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>under valued commodity
>break the futures market control of the price and regain leverage
>real price discovery would have much higher silver price closer to 250/oz

What if the breakout doesnt happen?
What if the paper silver has too much control, and not enough people are buying physical?
Yes places are selling out fast but people bought GME stock fast too. Is Silver only going up if people keep buying it? I have zero faith in 'people'.

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A few introductory redpills here.

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I’ve got 22 oz, or 220 blowjobs

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My point is its been a month since lots of this has been released, and silver has only gone down (theyre driving the price down to scare people away imo). So when does the squeeze exactly happen? There is no info about timeframes. Just that apparently we will see pressure on the ETFs sometime in the future.

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Read the pictures and you'll see how close the system is to breaking. A few tens of billions of dollars of silver are available to buy at best. There's now a mass movement to get that silver on WSS and other places. We're literally in hyperinflation in the real sense of the word (see Alasdair Macleod's articles on this subject). If it doesn't happen in March as Hemke says it's happening some day soon.

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How much silver would i actually need in worst case scenario?
How would i get silver discreetly in bongland?

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>How much silver would i actually need in worst case scenario?

60 ounces puts you in the top 1% of owners.

>How would i get silver discreetly in bongland?

It's extremely expensive to buy silver in the UK now, you're paying 100% premiums in some cases. If you do buy physical get CGT-free Britannias and pay less than £5000 in a single year to avoid being reported to the taxman. Otherwise buy PSLV or mining stocks.

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>60 ounces puts you in the top 1% of owners.
That doesn't sound right? That's hardly any.
>It's extremely expensive to buy silver in the UK now, you're paying 100% premiums in some cases.
I'll look into ways around this and into the stocks.

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Man, you own 3000 USD, it would be good for you to pour everything into one coin, and not be fooled small things

> Take into account to this shillers on / biz / and buy fuckcoin
> lose everything all in once

And this is way to do a trully PROFIT:
> buy GSX and hold
x10 is available soon. EZ!

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Even if you're holding a bunch of silver, where TF are you going to sell it at market value?

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>That doesn't sound right? That's hardly any.

Yes, just goes to show how depleted silver is.

PSLV or BullionVault if you want liquidity

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>sell it at market value

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You can sell pretty much any physical silver way above spot price, in person, in a day right now.

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What's the point of buying silver you don't even get to physically hold? I mean half the fun is looking at and touching it. You're better off with crypto.

Just go up to random people on the street and ask if they want to buy silver at market value or what?

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What do you do with physical silver if everything collapsds?

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Source on the 60oz figure?

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>we stackers are all gonna make it faggots!


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copped my first 100oz recently. any recommended safes/secure methods of storage?

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the point is to return to currency backed by something real, not convert it back into toilet paper

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I'm not delusional that will ever happen, FED is too stacked towards fiat.

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>Just go up to random people on the street and ask if they want to buy silver at market value or what?
Well, it will sell high above spot on Ebay, goybook and craig(s)list. Most pawn shops are cleaned out and looking to buy at spot which hasn't happened since the 80s. But mostly, FUCK selling until it hits 1oz per acre of land and houses for 20 oz.

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This year shit is going down and it will go far beyond silver, because of the bankster's inability to 'print' commodities like they print fiat or shitcoin protocols. summer 2021, the rotshchild rockefeller system is going to come crashing down...a historical once in a 600 year event type economic crash. Nobody will be spared. A global metals panic will happen except instead of toilet paper and bleach, fools with fiat are going to desperately search for gold and silver but will find nothing! By end of 2021 we will be in a global precious metal standard with the price of an ounce of silver being the reference global monetary unit for all international banking, pricing of currencies and foreign exchange! This is because the enormous need for industry to physically hoard their own stash of silver once COOMEX defaults will manifest into a global metals panic since silver is a monetary metal.

