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/biz it’s time to stop being bag holders and purge the shitcoins from your Blockfolio. Time to buy OptionRoom. There is no way you can lose money with all the shit they have coming at its current price. The seed investors alone should be enough to convince you (ngc ventures, Spark,CMS). It's a prediction market platform built on Polkadot.

Some highlights
>most succesful IDO ever
>self sustaining
>user governance
>team funds locked up for a year
>deflationary NFTs
Read their latest updates.

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kek, nice mem faggot, looks actually like the bottom

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Let it go already, you're not getting a $1 entry

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>>most succesful IDO ever

What do you mean?? Like, sold out in 1 sec or what?

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when CEX?

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>OptionRoom is the most successful Polkastarter IDO to date, with ROOM trading at x60 of IDO offering price, setting a new visitor record and selling out in less than a minute


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Unironically all Polkadot shitcoins will pump hard

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What about their second token? COURT is released yet?

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$10 soon!

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WTF so the presale buyers went already x60?

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Imagine not buying this dip

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There are rumors of Kucoin listing...

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Yeah, by now everyone who wanted to dump has dumped.

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Looks like, Im just wondering if they already dumped their bags

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nigga are you fucking retarded? Imagine not selling at x60 lmao, they are all gone

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>Not selling

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How do you get into these private sales? Seems like easy money.

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Decent volume, i guess.

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The chart is just repeating the same pattern over and over

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wow like an acumulation, what could it be?

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Imagine knowing trading patterns

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Holy shit, ffs how does one find those fucking x60 presales?

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You don't, only the chosen ones can.

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