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guys watch out for EGG or anything like EGG (TOAD / VIKING)

if you say anything bad about the project or about how the devs have been siphoning funds theyre bots come in full force

this usaully happends between 1am EST - 9am EST
EGG is going to be a slow, controlled rug and eveyrone fucking knows

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you have been warned

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OP is a larping faggot.

Let me clarify: TOAD pajeets tried to fud EGG before launching their project.

After that, EGGchads attacked TOAD.

Result: TOAD went from 32$ to 5$.

Dont fuck with EGGboys ngl

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Yeah i used to own 750 EGG but sold after I saw the dev comments

try harder u paid shill

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you never had any eggs.
but u had toad and lost all of it. rite anon?

lost 90% of portfolio, LMAOO

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Do you realise how retarded u sound? U are all falling for fucking chink scam lmao
Whatever its ur moneybags

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farming 3 eggs a day (150$)
comfy af. and you?


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i lost 20 BNB in two days, i pull out my 180 BNB so fucking quick

toad was unironically made by egg lmfaooo didnt everyone see how the dev team was sending BNB to toad and viking dev wallets

EGG cannot rug bc CZ doxxed them so now they are doing a slow controlled rug to avoid being killed - remember people have been killed for much less now imagine they run off with 150 mill and ruin BNBs rep

CCP will literally send a squad whenver CZ presses a button

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your a paid shill

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100% wrong. toad is a copy pasta from a 14 yr old.
look what he wrote.

and toad just rugpulled today.

I warned you guys.

EGG is the only safe swap right now

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damn anon are they going to make a movie out of this once the dust settles?

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lmao all i know is this:

>EGG was a developed by four eurobros
>pancake swap clone
>gained alot of traction and devs really good at tokenomics
>when MC hit 15 mil they were doxxed thru a full stack dev ops they had contracted

CZ basically said he will kill them if they do a fast rug bc BNBs rep would forever be fucked so now they are just blowing up the supply and doing a slow and controlled rug

you can literally go look at the dve wallet and track how many wallets literally hodl nothing but egg,

like what?? people are just getting sent undr 1k egg from dev team for nothing? no these are dump wallets
fuck i really needed egg to hit $150 again but this shit is a sinking ship and the rug will be complete by june with a price of around $5 an egg

my god just the past 5 days the EGG supply has almost doubled - open your fucking eyes and stop believing the dumbasses

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wow this is truly fantastic i am amazed you streetshitters dug up all this information

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if i lose $$$ on egg so be it, i dont really care but i cannot stand is fucking shills on 4chan telling people to buy this scam

i lost 5,000 on this shit so far, guess what I can afford to lose that but nothing is worse than seeing that 19 y/o need who lives in his parents basement lose that cash - its fucking sad

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You lost money on egg?
EGG has the highest APYs.

Please do a IQ-Test before buying some crypto u degen.

Stop fudding EGG, you buy high and sell low cuz you are a emotional faggot.

Better take the rope now ngl

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tfw that loser is me, except instead of egg it's toad, and fucking nigger faggots fudded and dumped the shit out of it and now I lost almost everything.
If you fudded toad and reading this, I hope your mother dies in her sleep tonight.
Fuck you

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The reality is all these Egg clones are going to die in less than a week. Egg will release their incubator farming and there will be no point to leave their platform. Exit all scam clones before then, they're going to zero.

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When the code is private the pajeets cannot just fork it

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If you fudded toad and reading this, I hope your mother chokes in her sleep tonight and you lose all your crypto.

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toad went from 32$ to 6$.
and yes I fudded toad.
its fkin dead now.

take the rope faggot

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gonna have some vacation to spend on trading now
but this niggers try to shill their fucking shitcoin
good that I join bot ocean bot and strategies
no sense to believe in this trash

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I hope you get 7 years of bad luck with everyone you hold dear stabbing you in back
do us all a favor and neck yourself

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next time if you clone egg, dont fud egg.
its like taking a pc of pizza but punching the pizzaguy.

fuck you, faggot.

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No one fudded shit you failed abortion
remember this post anon, remember me. Every time something wrong comes your way, know that it was because you were a fucking gigantic dickhead and ruined everything for no fucking reason.

I am sending huge bad energy towards you and your family. You can think it's bullshit and it doesn't work, but what you think doesn't matter now.


