.

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Nanny state that exists for the sole purpose of extracting wealth from the ̶s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶s̶ citizens.
They don't want you gain wealth through financial markets. They want you to pay social security and depend on them for retirement.
They don't want you to stop working. They want you to slave for shekels and pay your pound of flesh.
Ever seen a company that does nothing and dilutes the shareholders down to zero? Yup. That's USA now.

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cope and gigaseethe
everywhere in the EU is cheaper unless you live in some LGBTworldhub like London or Sweden

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yeah i guess some places in europe suck. paying health insurance is still better than 50% taxes

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>We just voted to give ourselves a raise for doing such a great job! And we will NOT take it from your taxes... this year :^)

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The US and Europe both are sinking ships

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whats the explanation for the source of 'other revenue' during the 1920s-1930s?

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After Biden got "elected" it was over. The American dream is dead, only socialism remains

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so it's 400usd. In Finland if you make like 5k+ a month, the amount you pay in taxes to healthcare equals to about 800usd a month so I don't see any difference there

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Of course poorfags making sub 4-5k a month would do better in Europe but isn't the goal for everyone to get at the higher income level and European countries are making it hard to achieve with 60% marginal taxes

Neither is perfect but both continents have their own problems

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Not true really. Yes in the second world post soviet countries it's a lot cheaper but also the salaries are equally lower.. In Finland the top salaries are below 100k a year but still the COL is Us level or higher

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>can't trade margin
yes you can
>banning every exchange
use a vpn
>cant use binance
use a vpn
>get taxed for tethering
don't tether
>fill out 90 pages of taxes
hire a cpa, if you're too poor then that's too bad.

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Keep blaming the jews when in reality we all know its the eternal anglo protestant cock sucker. The US is essentially a prison island but it's a long play.
I feel for Murikeks

I dont pay any tax on Crypto holdings. Lmao

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>proving him right in everything but then blaming him for *not pulling himself up his bootstraps*
hehe, it's """free""" market oligarchy, nothin personnel kid

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>>chances of being born in USA ≈ 4%
>>chances of being born in EU ≈ 5.7%
wtf kind of numbers are these

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Eh, you could always just move country.
Oh wait, you still have to keep paying taxes unless you renounce your citizenship AHAHAA

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>we all know its the eternal anglo protestant cock sucker.

High IQ post right here.
Watch as all Anglo countries will go full NWO, while other countries retain some level of sanity.

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Land of the free™

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have a hug, fren
>t. Euro

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Unironically, Scotland and Ireland are somewhat sane because theyre not anglos but celts. Anglo-Saxons never fit in to any society and so they left Northern Germany 2000 years ago.
Anglos are fucking cancer.

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>1776 digits
kek blesses

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making like 60-100k in finland before taxes you have to have a top education and live in helsinki which is super expensive unless you want a commieblock shithole apartment

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The thing is that if youre getting paid in USD you are only getting paid in hidden inflation. Eventually inflation will come back to the US. currency wars are beginning to become hotter.

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Holographic first-edition RARE digits. Checked for posterity.

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From what I hear literally all taxes in the US require fucktons of paperwork whereas here in the UK the taxes are just deducted automatically with a few exceptions. From what I remember it's cus of the lobbying from tax industries you guys have, so the people who you pay to sort out your taxes for you bribe the government to ensure they keep your shit outdated system lmao.

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Explanation is - none of your business, go back to work.

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1776 digits confirm, Norman blood here and all Anglo-Saxons are fucking trogs.

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>I dont pay any tax on Crypto holdings. Lmao

German cuck am I right?

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what? dude, you don't know what you're talking about. Sure, electronics are more expensive, but food is waaay cheaper, esp where I live. And housing is also cheap

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Its profitable for the government to keep tax forms extremely complex so that the proles don't get anything back and the rich people just hire CPAs.
In Germany our tax is automatically deducted and I just use an app to get my money back. Literally done in 20 minutes.

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Hoard enough cash/coins then move to some SEA shitholes.