Lets say the trust funds, big banks and worst of all insurance companies lose confidence in fiat and put 5% of their valuation into silver? AXA alone putting 5% of its cash into silver could purchase all the bullion currently existing. Imagine if it was on a global scale, it would leak to all tangible assets, even wood or grains of sand at this point. It would entirely halt the production of everything and push price discovery of every commodity sky high.

This is why the system needs an exit strategy by creating a whole world of infinite fiat resources that can be created at will : the crypto-space. You can create 100 billions XRP and then tomorrow morning add 100000 billions of a new shitcoin and it wont impact the real world in the slightest. Just sponges to soak up fiat fed printed money!

Silver and gold are the canary in the coal mine because they historically have been money for the past 5000 years and have all the functions asked to be a perfect medium of exchange (fungible, divisible, portable, durable, uniform). GLOBAL METALS PANIC INCOMING!

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Dont sweat the paper price. Just think of any silver purchases as I durable against the coming dollar crisis. Don’t put your needed liquid cash in it. Put cash in it that you can sit on for a lot longer than you would anything else. It’s a long term hold, even if the shit is going to hit within the next 3 years. By the time it will be obvious that you NEED PMs, it till he too late to get them. So get them now while the price is suppressed. It just means it’s on sale for you. You don’t get car insurance after an accident. You get it before. How much of your wealth do you want to take to the other side of a crisis/reset? But accordingly.

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Commodities are booming

Silver goes down

No matter whta happens

Silver goes down

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>What do you do with physical silver if everything collapsds?

See picture. You could buy a mansion in Weimar Germany for only five ounces of gold. It's a myth that everything looks like a Fallout game when a currency collapses. That's what they WANT you to think. As if we couldn't survive without predatory banks printing fiat money. Truth is, yes, there's a period of some months where you have severe destabilization, but all that ultimately happens is that you get wiped out if you're holding paper.

"Once the old Reichsmark had been thoroughly obliterated, the return to a stable currency was so absurdly simple as to become known as the "miracle of the Rentenmark." The Rentenmark was placed in circulation beside the devalued Reichsmark and carried no real value of its own but the naked avowal that there would be only so many Rentenmarks and no more."


Buying allocated bullion (not SLV) contributes to silver squeeze, and when silver goes to $1000 an ounce you're really not going to care whether it's in your own hand or in a vault in Switzerland.


It's in one of maneco64's videos.


Russia and China will force them to do when they dump the dollar. If you don't have metals in the post-fiat world you won't be able to buy any production from the productive nations.

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How do I avoid premiums? I'm still seeing even junk silver with 50% premiums. Worried this entire silver squeeze is a psyop to get money to people selling silver who charge such outrageous fees...

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>way above spot price
Not really, I watched a video of sumfuckin guy who was calling into a few shops and best they quoted was a dollar over spot.

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why would you trust someone that looks like that guy from always sunny

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The fact that they are paying OVER spot means the price is fucked and the quoted paper price is complete BS.

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if that's true there's no way they wont try to confiscate it. I wont give mine up, I'll hide it well, but they're definitely going to try to take all of our silver.

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If the dollar crashes, there will either be shops to exchange or black market exchanges. It’s what happens in Venezuela. They exchange only what they need out of dollars, BTC, or PMs. Basically, you only exchange what you are going to immediately use to purchase other things. You don’t hold the fiat. On the other side of the trade are people who receive wages or do business and receive fiat and are trying to get rid of the excess fiat they will not be spending immediately into something harder. Everyone is trying to stay in fiat as short amount a time as possible, going into or out of it.

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How does a silver backed currency work, if you're not allowed to own silver?

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The currency is redeemable for silver by foreigners and foreign countries

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Even if the "squeeze" never happens there are a few really good reasons to buy based on likely coming events.
1.Inflation. Even boomers and real investors go into precious metals to hedge against inflation, money printers have never gone brrrrrr like right now.
2.Industry. Green energy, electric cars, anything that uses electricity needs silver. As these industries grow so too does the need for silver.
3.Scarcity. The easily accessible and rich stores of silver are going to run out within 5-10 years.
4.Current use. We currently use about 200-300 million more ounces of silver per year than is mined and refined. Our above ground stores will not last 10 years if we stay at this level. But with mining becoming harder and use becoming greater the outlook isnt good.

