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I’m suing CZ for allowing this racist shit to exist on his chain. Disgusting, this has gone too far.

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Who would win, trillions of dollars, or 10,000 stormfags

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Fucking kek

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topkek. my sides are literally gone

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Throwing $500 for the lulz

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Report Binance and CZ to the radical left immediately. Let's get them cancelled.

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holy KEK
best kek of the day

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wtf lol

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kike.finance when

>We just burned 6 million kikes right now!

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kek. incredibly based

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chinks are enslaving niggers
cry white boi

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don't ask, just do it and get rich man.

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oh no this is one of those times 4chan ends up on the news
damnit guys

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How is this racist?

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>you find out they were never burned but instead transferred to a dev wallet
>he dumps on you 50 years later
Imagine my shock

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shut the fu*ck up you racist bi*tch

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you missed the ultimate gem of this winter
you still have a chance to buy you some NIGGER, but i warn you, the price went through the roof recently
also, the project has a mysterious sponsor that confirmed something about going into wool business and staking in Q2

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inb4 cz cancels this and you nocoiners lose your life savings
hey this "CeDeFi" might not be so bad

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Fuck off racist nobody wants you here

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>1 account holds 80% of all NIGGER
yea aint touching that shit. nigger

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We don't want racists, we just want black slaves.

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I'm not racist, you slave.

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also LPs aren't burned

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>mfw stacking this

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glowies doing rug pulls now, exciting times in the world

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>>1 account holds 80% of all NIGGER
Its name? Detroit.

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just wait until people realize that you can't censor any of this

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Just like the money of everyone who invests in this shit lmao.

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crypto ends with government interference over a nazi coin going parabolic

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i lost thousands of dollars to day. thanks for lifting up my mood.

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nice, get a slave

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or 2

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Everyone talks about ecosystem
can’t remember even 1 platform with full-workable eco
and these homeless beggars try to shill with their shitpools
ok, if you are an idiot you can invest in it
I am smart really and have ENQ ecosystem and its mining

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>make jew.finance
>inform adl
>hilarity ensues

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>I’m suing CZ
Where? At the Kleros court?

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Wtf are the mods doing? Fuck if with this pol trash.

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There is another one. Get yourself some PAJEETNIGGER

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Faggot. All boards are pol territory

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Hey hey Ho Ho, racists arent welcome HERE

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Get aids pajeet kike nigger

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Top kek, burgers being nigger and kike lovers, as usual.

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Go back to plebbit peon

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Spotted the slave!

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lol are these comments serious or are you guys switching from unironically to ironically over on twitter?

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It's a new paradigm of racism!

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just roll back the blockchain

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I have a serious lockdown depression and did not smile in weeks. But this thing... this thing put my sides in orbit.
Thank you, based poster, for blessing me with CURRYNIGGER.

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Make a "partnership" with Binance

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it's technically already one lmao

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Let it be known that I don't approve of this but got myself a stack because it's going to pump.

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> Its name? Detroit.
holy shit BASED.

I'm interested in how much money he'll be able to rugpull since he holds 80% of it

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whats up with the fucking gas requirement on deposits nice code pajeet. 28000000 gas to add to the farms. im not paying 0.2 BNB in fees

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Twitter is absolutely seething, as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be already posted here. I love you guys and whoever created this, people can't take the humour, this is fucking hilarious

>> No.29859232

is this really real?
I am about to approve the contract ant thats still cheap but I won't also pay 0.2 bnb to deposit

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the farm fee might be different but the solo deposit gas fee is super high u can try it and see for yourself

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already bought bnb for the first time, since I am nu to binance smart chain
dont wanna buy more in case it is not enough

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Don't do this guys. Binance is a good company.

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rofl and bsc was supposed to be the eth killer

>> No.29859786

>Fucking reported
kek call the cyberpolice.

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Just bought 500 more slaves.

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Uh Binance Chain can be censored easily, CZ will shut it down right away if it threatens his business. It's a centralized chink chain. BSC isn't Ethereum.