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Food in Europe is generally speaking very cheap and has extremely high quality when compared to the US. Organic food is affordable, non organic isnt bathed in toxic monsanto sludge.

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>be "capitalist"
>pay more in crypto taxes than euros with free healthcare and education
fuck this place seriously

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Hebrew lies from a plastic paddy hand

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Could be worse. You could have been born in the UK, combining the worst of the US with the worst of Europe. And soon to introduce the worst aspects of East/SE Asia.
>high taxes and regulation
>low salaries
>incredibly expensive
>lots of crime and enrichment
And most serious of all our problems
>nowhere to escape to

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This. And you can lay on your ass and get paid 500€/month wellfare ON TOP of your rent, water, electricity, medicine etc. fixed costs. Easily can invest 200-300€ a month in crypto without being a wagie cagie.

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Keep coping protty a*glo.
Canaanites ≠ modern day jews. Your mud dwelling ancestors sacrificed virgin girls and buried them in bogs in southern england. It fits you too, seeing how you sacrifice your virgins to niggers nowadays.

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people that talk shit to you usually live in shitholes were "making it" means having a 1000$ monthly wage

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USA is a fucking shithole dude. wake up

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I make the equivalent of 3300 USD and I can invest 2000 of that.

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Wages are much lower in europe and people have much less disposable income.

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why is it bad if $1000 is enough to live comfortably?
I spend about as much and get 1gbps fiber internet, 90 sq metres apartment, normal food, clothes, use bolt to drive everywhere in the city (it costs about $5 to drive from one side to the other). I order things online on friday morning and they arrive saturday afternoon to a box 100m from where I live, I can come whenever I want and open it with a smartphone app. Streets are clean and safe, everyone is white. There's every possible food type available on delivery.
What's missing compared to an American city?

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Ever since I for the first time saw the Johnny English movie where they wanted to turn the UK into a country wide prison, I've been wondering if that's what they're trying to do here, starve the market, import crime until you can't tell the difference anymore, then establish a wall around it and allow everyone to just dump the criminals there, for a fee of course.
Aus 2.0 if you will and the starvation of the market is to see who crashes first and then that'll be the prison, kinda like Russian roulette right now

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>Margin up to 5x (soon 10x), also for murricans
We don't want metrosexuals here

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Must confirm.
I work in an Austrian office of a silicon valley company and we are considered "cheap labour", which feels extremely weird to me since I don't think any city is better than Vienna, anywhere.
But then again it's indeed true that nobody who doesn't alreay have 200k will ever "make" 200k by working, unless you have a truly expanding business (e.g. opening a restaurant will not cut it unless you can make 5 restaurants out of it in 10 years)
At the same time - and you might call it German type brainwashing and /biz/ inevitably will - there is also no point in making money if you don't spend your life nicely because of that effort. Most people are "content" with finding a job their like and acquiring enough to guarantee a comfy life for their senpai. I say "content" because I actually don't think that doing anything else is making ones life anything better. Pathological greed is what Americans lament but also embody

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4chan always told me to just be myself

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Yeah and 100k after taxes is literally 50k and then you have Value added tax rate at 24%. Yeah education is free but what's the point if a tradesman in the US makes a bigger net pay than a masters of finance at a big bank in Finland?

also in Helsinki almost every apartments are in block of flats. If you want a house you gotta go to the suburbs or countryside. The average 300 square feet studio in Helsinki costs over $300k.

But yeah 100k salary here is like top 3% salary maybe, it's very rare even with the best degree the top 10% might achieve it.

>The thing is that if youre getting paid in USD you are only getting paid in hidden inflation. Eventually inflation will come back to the US. currency wars are beginning to become hotter.

Euro does not differ from usd in any way. It's practically pegged to usd and both of them are as BS

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Do Americans even have the binance credit card?

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>Euro does not differ from usd in any way. It's practically pegged to usd and both of them are as BS

Not quite. Americans intentionally inflate their currency, because the rest of the world is holding it to buy stuff like oil and natural gas.

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i dont live in helsinki and have had 3 different jobs where i could make +5k month with 0 education required. only idiots go clean up toilets in finland since we have immigrants for that.

