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>current happenings

the votes for lm rewards for GRT and UNI are not currently passing. what are your opinions on lm rewards for new coins? on one hand there is good press, liquidity - on the other hand there is BNT inflation.

the vBNT/BNT peg is still very low at ~0.65. yesterday mbr posted this on the gov forum in response to a request to increase the size of the pool:
>We will increase it when the fee burner is ready
which to me sounds like it's still a couple of weeks out at least.


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don't care about uni and grt, but if rook passes I'm out

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Why what's wrong with rook

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why are they voting down grt rewards?

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Staked supply near 60% again, thats quite nice

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I like ROOK but why do we need to have ROOK liquidity on Bancor? All we need is blue chips and stablecoins, yet EURS didn't even get whitelisted while sEUR isn't on Bancor at all. Be honest with me, would you really prefer to hold USD stablecoins over EUR stablecoins over the next few years?

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I don't really see the need to attract GRT liquidity at this point. Maybe when theres more of a demand for GRT.

Uni I'm conflicted. Should probably ignore UNI out right since its a competitor but on the other hand you can attract UNI users over to Bancor and steal their customers.

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Why didnt euro stablecoin pass, it seems to me a good pick considering they might be popular in the future?

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Two whales said no. Never mentioned why.

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Are you dumb?

Do you realize how much volume GRT gets?

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They just keep trying new votes on their farm shitcoins. There needs to be a penalty for introducing failed votes.

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Why wouldn't I just buy it on CB pro?

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Well, there's hardly any liquidity in it yet, but it has a lot of potential. I don't like the Euro much more than the Dollar, but it's no contest which one most people would pick if they had comparable liquidity

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>Do you realize how much volume GRT gets?
Its also a retarded shitcoin with massive price swings that fuck up the insurance.
But does have huge volume....
I dont know anon...

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Yeah and in my opinion GRT is overpriced, it being on the protocol is enough

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Which usecase has vBNT, should I dump it?

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Two people said no that's the power of decentralization

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in other news, voter engagement is very low due to the associated gas costs. iirc the team are aware of this/looking into solutions.
you need it to unlock your stake + fees stake when you want to withdraw.

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>iirc the team are aware of this/looking into solutions.
What the fuck does this even mean? Use snapshot like everyone else...

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Uh ok,thought you can just withdraw. Thx for spoon feed

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different guy. was just looking at dumping my vBNT? what do you mean i have to keep so i can unstake?

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When you stake BNT, you get vBNT from it. When you want your BNT back, you spend the vBNT you got from staking it.

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Shhould you get vBNT when staking coins other then BNT?

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No, only BNT.

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what are you waiting for?
still don’t know about fucking great Jul??
>>how dare are you? how can you use staking on Erc?
Follow top yield staking on BSC

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well... in any other situation it'd be up to 1 person so this is 100% better than that right? lol

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GRT is shit, it has no place on bancor. and of course the same with ROOK. uni might be ok

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Ummm... I think you are in the wrong thread chang
The egg and slave farming general is on page 4

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Uni would be funny as a fuckyou to Uniswap, but the token is pretty worthless.

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if uniswap is worthless then isnt bancor worthless

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>have $1mm
>exchange all for vbnt
>vote for your stupid proposal and make it pass
>exchange back

this governance system is bullshit

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One is a governance token created well after the launch of the product, the other is an integral part of the DEX and the counterparty for every single swap, so not really.

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and this is why bancor will have zero staying power.

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I'm currently staying on Celsius, shill me why I should switch to Bancor

If I'm responsible for gas fees how much active management is involved?

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The UNI token, not Uniswap itself

BNT underpins all the liquidity on the protocol, has liquidity mining rewards, allows you to access vBNT by staking it as collateral. Also the governance on bancor has problems but is nowhere close to the shitshow that is Uniswap governance.