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>pay less than £5000 in a single year to avoid being reported to the taxman

Wait, what? You get reported to the tax man if you spend more than £5000 on gold/silver?

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What's the deal with Gold?
Is it being shorted like silver?
Will it see (lesser) growth also?

It's much cheaper to buy gold in the UK atm

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Gold is used less in industry, is shorted less and because of this will probably grow less. Both are good, if the market goes boof for the inflation hits you'll be happy you had either. But the upside to silver is just higher than gold atm.

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I don't see why the taxman would give a shit about you buying. Selling is when taxes are calculated.
More likely anti-money-laundry-man.

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you don't sell to shops, that's just asking to be ripped off, that's like selling to a pawn shop.

If you want to sell your physical use a local auction place, all the ones near me are selling their coins far above spot.

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thanks for the answer anon

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But Britannia's are CGT-exempt anyway, I don't get why he quotes the £5,000 number.

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Like I said - probably AML thing. 5k is pretty low. In most of EU they do extra due diligence starting from 10k €.

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ok so I just need to prove they were CGT exempt coins. Thanks fren

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No, you might need to id yourself and explain where you got the money. Precious metals are used for money laundering a lot.

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maneco64 is a truly lovely person.


You're welcome anon.

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Here's the biggest issue for me. Logically silver is an extremely sound strategy and nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS LOGICAL TODAY.

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Things cant stay illogical forever. When people realize that they can't live their normal lives without silver it will hit them hard. You cant make cars and solar panels with paper silver etfs.

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Some people in this thread are confusing two different points I made. The first one is the fact that Britannias (and Sovereigns) are CGT-free. The second is that, yes, in the U. K., if you either

1) Spend £5000 on a single purchase, or

2) Spend more than £10,000 in total purchases of PMs per annum,

You will be reported to the government and put on a watchlist.

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The counter point I guess would be keynesian global economics will prevent this from happening and people are so apathetic today that it could work.

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>You will be reported to the government and put on a watchlist.

That's crazy. So how do you play around this?

It's quite easy to legitimately spend £10K on PMs in a year if you are heavy on PM investing.

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Just bought 89 Oz

Am I gonna make it?

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>You will be reported to the government and put on a watchlist.

Really? That's messed up. In most countries the gold dealer would just have to ask you some more info and check that nothing's suspicious.

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Btw I have 275 oz silver and 1 oz gold, but the devil in me says the keynsians and mmt niggers will win.

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I'm not sure if it applies to PSLV, other allocated bullion (like BullionVault, GoldMoney) and mining stocks. If you have a lot of money you'll probably want to keep your gold in an overseas vault anyway because the UK stole our gold in 1966 and gold-investors may have to flee the country again to avoid government persecution when things get really bad here soon.

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Buy smaller amounts from different places newfag

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Yeah, gold and silver investors have been predicting hyperinflation and economic collapse for over 4 decades.

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I've been wondering this as well, the making it stack always changes based on whether it's /pol/ or /pmg/. To me, to be a comfortable millionaire you need 1k ozt silver which I will be stacking towards hopefully by june but who knows. Silver makes sense to me which makes me think its bullshit.

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Need silver loicense

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How the fuck do you buy silver without paying the 10% bullshit resale markup?

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Kinda depressing desu. Although the fact that the '66 steal was repealed within 20 years gives me hope.

Not that I don't believe you, but do you have a source on the £10,000 "watching list"? Seems insane to me that this is the case, I just can't wrap my head around it, seems so tyrannical.

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Spot is the paper price. Good luck finding it for that. Imagine you live in a third world country where there are price ceilings. Store shelves are empty at those prices, but you pay more on the black market because you can actually get the product you want at a fair market price not manipulated by the government. That’s silver right now.

