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/PCG/ Parsiq Crab General #7356

Announcements in 2 weeks edition.

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pls stop making these threads. they are fucking annoying. if /biz hasn't bought in after months of shilling it's their own fault that they miss the eventual pump

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I just want to share my suffering with other parsiqbros.

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wen lending?

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The only suffering I have is not buying more when I had the chance

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what suffering? do you not understand how absolutely comfy it is having a token that is slowly being utilized by the industry crab at a solid amount for a month? do you understand what this means?

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No, but I hold 200k PRQ.

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Shitcoin. Price says it all

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>hold 200k PRQ.
are you all in?

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Please give 100k

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No, mostly holding XCM. It cost me 3k at the time. I trusted the money forehead when he told me to buy this. I don't know what it does.

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