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lol higher fees than on eth
gj OP

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Chinks lynch blacks and are having muslim genocide they don't care about your feelings

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so what if they list it on Ethereum

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Holy shit

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this is the obvious outcome

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It's why assualts on Chinese Americans are up so drastically the blacks in the states realize how fucked up the Chinese mentality is

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The numbers don't lie people China is the enemy no matter where you live

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4d chess by eth bois to prove that bsc is CZ´s centralized anus toy. really curious how will cz react. remeber anon, always be a jew and profit from war. also slaves tongue my ass.

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This is actually genius and a complete lose-lose for cz.
>facing nightmare PR if this goes really viral and he keeps it up
>completely invalidates BSC as any sort of dex if he takes it down

>> No.29860614

Then nobody can do shit about it I guess. Ethereum isn't a for profit business like Binance that can't be targeted and attacked.

>> No.29860634

You will never be a woman

>> No.29860673

I unironically believe >>29860571

>> No.29860724

>Chinks lynch blacks
In you dreams?

>> No.29860779

can i trade slaves on cumswap?

>> No.29860844

I don't know, I can't see anything wrong with slave finance. I mean, it's just referencing some master slave code language

>> No.29860955

No they actually do Chinese are very anti Chinese especially towards blacks they lynched some fags a few years ago as well

>> No.29860957

Seethe more and go back.

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Based actually

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this is worse than NGR token on Waves

>> No.29861398

>this is the future of france

>> No.29861402

I'm all in. Finally a coin that speaks to me

>> No.29861410

wew the digits

>> No.29861497

Based chinks and checked

>> No.29861518

*Anti non Chinese* guess I should say extremely xenophobic?

>> No.29861570

want to take a look at top GEM?
rofl, go for Binance Smart Chain and try Julswap
forget about this fucking dumped gas on Ethereum
any coins can bring you profit
>you shouldn’t be smart in trading, go for holding

>> No.29861858

Should make a Tiananmen square coin next to see if CZ tries to get it removed the ultimate chink test

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Get a load of this seething faggot.

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How do I get some slaves?

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This is the original BSC Nigggercoin.
I own 1 NIGGER.

>> No.29862440

Someone needs to make it happen
I would buy a huge stack it would be incredibly based

>> No.29862499

Trevon James thought it was hilarious
I hate that scamming faggot but thats pretty based

>> No.29862547

This is unrealistic, niggers were too lazy for slavery to pump bags.

>> No.29862550

Lmao, based coin

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lmao, fucking niggercoin.

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This is a horrible and disgusting ideas.
You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking part. Not only is this an attack on people,
whos ancestors suffered but this will only cause a speed up of cryptos demise, it's an abuse of a gift we all have been given.
A gift to make money away from the people looking for any excuse to destroy it and take it away.

Shame on all of you

On the flip side, this is going to show everyone just how much control binance has over their network,
if they are able to take this down and steal any accounts associated and funds , then everyone will know. FUNDS ARE NOT SAFU!!


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They didn't suffer they had it better than the ines who stayed or whom got abducted by the arabs the arab slave trade treated dark people worse than anyone

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>50 slaves burned

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checked and based

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No we don't want to provoke them anon

>> No.29862978

Ethereum already has numerous niggercoins

>> No.29863030

Just a quick reminder they traded their own people into slavery for guns.


>> No.29863052

link to the tweet. What happened, did CZ change the name as a joke?

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OP, that bullshit is obviously an attempt by glowniggers or general anti-crypto astroturfers to negatively impact the cryptosphere. Anyone who thinks otherwise is immensely brain damaged.

People who have been around 4chan for a decade or more have historically been casually racist, or ironically racist. Serious ideological racism (stormfag shit) started infecting other boards through the rising popularity of /pol/, and this was helped along by Weev taking up neo-Nazism to survive in prison, then doubling down when he got out (probably due to Stockholm syndrome and being raped repeatedly).

Neo-Nazis are about as dumb as niggers, and just as deceitful as kikes.

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the audacity of this fucking coin lol

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holy shit looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

>> No.29863659

missed out on niggercoin, should i buy slaves instead?