BNT has imminent use case, UNI...UNI is a fairly high value shitcoin

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This question cant be real.
>Ether is a computer, not currency
>Bancor is currency

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no newfriend, because the BNT token is an essential part of the protocol.
there is discussion of encouraging voters going on to mitigate this
i don't think many people have a problem with any of the decisions made so far which is a good sign. we'll see what happens.

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Bought 7k of this when it was at $1. I don't know what defi or staking is. Do I just hold?

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>tfw i'm undelegating 400k GRT and the LM reward vote is going to fail
Honestly pretty stunned. One of the only tokens in history to be listed on the big 4 exchanges on day one, more than 3B volume at launch, still in the top ten for volume, and the Bancor community is saying they don't want a piece of the pie.

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>underpins all the liquidity on the protocol
genuine question, what underpins unis market then? Is bancor a useless middle man token?

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if you're still bullish on it (which u should be) stake in on the network, its not complicated and you're guaranted 100% IL protection after 100 days

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vBNT/BNT liquidity is really bad and the fees are high. You'd lose a lot of money doing that.

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More people would vote if gas fees were lower

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I know nothing about it lol. That is IL protection?

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seems like you're right, thank god
i doubt they would influence the vote much, but who knows

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*what is IL protection?

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That's because GRT is fucking stupid and will crash hard as fuck and no one wants the system to take the IL hit. You can disagree but you'll see, it'll get the biggest losses.

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It's because whales don't want to share the cake. Some LINK whale wants personal gains instead of long term good of Bancor. Once his slippage is covered by insuranxe and BNT hits decent marketprice it's sayanora.

Personally Bancor seems amazing DEX but badger types will suck it dry before it can flower.

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it means after 100 days youre at the top of the ponzi

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Eth and various stablecoins are the primary liquidity pairs on uni

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i wouldn't worry yet, there aren't many votes in and there's a lot of time left. it's still much more likely to pass than not imo.

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Do you even know what impermanent loss is?

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Comfy hold

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can someone explain Bancor on EOS and why they don't do it on a faster cheaper chain like Algorand? Are gas fees part of why Bancor has any value at all at some level?

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They did the EOS bridge way back in the day when EOS was still relevant

They're working on a bridge to Polkadot with liquidapps, should be done before DOT gets going

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I need 700 more BNTs to reach 10K, I am getting comfy

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Im hoping I can double my bnt stack to 2k by eoy
1kBNT staked 600 link staked
will probably stake my GRT when its cheaper to stake and possibly the rest of my link stack

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I staked my bnt last night, where do I see my vbnt? It's not in my wallet..

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Stay away from this absolutely useless piss of shit.

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They should be there. Go to the Vote tab and check this.

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find vBNT on bancor swap page
you can also see it on the voting page
lastly you can just add the contract to metamask and you'll see it

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I see it, thank you friendly anons

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For your own good, sell it. The pump you saw was a deflationary pump. They work untill they burst. First whale selloff and you're dead - coin wont recover for years.
A lot of other coins have staking, yield farmind etc. and will give you rewards for holding. But unilike BNT, they also have additional functionalities. BNT does not.
Due to the stupid one sided staking it may even happen, that they wont be able to afford the buyback if a whale leaves, regardless of what the smart contract asks them to do.

I mean, FFS, look at the picture in the OP. Calling this a decentralized anything is just plain false. This is enough red flag.

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the fuck are you even talking about, retard

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did you just have a stroke, son?

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holy shit your a retard

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Is you talking about yourself

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noone asked

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should I go all in on bancor or rune

down quite a bit right now due to poor luck (company I invested in was hakced) and want to make it all back

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>chasing losses

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If I were thoughtlessly chasing losses I wouldn't be asking about Bancor, I would have invested everything already

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what do i do with vBNT? Can I just swap it for more BNT?

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Yes but you need vBNT to unstake your existing BNT

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Oi Bancies gas seems cheap right now. Stake stake stake