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>more risk than opportunity
Risk is opportunity. Live on the edge, coward

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My dad has huge knockers

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I've never seen so much FUD in all my days as has come out in recent weeks. They are absolutely shitting themselves and rightly so because the treasonous cunts are likely to get the rope.

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Why does he call himself Cassandra?

Also he's not wrong. BTC is going to crash hard as fuck after it reaches at last 100k or so. BTC is also a shitcoin that offers no real value besides hodl which isn't valuable at all.

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I love Christian Bale

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I wish retards like Burry and Elon would just shut the fuck up about crypto until I've made it jesus christ

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Any of yall know a good place for some fishing supplies around central alabama?

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Based master tonbobo

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Burry is a newfag. He thinks this is new he wasn't around in 2017

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What fucking based

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Congratulations on getting out of the house, anon.

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He's an old fud now.
You've had you're time old man but now you're washed up and it's time to let the young bucks rut

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literally who?
opinion discarded

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soo bitcoin is dead? again?

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This guy is an absolute retard. All of these gurus are wrong 9/10 times, but their retard cult followers only care about that one time he was right

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>if you do not know how much leverage is involved in the run-up, you may not know enough to own it
eh, he might have a point here. I kind of hope btc gets flipped though, it will be healthier for the crypto world as a whole if everything doesn't just follow bitcoin's price movements blindly

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He's just mad at memes because he sold all his GME at 14 after stacking it forever and missed the entire meme run up. He's also a nocoiner and missed the entire meme halving run up till now. Saddest thing is he doesn't realize we still have another 10x to go in bitcoin price before the final blow off top. We take gold this cycle.

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Yeah, I've said the same thing several times on this very board. Am I a genius now?

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I dont even think that's the real MJB

But also I don't think most people understand what cryptocurrencies allow people to do. Everyone thinks so superficial. Cryptocurrencies aren't even that useful for the average consumer. Monetary networks are something that has never been possible. There's never been a way to aggregate yields handle massive amounts of value in a single location. If you think banks won't be fomoing into this when they understand DeFI then you just don't get it. Not needing a physical location and to physically move cash from institution to institution is ironically, massive. I don't know where that puts the value at, but it's going to be used nevertheless

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Time for these dinosaurs to go extinct.

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well, duh

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Yes, and also EV and meme stocks (GME)

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What about in 2017? Does this dumb nigger know anything about bitcoins past dumps?

All this FUD, especially as of late, only makes me more bullish. Old men used to the traditional markets trying to explain the crypto market is infuriating.

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incredibly bullish, considering houses are now worth a fortune and dotcom didn't do jack shit in the long term

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He's right about a lot but not this.

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The standing joke is Michael Burry successfully predicted 10 of the last 2 crashes.

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cassandra is a character in greek myth who was cursed to utter correct prophecies that no one believed.

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KEK You're like those people that mock peter schiff and saying like they own 4 houses

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Brainlet take. Bitcoin getting flipped is the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen to the crypto markets, if it ever does you need to get out asap because everything is about to crash

The ecosystem needs something stable that lasts over time or the critics were right that its all just speculation after all and nothing has any staying power

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Cassandra was a Greek priestess who was cursed with prophecies but nobody would ever believe her. This guy is a loser who had one right call and he thinks he’s gods gift to finance.

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but everything is speculative and doesn't really have staying power. Single entities arent just supposed to be the largest forever just because they were there first. This is anticompetitive and stifles innovation

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>if you do not know how much leverage is involved in the runup
how does one acquire such knowledge?

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no shit retard. everyone here knows this shit is gonna crash. we're gonna be the ones dumping on the fomoing normies and boomers

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What a fucking faggot

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He bought gamestop at $4 and dumped bags on redditors. So at least 2 massively correct calls. I wouldn't bet against him.

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> If you do not know how much leverage was involved in the run up ...

What did he mean by this?

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I think he's probably right about hyperinflation. Idk about crypto price collapsing. What does he say about PMs?

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his fund made like 50% returns on average for a decade or some shit before he called the housing market crash

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being a insider

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If this fucking autist is so sure about it why doesnt he short it like the housing market? Because hes a pussy thats why

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stop talking like a nigger anon, btc is the gateway for money into this space anon
it has survived the test of time for long enough that big money has finally considered getting in
hold your bitcoin through the final bitcoin supercycle as you watch it swallow so much value in the next 3 upcoming years, then when btc goes so high that every halving becomes priced in before it even happens, diversify into alts which will be the 2nd alley of speculation for smart big money, no fucking boomer is buying cardano or xlm yet anon

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What word don't you understand?
He is saying people are borrowing money to buy BTC either on margin or personal loans.
Holy brainlet

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He's trans

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>implying he didn't already

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But we already know we’d see a 2018 esque crash

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TESLA was an obvious bubble as well for the LONGEST time but it didn't matter. Until everything crashes hard, bubbles don't matter as much. Fundamentals are borked right now.

