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Time to help all my 70 iq NEET brothers out there.
Many people are wondering why the coins with the shittiest fundamentals are mooning left and right, while coins with great fundamentals flounder (Eth/Link)
Heres why:
The market works in cycles. Right now there is a huge influx of normies into the space, led by Elon, King of the Normies.
These normies will buy whatever garbage is shilled to them because they have likely never even used basic functions of a blockchain.
Market makers have accumulated huge lines of shitcoins such as ADA around 1-2 cents per token.
Now they want to distribute as many tokens as possible at as high of a price as possible. Big normie influx = the perfect opportunity.
They start to mark up the price (pump) and start the narrative that directs normies into buying these shitcoins.
1) Eth is dying! Too expensive! Pedo coin! etc.
2) Normies don't understand market cap, they love cheap coins because they think buying a cardano for 1$ is a steal and it can hit 2k$ like Eth
So this is why we have the shittiest coins pumping right now. No one with two brain cells to rub together is buying ada at 150x mark up. Only braindead normies, and this is seen by the normies talking about cardano's fundamentals when they have most likely never made a transaction on the blockchain, or any blockchain.

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So now you understand why these types of coins are pumping right now, but you might be wondering, well why aren't the higher tier coins pumping then too?
The answer is very simple. Players are still accumulating at these prices so they have no desire to mark it up. They wan't to keep it low, and keep channeling all the dumb money into the shitcoins that are marked up 100-150x that they have millions and millions of to dump.
Every dollar that goes into Eth or Link is a dollar not going into buying their 100x marked up vaporware coins.
Keeping the price of Eth/Link low has multiple benefits besides keeping dumb money/normies away from it.
It also leads to weaker hands selling their bags to stronger hands that have more conviction. The weak hands sell at these low prices to chase the pump on projects that are already marked up. This allows for smart players to accumulate bigger lines of the coins with higher fundamental value, while also shaking out the weak hands so that in the long run, the mark up can be that much stronger as the only players left holding will be ones with stronger conviction in the coin. If you have managed to hold link while it crabs and other coins do 20x then you are not likely to dump it for a 2x or 3x, you must understand the fundamentals to have such strong conviction. This makes mark up phase a lot easier for the market makers as there is less selling on the way up.

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This entire phase is necessary to be able to have the type of pumps we want to see. It may be painful in the short term but people with high time preference never make it in any area of life. We can't have every normie already holding the big three because we need them to be FOMOing in at the local top.
Notice how every single normie wants to buy anything BUT btc/eth/link
this is a fantastic sign and anyone who has been in the space for a year knows that this is a great sign for these three coins.
In other words. Trust the plan. Once the buying pressure on ADA starts to slow the price will be marked down extremely quickly (rug pulled) and then we will start to see the real blue chips alts aka Eth/Link start to be marked up VERY aggressively. This mark up will be AGGRESSIVE because it wont be market makers scamming normies it will be market makers/whale groups trying to price each other out. There will be extreme volatility at times but this is because different groups will be battling each other.
Groups that are done accumulating will want to mark it up so that other groups are buying in higher (leaving them to carry less of the total supply and thus have less power overall)
Groups that still want to accumulate will spend a lot of resources shorting on margin/dumping BTC to keep the prices down. This is why Once in awhile you see Link get an insane pump while everything is dumping
It is whale groups looking to price each other out or cause squeezes of the enemy's short lines.
Remember there are no rules to war. Those who stand by their convictions will reap the rewards.

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Hey you stole my Pepe. This is the 95% IQ anon who was an engineer.

Good news is i stopped smoking crack

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I know its a lot to read but I am giving you guys some very valuable information. Whales will make 98% of the profits in this bull run. They know how to use human psychology to their advantage. I am on the front lines every day for 18 hours a day fighting these battles.
I want you guys to make it. I want you guys to capture some of the wealth flowing into crypto ecosystem.
I see many Link marines are very low on morale and it's for good reason. The market makers want you to feel this way so you sell and fomo into shitcoins, It is all calculated. Don't fall prey to their mind games

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ho wise anon, is link going to dip deeper? i want to buy some but i wonder if it will test 10$ again

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based. smoking crack no good for the brain. If you want amphetamines stick to orally ingested speed

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So buy and HODL LINK? Didnt it already x1000?