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anons accountant is going to have to ask why he invested in something called "Slave.Finance" when working out the taxable events

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True, but at least it happened on the Chinkchain, kek

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anytime you don’t worship niggers nowadays it’s racist

>> No.29864514

they’re posturing, basically interpret what they say as “look how much of a good person I am” either that or very low IQ

>> No.29864664

thisguy knows

>> No.29864767


>> No.29864809

Our timeline is dumb enough for the following events to happen:

The coin stays on the chain as a Chinese powermove, akin to the recent anal swabbing of the US administration. You know, just to show the Americans there's nothing they can do about it. Lefties and the western media are seething, calling everyone who uses any crypto a nazi, possibly banning it in some countries. A lot of nocoiners get their first crypto, just because the situation is hilarious. BNB becomes the second coin in terms of marketcap and the chain valuation rises tenfold. BTC breaks $300,000.

>> No.29865704

that pic is pretty hot ngl

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lmao at you nigger

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>> No.29865911

go back to plebbit

>> No.29865944

yes, try YOLO with ths coins that never give you profit
GSX is yr way to stable income, how can you doubt it? if you wanna to be right there for tothemoon, buy rn

>> No.29866077

Fuck off nazi

>> No.29866096

Waves delisted NGR
proves Waves is centralized

>> No.29866283

Nah I’m an oldfag and don’t give a fuck about people’s skin colour. Classic libertarian who just want to make money and be left alone n shit. That apparently makes me worse than hitler nowadays though

>> No.29866383

neck yourself faggot

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>> No.29867312

I fucking love 2021

>> No.29867339

fucking niggerlovers

>> No.29867380

spotted the tranny

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digits = truth

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>one image can rustle /pol/ so hard that they HAVE to respond

>> No.29868020

you can literally say anything to these retards and they start spitting out
like a fucked up receipt machine

>> No.29868256

This is /biz/

>> No.29868448

200IQ+ project. It will force binance to 51% their own chain.

>> No.29868533

Next time change your VPN

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File: 165 KB, 918x720, 1612856097256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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bow down faggot.

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File: 2 KB, 125x125, M#Lady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.29868881

This is fucking genius. Binance between a rock and a hard place.

>> No.29868962

just needs a taiwan coin to reveal the stupidity of trusting china for crypto.

>> No.29868968


>> No.29869007

Here we go
Tianmen Square Tanks is happening.


Let's see what CZ will do n ow.

>> No.29869092

Funny how I keep reading about increases in “Asian American” violence but they never mention the race of the perpetrators almost suggesting it’s due to whites lol

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>> No.29869289

>Reeee someone said something I didn't like
>Jannies please help

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File: 1.28 MB, 1280x720, average brit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make blacked porn edits to own the niggers
gee so based

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Imagine the seething when you make money off a name the left isn't allowed to talk about

>> No.29869674

>coin can be minted by creator en masse

not dropping a fucking DIME into your rugpull nigger

airdrop me a tank or fuck off

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This could shape up to become one of the biggest and most hilarious shitshows in crypto. Any bets on how CZ will respond?

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Um hello, is this the based department? Yeah you're gonna want to see this,

>> No.29871243

Unironically this. It's like all the faggots over at /pol/ cross posting on /biz/ and I fucking hate it. Has /biz/ always been this shit Or did pol fags flood this board because of the bullrun?

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>> No.29872407

based bugs

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>> No.29872516

/biz/ has always been a /pol/ony board

>> No.29872620

An Eth dev made this.

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>> No.29872712

fucking kys you pathetic whiney bitch.

>> No.29872739

You guys are fucking geniuses, killing an ETH killer.

>> No.29872795

This is dumb fud, they can do the same thing on eth / bitcoin (IDK why they haven't) and nobody could stop it lul. I hope BSC bulls are going to strike back

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You retards laugh but this is the type of shit that will make crypto fail before it has a chance to prove it's worth.

>> No.29872883

If people make ETH NFT porn is that vitalik's fault / does he have to roll back? yall idiots starting a whole new can of worms

>> No.29872903

Pick one.

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>> No.29872956

fucking $1k
purchase and lost on trading
what a retard, now he weeps on every /biz/ thread
don’t give him money
I suggested him to use fucking fantastic justliquidity and hold gem juld but looks like he is too stupid to realize this

>> No.29872979
File: 1.63 MB, 500x281, laugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29873107

As a lifelong southerner, I'd just like to mention how much I hate the fact that sjws and niggers have culturally appropriated what used to be a good and honest word.

>> No.29873243

This is exactly why Dex and decentralized crypto in general is the future and why globohomo wants to shut it down.