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No you just have a pulse. Most of us know he’s right just a matter of having someone else hold your bags while the few gems prosper after a 20-30% correction (LINK) as opposed to 80-90% (BTC)

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peak midwit
the statement "more risk than opportunity" implicitely acknowledges there is opportunity in risk, and states the ratio isn't favorable in this particular case
you go from the conclusion to regress to a binary understanding of the initial premise

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she's a mtf trans woman you bigot

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>What did he mean by this?
pic related, this is with $183 lol, imagine if you have $183 million

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boomer cringe
no one cares

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If bitcoin doesn't have staying power than nothing does. This is not a social network, its a monetary network. If you can't trust bitcoin to save your wealth over time then why would you ever trust anything? You would be constantly subject to the altcoin cycle and could never relax, always worried you will get flipped by the next thing. People just need something they can park in and expect it to last forever, without that you don't have the most important quality of money which is that it will last until the future.

Say what you will about bitcoin but there is nothing out there that is even a decent candidate to take this safe haven role from it, and if it did you really don't want to be in crypto at all because we are likely at the absolute top for the cycle

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He’s specifically talking about BTC and market speculation. He likely doesn’t doubt crypto will forever change the world of finance, but if you don’t think BTC is a self-fulfilling fleeting store of value propped up by market manipulation...
>then it’s probably too late for you to see the light

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They literally don’t want us to make it. Don’t worry though I’m sure the sec will step in to assfuck the little guy again somehow

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Fucking KEK

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you're actually retarded anon

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btc plateauing and acting as a more stable hedge against inflation isn't a bad thing. Im not saying it has to go to $0. Btc maxis are always so all or nothing, btc doesn't have to 10x every year to be a worthwhile investment, lol

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wait u mean to tell me i could have just bought bitcoin on leverage instead of gambling on random shitcoins hoping to hit a 20x

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What are you trying to show us

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SaaS in bubble? hmmm

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this is the most redpilled post i have read on this board, god bless anon

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BSV can and will render most projects obsolete but the removal of a store of value will cause speculation to cease damn near immediately following a few dead cat bounces which is where most anons make their money.
>God bless whoever manages to notice the signals indicating the death of BTC and short that bitch down to $1k

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No fucking shit crypto is cyclic but it doesn't mean you can't make money. The newfags will end up bagholding the bags from the people who bought in 2017.

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Burry is has been right so many times. Just look at GME, fuck 2008 was years ago but Gamestop was literally this year and he made so much fucking money on this calling it early af. Fuck this is a bummer. He is smarter than all of us in this thread combined, I don't feel so well guys.

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Guy has an eye for fraud and BTC, literally everything about it from price to functionality is a fat fucking fraud.

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Michael Burry can be right and Alt coins can be about to explode at the same time, those two things aren't mutually exclusive, in fact it'd just be a repeat of the last BTC crash.

Move into alts right now

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Burry is a faggot. He calls everything a bubble and was right once. No one should have made a movie about this faggot. No one holds this guy to all the times he was wrong. Fuck him.

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>what are .onion drugs

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ch-checked, sh-should I do this?

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buffet is calling a massive bubble in stocks too. he never started warning until 2020 and hes been selling a lot of shit

burry sold a shit ton of stocks and he moved to google calls to hedge

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>right once
explain gamestop nigga.
He is right every fucking year since 2008 where he was giga right as basically the only one

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he doesnt understand it anon
plus with the bitcoin cycles, it could go as high as 300k and crash back -85% down to 50k (just like it did from 20k > 3k) and they would all claim "we were right"

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funds are borrowing money to buy BTC, when money is cheap everything is a bubble.

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And then get liquidated by a few dollar swing.

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Trips don't lie

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I could write a book on the cognitive dissonance some of you anons are displaying. Do you even realize BTC isn’t the same “Bitcoin” described in Satoshi’s white paper? Faggots like you are going to be left holding our bags if you don’t wise up
>not to say there isn’t stupid amounts of money left to be made
>but for the love of God at least learn about what exactly you’re putting on a pedestal
Unfortunately burry is right.

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that a lot of the volume is stuff like arb bots (in some cases ran by the exchanges themselves), and insanely overleveraged futures trading. There's certain circumstances that could result in it being very hard for exchanges to have enough liquidity for the amount of leverage they offer. All the big institutional buyers are buying otc, or algorithmically as to not move the price too much.

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i just couldnt be fucked to take it off from my other thread
stop being a nigger anon, this board has IDs

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are you retarded?

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That's schiff

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2008 wasn't a "speculative fervor"

The banks knowingly abused MBS and destabilized the entire housing industry

Meanwhile Nostradamus here doesn't want to admit that subprime MBS are back and worse than ever (and the Fed is buying them in the $TRILLIONS) AND there's an even worse bubble in the CMBS/REIT space with places like NYC and SF ready to implode.