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hahahahaha staay mad and poor faggot

>imagine buying a egg clone copied by a 14 yr old.

nigga you deserve to be poor

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>I am sending huge bad energy towards you and your family. You can think it's bullshit and it doesn't work, but what you think doesn't matter now.
Why do I smell curry and feces

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he is praying to cows, anon

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babbys first rug pull

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Fuck India and fuck your mothers. Whiter than you nigglets and this is the first time I am pissed off this much at turbo faggots so I am doing anything I can to fuck you cunts up

it's less about losing my shit and more about why I lost my shit

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this summed up the entire BSC "ecosystem". bunch of pajeets copying each other, then turn around and bite lol

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fuck the copies.
egg is the original.

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I thought cake was the original. Egg's innovation would be the incubator if it happens

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toad will still probably easily go to 20-40$ in the next 24 hours, not like anything on BSC follows any logic when it comes to these farm tokens

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I'll send 0.5 BNB to anyone that can write a proper, readable and intelligible rundown of what happened in this goose & toad drama.

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why the fuck do you but toad when EGG is right there and better lmfao

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egg bagholders seething at a superior project
aka just a normal day

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My understanding is that egg devs know viking devs, so they drove egg's value down to give viking a boost while taking profits. Then they'll swing it back up once incubation comes out. Meanwhile fork pajeets, in this case toad, are using the opportunity to fud egg and shill their own shit.

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I was on egg and took my profits to viking.
I was on viking and took my profits to toad.
I was on toad and now I am financially ruined, because some faggots with a victim complex saw a project going up while their shitty one is going down, and assumed "it must be da ebil fudders grrrr" and fucked everything up. And now here we are.

Neither readable nor intelligible but that's my personal point view/ rundown

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every single EGG clone has pretty much mooned to 40-50$ at some point within the first day or two after launch because people will FOMO and try to get "the next egg" why isn't TOAD going to do exactly that? sure 99% of the clones will probably just die eventually but why won't this do exactly that too?

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yes but viking and egg devs know each other, it was somewhat safe, the toad shit came out of nowhere

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>Then they'll swing it back up once incubation comes out.
I hope so because I got in on this dip but it kept dipping and now I'm down 20% to IL

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Nigger there are multiple clones, toad is just one of them.
There is literally a project called Slave.Finance being shilled RIGHT NOW
Go fud that shit and leave toad alone, even though it's pointless the damage is already done

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you are a moron who fall for the toad rugpull

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EGG is good money coin printer sir sir sir
buy my bags, feed my village, sneedful

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Same reason ETH shitcoins failed after MCDC, everyone caught on to the scheme. Shitcoin blows through trends at light speed, pajeets will have to get more creative.

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kill thy self, esl nigger

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AND a yellow id?
yep, I am thinking based

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>i hate money

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desu I thought everyone caught on to high apy farming ponzis last summer and fall but I fell for it again

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fair enough I agree it will happen eventually, but don't think that's happened yet personally. I think a lot of normies still want to get the next EGG and will buy TOAD when it spreads on twitter / TOAD will still moon today because it's pretty much unknown outside of biz right now. I just have a moonbag but pretty much everything has followed this trend just get out at 50$ later today and only don't put in what you don't mind losing. just my opinon.

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back up to 9 dollars faggot - the coin isnt even 48 hours old

t. - poorfag printing >100 dollars a day

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ngmi != ngl you you stupid tourists.

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Last summer is a long time, especially in the pre vs post-GME paradigm. Tons of crypto newfags to bleed dry. Egg just has some potential as a long con.

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also what do you guys use to track prices on BSC? is there any chart/price service that isn't fucked up right now?

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Is this toad.network or the other one

There are two toads now...

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toad.farm - URL

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no one buy toad u have been warned

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It's recovering nigger
buy the dip while you still can

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everyone said that about saltswap, donut, nachoswap, lionswap, pandayield, etc. only to get burned buying into yield-farm ponzis. give me one good reason why toad won't share the same fate after it's down almost -75% from its ATH in less than a day.

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oh my god if anyone invests in this shit they are fucking retarded

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I went all in a token called toad, don't expect ration advice from me anon.
All I know is, it was fuded HEAVILY, and the faggot whales dumped their shit all over us according to the dev. I believe it will go up again. Maybe not to the ATH but it will probably go at least 2x
Still, just a hopeful wish. Do with it what you will.