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Wow anon, you daytrade cryptocurrency? You sound like an interesting guy.

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biological women in this photo over/under 1/2. what's the smart money on this bet?

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That's right, my portfolio is up 41%

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I love how the balding alien's skull gets longer every time I see this pic

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thats a man

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> So I‘ve been doing a lot of thinking recently

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You will never have a twelvehead.

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I know no one will believe me, but back when I was a wagie I used to work with him.

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stop posting my meme nigger

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tf is this zika shit?

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Why wouldn't I believe you? Seems like a pointless thing to lie about.

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That thing with the shiny 8 head on the right gets me every time

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thats a white somalian pirate

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So as a person, was he an alright dude?

Tbh I am more comfortable being around and working with trannies in the workplace than being around w*men.

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Him ? That thing has boobs, i thought it was a bald human female looking thing.

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He could be kind of a dick to customers but only if they deserved it. Was kinda cringe when he wore a Lolita dress to work once on Halloween, but he was a decent coworker.

Yeah it’s a dude, he started transitioning in 2016 iirc

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