Someone who is smart, compare the market cap of ALL crypto to the stock market and to real estate and tell me what the fucking problem is going to be.

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So much fud these past two weeks. I’m bullish

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>one of the greatest economists of the 21st century who has successfully called multiple speculative bubbles doesn’t know better than “PDF Anon”

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Yeah agree that bitcoin will eventually stabilize, but it will remain at the top of crypto. It will continue to establish itself as the reserve currency of crypto which is just it's training ground for being the reserve currency of the world. If it can't keep its place at the top of crypto then its dead, and any altcoin that replaced it would be FUDed to death because now everybody feels like their coin has a shot too. It would be the complete internal death of trust in this industry, and we would never develop the level of external trust we need to grow even bigger. Bitcoin is the pillar of it all that helps everything thrive

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People /biz/ don't like

>Buffet- old boomer with low gains investing in blue chip stocks
>Burry- retard, newfag into crypto
>Schiff- boomer shilling useless gold cannot into crypto

People /biz/ like

>Cathie Wood- based ARK-bubble mommy
>pajeets with new shitcoins
>Yelen because she continues printing

did I miss something?

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he hasnt predicted a crash since 2008, he didnt even have a twitter account until a couple months ago

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Mycool Beary speakun fax doe!

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And these ominous predictions somehow seem more profound because humans are wired to place more weight on negative outcomes

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>*deletes tweet later*
Wow what a genius just check his tweets they're all correct

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i have sell orders put at 280k for the real top anon
we all have an insane amount of signals like rhodl, pi, s2f, exchange supply and liquidity, that you have to be a complete fucking moron to think the top is in, or that the top is anywhere close to being priced in
but keep holding your BSV shitcoin anon, you know better

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>then when btc goes so high that every halving becomes priced in before it even happens
that's "new paradigm" talk, will not happen yet. this time is not different, we will crash in 2022.

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Ha he become tranny?

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>he doesn’t realize the bankers hijacked BTC and the Segwit fork neutered a global currency and turned it into a fleeting store of value
>he doesn’t think market makers don’t understand exactly what they’re doing
>probably thinks tether is fully backed
The crypto space isn’t going anywhere but 90% of projects are vapor ware. Not even sure why I’m relying to idiots anymore but it’s reassuring to know I’ll have plenty of time to dump my bags on you retards given your willingness to accept narratives from your favorite corporate-funded YouTubed

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checked and unironically stiff

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SaaS will ironically be killed by decentralized applications.

>> No.29848015

This is absolute FUD. Bitcoin price is high and will continue to go higher while we have infinite monetary supply.

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>next 3 upcoming years, then when btc goes so high that every halving becomes priced in before it even happens,
do you read anon?
i know this cycle is not the cycle, or at least i hope so, otherwise we're all about to get priced out from bitcoin forever

>> No.29848089

What is his experience with crypto?
Why does he claim that both hyperinflation is coming, but also that Bitcoin which is an asset that many would escape into is also on the chopping block. Anybody can claim the Xth bitcoin crash is incoming, but it is in a gradual upward trend so what makes him think it will.

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literally who

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>segwit schizo
>tether fud
>bsv shill

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What's your problem with segwit? Are we talking about BTC?

>> No.29848183

>healthier for the crypto world as a whole
can you retards shut the fuck up
>muh slow and steady sustainable growth fundamentals
dumb nigger faggot

>> No.29848247

>Bitcoin which is an asset that many would escape into
lmao just like the money escaped to bitcoin when the market crashed last year right? dumb fucker

>> No.29848255

Saying bitcoin will crash at the end of this bull cycle is literally what everyone says, he brings nothing new to the table

>> No.29848290

what are you waiting for?
still don’t know about fucking delicious Justliquidity??
>>how dare are u? How can you use staking on erc?
Follow great yield farming on Binance Smart Chain

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>knows literally nothing about the market he’s investing in
>has never used the BSV network and owns none as a hedge
>thinks discussing tether is FUD
>has never read the bitcoin white paper

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if it's like the 2007 bubble then we have a while before the notional value of the market is 95% backed by derivatives of derivatives of securities backed by subprime loans handed out to undocumented spics. it's bullish as fuck, thanks mike

>> No.29848386

He’s so smart he sold GME at $14. I made more than that retard

>> No.29848387

This. He's in the same "broken clock" category with Schiff and Roubini that have accurately predicted 2,000 of the last 2 recessions.

The guy is still riding his high horse from 2008, and I hate how everyone just blows him without gag reflex.

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already deleted kek

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Bsv shills are really the worst in all of crypto.

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this but unironically

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I have no problems with Segwit but if you look at the code changes you’ll see BTC was stripped of all its currency and scalability protocols. This changed it from an infinitely scaling P2P Global Currency able to free the lower and middle class from erroneous processing fees to a store of value (fleeting store of value) owned by the Bildeberg group, MasterCard, and Blockstream.

