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This is horrifying. You do realize this just gives not only Binance but ALL of crypto a bad name right? This is how it all begins. More and more regulation because you morons couldn’t be civil. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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this is a top signal

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kys OP

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the absolute state of white women
even trevon james thought this was funny

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kek someone make a jew finance

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>you can be civil
Yes anon, it’s freedom of speech, don’t want it, go make your own coin nigger

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Imagine crypto gets regulated because of some meme token on a centralized chink chain. Fucking kek

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What do you mean? Now all niggers worldwide have a coin devoted to them.

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I guarantee you if it was called WhiteMan.finance and they were burnt, niggers and leftist faggots would be clapping and probably buying in driving it to an all time high and reposting all over the fucking place. Fuck them and fuck you too.

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redditzoomers ruin everything

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Shut the fuck up nigger.
It was fucking hilarious.
It's too bad censorship twitter banned them.
Can't wait for decentralization of mainstream communication to murder censorship.

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Twitter's down. When telegram?

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it's been suspended lmao

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kys /pol/faggot, you're worthless.

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>haha toilet tier racist humor le funny lol!!

christ fuck off with this childish shit, it just brings the wrong eyes to our space and makes it harder for us to make money. just shut the fuck up and profit from the normies you fucking idiots, you can act like a retarded 12 year old once you make it

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glad i got to lol at the twitter before it got shoah'd

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Didn't you get the memo? We're in a clown world now no one cares about stupid shit like this. We have billionaire pedophiles in control of millions of slave status citizens.

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Racism is a mother fucking natural part of evolution and all life.
Shut the fuck up about racism this racism that.
It's fucking part of who we are, stop fucking being in denial.
There isn't a soul on the planet who ain't racist, just a lot of people in denial about a core instinct in all life.
If you had all listened to that instinct niggers wouldn't be invading everywhere, and neither would the sand niggers be allowed to destroy your cities.
Racism is fucking healthy.

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i'm getting cumlovingloli chainlink vibes

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nice bait ape

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>jew finance
6m cap
high burn rate

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furnace farm, burn $JEWs on stake/unstake

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based. use odysee.com

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Shit token does nothing but put credit rankings on every other coin.

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Put in $1488, am I gonna make it?

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you're a fucking dickhead son

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I know he sounds edgy but you know he is right

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Farming this comfy

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>dev says there's a high burn rate
>someone posts that the math isn't right, there's no way the dev is burning that many tokens
>gets b&

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Can you slave guys please change it from burned to whipped? Thx.

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Go into Baltimore and see how you do.

You will just be "Whiteboy"

Every group today is racist as fuck expect white people and surprise surprise they are getting BTFO.

Asians - racist
Native Americans/Indians - racist
Hispanics - racist and hate blacks since they actually have to fight for turf/property in the ghetto

Blacks are THE MOST racist people in America. Whites are in denial

The Jewish religion is basically enforced racism and anyone who isn't them is "cattle/goyim"

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Since America has ceased to be a Christian nation we now have mandatory state cults

The cult of Nig Worship
The cult of Tranny Worship
The cult of Fag Worship
The cult of Stronk Waymen
The cult of the Oppressed Refugee/Illegal

Violate any of these cults and you will lose your job or be branded as evil by the government, corporate news media and big tech

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Kek my granpa hates you whites for colonizing. I hate you guys because you might turn my people into homosexual trannies. What is with whites and faggot liberalism?

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Vitalik made the coin to try to sway people back to eth

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You're a fucking dickhead and all

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lets blame it on binance and start a social shitshow

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I'm not really that racist but I think it's funny because it triggers leftists a lot and there's literally nothing they can do about it except cry on social media which triggers them even more.

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Name the token OVEN

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The people promoting that shit are Jewish

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Sounds like a solid business plan in this climate.

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If you are still poor, it just means you are revealing yourself as new.

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this idiotic response really demonstrates your ignorance. what you're describing is PREJUDICE. Not racism. Racism means institutional and societal discrimination, not simply "hurrdurr I don't like you"

You claim to be superior, but clearly lack critical thinking skills+historical+institutional context. Suck me off white nigger.

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You should know that those people are just a minority of crypto traders.

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Wait what was the name of this coin?

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I give it one week. it will be reddits newest cringe

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Fine, but you do see any other race succumb and promote that shit as much? How many nigger faggots are there compared to whites? Face it, your warrior genes are gone.

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Egalitarianism was only forced upon our people. That's your answer.

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Fucking based kek

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Your grandpa is a retard

Everyone colonized each other in the 1700s. Whites were just better at it.

What were the Indians doing when we came over? Killing each other. Whites came over with superior tech and outbred them 2:1.

Africans literally enslaved each other and sold themselves off to the Euros

White people ended slavery world wide. Joke is the fucking Arabs kept enslaving people legally until fucking 1960. Besides the fact that whites and all races were enslaved throughout history.

Blacks should be happy they got a free ride to one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Unfortunately its going to shit now but thats mainly because of the degenerate influence jews have on our culture.

Blacks are gullible and need to wake up. Whites are self hating and will go extinct unless they wake up. Asians need to find Jesus so they can stop being bug people.

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CIAcoin, regulators coming up wit their own honeypots. Buy the BTC dip.

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>This is racist
You don't say

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Where on the fucking BOOKS can you find one racist law in the United States?