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>eurofags talk shit about us like we like living in this fucking third world hellhole

You are.

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This is the prime example why anglo fags must all die.
They're either jew shills or jew themselves. Jews can do no wrong, they're oppressed and they would kill you again if you were to stand up to the kikes, like in WW2.

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they are thralls and jews are literal demons on this Earth

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Stop falling for retarded internet propaganda. Muricans are poor as fuck and the biggest slaves out there. It's a country made for niggers and kikes.

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Lmao I pay 120$ every month in central Europe, wtf r u talking about?

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I've got an HSA.

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Western fags are already dead, they just don't know it yet.

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>tfw australian

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>scotland, most cucked country in the UK
fucking retarded burgers

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yeah and ECB inflates as well because otherwise you could not afford our exports

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go compare ecb balance sheet and fed balance sheet it's identical. Actually ecb is worse compared to GDP because european GDP is pathetic compared to the US

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Most Amerimutts pretend they like to live in that shithole of a country filled with nigs, trannies and absolute degeneracy, that's why we europeans make fun of you

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>everything is a fucking nightmare and you have to fill out 90 pages of taxes for every transaction you make
t-this isnt real iis it a-anon?

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>You could have been born in the UK, combining the worst of the US with the worst of Europe.
Came here to post this.
>And soon to introduce the worst aspects of East/SE Asia.
Insightful, hadn't thought of this.

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people are so fucking castrated that they "raided" (were allowed into) the capitol building and they DIDNT KILL ANY SENATORS AND THE POWERS AT BE KNEW THAT

>> No.29895573

thought similar

>> No.29895577

AХAХAХAХAХAХХAAA, go suck a dick amerimutt, you will always be a colony

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Israel needs those hundreds of billions per year in subsidies and "deals", goyim. The orion protocol terminal is launching soon and you'll be able to trade anything anywhere.

>> No.29895636

you neee to KYC on chinance, goodluck doing that with a mutt passport

>> No.29895663

Sweden and germany are africa tier too

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Yeah I can't stomach American food.
American milk is all kinds of fucked

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>>fucking get taxed just for tethering
>>everything is a fucking nightmare and you have to fill out 90 pages of taxes for every transaction you make
Puts on eurovision goggles - everything looks exactly the same t. europoor

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But in Finland you won't pay anymore no matter what treatments you need. In the US that $400 won't cover everything and if you do get sick then it goes up or you have to pay extra to get something "off plan". Even calling an ambulance costs a huge sums.

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>HELLO, 911?

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Scotland is not sane. The SNP is a huge nanny state entity that only thrives on hatred of the English and Conservatives.

>> No.29896150

Oh shit I think you might actually be right

>> No.29896153

I was born in UK and can't really argue. Though looking at most brits its hard to say they don't deserve it. A huge swathe of society contribute nothing to the system.

>> No.29896223

actually you have it better bc your food is better, your education is probably better, youre prob actually born into a culture/tradition, your internet is faster, apartment bigger than what you can get for the same price in US

the US fucking sucks

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>Yes it's the Anglos, good goys.

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>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you must make 100k and go bankrupt once you get common cold!
Eastern Europe is comfy, amerisharts don't know what they're missing, fellow Litbro here.

>> No.29896485

Honestly UK and Australia are easily worse than USA. We are so unbelievably cucked. I fucking hate this shothole, stacking Sats to escape is literally the most feasible way to escape this he’ll hole - Melbourne

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>he thinks america is fucked and europe is fine
It's the whole west going down

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Probably getting paid for all the weapons they sold to Europe during ww1

>> No.29896787

Ever lived in the US? Underfunded, understaffed police with Zimbabwe levels of corruption, judges literally selling random citizens to prison farms, public infrastructure is almost non-existent - everything has to be paid for, public culture is limited to retarded church shit, corporate consumerist money traps and maybe a couple vanity projects by your local oligarchs' princess Vagina III.

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I would unironically do anything to just be born with an American citizenship. Me and millions of other people who weren't lucky enough to be born in the US or Europe.

