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does anyone here hate how they have to do this for money? all i do is refresh this shit all day.

all i see is people yelling "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" in every corner. everyone just screams at each other calling each other retard and getting pissed posting charts and pissed off and its always angry incels that would never even have the balls to wave to someone in real life.

and the only alternative is wake up every day at sunrise, get zero sleep, go to a shit hole, work for 8 hours a day, get yelled at, demeaning, wear a shitty uniform, waste your entire life hating every second of the day, get 2 days to yourself to rest and then go back to doing it again, and spend every hour of sunlight working a demeaning job where you hate everyone, and going 100k in debt to take classes you dont give a shit about, and then spend your entire life paying that and a mortgage off

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This world isn't build for kindness man, I know I've tried over 30 years to be peaceful and understanding and compassionate to my fellow man while others used me as a ladder.

It's best to just cut every single living soul out of your life and live completely alone because you can control your input.

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yeah sometimes it's fun, other times is exhausting.

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Fuck off you loser faggot nigger

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>going into debt instead of operating under the table unlicensed mechanic work in your garage. Don't know something? Jewtube it.

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>Be me
>Graduated in CS a few months ago
>Didnt pay shit for university because I live in europe and not in poor murica
>Got my first job a few months ago
>Covid started
>Can work from home, (even when covid is gone)
>Often browsing 4chan or doing other shit instead of working
>Boss says my work is really good
>Started buying crypto 2 months ago
>Already up 60%

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its too late to learn anything im a retard i spent 6 years doing that and nothing ever worked

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>angry incels
You're a mentally ill man that thinks he is a woman. You are a freak to society and everyone you know.

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>all i see is people yelling "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" in every corner. everyone just screams at each other calling each other retard and getting pissed posting charts and pissed off and its always angry incels that would never even have the balls to wave to someone in real life.

I know, its great isn't it. This place is home.

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I personally enjoy the fuck out of seeing everyone here yelling nigger and flinging shit at each other.
On the other hand I fucking hate waging with every single bit of my being. Being a wagie is literally being NPC goyim cattle.

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If you are not a tranny you certainly are a beta faggot Redditor newfag. Fuck off. Seriously.

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I love /biz/ why are here if you hate it

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Kek same but in Burger land . Pretty comfy stable niche tech job. Dropped out of college didn’t fall for the University expensive meme. Making more then I ever imagined. On my way to have a steak lunch and expensive champagne and see some Thots. Life is good. Living the

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it’s never been more hard to browse this board. Not because of the shills which honestly have been very profitable but the angry faggots who call everything a scam have multipled

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Have you ever considered going back?

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>all the manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas
>Home prices inflated out of control to hide the inflation.
>Minimum wage hasn't kept up with inflation since 1968.
>Non Ive-League degrees are now worthless since they let anybody in.
>No good jobs unless you have a connection. Zero meritocracy.
>Even if you find a good job, it's always infested with Boomers that won't fucking retire, so you have to wait years just for a significant promotion.
> Corporations import the 3rd world because they're so desperate to keep wages down.
>Can't even live a middle class life unless you move out to the middle of bumblefuck.
This is literally all our generation has. This is our Gold Rush. This is our bootlegging and oil refining. The only difference is that we're smart enough to realize it.

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i realized that and its the reason im here. i got a 20x on crypto and everyone else is suffering and trying to pay off mortgages and working for 70 years and dont even have a thousand dollars

this is literally the only way to get ahead. if youre too stupid to play the shitcoin gamble just hold good shit for 5 years. i wish i started fucking earlier

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I work for myself. If anyone is going to call me a nigger, its me. And let me tell you, I call myself a nigger all the time. I ain't even black but I damn sure ams a nigger.

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Censorship is cancer and “niceness” is not something for the human race you gorilla nigger

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How much are you trying to make from crypto?

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For anyone wondering why anon didn't finish, anon blew his brains out in reflection to writing all that fake horseshit

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What crypto did you get into

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fuck off nigger, we're here to make money and nigger nigger nigger, not circle jerk like you're used to on fucking redddit. go back.

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yeah this is the best opportunity for our generation
I see 3 paths to make it
>holder who researches different projects (needs more capital and an understanding of technology/crypto)
>shitcoin flipper (pump and dumps, quick entry/exit, can get rugpulled or insane returns, some people are very good at this I'm not)
>leverage trader (mostly btc on binance futres, bybit etc. this is a skill that is hard to learn but transferable to other markets like forex or futures)

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Agreed. This place is a fucking cesspool but damn if it hasn't made me money

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>normies admit they're suffering while they try to bandwagon on our success
GOOD. FUCK YOU. I WANT YOU TO SUFFER. You're in my house now faggots, check your bullshit normalfag sensibilities at the door. I WILL fud everything good and I WILL shill utter scams just for fun.

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op has a point. you dumb fucks act like if you were all in on something you wouldnt all win, asif this site is the entire space of crypto, instead of helping each other you all shoot each other in the foot and get dumped on. some make it absolutely most dont. the shame is that everyone here could lol if you actually tried.