This isn’t a bad thing, it’s not just what the project was originally created to do. As a result we have the opportunity of a lifetime to generate wealth in a self-fulfilling bubble but there are consequences god forbid the house of cards were to ever go down. You seem to genuinely be asking anon so I’ll lay it out for you
>Bitcoin hijacked by Sybil attack
>BTC (core) emerges as a store of value supported by bankers
>Thousands of alts created in lieu of a small handful of protocols that could handle all of the use cases we’re seeing developed
The good news in all this?
>because BTC is banker owned it’s very likely BTC will continue to retain its #1 position and continue to grow exponentially in value because it’s the primary off ramp for most exchanges from Crypto -> FIAT
>the more alts, the more speculative money is created as a result
>speculative (generated) funds flow into BTC / ETH
>price moons while public is shilled to buy in
>reach new high -> funds begin exiting -> alt market corrects -> buy back into alts at a lower price -> rinse -> repeat

Check out Grayscale’s holdings who have mutual owners with Blockstream.. the company that handles the lightning network implementation for Segwit:

None of this is “FUD” or “negative”. It’s reality, and anyone who is seeking to effectively trade between cycles should know this information. Retards like that namefag PDJew don’t know his history and will be left holding the bag
>schizo BSVer
Nothing schizo about understanding a situation as it is and trading accordingly.

>> No.29848740

Shillon tusk plebbitor, twatter tranny, car salesman, doge shill, champion of the people and billionaire. What's not to like?

>> No.29848753

>pseudo intellectual academia babble
>calling others midwits

>> No.29848826

>buffet is calling a massive bubble in stocks too. he never started warning until 2020 and hes been selling a lot of shit
Buffet has been calling stocks overpriced for a decade now

>> No.29848832

kek what balls this guy has to think of himself so highly

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To reiterate, there is no problem with Segwit. The developers took the project in a different direction and it’s that decision we have to thank for the speculative market. That being said, if one doesn’t understand who pulls the strings and calls the shots of the market they’re participating in.. are they ahead of the game or walking into a pitfall? Some will get lucky and come out ahead but for every winner who “made it” there are multiple losers. How do you gain an edge on other traders? You learn.
>t. oldfag who’s been using Bitcoin as a currency since 2011 ($5/BTC) and never needed to buy BCH / BSV because forks are free money lol

>> No.29849013

Btc will reach 250k in September and carry alts with it before crashing with the stock market at the end of 2021

>> No.29849019

>>if you do not know how much leverage is involved in the runup
>how does one acquire such knowledge?
uh gee look at how much mony is on aave just to take levarage to gamble on shitcoins. You dont think people are taking loans right now to buy up btc at zero% interest?

>> No.29849060

You are a prisoner of your own thoughts.

>> No.29849062

This guy seems an idiot.

>> No.29849101



What are stable coins midwit?

>> No.29849165

I love how all your wording allows for absolutely no dialog and is implied as a some kind of universal truth.
You should read L. Ron Hubbard, you can learn a thing or two about cult.

>> No.29849339

If you’re able to refute it with facts then so be it. I’ve been in the market long enough, made enough money, and met enough people to be confident in my retelling of the market narrative.

Right now you’re still taking everything I’m saying as a “bad thing” when I’m reality it’s just unadulterated truth. There’s nothing illegal or “wrong” about what happened, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If you removed your bias you’d come to understand the bankers owning the global store of value is bullish for anons like me who’ve been HODLing since before 2012.
>I‘d owe a few devs the blowjob of a lifetime if BTC (core) were to hit $1M/coin
>but you’re incapable of understanding I’m not shilling one project over another, just informing

>> No.29849363

>It's a bubble
>It's a bubble
>It's a bubble
( (You) are here )
>It's a bubble
>It's a bubble
>It's a bubble
>I think it would be a prudent financial choice, Mrs. Foster, to convert your sizable protfolio allocation in bonds instead into bitcoin. Yes, yes I know it has only been around for 20 years but our firm is confident in its long term stability as we have been researching it in depth for some time now, unlike those aboard the Citadel you might have heard of, we believe in time-tested sensible investing to grow your portfolio at a steady 2% per annum

>> No.29849365

This, just because you predicted one thing, which honestly wasn't that hard to predict if you knew what look for, doesn't mean you are now the authority on all bubbles

>> No.29849432

Imagine being on biz and pitching tokenized fiat as the most bullish crypto asset

>> No.29849464

It's still worth 10x less than gold when it should be 10x more

>> No.29849496

>we trade what is, not what we believe will happen
-Jim Simons, greatest trader ever

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It doesn't take rocket science.

The question is: where is TSLA's bottom at?