Think about this statement long and hard.

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Just stay healthy then

>> No.29897022

>You were founded by jews and masonic garbage.
>You have been acting cocky as a nation for the last century.
>You have asumed the role of judge and executor by your own while messing around the world.
>You are selling the leyend that you defeat Nazis alone when USA actualy get into Europe when shit was barely done.
>You support fucking jews.
>You must pay for your own healthcare
> But instead of that, you buy guns because you are afraid of niggers, sandniggers, pajeets and wetbacks who emigrates you USA because you messed up their shithole.
Then, you use those guns to kill your own people.
>Your economic elites have been selling your low and mid class wealth to chinks and pajeets.
>You don't understand why Europoors laught at you...

U R doin well.

>> No.29897031

Nazi gold, historical works, etc.
They smuggled a shit ton out when they were braindraining after the war.
Also booze money.

>> No.29897089

Imagine thinking anyone in America is actually doing this. Suck my cock irs.

>> No.29897093

I love the ideals that formed the US with all my heart. I wish I could go live there instead of the cucked European shithole I'm currently in.

>> No.29897136

Maybe if you’re a nigger. Cops in my 90% white city will pull you over for speeding 3 mph over the limit, or if you are a nigger.

>> No.29897175

$800 if you're older but not old enough for medicare (which is like $150). I'm 43, healthy and pay $380 with a $5k yearly deductable.

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How does the gobberment make money off social security?

>> No.29897293

Are you retarded? The second world war took place during the 1940s as far as America goes. Your theory is a crock od shit

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i was mindblown when i realized you can't online gamble or properly sportsbet in the USA
you have to buy "stocks" in games and have limits on your bets and stuff

>> No.29897393

Dude you have no idea how bad it is. The middle working class have to pay like $600 monthly for Healthcare for the shittiest plan possible where you're still only about 50% covered. And this is when most Americans literally can't even afford a car and have less than $1000 in life savings.

The financial situation of the US is absolutely pathetic. A continental penal colony. They made class mobility absolutely impossible here.

>> No.29897412

you will you fag. Even if you have a flu or something and you go ask for a medicine you have to pay like 50-100€ for the doctor.

And also the public healthcare is only to those who can't afford the private sector. The government demands that every private company has to pay for a private healthcare insurance (which will be taken from your salary) so once you get a job in Finland you literally live just like an american, except you have to pay taxes on the public healthcare which you don't use.

>> No.29897479

I don't believe it costs $600 a month
How do you live with such a cost? The latest volkswagen car costs $600 a month
Mortgage on an amazing property costs $600 a month how can health care cost that much? I don't believe poor middle class people there pay that much for healthcare

>> No.29897576

that does not sound bad at all. Is the insurance more expensive if you have lower income/more risk for the company?

>> No.29897577

Yeah, i just woke up.
It'll be prohibition money then.

>> No.29897946

No. Insurance gets cheaper the less you make at a company and more expensive the more you make, to a limit on both sides. The only thing that raises your premium is being a smoker. You could of course lie about that.

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mfw most europeans still dream about living in the usa

>> No.29898108

Sounds awful. In Australia my taxes take like an hour to do and I make hundreds of trades a year.

>> No.29898127

Tell more pls, I too want to make this kind of move

>> No.29898184

>Live in America
>Young, healthy and drive safely
>Don't buy health insurance and save money

How based is this?

>> No.29898226

You are a pampered bitch who does not know real hardship. Suck it the fuck up, faggot.

Only because you're not feeding literally two-fifths of the human population. Where do you retards think all that food aid the UN passes out like candy comes from? It certainly isn't coming from Denmark, that's for sure, and the government tells us what to plant anyways to keep this neverending conveyor belt of gibs rolling.

Biden is cutting ag bucks, though. This directly affects you if you're not a vegetarian because you import feed from us, we sell it to you at a higher margin because you're autistic and want "organic" field corn for your "organic" animals and you will pay for it. Expect the price to rise more than it already has and enjoy your migrant horde when we can't afford to keep feeding Sub-Saharan Africa. They sure as shit aren't swimming the Atlantic.

