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>$10000 for a routine surgery after insurance, not even including the bill for the anasthesia
how would a normie with shit income, a car, a house, a family, and no savings even be able to handle this?
in what world is a private, for-profit medical industry NOT a scam?

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>he's starting to wake up

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>$30,0000 for a routine surgery
>load NEET.exe
>$30,0000 taxpayer money for a routine surgery

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my mother has cancer and we literally needed a GoFundMe for surgery, my parents are in their 60's.

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just don't pay, fucks your credit but only for 7 years

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sorry fren, need that number to stay up just a little longer so i can buy some land

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literally dont pay; almost nobody gives a fuck since shitskins never pay anyway.
I had a friend with 30k in bills and didnt pay. He still had a 720 credit score a year and a half later

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Land of tha free

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>being american unironically

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this works until you have debt collectors harassing you constantly

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Medical debt us largely ignored.
They legally cannot harass you. The rules of engagement are quite strict and they could easily fuck themselves.

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Block their numbers, who cares. They literally can do nothing but beg you to pay the debt they bought.

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I was under the impression they would fuck my credit and possibly come take my shit to sell it. I guess someone told me scary stories?

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credit scores are a meme, i had an 840 at one point and my mortgage apr was like .025 % different from a 640
as long as you're above 600 you're fine

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They can only take stuff that collateralizes your debt e.g. your car you're not paying payments on. For a medical bill there will be no collateral they can take.

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you can also think of credit scores as a type of capital you can spend, there really is nothing worth having 800 good goy points

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>inb4 they stuff my soggy, pustulent appendix back into my guts

realistically how much of a hit could I expect if my score is in the low 700s already?

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an immediate hit of about 100 once it goes to collections and they hit your credit, but then it creeps up, you can also dispute the debt and if they don't have proper records they can't do shit

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they will try to scare you but ultimately will do nothing

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the idea that we have a privatized medical industry is just wrong, government is massively involved in every aspect of healthcare. if you look at how involved government was in 1900 and the prices then, you'd see a direct correlation upwards.

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>XX id
You will never be a woman

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thanks anons. I started this thread just to complain but after thinking about it I can probably delay it getting to collections for a while/dispute the debt (at least until I can get some property and maybe a car), then just get comfy and block their number.
the worst financial decision of my life was entering into a contract with a collections agency when I was unemployed, impoverished, and didn't know any better. fuck giving them another cent.

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how do I dispute? Just tell collections that I dispute the debt? Do I need to get a lawyer involved? Do I just say that I don't have the money? I don't really know how this part works.

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exactly, also, once it has hit your credit, your credit is already fucked, so there is no incentive to pay the collections agency
once i got a debt collection letter i wrote disputed across the top and mailed it back to them, you can also dispute it through the various credit score agencies but i don't know how effective that is, no lawyer is needed

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>say you cant pay, you dont have enough money
>hospital takes you to court
>nothing happens
even the "rich" do this

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based. you just saved me a lot of money, anon. thank you.

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It wouldn't cost 30k then, silly
The excess is only because of artificial mark-up, not inherent costs of the operations

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Routine surgery.... routine....

The fact that we refer to any surgery involving anesthesia as routine shows how skewed peoples’ perspective of healthcare has gotten. Any surgery where they put you under used to be considered a major event, and carried major cost. Now we just expect that for free.
> how would a normie with shit income, a car, a house, a family, and no savings even be able to handle this?

The answer is they didn’t. 50+ years ago people often couldn’t afford to have surgeries and just dealt with chronic issues or died.

Also, my high deductible plan has an individual out of pocket max of around $7k. How the hell are you getting a $10k bill after insurance?

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no dude, routine surgery is routine because of the advances in medical technology and the economic incentives making the industry mad burgerbucks

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High risk, high reward. The average American might be worse off than the average Euro country (and some Asian countries), but the top 5% of Americans are significantly better off than the top 5% of Euros. "Land of opportunity" is unironically true.

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Wrong. They cant take your car if you only have one. Vehicles are even exempt in bankruptcy. Funny how vehicles are a necessity when it comes to debt but a privilege when and can be revoked for not paying a traffic ticket.

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Yeah, maybe, but at least life is somewhat cozy in any situation for Euro countries.

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>get some retarded medical bills
>don't pay
>2 years later informed they were written off by charity and payed


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appendectomies are like definitionally a routine surgery they're so fucking common, and laparoscopy makes them really safe too. technology advances and things that used to be major become common. see: that high-end computer you have in your pocket.

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Well i just go through with it anyways then once the bills come in I just Kobe them into the trash

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Settle for cash, I was told by a friend who deals with doctors you can settle on a cash in hand price and cut out all the insurance and shit.

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>artificial markup is actually SOLVED by government intervention

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in a socialist system provision of healthcare is the placebo and the where the concept is all but an illusion.

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can you repeat that in English?

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No, or would cost 300k.

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In a socialist system, provision of healthcare is the placebo. The concept is all but an illusion. You have no ability to choose/change provider. It is not free.