I want to hold something exciting that isn't shitcoins or GME and I don't want to miss the boat again. Looking for an entry point on TSLA to buy in bigly.

Bitcoin could get recked by Harris/Biden administration by simply banning exchanges and posession scaring out investors, but TSLA will go on, of course it will dump hard because Elon is a retard that has attached his company to BTC now, but it will survive.

This once again begs the question: When does one go all in on TSLA and ride the next wave?

>> No.29849515

imagine thinking im shilling it as a numbers go up meme.

>> No.29849518

Nigger which broker is it

>> No.29849534

Based on what metric? Not saying you’re wrong but curious to see where your head is at

>> No.29849542

this shit should already be legal. at least shit like acid weed ecstasy codeine shrooms and xanax

>> No.29849553

aave is probably a drop in the sea of leverage anon, open interest and exchange borrowing has been happening since the beginning of crypto
but i think michael curry is mostly talking about the big money entering the space
grayscale ALONE owns 3.5% of the entire bitcoin in circulation
do you understand just how fucking high that number is
and that's an ETF meaning they aren't allowed to use leverage as far as i know, as they just have to purchase enough funds to back the demand on their GBTC ticker to keep their operations running
if there are indeed institutions using leverage to buy btc, it would definitely be interesting to know how much money is at stake here

>> No.29849673

>babby's first crypto bullrun

>> No.29849730

he predicted the dot com bubble too and made insane returns shorting tech stocks at the peak and then he made like 50% returns a year until he shorted the housing market

>> No.29849785

im using aave as an example to speak to a redditor that just started posting last week.
We are saying the same thing. Instituions are borrowing at 0% and buying up btc. Saylor is confirmed for doing this

>> No.29849792

fucking narc

>> No.29849836

>Bitcoin could get recked by Harris/Biden administration by simply banning exchanges and posession scaring out investors
if this was going to happen, it would have happened any time within the 2017-2020 timeframe
the likelihood of it happening today with several ETFs approved in canada and in the US is zero, because every passing day the US stands to lose more and more money if they ban it, while it is ridiculously more lucrative to instead tax and regulate it

>> No.29849860

A global consensus database doesn't scale dude.
Imagine if you had to download and verify every packet from every other computer on the internet before you go to a website.

There is a reason we invented switches and routers instead of building networks out of broadcast hubs.

Blockchains inherently don't scale. Amazing that it is 2021 and people still fall for this crap. How does bitcoin stay decentralized if nodes have to download and verify the signatures for streaming 10 sat per second micropayments for every person in the world? The only way it even sort of works is if you have 2 or 3 massive node infrastructure providers like infura, and in that case why even take on the overhead of blockchain and proof of work at all? Might as well just band up and use an SQL database

Or you could use a layer 2 network that makes centralization tradeoffs but still retain the decentralized properties on the base network. Equivalent of inventing switches and routers for internet traffic.

>> No.29849909

why should I listen to a tweet that has been deleted? actions speak louder than words

>> No.29849988

Imagine thinking fiat doesn't trend to zero in bitcoin terms, and that a fiat stablecoin taking top in market cap from bitcoin is even remotely comparable to an altcoin doing the same thing, which was my actual point

>> No.29850022
File: 57 KB, 590x665, meme face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I respect Burry and trust him on almost everything. I really hope (and think) he is wrong about Bitcoin/cryptocurrency.

I don't want to say "he doesn't get it," but bitcoin and crypto in general have more layers than just the trading aspect. There's tech and utility involved to some degree. When the tech and utility becomes more important than the price, the bubble will be over. Burry might be right short term but long term, crypto has a bigger purpose.

>> No.29850033

So fucking cringy and embarrassing

>> No.29850037

>Instituions are borrowing at 0% and buying up btc
is that what leverage is anon?
you're specifically talking about microstrategy, which was RAISING CASH, using a 0% interest debt offering, do you even understand how leverage works?

>> No.29850057

Whats different in the white paper? The protocol or the use case?

>> No.29850090

he sold too early, before eoy. pretty much missed out.

>> No.29850093

>and that a fiat stablecoin taking top in market cap from bitcoin is even remotely comparable to an altcoin doing the same thing

imagine thinking that this is what i was implying

>> No.29850095


>> No.29850107

>has never used BAV
>acting as an authority figure on scaling capabilities
>doesn’t know there are pay per second streaming services with video stores on the blockchain
It’s sad seeing anons who could contribute fall into pitfalls based on long since discredited narratives they’ve fed
>2021 and people still fall for this shit
Took the words right out of my mouth. Anons don’t have to invest or even do research into these other projects that solve scalability (BSV can handle 50k transactions per second) but you’re so polarized you’re opposed to even looking.
>thank you for holding my bags when push comes to shove newfag

>> No.29850110

Faggot is looking to make The Big Short 2

>> No.29850126

Imagine being 3 posts in now and still not making a point

>> No.29850129


>> No.29850135

I won't bother refuting an opinion dude. I will share mine tho. The whole point of bitcoin as i see it is to prevent infinite monetary supply, forbid any bad actor to censor transactions. It will never be used as cash, why? because unlike cash it's not anonymous, never was and never attempted to be. And it's way to volatile (like every crypto rn). I think bitcoin is the building block for the new economy to come and that's pretty much it.