>> No.29898349

Well can you blame them, lad

>> No.29898511

It's a good reminder anon, gratitude and perspective are everything in life. To paraphrase Creed from The Office, if you're born in the first-world you've already won the lottery.

>> No.29898575

Fuck off back to pleddit you nigger loving, office quoting, cocksucking kike faggot.

>> No.29898641

I'd rather be born white in a thrid world country than brown but in a first world country. Migration is always possible but genetics are immutable.

>> No.29898652

like some outsider nigger jew can speak of hardship. fuck off

>> No.29898704

>he sold


>> No.29898841

You put Biden in

>> No.29898995

>outsider nigger jew
German, Icelandic, Dutch and the first ancestor of mine who arrived in the USA fought in 1812 so blow it out your ass. I'm right and there isn't shit you can do about it.

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File: 113 KB, 1039x813, 1611320235713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao. You really believe that the US is keeping the third worlders alive out of the goodness of their hearts? The US actively destroys third world economies by offloading their Tax payer funded, deficit increasing agricultural monsanto glob that big government and the corporate oligoi have enforced upon the American people because corn and wheat is funded via subsidies and makes big agriculture and big pharma more revenue which can then be taxed. The US is running a ponzi scheme and the only way to keep it up us by exploiting third world resources, 2nd worls manufacturing and the petro dollar standard (everyone who wants to abandon it gets killed). The US kills and festers on mankind. Its the worst collusion of government bureaucracy and private corporations that ever ruled the earth, and the sigh of relief at the inevitable end to this hegemony will be audible around the globe.
Fuck off you globohomo scumbag.

>> No.29899116

Doesnt make sense either, jesus christ, are you an imbecile? Official state revenues never include some kind of pseudo-legal under the counter bullshit.
Think again, or better yet, dont.

>> No.29899234

Stopped reading after the first sentence. I never said shit about "the goodness of our hearts" so go piss up a rope, Nigel. We're doing it to maintain stability and for strategic reasons which is why all those NGOs who bitch about starving mudskins flipped shit when Trump talked about leaving NATO. We have zero reason to feed Africa if we're not joined to you retards at the hip.

>> No.29899274

its a bad place ran by horrible jews

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Lol OP. Meanwhile eurocucks getting hunted down like wild animals for not wearing their nozzle.


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>> No.29899355

i love the USA, but it's overpriced. problem is other places you will never be one of them. forced to be a dumb-shit burger.

i'm hoping the Jigstack launch will let me escape more often.

>> No.29899421 [DELETED] 

PolkaFoundry is a one-stop DApp factory solving the Polkadot UX issues while optimizing DApp performance on Polkadot by:
• Maximizing the scalability and interoperability of Polkadot
• Facilitating transaction with seamless UX for DeFi DApps on Polkadot
• Integrating with existing projects building utility products on Polkadot

Check this out lads


>> No.29899555

You should have read you fucking retarded mongoloid faggot, at least then your american brainfog addled brain or whatever is left of it, could be somewhat exposed to actual truths instead of your feel good party propaganda.
The "third world" is actively crippled by US interests and the food you so gracefully offload onto the people does nothing to ease their burdens. It does not make up for all the natural resources the US military complex and the cleptocrats in the Mining Business steal from the people. It does not lessen their dependance on the handouts that you force onto these people so that they do not oppose US theft. You fucking cocksucking nigger loving US swine are amongst the lowest of the low. But keep whining about Trumpy dumpy, surely that buffoon had it in him to overthrow the corruption and the ineptitude of the US government.

>> No.29899620

Checked, disregarded. Blow it out your ass.

>> No.29899718

Look at this nigger

>> No.29899765

Keep huffing your own farts you ignorant retarded goy cattle. I hope your schizo paranoia is actually true, I hope the jews have a field day with the US shitizenry.
No arguments, no knowledge, no insights, just blabbering and flabbering and Fox news crap. The fact that you idiots feel like that gives you any validity is beyond me.

