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how much on a 30 days prediction?

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If Uniswap v3 comes out: $1,000
if it doesn't: $2,500+

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if v3 comes out this year it will not come out until eoy. There have not really been any clear announcements about it, and even the L2 idea is speculation right now. So I think 2500 is basically guaranteed.

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idk, most people are speculating on March, so I'm thinking April-May personally

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If that's the case, uni is boned.
No way investors will wait and pay $40 fees per tx

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I've heard the earliest to expect it is Q3. Either way this product already does everything that V3 is expected to achieve, so there almost isn't a point.

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Whats suicide and make it? 5/20?

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I think suicide/make it is 10/40.
I honestly think when this starts gaining some pick up, this could hit 10k/coin. (maybe eoy)
Remember, the max supply is 1 Million, so if we get half of the uniswap status (30% of coins distrubted, 1.8 bil mcap) that would give us 300k coins in circulation and an mcap of 900 mil. i.e. the price would be 3,000

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What would that mean for Matic?

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Supplying to matic/quick pool. Comfy af.

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WTF how? what's so much better about quick/matic compared to loopring?

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V3 is still $5 per tx, and in the next bull back to $50. Garbage

Quickswap is the only way for the forseable future sitting at only 70 million Marketcap. x100 just to reach 7 Billion

Easiest x20 - x30

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Looks like it is crabbing around 527. Why do you expect this to be 700 EOD

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crabbing after a big rise, showing support levels at 520. The only resistance we have before price discovery mode is static resistance at our current price range. If we break this resistance, nothing is going to stop us

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Looking into this. Saw it posted for the past few days. While I DMOR redpill me on what is going to be announced in order for us to break resistance.

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can someone handhold me in connecting my metamask to quick. I read the documentation but my brain is a bit too smooth to understand it.

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>add the custom network to metamask
>go to matic web wallet
>connect metamask
>send ETH to the matic wallet

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1_connect Metamask to Matic (see image)
2_ go to Matic wallet and transfer funds from eth main net to matic network:
3_ once your money in on matic you can go to the eschange and buy the coins you want

enjoy almost 0 fees.

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and be ready to switch networks when needed (follow the instructions on the pop ups, after a bit of practice will become easier)>>29848586

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oh! and put a few matic on your wallet( 1 or 3 can last you forever) to pay the transaction fees when you buy and sell.

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wow, that was actually easy.
thanks guys

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this but yeah you literally need like 3 matic. The gas fee is like 1/10,000 of a matic (and each matic is about 20c rn)

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You dont even need to buy matic. When you connect your metamask to matic via wallet.matic.network bridge, you get 1 free matic which is a thousand trades

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Can I just buy Matic on Binance and transfer it to metamask on the binance network without having to go through the bridge?

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.1 matic actually.

If I bought quick on uniswap can i bridge it over to the matic network?

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0,1 Matic which is ONLY 100 trades akshually

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You can't transfer from Binance to Layer 2 directly if that's what you mean. If you just want to hold, keep it @ Binance. If you want to stake, move to Ethereum mainnet. If you want to pool and trade, move it to Ethereum mainnet first and then bridge it to Matic mainnet. I heard that Matic plasma transfers are instant but don't quote me on this.

Yes, just copy paste the address code into the bridge and use PoS instead of Plasma. Takes 10 mins.

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but there arent many coins that are listed on quickswap yet though?

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I wanted to buy QUICK, but sadly Binance doesn't have it listed so I'd have to go through the ethereum part which sucks ass.

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if you send matic from an exchange to your wallet you are sending to Eth main net.
But do what the anon said here >>29849004
didn't know that. and that 1 matic will get you going for a long while

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bro dont you lose more on impermanent loss with the price going hectic right now??? How are the gains?

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tons of new listings coming soon.

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>if you send matic from an exchange to your wallet you are sending to Eth main net.
>But do what the anon said here >>29849004
what is this?

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>10k a coin

Thats a 10 billion market cap bud, you are being a bit too ambitious

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how can I go from bnb on the BSC to matic?

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Circulating supply is 150k and increasing by 1k every day, give or take. 10k by the end of March would give us a 1.8B mcap. Not entirely impossible.

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Currently supplying 17k on the pair and I generate .22 quick a day.

I do lose a bit with impermanent loss but I think quick/matic ratio will stay relatively stable. I also make quick on top of that will off set plenty of potential losses.

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>Literally pajeet coin

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oh? where do u see this current circulating supply? Mb didnt realize

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They added 20 in the past week.