>> No.29850186
File: 532 KB, 3000x1086, vishnuwars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29850209

bitcoin will crash to 25k after approaching 180k this december. 25k is the cheapest you will ever see it again. 600k in 2028.

>> No.29850232

>Imagine being 3 posts in now and still not making a point
im not going to spoon feed you.
if you know you know
>imagine thinking i dont have all day

explain to me pls what you think leverage means. not trolling

>> No.29850237

He's made many good calls, but retarded zoomers only know about le ebin short because it was made into a movie.

>> No.29850245


>fixed income dead
>equity bubble
>real estate bubble
>cash lol
>crypto bubble

It's so easy picking random charts that support your narrative. What the fuck is the solution?

>> No.29850254
File: 301 KB, 988x594, 3FE6D008-E602-459E-A35A-9CCEC5B89BEA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh so we have another year of ridiculous gains coming? Based

>> No.29850305

BSV doesn't scale. It sacrifices the important qualities in order to compete in a game it can't win.

You can always be outcompeted in TPS by a competitor that is able to centralize a bit more than you. This is an ultimate race to the bottom, you chase after the wrong goal and destroy the unique properties of the technology in doing so

>> No.29850318


This. LOL.

>> No.29850333

Housing is like housing in 2007. I'm trying to hunt for a house, and am sitting here getting updates from my search about properties jumping literally $10K every week or so.

>> No.29850334


>> No.29850361

burry has a yuge short on doge and it's not working out as expected, he needs an out before he's rekt

>> No.29850366

I think this is exactly what his tweet is about. He doesn't deny the actual use case for btc but he knows that right now we are in a bubble. And he isn't wrong.
We just need to know how long does it take for it to pop. Im assuming at
some huge psychological barrier like btc at 100k, 200k etc.

>> No.29850467

What a retard. Fiber literally changed global communications.

>> No.29850504

leverage isnt backed by cash anon, you're fucking retarded
>microstrategy sells 1 million dollars worth of 0% convertible notes
>microstrategy gets 1 million dollars IN CASH
>microstrategy buys bitcoin
>the investors will get their money back + profits while microstrategy rakes in the fees
how leverage works
>i the bank want to buy btc using leverage
>i go to the exchange, put forward 1 million dollars IN CASH asking for FIVE million dollars worth of liquidity
>i buy 5 MILLION DOLLARS of btc while only having 1 MILLION in my own bank
>the exchange allows me because as a reputable bank, i may not have liquidity, but i have the reputation

>> No.29850573

Yeah, but that isn't a strong argument to hold crypto.

I may just go all in when TSLA crashes to $400 or something. Hodling crypto is too risky, it's an aspie clown market that can get banned at any time.

>> No.29850577

Bitcoin is a fraud only blockchain is good. The value will drop to 0, don't know when but that's sure.

>> No.29850585


>> No.29850629

>muh otc
peak midwit cope

>> No.29850631

He's right.

>> No.29850653

>only blockchain is good
Please be bait.

>> No.29850674

It's not fake, the nigger just deletes his tweets every ten minutes so he can't be held accountable

>> No.29850686
File: 21 KB, 320x320, spinner.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blockchain in its modern implementations is definitely a futuristic tech thing, and has a lot of utility that's enabled my the computing power we have and will improve on, so I'm bullish long-term.

I do however agree with lazy eye man about there being a bubble given all the mania, price action, and shitcoin frauds taking place. Terrible for near-term, but the tech has potential overall. If fiber and .com's were a shit meme bubble in the late 90's, then so be it, but look at them now.

>> No.29850688


>> No.29850689

Both :)
Both projects can (and will) exist together but they’re fundamentally different.

BSV is the closest thing to the Bitcoin described in his white paper (P2P Global Currency). BTC (Core) is a decentralized store of value that poses no inherent danger to the central banking system And is intended to enrich those “in” on the ploy (see my Greyscale post above).

BSV seems to free the plebs of processing fees, denial of access to banking services, enabling banking in developing nations like rural Africa, access to tokenized economies, and onramping of fiat with global pairing equivalencies.
>IE: you can do business with someone in North Korea with the same level of ease as someone who lives next door to you, make transactions that are pennies total in value if desired, enable the creation of smart contracts, ease of access for newcomers (able to built on top of the protocol without altering it — Handcash or Moneybutton) and remove the centralized banking chokehold over the few economy by charging .0005 cents per transaction, with infinite scalability for transactions processed per second.