Are you upset that a country that was majority white for the entirety of its short history...has lots of white people in positions of power?

13% of the pop commits over 50% of violent crimes and if you actually look at the data there is no racial basis for police shootings...if anything white people are killed at a marginally higher rate.

The only racist laws we have today are letting unqualified nigs and brown people get into good schools above Asians

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We've been dumping for 6 days, retard.

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Racism is bad mkay, but it can also be funny. And this is funny

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Kicked off 139 exchanges through no fault of the devs

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Youre right actually hahahaha

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>he made like 7 eth off of it

September was a wild time. I would have made so much fucking money if I hadn't fucked up literally every trade.

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Fucking kek someone's gotta make this coin

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>twitter screenshot
>literally who
>absolute shit tier bait
you deserve to be banned

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this is how Janet Yellen annihilates crypto

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>Institutional discrimination is racism
>There are literally laws saying schools need to accept niggers before whites and Asians
>There are literally laws saying jobs have to hire niggers before whites and Asians
>Every corporate ad campaign is about how awesome niggers are

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6 quadrillion*

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wow you guys really need to return to reddit/twitter and maybe kill your self?

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imagine pointing out the stark evidence of your side's utter perversion of the discourse, the entanglement of meaning, and thinking you've made some kind of point, holy fuck

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Acktchyually based on my lgbtbbq marxisx definition of racism you're a super spreader racist and need to check your institutional privilege of being able to post on the internet

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Good, crypto needs more pressure to keep it innovating against centralized overreach.

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whats with your obsession with trannies?

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(1) You've clearly never walked through the Gayborhood that every homo-worshipping American city invariably establishes. First time I ever saw a crossdresser IRL I was walking through Philly, you woulda thought you were looking at a basketball team first glance but no, six niggas in skirts and pumps calling each other "bitch" in a lisp.
(2) The Jews let a lot of you skate by with less pressure to be "re-educated" because they're still using you as their Golem against us.

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Its power is in how much you seethe.

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this is even making /biz/ seethe. CZ will be forced to kill this shit

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mates I'm ready today.

So -5%, bought top three during yesterday's lowest dips..

>low volatility
>stubid investment and trading for whole day

only one thing saves my money - lp staking and yield farming on YVS Finance. Check it if you don’t want to risk

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Kek. Leftists and niggers don't know how to do anything involving crypto.

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Lmao this is why crypto was invented. Shit like this is such a great way to troll clown world. I want to buy just to trigger more normies and progressive lunatics.

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Same imagine telling some faggot tranny leftist sheboon that you made it off slaves kek.

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There are a lot of black homos. There are proportionately far more black homos than white homos, and black homos are usually flaming faggots or down low hood nigs, few in between.
I think it's due to a mix of globohomo indoctrination and prison culture that causes it, but it's a fact.
You get most of your info from television, don't you?

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I would like to see which one would get more buys over a year. My bet would be on the slaves.

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Am I a racist white men because I hate slavs? Maybe

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This is what happens when you don't have a dad

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Holy fuck anon you're actually retarded.

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OMG fk what are you all yammering on
Wanna get real profit? Don’t trust this dumb scammers
they try to give you trash spamming on /biz/
>just take a look at YVS Finance! That’s real yield farming GEM!

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Projecting much, nigger? My dad taught me all sorts of things, like how to hang up southern windchimes. I look forward to being buried in the family plot in Dixie.
Just because you don't know how things really are you shouldn't take shots in the dark. After all, niggers blend in to the dark, so you might hit one of your own

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Black genetics causes low IQ

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>normies don’t speculate because of feefees and create bubbles
I don’t see the problem with this. All this does is stabilize the value of crypto, making it more effective as a real-world currency.

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This 100%. Euros need to live around euros, Africans around africans, spics around spics and chinks around chinks.

Everyone on the planet agrees with this except white urban elites in the west. Anyone who disagrees with this is both ignorant and destructive for denying such a basic part of human nature.

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gay men have messed up relations with their fathers, its common knowledge not a shot in the dark

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Only if its protected through Chinklink nodes

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I think he was just adding to the statement, not countering it.

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You're right, I'm a huge faggot, trust my firsthand homo knowledge of the homoverse and take away from this that proportionately there are more gay niggers than gay whites.
It must suck being brown

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>white urban elites

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>decentralization of mainstream communication to murder censorship.
That day will never come. The platform may be decentralized but the medium used by the platform won't be (aka the internet). Thus decentralization will never occur. Bitcoin has the same problem.

True decentralization cannot exist.

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You're delusional dude. Came from reddit recently?

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>market is so immature basic racist shit can still be news

yeah no, not a top signal

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Prolly another jew tryin to make whities look bad.

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Internet 3.0 kek, gonna be great, no more oppression from speech

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It's no denying liberal whites are total cancer in addition to the heebs.

>> No.29867665

I'm not even white but you need to kys

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racist's money spend just as well as non-racist's money. why are you against screwing racists out of money anon?

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brb making shoahcoin

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Made my day kek

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No. Make bugcoin.
>you will buy ze bugs

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Kys snowflake

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I actually want to make a memecoin one day kek. TO THE MOOON

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Pick one

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Noice. I don’t know shit about coding, but I’d be glad to help out by shilling.

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I seriously hope you die in your sleep