>> No.29899775

Ez I don't have health insurance

>> No.29899808

My ancestors are English, so I think I'm still relatively better off being here in the land of the fee.

>> No.29899848

>born brazilian
please end my life

>> No.29899872

The American dream is dead. All that's left is a shithole full of pajeets, Latinos and niggers. I wouldn't want to live in the US even if they paid me dearly.

>> No.29899915

You make it easy to ignore all your posts because you chimp out in the first five words. You must be one of those "new Germans" I heard so much about. Salaam, motherfucker.

>> No.29899932

Jesus fuck
And I thought my country was THE shithole

>> No.29899975

if you're a yuropoor expat you can just get treated back home
even $800/mo compared to $0/mo is a good deal because wages are 3x higher and taxes 2x lower. you have literal truckers and garbage collectors making $100k/y, while software engineers make €50k/y in yurop

>> No.29900007

You dumb fuck the US is huge and diverse. Live in a place where there are few niggers. Shit you can live in a place with NO people at all. Literally nothing for miles and miles.

>> No.29900016

i have lived in both the us and yurop countries. quality of life is significantly higher in the us, provided you have a modicum of willpower and skill
have YOU lived in any european country?

>> No.29900078


>> No.29900124

spoken like someone who has never been here. drive a few miles outside the city limits and this nation is beautiful, full of peaceful white people, land and homes are cheap, and jobs are plentiful and well paying if you have any kind of skill. unironically, i have not noticed covid-19, it has not impacted me or my job or my area at all. can you, eurocuck, say the same? remember, eat the bugs.

>> No.29900367

The majority of foreigners get their information about the USA from entitled Americans who think having to wait in line for free shit is an injustice. We are a disgustingly soft and pampered society that is work-shy and impatient, but none of these yellow-toothed fucks mention that because they think a 40 hour work week is a travesty too. This board is full of low-effort retards chasing a bunch of get-rich-quick schemes and talking about what they're going to do when they "make it" without putting any effort into making those fantasies real. Western civilization deserves to get knocked on its ass for the sin of producing a generation of limp-wristed retards.

>> No.29900411

>eurofags talk shit
Who cares what Europoors think
They are just jealous we are entering hell long after they did.

>> No.29901042

boomers get the rope

>> No.29901548

Technically I'm a millennial by a handful of years, so if you're over 18 and under 25 and haven't had at least ten grand in the bank you're probably a dumbass. There are zero excuses, we've had it really good for a few years now.

>> No.29902102

im a yurofag and work remote for a us company and make six figures
absolute top tier best of both worlds comfiness

>> No.29902145 [DELETED] 

damn bro I am holding few tokens and some btc we will soon be in bull run.

I am gonna make some bags for $MCM check it out

>> No.29902271
File: 183 KB, 785x731, cryingsoyjak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.29902312

What do you work as, chad?

>> No.29902419

Which App Brudi?

>> No.29902625

don't you have a substack to maintain Curtis?

>> No.29902659

>be me
>live in switzerland
>salaries higher than Muttland
>taxes lower than Europe
>as comfy as rest of euro with great public services
You guys just are ngmi

>> No.29902692
File: 606 KB, 750x736, europoors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rest easy anon. There's hope, as hard as it looks now. Things will turn around and get better.

>> No.29903016

the US is just extremely jewish, anything anyone "owns" is financed - there is no generational money because families are broken and herded around, its a fucking hell hole - all the major cities are in severe decline and all the BASED TRAD small towns have been gutted for decades and the only reason there are still nice areas is boomer retirees who have already got theirs - give it another 2 decades and even those areas will be 100% fucked

>> No.29903103


>> No.29903191

only if your parents were retarded lol. mine worked middle class jobs and saved/invested and own multiple properties with no debt. i also own my house with no debt and invest. i have no plans to have kids, though, because they'd just be a slave to the nigger mud races the jews have decided will own america. i look forward to squandering everything my parents worked for in a fit of consooooomerism and dying with 7 figure debt left for the niggerhoards lmao.

