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It's been a while since I've genuinely been amazed by a project. I've known about matic for well over two months now, and followed along with their development. I've made some small money trading the matic token, but mostly didn't care about their network desu. Here I am today, a completely changed anon, ready to shill you what is unironically the UniSwap killer.

This has everything UniSwap has promised for V3 and more
>extremely low gas & transaction fees
>extremely fast tx's
>liquidity staking
>governance token
All on an L2 Solution.

The QuickSwap exchange is about to change the landscape of ERC-20 tokens, and as they wrap more and more tokens, they will knock BNB to zero.

So have you gotten a bag yet?

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This was the first token i bought in a long time. ..Other than Polygon, of course.

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bought some before

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Honestly after reading about MATIC I was feeling extremely confident in picking it up around 12-14c.

The amount of shilling happening now is almost scary to me. Please calm down my dudes.

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L2 shitcoin, wait 10 days to withdraw your funds from matic >KEK

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go back
this will do insane numbers, with or without this shilling

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>L2 shitcoin, wait 10 days to withdraw your funds from matic >KEK
? where did you hear this?

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Instant to withdraw matic 3 hours for anything else kek

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>my dudes

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I have 20 QUICK.

Will I make it?

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for sure anon ;3

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hardly anything else has been in the green lately. it's not so much that we're shilling, it's that everyone else has stopped.

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am I better holding quick or matic

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quick imho simply as the gains are much larger

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isn';t uniswap moving to optimism pretty soon and will also have low fees?

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uniswap v3 isn't expected until end of march at the absolute earliest. The team has only guaranteed it will come out by eoy, and even L2 is a speculation that hasn't been confirmed by the team yet.

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first, optimism is probably not coming out on time. Second, tx fees are gonna be too expensive.

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Looked at the Matic team. Indian. Welp.

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Yes Optimism is out next month that's why these fags are pumping their shit-tier side chain so hard, they need to exit before its obsolete

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another one gets filtered

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imagine thinking $5 transactions is scaling and swapping between ZKS and Optimism chains to trade dapp tokens, going through layer 1, will be cheaper or more convenient than matic

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does this BTFO the Rubicuck?

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>will be cheaper or more convenient than matic
matic tx fees are $0.001 at most and that literally is not possible through L1. The fee for sending Eth on L1 alone is higher than $5 right now. Doing any sort of real tx on L1 won't improve in price until Eth 2.0 next year. Uniswap will make you use another layer just like Quickswap. The only difference is, QuickSwap is out now, UniSwap won't be out for at least a few months still.

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Rubic already bent the knee. Guess through which DEX 100% of their Matic trades will be going through?

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they're brown but they're actually competent devs with a lot of recognition from white devs too

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That and it has been shilled hard here for at least 24 hours and the price hasn't moved. I've been watching like a hawk, but I'm not investing in poos unless they pooduce.

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Why the fuck are you looking at charts you dumb nigger? Move some money to Matic and give Quickswap a try. You'll buy in.

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So should I exit my RBC position being down 11% today and enter QUICK?

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I never recommend exiting a position in the red to buy another at close to ATH. But definitely start looking at a better exit and entry.

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You can hold Rubic, they'll add liquidity to Quickswap tomorrow and you can hopefully ride the hypewave a little

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dude... i dont think this can be put under the rug. Everyone can see the charts

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thanks bizbro the fomo almost got to me

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So i configured the matic network, now what? How i send eth from my mainnet to the matic network to buy quick tokens on its exchange? Some1 spoonfeed me pls.

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uhh 584 usd? what?
shill correctly please, what token? price? exchange?

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go here connect to metamask and move funds to matic mainet

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thx kind stranger

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this. very good advice anon. it's nice to see some people on this board have level heads

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I will say I exited a position in the red today and it plummeted another 50 fucking percent and now I am up 10% on QUICK.

So, you know.

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also note that most people that bough quickswap bought at all time high at the time. look at the graph it only go up right