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1M total supply minus the top wallet = circulating supply

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Quick 70million Mc
65000 tx per second
take 2 seconds to confirm
$0.0035 per trade
You can actually swing trade on Quick
Not leaving Eth ecosystem, no offense to BSC

Uniswap 7000million Mc
$40 - $180 per tx, if you do it 5000 times over they essentially robbed you of a Lambo
-15 tx per second
-confirm around 15 seconds to never! robbing you again without completing tx
-You have to think twice before making any moves, which ultimately cost you thousands
-V3 is "potentially" two, three months away. Even that it only saves 90% of tx (still $4 - $18, by the time adoption comes, we're back to $200 tx per trade again), the speed and confirmation doesn't change much

1. You are still early, by the time you see $2000 per Quick. You may be a little late

2. Look at Coingecko, they literally added Matic Network address under most ERC20 coins. which is huge

3. Imagine CEX like Binance, HitBtc, Ftx, Hotbit, Bitmex, Bittrex to support Matic Network when depositing or withdrawing. When this happen you are not going to see Quick at $2000 ever. 1 - 3 Billion mc

4. Very conservatively this is a 200million mc coins which is $1600, by the rate that TVL is increasing by the day this will go $5000 in a few weeks

5. They are starting new round of Liquidity mining in under 24 hours, so you better hurry up and earn those free coins

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I have 20k of BNB in my metamask address, I want to purchase QUICK.

Can someone give me a guide? I'm helping push the price

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Pajeet coin like Frontier, Ponds still did like x10. What are you going to do about it? Build a wall around yourself ? kek
x20 at least

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aww nono, maybe sell BNB to USDT, move it to Eth network then move it to Matic using POS Matic bridge

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the only coin that can pull that one is DB DarkBuild
10K supply 5 mill market cap, only 100 mill market cap and you have 10K per coin

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Ive explained here:
read the rest of the comments too there are good tips there

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Okay got some QUICK.

How do I do this liquidity mining stuff.

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Have you used Uniswap?
Have you used Quickswap?

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What does DARK do?

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LP with a token of your choosing and then stake here. You have to calculate APY yourself tho

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What would you reccomend for a total newfag?
Quick-ETH? I have both in Metamask.

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QUICK - MATIC is the best pair for safeguarding against impermanent loss that still exposes you to QUICK.
QUICK - ETH if you're long term bullish on ETH and don't mind accumulating ETH as QUICK moons.
QUICK - stkGHST might be good since Aavegotchi is coming out in a few days, but if you're a newfag I'd avoid since it's a bit more complicated.

You can also just hodl and not expose yourself to impermanent loss at all. In any case, you have to unstake before 19:00 CET tomorrow when new pools launch. These three pools will prolly still be around though.

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you have to have them in Matic wallet, read here >>29848586

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Thanks anon. I may not fuck around with the pools for now and will just hold my QUICK

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Yeah, me too, I dont really understand this concept of impermanent loss

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too long to explain, is like swiss army knife
upcoming dex, two stable coins (one with rebase), NFts, Sas liquidity, pools and rewards.
The devs hang on discord and answer questions.

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When you transfer to the matic network and have wrapped ether, how do you convert that to matic or quick? Since it says for the swap to occur I need matic already

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Use the PoS bridge and move regular unwrapped ETH. You get 0.1 free MATIC for connecting to https://wallet.matic.network/, if it doesn't work post your address and someone here can send you some

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this anon said here that you can get one free matic this way:

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dont post your address is not allowed on this board

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what about a cuttie flight from world earth when the GSX does 10x ??
doDO NOT waste your time on erc20 tokens, if you need money - join GSX and earn $$$

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tell that to the 300 reply BSC scam airdrop threads

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Ahh okay, I just logged out and logged back in and now i have .2, thanks anon

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Everything? What isn't

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Aight thanks have seen it mentioned in QUICK threads before but never looked into it

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Question is - how this will affect Matic price? Currently at 435 sats.

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Just went from LTC > ETH > MATIC network > WETH > QUICK.

literally less then a cent for a transaction fee on QuickSwap. I'm sold so far.

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>tfw waiting for the Matic Bridge to bring my Quick to their mainnet


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this is what i get for tethering

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You the anon who was hoping to buy back at 280-290?

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One more stupid question.

Let's say I want to head back to the Ethereum mainnet for coins there. Ride QUICK for a while, then head back to Uni for a bit.

Without talking about fees I am assuming that wETH would be the easiest thing to transfer on Matic bridge?

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I have some cash in both networks, wont be a good idea to keep moving between networks constantly because ETH main net fees are high.

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if uniswap v3 comes out, $10,000

if it doesn't, $30,000

mark my words guys