>> No.29873277


>> No.29873288

dude, you own 3k USD, it would be nice for you to invest everything into one coin, and not be sprayed on small stuff

> listen to this shillers on / biz / and buy fuckcoin
> lose everything all in once

And now way to do a trully PROFIT:
> get GSX and hold
10x is available soon. Easy!

>> No.29873415

How do I invest? This could be big

>> No.29873539


Normies don't know the difference between BSC and crypto you absolute mongoloid.
This is actually so fucking bad, not because of the race shit, but because crypto can't completely stand on it's own two legs yet.
Imagine making a case for crypto to be adopted by governments while this shit is plastered everywhere, fucking ingrates.

>> No.29873609

/pol/ is 4chan, retard

>> No.29873628

>This is actually so fucking bad
No, that's the point of crypto/decentralization
>you absolute mongoloid

>> No.29873630

>chasing or shilling racist shitcoins that are blatant rugpulls
Can /biz/ stoop any lower

>> No.29873637

Get of my fucking board...

>> No.29873658

I'm pretty sure CZ hasn't set foot in China in decades

>> No.29873858

I came here after the GME. I didn't expect people here to be unironically racist. Racism is really bad because people around me say it's really bad and were all equal. Equality is good guys.Pls guys lets not be racist anymore and make money.

>> No.29873914

Always been this way. Cant be /biz/ if you arent aware of the jewish question.

>> No.29873928

that piper perri scene is so hot though

>> No.29874009

no wonder bbcs are ruining asian chicks in my uni kek

>> No.29874077

Upvoted & gilded.

>> No.29874129

Reporting capital gains and losses to the IRS will be enjoyable.

>> No.29874145


>> No.29874203

the bots are fucked up. wrong board you retarded niggers

>> No.29874270

Does Vitalik have a legally murky, private for profit business behind his chain? Binance Smart Chain carries the Binance brand name. So technically this is going to put heat on Binance for not removing it from his centralized Chink Chain. Ethereum is a nonprofit, Binance is centralized garbage.

>> No.29874344

Somebody create toss.finance on Binance Chain...toss fags and LGBT freaks off of buildings. also oven.finace for the juden.

>> No.29874428

If the same coin was made on eth wouldn't the eth maxis have a problem with it...the same ones saying this is bullish for eth.

>> No.29874433


>> No.29874564

>Imagine making a case for crypto to be adopted by governments

>> No.29874629

>Equality is good guys
Uhh sweetie, that is white supremacist terminology. We are after _equity_ not equality.

>> No.29874650


>> No.29874733

Everyone is racist, especially you jews that hate all goy.

>> No.29874767

lmfao take meds and buy Monero

>> No.29874770

Is this true? I've often wondered.

>> No.29874788

Yes newfag, now take your nigger ass back to plebbit.

>> No.29874822

I can buy him and stake him instead? Work smarter, not harder.

>> No.29874837

CCP can still put out chinese agents

>> No.29874890

dis u nigga?

>> No.29874940
File: 1.47 MB, 2736x2167, 1600147700988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this took like five minutes for someone to create
and they get to be rich and provoke endless amounts of butthurt at the same time

>> No.29874949

Can ChainzzzzzLink connect them to real life work?

>> No.29874987

FUCK you got me

>> No.29875008

>Uses the wrong number of ">"
Fuck me you need to go back

>> No.29875015
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that word is banned on twitter, how will you advertise it?

>> No.29875018

So how do we buy the fuck out of this.

>> No.29875086

>6,000,000 of 500,000 max supply circulated
If you get it, you get it.........

>> No.29875152

It's fun you tranny faggot

>> No.29875267

Just open a coke and can of popc... worms and have fun.

>> No.29875415
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Cz is an unironic fascist. He was exiled, or rather ran away

>> No.29875505

go back

>> No.29875542


Typo u idiot

>> No.29875559

They are racist/fascist in general, just look what's happening to muslims in Chinkland, esp. Uighurs and who cares...

>> No.29875597

Well there is CP on bitcoin and ETH. I wonder if someone put it on BSC, if Binance would be liable.

>> No.29875814

Its YOUR fault faggot, ever since you retards started overrunning pol with your faggotry, and since you fags are obvious nocoiners, they come to shitpost here now. Do us all a favor and GO BACK!

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