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Why do people continuously use the "BUT THE 2017 MODEL" as if BTC has some absolute obligation to follow it this time around?

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define "the 2017 model"

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Valid point. I always find it strange when people talk about "the four year cycle" as if that's somehow set in stone when BTC itself is barely more than ten years old.

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Because people who believe markets are predictable (the majority of people) create self-fulfilling prophecies. Fuck this scam.

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some other patterns

dunno it seems to follow a pattern..

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The only true model is booze in the blender and this frozen concoction that helps me hang on.

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I unironically think BTC is done forever and will be 0 by 2025.
I don't see any upside. Hyperinflation is kill. Don't bet against the Fed.

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APE (not financial advice) APE (not financial advice) APE (not financial advice) APE (not financial advice) APE (not financial advice) APE (not financial advice) APE (not financial advice) APE (not financial advice) APE (not financial advice)

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it's called a market cycle and that is derived from basic human psychology. been studied many times but while you're in it it's hard to tell where the top is.
i've sold the top just ONCE while being a contrarian whereas I've nailed many, many macro bottoms.

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>trust the government not to fuck things up

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How has the government fucked up your life?

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retard LARP???

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It has allowed dumbasses like you who do not know the answer to that question, to post freely on the internet without reprisal.

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Most people don't remember 2013 happened before the "2017 model" started.

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Yeah I'd rather live in China too. But I'm making 4-5 grand a day and nobodies bothering me so the government hasn't fucked anything up for me.
You live in one of those throwaway red states?

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I like this buffet bobo

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