>> No.29904114

>no debt
>except for my mortgages

>> No.29904174
File: 56 KB, 750x741, EuyF3uRUUAED-74.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29904364
File: 519 KB, 2048x1775, Etpqf_iWYAQINnR.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>HELLO, 911?

>> No.29904599

Let me discuss my financial ventures with you guys. Bought 2,000 GRT at $0.53 Bought another 2,000 GRT at $1.93. Bought 225 shares of AMC at $16.30 a pop. I started with $13,000 and in total, I've invested $9800. I have like $4k left in the bank. I'm never selling at a loss, but I feel so fucking stupid. I've fallen down this fucking rabbit hole. I hope in 5 years that my GRT will go to like $100, but there's literally no way to know. Feel free to call me retarded, but I know there are others like me out there. What should I even do at this point? I'm a NEET and I need to do something with my life. I've been thinking about going to college (on loans). At least that'd pass the time and give me shit to do while the market does its thing.

>> No.29904621

>like living in 3rd world
Well you people actively champion to keep the country in the fucking shitter.

>> No.29905033

*financial elite
Just because Jewish superiority makes you seethe doesnt excuse you being below them

>> No.29905938

>I've been thinking about going to college (on loans).
Do you need the qualifications for a job?
If no, stop paying for education.
You should only pay for education if you need the qualification.

>> No.29906148

As a burger, I can say that I have literally never seen a tranny in real life and that the over the top SJW types are pretty much never seen aside from rarely on leftist college campuses. Even both colleges I went to were very moderate/conservative.

Cost of living in a small-medium size suburb is pretty cheap, and it's only in the big city shitholes that you pay out the ass for a small apartment. Then you have people like the mining anon who are literally living in a SF hotel for like $1.5k a month, all expenses.

But anyways, where would burgers even go that they aren't required to learn a new language and it wouldn't be such a major culture shock? Germany? Italy? Eastern Europe?

>> No.29906309

Canada or Mexico.
Italy is too catholic, germany is too punctual, eastern europe is too poor.

>> No.29906589

I mean, yeah? All the jobs I'm interested in require a degree. The only way around this is to lie on my resume. I could always do a trade too, but I'm kind of retarded and I'm really not that interested.

>> No.29906858

>live in switzerland
>wagie jobs like aldi literally start at 50k a year
>if you have a slightly better job / basic educaction you make 100k easily.
>no capital gains tax
>generally more or less reasonable taxes
>healthcare for 400 USD a month
>renting a decent flat for 1000 USD a month
>food about 400 USD a month if you watch what you buy
>other amenities maybe 500 USD a month

Every wagie can save 2k+ easily if they want.
I don't get why most people here not just put everything they can afford into crypto and other investments it's like easymode to make it with how much we earn here compared to the rest of the world.

>> No.29907661


>> No.29908249

So why do people talk so much shit about the health insurance in Europe if it's actually like $400 a month? Sure it's not nice for low income people but I think a good country incentises people to work their way up and make more money than poverty level

>> No.29908550

this. unironically just want to own guns and a truck. also singe family home that doesn't cost $800k minimum like here.

>> No.29908823

Don’t worry, the “don’t go to college” fags are coping and are probably neets, if you are looking for a job in the STEM field you need to go to school first. At at the same time it betters yourself as a person while these retards sit in scum puddles their whole lives

>> No.29908976

It’s real. Everything here is designed to make people as miserable as possible. That movie Children of Men really isn’t as far off as I thought

>> No.29909487
File: 171 KB, 1080x1080, 1614363309561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why do we lose everything being born in the usa? eurofags talk shit about us like we like living in this fucking third world hellhole
The US is actually the best. Euros get taxed even more heavily than burgers do. Plus the government will almost never care how you made money as long as you share it with them. So just do 35% on capitol gains for crypto and you get anything you want. India and Nigeria banned crypto, and Euros barely make any salary money to buy crypto. Its why Americans even if poor are usually wealthier than other nations. Euros cant even afford a pick up, while every redneck deadbeat in US has one.

