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Btc killer

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Imagine not buying the 10 day MA

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Look at that green dilldo frens, what did I tell you, hope you bought the dip

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Jesus that was fast

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k what about chinance

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>sold at bottom again
I should never open blockfolio in sundays

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Fuck I forgot to buy the dip.

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Hell yes dca to 1.28 still going to hold if we hit the .30s

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See you at $76k

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basically the same

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Who is buying this up? It jumps insanely. Is it retail or is that oil money legit?

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Not seeing anything

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dunno there's some update tomorrow. Probably major dump afterwards

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1.29 sell orders BROKEN
>1.29 sell orders BROKEN
Where will it stop?!

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>saw ADAfags coping in the other thread that its actually BTC killer now
Cant make this shit up

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I sold everything for 1,45USDT yesterday.

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Weekend blues lads

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It's correcting upwards agaaaain FUuUUUUU

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Retarded monkey https://www.binance.com/en/support/announcement/6c0fb941549f4d0d98d7235fb70f74e9
"Binance Will Support the Cardano (ADA) Network Upgrade & Hard Fork"

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rly funny to check their BUYBUY spam
idiots want to fuck you with all this shit shill on biz

don’t trust if you don’t wanna lose your portfolio
I receive rewards every day with YVS staking, 1.330 $YVS just from staking

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do i get some free shit holding this at the fork?

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Why would you?

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don't know, sometimes a new token is created, not really following this, then why would you hold this in a risky fork is the question

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relax it will dump after the fork tomorrow

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i c bajs, now go back

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I sold the dip =(

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Sold at 1,35 yesterday. Now i fell very stupid. Should I get back?

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we're gonna test 1.20 sooner or later, get in then
don't be late for march 1 news sell pump though

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I literally woke up, checked my holdings and saw 1.15 and panic sold, how is this fucking real?
I can't even chalk this to being dumb money anymore, I legitimately woke up at the literal bottom.

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>Not Binanciers

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Message for my bizfrens who panic sold like retards:
ADA is a long term hold, a solid one not a hype/meme machine à là LINK, you buy because you believe (rightfully or wrongfully) in the project.
If you want quick and high gain, you should vacate the premises. I suggest gambling on foods shitcoins on BSC, some make x100 in a matters of hours, most of them will rug your ass.
Risk vs. reward: ADA is low risk, meh rewards.

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>ee solt

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Sell (me) your bag then.

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This shit coin isn’t going anywhere. I advise you retards to invest in something that has a solid future. Retard.

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Bitcoin and Ada are on a war.

>Watch out for BTC whale_alert when ada is going too far up

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>he woke up?

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>on war
hello there Hrishikesh, what's the weather like in Mumbai today?

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$3 end of March

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I'm french you idiot

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chances of fork dump? hoping for a nice discount
okay muhammed

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and the difference is?

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Not a muslim neither
The state of Ada hodlers...

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ADA is going to crash and burn. I hate the FUD but this is complete unsustainable. When it dumps, its gonna dump REAL hard.

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>the bitcoin price is suppressing ada because I’m retarded and I don’t know how the USD pair is calculated
Brown hands get off my coin

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Assalamu alaykum frère

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How so?

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suffering from mental illness like thread owner? OXEN is a good pill to take

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France is not a British colony

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Waw, it's going to crash at some point? Thank you for gracing us with your wisdom. Protip: look at the charts. It's barely above the last ATH. ADA very likely still has a way to go before this year's top. I'm guessing $9-$10.

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you are right, it is an African one

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you really think ada is going to half a billion mcap? get real

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its an arabian colony

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If you want to FUD properly, do like ETH hodlers, they organised a smear campaign calling BSC a racist crypto

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This, degenerate gamblers GTFO

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So what? It's just withdrawals and deposits. Trading happens internally on exchanges.

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Only when we have a Black/brown president

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everyone here laughs at your cockoin
smart user will check just liquidity yields
my wallet is safe with juld coins

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>ADA was 10% of my portfolio beginning of the year
>didn't buy more
>it's now 40% of my portfolio
It's magic.

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Sold yesterday during the dump at 1.30 and bought back today at 1.30
I'm a genius

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>still made minus because of fees

Anon, I....

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Good strat. I should try this out.

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I sold at 1.26 because every faggot on tradingview was saying that we would now be entering a correction for a while, going down to even 0.9

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You think? I was pretty pissed this morning, some anon said it would go down to like 1.10, so I sold out and set my buy at 1.15. I missed the fucking mark by 0.004.

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Bought @1.45 and holding

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Just swing trade down. You'll make a loss the first few trades, but you'll get it right back. It's fluctuating by 0.02-0.05 cents. Pretty good swing trade conditions, imo.

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Yes, believe strangers on the internet. The Eth killer is awakening. Dips will happen. Just fucking hold you weak-willed cock-jockey.

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I got in @ 1.45 the other day too with 950 coins. I'm sitting at 1050 coins now. I mad a few mistakes along the way, so normaly it would have been a bit more, maybe even 1200.

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I can swing ok, it just takes a lot ot stress and I just can't be fucked at the moment im gonna sit on them im sure it'll be fine in the end my fellow niggers

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I just try an keep modest. I'm not good enough yet to anticipate how high it will go so I usually trade in the 0.02-0.003 cent range. Sometimes I do get lucky though and get a 0.05 cent trade in.

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Dude be careful, you remember what happened with grt

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what now?

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GRT is eth based, the trend right now being to phase out of ethereum

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Bought at 2000 sats
Whats a good exit strat? Thinking about selling at 4000 sats

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reminds me of the first EOS pump and dump in 2018

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ada is more like neo circa 2017 imo
most likely will see good growth until the inevitable btc dump
so 3-5 is a good prediction

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What are some realistic price predictions for tomorrow after the news?

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Anons, I dont fucking get it. Tomorrows fork Is bullish or a crash and burn harbinger?

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we will see, either a huge dump, either a big fucking pump, but since today ADA is dumping, prices are lowered, so tomorrow it is likely that people will buy even more ADA before, during, and after the news, so i think its going to be a pump

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Going to drop. Everybody buys now because high expectations -> if all good, they sell the good news because there will be demand for that great new ADA thing and those who read news will be buying it. That's what "priced in" means.

I might also be wrong.

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a lot worse

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Is it possible to stake Cardano without incurring income tax in the USA? I was thinking of buying some and staking from a cold wallet.
t. smoothbrain

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>buying at swing high
Anon, I...

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nah, market cap is too high for that. Antshares was a low cap shitcoin that evolved to NEO. ADA is already a top 5 coin. Just like EOS was a top 10 at that time

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Its going to crash tomorrow. Hard fork.

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How low do you think we'll dip today before we inevitably shoot back up?

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Why wouldn't it dump after the news? It's up x10 for a top 10 coin. It'd honestly be cautious buying or holding now

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>mary will cause a straight dump
Why would you think that?

>> No.29896630

Don't know, just past experiences like EOS, the shelly update same happened with XRP, it kinda happens.

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>Had 230 ADA 13 days ago
>Got memed with GRT
>Bought back into ADA 3 days ago
>117 ADA

I could be sitting at a 2x already if I wasn't a dumb cunt

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Dump this overpriced bloated shit and wait for Jigstack.

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Only new coins if a contested forked. This one isnt contested by anyone. Its an upgrade fork.

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any of you ADA holders looked into AGI (singularityNET)?

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