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great thread op. any opinion on when we can expect ADA to dump?

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ADA rug pull when?

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ADA is the new ETH

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No one can tell you the answer to this with 100% certainty.
Lets look at the facts
Most recently Link made a higher low as BTC made its lower low on the move down
This tells us that there is capital moving from BTC into link, Slowly, but it is occurring.
Also we have a very important level where we bounced with conviction (20-21$ range.) This level is important because it is our previous ATH.
We also look at the volume on the recent push down vs the push that made it to 20$ and the volume was way lower. This means supply is drying up in this sub 30$ range.
In my opinion it looks like we are slowly moving up from here. Although the market makers may do one last aggressive push down to act as a shakeout/clear out leverage/weak hands before taking it up again. However this is not guaranteed.
So overall if you are just looking to accumulate spot positions I would recommend dollar cost averaging, but either place some limit order on the way down to 20 or be on call if an aggressive dump starts happening
I think the only way we would see link below 20$ again is if the legacy markets have a big crash.
Pretty much. Now is the time to start taking big profits from the eth killer coins such as Dot/Ada/BNB etc. and funneling those into the stronger coins.
Do it little by little if you'd like but basically the moral of the story is that you want to follow the whales, not follow the normies. When normies are all saying ADA is going to change the world and go to 1 trillion market cap after it just ran up from 16 cents to 1.50 smart players are selling not buying.

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Been with bitcoin since 2008. Bought my first 100 bitcoin for 70€.

Holding now only ada.

Lads, this is what cope looks like.

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Go pay your gas fees eth bagholder. Youre chained to this rock now. Maybe you can fud a vulture and he wont peck out your eyes lamo

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man heat was such a great movie

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Thank you anon. That confirms what I thought already. Will I make it with 4000 LINK?
And what is the price target for this run?
My estimate would be $250

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It won't dump until the buying pressure from normies starts to fall off. Think of it like this.
The smarter players are slowly trickling off their positions all the way up, but not dumping it too hard. The normie buying pressure > The smart money dumping pressure
so the price continues to float upwards
We can expect the price to mark down when the selling pressure > buying pressure
As long as there is lots of buying pressure they whales wont dump it too hard because they have incentive to keep it high as long as possible.
Although as the buying pressure wanes whales will start to get more aggressive with their sell offs because they want to get rid of their coins before the price marks down.
Also you have other players who already sold their coins see the buying pressure is slowing so they will start to open short positions on the bounces as well. Once the sellers take control like that the mark down is usually pretty swift.

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Hey Big Brain OP,

pls explain to a slow learner how you estimate possible price by market cap / coin volume

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What's going to happen to LINK if ETH "dies"?

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Look at this extreme cope ta. "the price wont fall until volume drops off" "the whales are manipulating the market by scalping the 1w chart instead of the 1m chart"

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Uh oh guys, the jews are replacing the sam hyde eth coins in our bags with niggers. What do?? Anyone wanna buy an asic?

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Opinion on rubic?

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no cope here frens. I got in ADA early and got out with my 10-12x profits.
Heres some sample buys for you. Smart money is not accumulating at these levels I can assure you of that. This market is not that complicated and if you truly think ADA is going to keep pumping, then place your bets for that is your right in this free market.
If you have the right mindset you can surely make it. Making it isn't hitting an arbitrary portfolio value. Making it is a mindset. Always spend your time wisely, never stop learning, and keep an open mind to new ideas.
Neither of those matter that much except for the higher the market cap the more buying pressure it takes to sustain the price at that market cap. It's all about money flowing in as long as money buying > money flowing out (selling) the price will continue to rise.
It's just the higher the market cap the more buying pressure it takes to sustain the price.

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How can a brainlet like me keep track of the whales?

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Wow, a professional with something to prove. Its not too late anon. You could sell your eff and still do ok.

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how are you measuring your 3rd point?