BTC is intended to be a fleeting store of value owned by the global bankers so that alt coin speculation can flourish and act as an on/off ramp for fiat cashouts. Transaction per second size was purposely limited to prevent scaling which ushered in the lightning protocol to handle transactions off-chain (“to increase transaction processing speeds”) which centralized the project. THIS ISNT A BAD THING! Without this store of value we wouldn’t be able to speculate on the price of various currencies as there wouldn’t be a place to store said created value, let alone offramp back to fiat.

BSV will not hit BTC’s valuation because it’s meant to be used as a currency (trade hands) not act as a store of value. Both were altered from genesis with entirely separate use cases in mind.

>> No.29850723

It is leverage. Melvin Capital and co had the "reputation" too and got rekt by Reddit.

Don't get it twisted, crypto as a whole is a clown market of pretend-currencies that exists only because states haven't one full nazi agaisn't them. They can force exchanges to delist the coins just like they forced trading platforms to stop GME trades.

>> No.29850726

Also have in mind that all those institutions that bought billions worth will take profit at some point

>> No.29850740

>leverage isnt backed by cash anon, you're fucking retarded
is that what i wrote? what i wrote was people are borrowing money from banks at zero% interest (borrowing =leverage) to buy btc(means going long).


you can have multiple positions open.

Stop trying so hard retard. Maybe try posting without a trip for a while

>> No.29850802

> bought at a steal
> sold around proper price
You're the retard if you think what happened could have been predicted.Burry did what was correct, just because you and the other retards got lucky doesn't make you smarter than fucking Burry lmao.

>> No.29850809

This guys been anti Bitcoin the entire time, no-coin faggots and their shitty opinions literally have no impact on the market. Just look at schiff.

>> No.29850876

>all the cope in this thread

>> No.29850883

I think I'm the biggest retard.
>literally $1000 shares at ~$4
>sold at like $4.25
>missed out on $10
>missed out on $20
>missed out on $30
>missed out on all the meme $4000 LE EPIC SQUEEZE STUFF

>> No.29850901
File: 17 KB, 394x450, F80F1091-5C0F-45BA-9322-51E75430239A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>BSV doesn’t scale
I’m a BTC maxi and even I can admit that’s bullshit.
>muh centralization
Bitcoin was never intended to be decentralized, Satoshi on Bitcoin talk goes on for literally years about the implementation of centralized server farms to process transactions with a lack of incentive for the centralized miners to conduct an attack due to profitability from worldwide usage of the network
>nobody would ever choose to use a centralized project! Decentralization is the whole point!
>BNB kek
Fact check me on satoshi’s comments on utilizing centralized server farms. I’ll be here waiting faggot

>> No.29850956

Help a complete brainlet understand this. Is this bad for bitcoin because the people who bought with leverage would be forced to sell when the bubble finally collapses, to be able to pay back their loans? Does Burry mean that if there was no leveraged trading there would be more hodlers who would hold during the crash?

>> No.29851026

It's literally a ponzi scheme

>> No.29851046

wow great prediction. im totally gonna screencap it

>> No.29851049

Burry doesn't seem to say that though

>> No.29851075

He usually waits a day at least this is fake as fuck

>> No.29851093
File: 58 KB, 607x586, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who is this guy then
pic related

>> No.29851113

They made the value higher with leverage so money that don't exist so the people buy in and they cash out the fresh money of normies

>> No.29851117

Pre much. Is anything NOT a fucking bubble / DOA investment?
>Precious metal

Do I just fucking keep my shit in a shoebox under the bed now or what?

>> No.29851155

he thinks bitcoin is a stock and that it's issued by the bitcoin company
absolute retard

>> No.29851158

Not only will they be “forced to sell” they’ll get liquidated on their leverage trade causing a flash crash of the entire economy. If BTC were to flash crash to $1k (unlikely but nonetheless) we’d see the entire crypto Marketcap disappear in seconds similarly to how we saw ADA go to 25 cents from $1.20 and ETH from $2000 to $700 on Kraken last week.

If BTC’s leverage pyramid were to collapse the entire crypto Marketcap would literally go “poof” and cease to exist wiping out trillions of dollars in market valuation in a near instant

>> No.29851193
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, 1613860353683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Earthrocker. Live on the edge.

>> No.29851224


Bitcoin will crash to 1,000,000 after pumping to 100,000,000 million end of 2095.


>> No.29851237

I've got bad news for you, nobody in the world will agree to do day to day transaction using a currency that can appreciate / depreciate one value in an hour. No matter the number of tps, or no matter how many dragons on the logo.

>> No.29851265

lots of butthurt bsv bagholders here lol

>> No.29851308

the last dip was people taking profits to pay off loans. i was worried that it was the top because meme charts look topped out. If we are at the floor, i dont think we are just yet then people will take loans out again to go long btc and we move up.