>> No.29909522

its pretty bad...if you have a low income you can get free health insurance. i think jobs pay a chunk of it every month for you. if your self employed i think theres ways around paying that much but you have to work for it

its really funny how they made health insurance an employer thing and no one gives a shit they just say "get a better job" but ignore the fact that the government spends trillions on fighter jets but we cant get a surgery for someone dying of brain cancer

>> No.29909583

>car rams into you someone running a red light
>smashes into your car
>you wake up
>300,000,000,000 in medical bills for every day you sit there

>> No.29909755

Try living in canada

>> No.29909799
File: 40 KB, 828x928, rat3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw brazilian
you guys have it VERY easy

>> No.29909949

Wow you sure know a lot about Jews Rab- I mean Mr Goyim

>> No.29910189
File: 5 KB, 517x80, checked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not only checked, based, and redpilled
but Anal Rugged as well

>> No.29910318

>extremely high quality when compared to the US
off the chart levels of glyphosate

Also what stops you from growing your own food in the US?

>> No.29910521

America has been completely neutered and it's people completely shat on for about 30 years now and yet it's still the country with the best class mobility and despite the Uniparty Elite bastards doing their best to take away all their liberties they still have the freest laws in the world.

>> No.29910591

Well Switzerland has to remain stable otherwise the Elites would have even fewer desirable places to flee to, so they give the regular folk there a bigger share of the pie to keep them content.

Switzerland is just the nice house all the house niggers get to live in near master.

>> No.29911123

this place is a fucking nightmare. its such a shit show knowing everything i eat and feed my animals is just tainted with every chemical in the book but europe doesnt have any of that shit

god i fucking hate this place. fucking disaster. its so fucked i have to leave my entire country just to not pay medical bills and eat poison

>> No.29911131

no sane european would dream about living in the current USA. Maybe lefty idiots

>> No.29911247

switzerland is a fortress. a massive fortress.

>> No.29911625

Only the lazy have this mindset, most places are what you make it.

>> No.29911973

why cant they stop talking about it? ive never really heard anyone in america talk about europe except maybe they want to go visit a city or go there for a week

every single european ive met in my life says "fucking americans" "fucking americans doing this" america america america" like they never stop thinking about it. a lot of the younger europeans i talk to say they want to move to california or some shit

>> No.29912107

What did he mean by this?
I'm in the US, and while I'd like to leave, I wouldn't mind living in California. Good climate and good bitches. If only it was affordable.

>> No.29912201

its worth the extra cost. after living in a shitty rural hell hole and seeing the news articles from places like florida i think im just gonna bite the bullet and live in cali im not a really consoomer either. just dont smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol and grow your own weed or something and the cost wont even hit you that bad

>> No.29912958

you're writing off florida based on fake news lol. i live here and own a house at 30 with an income of 35k. florida is cheap and comfy as fuck.

>> No.29913049

bro yuropoors are 1000% cucks and 10,000% original jewish goys

>> No.29913196

If I were to move anywhere in Europe, it would be Switzerland. They're the only ones living civil ideals worth aspiring to.

>> No.29913470

I'm from a small rural town in North Carolina and it's pretty miserable. Girls getting knocked up at 17. Opioids are rampant. It's a sad state of affairs. I have my life together all things considered besides a few bad investments. I would love to just up and leave to another state and get another apartment. Sadly I'm only 21, have $4k to my name (all my money is tied up in stocks/crypto) and I don't have a job currently. Clown world.

>> No.29913560

>It's not even a real country

correct. its not a nation , just an economic zone. in Canada its the same.

>> No.29913646

>software engineers make €50k/y in yurop
That's in big european cities, everywhere else software developers get paid like €15k/yr

>> No.29913740

you dug your own grave ameritards, you fucking ruined this planned and are the cancer of western civilization, now you pay for being the niggers of the first world, your'e the italy of western civilization.

I hope you and china mutually nuke yourself so the rest of the human race can fucking live humanely and actually prosper


>> No.29914351

have sex incel

>> No.29915234
File: 220 KB, 448x455, pfff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they still have the freest laws in the world

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