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lol, i'd call you a nigger to your face. Why wouldn't I? What are you going to do? You can't even handle a little internet banter. You'd run away crying to the hall monitor for assistance.

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4chan culture is a necessary barrier to entry that keeps normies away. Only those who are serious about making money will realize that it is worth it. Appreciate it for what it is and try to see the beauty of it. Learn to with the flow instead of against it, and eventually you wi be shitposting and making bank without even trying.

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>and its always angry incels that would never even have the balls to wave to someone in real life.
How do you know this? Fight me, nigger

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Currently I have BTC, ADA, LTC, ETH and XLM. Also have small positions in GRT, SNX and BNT

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It's the curse of making it. Just like how whores have to sell their dignity online, we have to lose our sanity.

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>he thinks biz is for anything except jokes and currypumps
Pretty much this.
Once you learn to graduate to a real site where people actually I don't know, are serious about make money, you will be satisfied. You are just in the wrong place. Everything here is for shits, not real.

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I just come here for all the boobaes

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>Everything here is for shits, not real.

That’s false. There is real wisdom here but it is obfuscated by the bullshit. Anyone with discernment or who has been around long enough can tell the difference.

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Don't spoon feed too hard, if they're not smart enough to realize this they don't deserve to benefit.

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>does anyone here hate how they have to do this for money?
Yes, but I am confident I will succeed, considering the competition.

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we do talk about serious shit and make serious picks and investments. you just skim the catalog and miss it because we hide everything real behind walls of niggers and porn because making it is only for us. now go back.

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>calling each other retard
these users are from reddit.
These users are from 2017 or earlier

If you are using 4chan to make trading decisions you will end up really poor lol.

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This. I'm a newfag to /biz/ but have lurked various boards on and off over a long period of time and all boards occasionally have some good threads (even /tv/). The only difference with the trolls and scammers here is that it's easier for them to take your money.

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crypto wouldn't be so valuable and if there were other legitimate ways to make it
it's literally crypto or wage until you are 70 years old

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enough to make it which means at least $5mil up here in leafland

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Yep only brainlet Redditors see the word nigger and immediately discount the entire board as worthless. /biz/ makes you rich if you have the willpower to invest for years.

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Gold Secured Currency ecosystem is growing extremely fast
So there is no meed to hold back
Invest in fucking amazing Swirge and earn with fun
>I bought GSX, token value got great liquidity rn

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fuck you nigger

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pretty much this

and this

those who take the time to learn how to see through the smoke&mirrors will eventually make it, at the cost of a part of our mental sanity tho

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vida loca?

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>at the cost of a part of our mental sanity tho
it hurts bros

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Are you really complaining about bad words? Don't they have thousands of sites than ban bad words?

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there, there.. it will all be better anon, just a few more months

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/biz/ is a WHITE MANS board

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Yes dude
I loathe myself for making a living like this compared to the actual men who lived before me for thousands of generations who had at least a land, house, family, community, church, god and the lord. Yes most Lords were alright

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“Humanity have achieved its greatest perfection in the white race. The yellow Indians already have lesser talent. The Negroes stand far lower, and the peoples of America are lowest.” – Kant

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From now on I will say Nijeer.. as it will pertain to pajeets too.

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Opinion discarded, you're going to lose everything, take gains and invest in rope

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try doing both and having less sleep kek

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You're a retard if you take anything in this board seriously.

Twitter is so much worse than this board.

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amerishart has spoken

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what value does /biz/ give you in your financial decisions? you don't really have to be here to make it

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Is anyone here actually relaxed most of the time? I've developed an autistic minmaxer mindset that's bled across into all aspects of my life and made it impossible to enjoy or feel any interest in anything any more.
Everything is now a goal towards something in the future rather than something I do in and of itself, and I don't feel any sense of accomplishment when I do achieve things. Can't relax at all because it doesn't feel like an efficient use of time, and the ultimate deadline (death) is always on the horizon.
How the fuck do normies spend entire weekends watching Netflix without a guilty thought?

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>University expensive meme
>More "then"
Kys retard

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>people yelling "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" in every corner. everyone just screams at each other calling each other retard and getting pissed posting charts and pissed off

Excuse me, are you a woman? This is a man board, and what you described is peak camaraderie.

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>Be Europe software engineer
>be make like prob 30-40k usd tops
>Be murican software engineer
>Be make 125k
Sad world u live in fren

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you have no idea where the good threads are

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>does anyone here hate how they have to do this for money
no kek this is way preferable
still wasting my life in the pursuit of riches but i'm having fun doing it

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Fuck this hits hard. I was exposed to shit at a younger age, so i have ended up a blatant psychopath in comparison to before. Now life is great. Life's a bitch like that

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The problem isn't just pay, money doesn't really matter in this context, in a place in which you could get shot by a retard because of "freedoms". Nice try amerifag

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This is true and it hurts

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Unfortunately the crypto world is a haven for Fascist Virgins. Just kinda the way it is right now.

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You weren't used as a ladder because you were so kind and compassionate, you were used as a ladder because you were a pushover. Protip: "Kind and compassionate" pushovers don't stop getting used just because they transition into "assmad" pushovers.

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>t. Beta Redditor
Go back

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