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Follow the price action. Think like a whale. Think who is taking the other side of your trades.
For example right now if you are buying eth or link from someone selling, what are they thinking? "Man these coins suck Eth is gonna die I'm selling off for this coin it pumps like crazy!"
So you are buying the bags of weak hands.
Now think right now if you are buying a bag of ADA or Doge at this level who is on the other side of that trade? "Yeah I bought these ADA for under 10 cents and the chain has no actual users only promises and hype so I think i'll sell for 10-15x profit and get out"
So you are buying bags of smart money exiting with their profit.
When I started to think about the market like this I started to understand how it works a lot better...
Nothing to prove anon. I'm just stating the facts here and trying to help my fellow anons out. You can choose to ignore and leave the thread if you think I'm talking out of my ass. Although the fact that you are still here replying shows that you are interested in what I have to say.
Volume and price action.
Big volume, Big price movement? = lots of interest with conviction
Big volume, Price is stable? = Lots of buyers or sellers absorbing the volume a top or bottom is forming
What you want to watch out for is when the volume is shrinking.
If the price is going up on shrinking volume after a big mark up then that means demand is exhausted and mark down is incoming to find new demand

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Thank you for your posts, fren. It's pretty frustrating to look at all those shitcoins getting pumped like crazy, while you hold btc, eth and link and they only bleed.

How did you figure out that ada was going to pump like that? In your opinion, what are the next coins that gonna repeat that? Don't tell me it's doge, because I will fucking hate this market and normies.

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Man you are going too deep, you take your logical assumptions as facts. It does make sense but ADA is far from bubble material at this point. Big players have just bought. There's a cult around the CEO. Musky Elon is gonna make a post and it will boom, then I will sell the next day. Am I wrong here? How do you know BTC/ETH are not just outdated and lost their hype? How do you know whales aren't selling too?

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Thanks big brain OP

You maybe saved my village sir

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big brain autistic op is right. The dumps are being absorbed like nothing I've seen before

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Just have to be patient. Chasing pumps in a bull run is a dangerous game. I collected some ADA because there seems to be a trend where eth killers all pump together. I'm guessing that this is when lots of new money is coming into the space as they think they are "buying the next Eth for cheap"
It's a tale as old as time. They are buying into a narrative.
No one can know exactly what coins will pump at what time. That's why its important to just accumulate coins when they are cheap and under the radar. Or if you don't want to gamble on shitcoin pumps just stack coins with tried and true value (user base/network = value in crypto)
ADA could go higher, of course it is possible. This is all a game of odds. All I know is that the network has 0 users so it has 0 value. There are only promises. Smart people don't hold based on promises and hype. Also you are saying that I am making assumptions, but then you are assuming Elon Musk is going to post about ADA? Cmon now bud.
As for how I know ETH isn't outdated? Just look at any metrics of the network? You realize that super high gas fees are due to SUPER HIGH USAGE of the network
seriously man take a step back and look at it from a neutral point of view instead of looking at it from the view of an ADA bagholder.
Hey ADA could go to 1 trillion market cap, right? But something tells me the whales who accumulated for 2-15 cents cents last year may want to sell after it did 100x and the pump is purely based on hype.... just my guess. Coins that pump hard purely based on hype will dump just as quickly as the hype fades.
But who am I to say maybe whales don't mind a 60% drawdown because they can stake their ADA for 5% APR KEK

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thank you anon.

so what's on your watchlist

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Nothing, because link is blockchain agnostic meaning it can and already does work on other chains.

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not a sikh i swear

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>coins which have 20xed in the past few months are in accumulation
no, accumulation was 10k btc and $200 eth. you are the dumb money now.

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yep, share with us your gems except link and eth

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the fact that everyone wants gems besides link/eth should tell you something

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r u makingtrying to talk about the revenue of erc20 tokens? checked gas? such abnormal fees against Apollo's own blockchain, you suckers

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understood, ty anon

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Good thread!
What's your opinion on BTC and its current state? When do you see it going from here? What do you think of taproot arguably getting activated in June/July?

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this, whats the rundown on GRT?

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Nice thread OP
Unironically people think hype pumps are the way
I took some profits after my ADA did a 15x
I will be called a retarded weak hand faggot

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Thanks op, very interesting thoughts. Can i ask your opijion on YLD.app? (blue icon) it have a working app, whitepaper, actual team, real VC. And it is not yet pumped and extremely under radar atm, can you please look at it and tell what you think?