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Do something you piece of shit. You lured me in with a shiny metal debit card and crypto cashback.

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is the card worth it?

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Yeah its pretty nice. Its like a prepaid credit card essentially, you move crypto funds into an allocated spending pool and get CRO as cashback on all purchases. The more CRO you have the more cashback you can get.

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if the apustaja card anon is here.
i staked over 50k of them.
sometime in the summer i will be as cool as you.

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do you get the card immediately or do you have to wait the 180 staking period before they send it out?

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I got my first card without even having any CRO at all, let alone any staked. You can apply for it immediately and then start buying into CRO.

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6 months i think.

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smooth brain here, got a question.

The first week I bought crypto using crypto.com, I had to buy at a minimum of the crypto. It was usually around 80 bucks. Now the minimum crypto is around 30 bucks. Is there some sort of dailly/weekly rate or something ? I buy using fiat wallet btw

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thanks bros I'll look into it more

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Mainnet March 25th with 20% APY staking. I’m comfy holding.

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lil girl, stop shilling this shit here
I am not retard who believes in this trash
I have julswap for juld staking and my purse has profit

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i was having an epiphany about crypto.com..
thinkabout the world/crypto space in general...
i remember when steam hit 10,000,000 steam accounts... it took about 4-5 years to go from 5 to 10..
then the 10mill quickly turned to 20...within a couple years...
then the 20 turned into 70 mill only a couple years later..
then almost 10 years later, the 70mill is 200+mill

so... easy 20x.
if crypto is as common as gaming...
and gamers have a natural knack for crypto anyways... it's within their element.

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It was at 0.25 a few days ago bro. Just enjoy the ride

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you have to stake the CRO to order the card, but it takes about 1 month to actually receive it
you don't wait 6 months lol

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it's only worth it if you've opened up enough Earn contracts to make the interest pay for the CRO lockup

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>he fell for the CRO cashback meme
here's a hint: look at the chart

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It depends on the crypto you're buying.

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oh and CRO itself is going nowhere now.
the only benefit besides the card, are other interest earning products, and what's the point of that, when you can just swing trade some shitcoins for the same amount of gains.

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You have to apply for card, once approved then card will be sent. I had my card within a few weeks.

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oh, ok ty fren.
i want to get the apustaja 1.

i did stake over 50k to unlock the earn rewards %'s.

seems like an ok investment for 2020-2035 range.

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naw they sent me the card after 2 days of applying and stakings so it was nice

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You get it immediately.

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u get benefits right away as you stake enough CROs, just 6m to withdraw stake if want.