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No one who understands what's going on will look at the spot price.

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> 2 euros unit / 25 the whole box
should I?

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This is an old timey classic bullion run on the banks. Do some research on the silver train by the warburg banking family.

This time you wont know they are out of silver until the last bar is delivered by COMEX. Even if they have nothing in the vaults the will say the spot price is $26 and they can deliver it next month.

They will continue this charade until industry and the average joe public start panic FOMO buying, especially in Asia...only then will the SHTF!

>> No.29871695

Yep. The only thing spot price does is turn away low IQ goyim.

Fags, Ignore price. Accumulate. I implore you. I don’t want you fucked by kikes. Silver and gold will look like the worst investments in the world right up until they are revealed to be the best. And don’t forget a gun and ammo. Ammo is in short supply just as physical metals are. Get assets before you can’t. When it’s obvious, that’s when you won’t be able to find any.

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You'll notice that Chards a bullion-dealer asks for ID in case of

"Single orders over £5,000 or multiple orders with a total of £10,000 or more in a 12 month rolling period (this includes anybody connected to you which may include a friend, spouse or other relation)."

It's because they have to report you to the government.

Again, see the official government website:

"The first time that you make an exempt supply of investment gold which exceeds £5,000, or when the value of your supplies of exempt investment gold to any one customer is over £10,000 in any 12 month period, you must notify us within 28 days by writing to our Written Enquiries Section."


>Seems insane to me that this is the case, I just can't wrap my head around it, seems so tyrannical.

Yes, it is. And this is the sort of thing that people should have revolted against long before we got to this tyrannical police state that we're living in now, which is simply the end-result of our many acts of previous submission.

>> No.29871780

I think this is why larger dealers aren't pricing on margin already. If the short fails, they may find themselves unable to re-up at any price because they broke the code.

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>Alasdair Macleod
is there a single person who isn't a silver or gold shill who thinks hyperinflation is near? i just don't trust silver shills, fuckers have been saying the same shit for 13 years now. these people need to make money too, by selling you silver, lectures, books etc.

>> No.29872129

>don’t forget a gun and ammo
guess we eurofags are screwed then

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Thanks for all the responses fren. Really opened my eyes today.

Hopefully there's light at the end of the tunnel somehow.

One thing: I did some research on what you said in between reading this thread, and according to this article (https://thedailycoin.org/2020/03/06/gold-confiscation-could-it-happen-again/), back in 1966 the UK government even had the power to confiscate your gold held overseas:

> And while Roosevelt’s restriction didn’t apply to Americans’ overseas holdings of gold, the British restrictions applied to Britons’ overseas gold holdings too.

Just thought I'd let you know as earlier you said that was a potential way out if the UK went tyrannical. Not sure how reliable that article is but if it's legit then that's a bummer.

>> No.29872378

lol if this were true might be worth to arbitrage
i.e. buy a TON of gold on credit, take it to the USA and you'll make incredibly money.

>> No.29872590


Never knew about that, thanks. If that happened then only mining stocks would be safe. I'd have to renounce my citizenship if they tried to do that again.

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>EPNS spoons
Anon, I...

>> No.29873346

guess that's a no lol

>> No.29873559

That's a cool coin, what's the story behind it?

>> No.29874147

Alasdair Macleod is one of the most brilliant and principled minds of our age, so not at all to be doubted, but in compliance with you request, look into Gregory Mannarino, Michael Pento, or most recently Michael Burry. Also see Professor Stephen S. Roach of Yale who has said that the hegemony of the dollar is ending now.

>> No.29874163

Michael Burry has been tweeting about it. He’s not a shill of anything, bust makes really good calls from the housing market to GME and now this. He’s an autist so I trust him more than others.

>> No.29874209

Well, you can still find what is the maximum level of self-defense you can own and get that.

