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What makes tacoswap different? It charges higher fees for non-taco pairings. It charges 5% when everyone else charges 4%. That means a constant stream of income that is being used to constantly buyback and burn tokens! Plus, it just went live today so I'm early!

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Damnit, I was hoping people wouldn't find out about this one.

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Samefag fail kek

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fucking kek. Samefag to shill a 1% increase, tight. Good to know I can skip this one tho

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So the whole value prop is that it costs more? Why the fuck would anyone use it?

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>attempts shilling in a pisspoor manner
>not even bothers to use a proxy while samefagging

You can do better next time gurkirat.

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/biz/ has some of the absolute bottom-barrel stupidest newfaggots on this board, jesus fuck.

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In all fields.

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NVM this fuckin samefag idiot.
This project has an INSANE APY because its just less than 2 days and was shilled by minebox (same one who found about goose and viking), its free money for 2 - 4 before APY is too low. If you know how to play the game you know this one of the ones you can play with.