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come on in, get cozy, and talk it out.

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I had $6000 when I woke up. Now only $4800

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$4800 is still nice fren

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I have a small amount of margin and I’m irrationally scared that I’ll be liquidated. My hatred for whales grows by the day

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Don't margin trade anon. Stop loss hunting is a real thing, and you never know if someone will drop the price by 10k for a fraction of a moment.

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It would have to drop harder than the corona crash, I don’t think that’s going to happen. But of course that’s at the back of my mind and no I’ll never margin trade again after this stupid bullshit. I don’t feel any solace even knowing how mathematically improbable it is

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My portfolio is bleeding because of bitcoin. I don't even have bitcoin.

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I have been doing TA of many cryptos, and so many of them were about to pump again before BTC took a massive poop.

t. just got into trading cryptos (FOMO)

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I'm a selfish bobo I want this market to crash down to the bottom of the earth so I can scoop up cheap bags

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I have all my wagie cagie bucks in crypto. If it goes 2017 and my shitcoins go to 0, i will be really sad.

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Bitcoin doesn't die. Not here.

Not yet.

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do i buy now? i haven't bought at all this run

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I had 10,000 in crypto when I woke up
I have a lot less now
I'm still up vs what I put in; I could have it so much worse. But I'm sad I didn't lock in my gains in time.

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Just hold. Victory is inevitable when your in early on the future of global commerce.
Stop thinking short term start thinking over larger time frames.
The new fags seem to think they will buy something and 1000x in a month. Just chill.
Things take time, rome wasnt built in a day. In the mean time enjoy your life, its fuckin short, if you spend it staring at a screen you wont be happy even after making it.
Go out, explore, take risks, learn, love, fight, live your best life.
*pic related when in bavaria and the eagles nest was closed do to off season so trail run through the forest, up a road and free climb in jeans to the top. German police were not impressed.

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I had $52k last week
$36k today and dropping

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I'm so scared to sell low and get btfo. Hodling is painful. 8th chamber of shaolin tier difficulty.

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every day there's a significant correction i buy $1000 of bitcoin/eth in a 70/30 ratio

been doing this for a bit. only ever buy on multiple consecutive red candles spanning at least a day or two

i figure if im always only buying on red i can at least feel good about not having bought the top and if theres a huge crash i just buy more

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