>> No.29874257

Andrew Maguire is really knowledgeable about the PM wholesale market. He’s an old wholesaler who has been around.

>> No.29874554

There's a handful of people in the PM community who really understand what they're talking about and get what they say from the fountain-heads of knowledge and their own ideas. Macleod is one and the most brilliant economist alive today. Andrew Maguire is the second-most important person to listen to. After him is Rob Kientz of GoldSilverPros who truly knows how to analyse COMEX data for himself. Deso is highly original and worth listening to although he often runs into crudities and extremes. Dave Kranzler has his own ideas. Chris Marcus is excellent as a synthesis of the ideas of many others. A lot of names also with original ideas although somewhat more limited than the people just mentioned, Ed Steer, Ted Butler etc.

>> No.29874678

I plan to pay off my mortgage and also buy the houses nextdoor to me as well

>> No.29874700

kek, good try bro

> I am not an dump who will go for this niggers shit
>biz is full of such genius traders and investors
my bnb is on julswap on farming, 54$ just for a week

>> No.29874809

Should have added also, Craig Hemke; Michael Oliver for technical analysis; Egon von Greyerz. Others would spring to mind if I thought harder about this. But as I say there are only about a dozen or a couple of a dozen really original and competent thinkers, and all the other Youtube channels and websites are simply copying them.

>> No.29874861

Buy in at under $20.

>> No.29875227

Get on Fidelity (no-fee penny stock trading)

>> No.29875349

>23% sales tax on silver in my country
at least gold isn't taxed...

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>> No.29875596

Ausbros, are precious metals subject to capital gains tax here?

>> No.29875690

Buy a futures contract on comex.
Stand for delivery
Get blacklisted because youre not allowed to do that

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How many ounces of bullion do I need for a suicide stack?

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yay my lil bread doin something
>Russia and China will force them to do when they dump the dollar. If you don't have metals in the post-fiat world you won't be able to buy any production from the productive nations.

Dayyum that reads like a [silver] bullet.

What would be some objections to this? That the FED is so confident in their neo-corporate assets that they will resist that other market long and hard? Canada for example the epitome of the globalhomos has sold off all of its gold reserves years ago, literally owns nothing stored. In your case it'd be the first to go.

>> No.29876344


The only reason why it hasn't happened yet is that China and Russia collect debts which are denominated in USD. They use this worthless paper to hoard gold, silver, and commodities at suppressed prices. When the system has sufficiently collapsed they will rug-pull the U. S. and any nation which doesn't have either gold (savings) or production will immediately collapse into a third-world state.

>> No.29876748

>literally owns nothing stored. In your case it'd be the first to go.
Doesn't matter we will be a true Chinese colony filled with Africans to keep us from being able to resist with national unity
We will literally own nothing and pay the rent for what we get to use to China

>> No.29877107

But lots of central banks have been buying gold due to Basel III. But there will absolutely be major troubles. The US will see the most drastic change in standard of living.

>> No.29878259

I was more thinking now there is no reason to store gold if youre just attaching yourself right to the USD.

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File: 2.54 MB, 1578x1834, the silver to hooker ratio puts a fair price per ounce at 3900 USD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To add to this, China and Russia are sitting on piles of gold sure, but they won't declare a commodity backed currency before the US does it, not because they're afraid of a Libya-like intervention, but because right now they can still get real, valuable things in exchange for worthless paper. As long as that is possible there is no incentive for them to be the first movers here, and they and the USA know it.

America has the world reserve currency, which means its dogshit fiat will still be the last one to die, and because its advantageous to be in that position they will hold onto the USD as long as humanly possible. Because if the US were to even hint at the possibility of moving to say, a silver backed dollar, it would instantly annihilate all remaining faith in USD, no one would buy debt denominated in it, and any debt in USD would be paid back in toilet paper. The USA likely has plans for a new monetary basis, but they are required to maintain the worlds best pokerface until they unveil it.

And only then will the BRICs nations reveal their gold backed money a day later.

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