>> No.29851363

You buy utility, tobacco, infrastructure stocks which won't drop much during a crash and will continue to grow as they are growth stocks.

>> No.29851368
File: 85 KB, 890x694, 1613131895366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

melvin capital reached a margin call so ridiculously high that they clearly had to pay up to cover
you guys are claiming is propped up by this leverage while i genuinely dont understand where the fuck can the money be coming from?
who the fuck is ALLOWING microstrategy to leverage buy? we barely have coinbase and gemini in the US, and fuck me if i'm going to believe that either of those allows hundreds of millions of dollars to buy BTC at a leverage while there's already a liquidity crisis

>> No.29851418

If you didn't know who Michael Burry Scott was, it sounds like a hipster faggot or a tripfag

>> No.29851449

There's too much money to be made for Jews to ban it

>> No.29851495

It's pretty obvious that there's a huge amount of leverage in the crypto market and all of this stacking and yield farming is going to cause cascading dumps. Doesn't take a financial genius to see that much.

>> No.29851516

he's always early

didn't you see the movie? 1 year until it pops confirmed

>> No.29851530

its even worse in trad fi. im not buying this forced narrative/ propaganda that everyone is being herded into like sheep about btc being an escape. Im still going to make money from it.

the fed is playing a huge part in this. read up on how banks make money off each other. It usually trickles down through clearing houses before it gets to the little guy.

>> No.29851541
File: 3.15 MB, 4032x3024, 20210223_065846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao I cant wait until it ends.
Do some research on human history and fiat currencies and central banks. You guys really think humans have changed and evolved that much since the 1970s that we don't need to evaluate our time/worth with physical elements or resources? On top of that if the point is for humanity to survive and create a better world for our offspring we will need some stuff to do some. Gme stock not one of them, bitcoin not one of them.

Tick-tock the ponzi or at least this mega retardo bull cycle is coming to an end.

>> No.29851572

What are the top indicators besides RHODL?

>> No.29851595

No, it was on my twitter. You can probably find an archive of it somewhere. He also tweeted to Cathy that she was stuffing millions into a right tail but deleted it like ten minutes later

>> No.29851753

>I cant wait until it ends.
kek how long btw?

>> No.29851769

>Not only will they be “forced to sell” they’ll get liquidated on their leverage trade
Isn't that the same thing though? They might get in debt which would definitely incentivise them to sell but if the bitcoin they own is worth less than what they owe, they still can't sell more than what they bought for their borrowed money right? Sorry if brainlet question.

>> No.29851771

Soon many ppls will see this to ight and they will buy BSV Bitcoin Satoshi Vision sir ! Craig is Satoshi ! I am buying BSV coin ,,

>> No.29851797

>calls someone peak midwit
>acts even more midwit than them
smart and stupid people have one thing in common: brevity.

>> No.29851832

he is not wrong.

>> No.29851916

i dont see it happening for bitcoin yet anon, this might happen soon, maybe this year, i believe that we will see an unreal btc liquidity crunch this year, microstrategy will be dumping partials at at least 10x up from their average in 2020

>> No.29851917

hes assuming this wil happen if the price dumps. which this run it wont happen for a while. so people are going mega long with loans because everyone is expecting 100k btc. Which will happen because everyone is taking leverage to go long.The people who will get rekt are the ones holding the bag at the top.Which looks like is going to be alot of people with the way people are talking in this thread

>> No.29851922

Based on the metric pulled from deep inside his anal cavity

>> No.29851974

Bitcoins entire existence as an asset has been during one of the most insanely speculative financial bubbles in recent history. He's not wrong. People believe it can't go down exactly like they believed the internet was a new paradigm and housing was a new paradigm. The major, major, consensus in the crypto space is that bitcoin is literally a new paradigm of money. I've been bullish on bitcoin ever since I first used it to purchase drugs in 2013, and watching how the space has evolved I can confidently say I no longer feel bullish on the future for bitcoin. I think a return to pre-gox price levels is in order.

>> No.29851985

That’s one of the many many reasons why BTC (core) will never live up to the project described in the white paper.
>are you even paying attention?
Nobody is telling you to do anything anon
Some exchanges allow you to go into debt over margin calls / liquidations but Kraken does not. If that were to occur so many users would loss their holdings the exchanges would likely declare bankruptcy to begin saving face for lawsuit proceedings.
>”Craig said!”
>”but Craig!”
>”did you hear Craig?”
Faggots like you can’t get that boomer’s name out of your mouth yet you don’t have an iota of an idea of what you’re investing into.
>let alone the fact I’m not FUDing anything, I’m a BTC (core) Maxi..
Godspeed to you and yours because you’re clearly one of those who won’t make it

>> No.29851998

Housing only fell for 3 years before rapidly regaining and exceeding, just like BTC in 2017, so I don't really even see this as FUD. It shows crypto's resilience.

>> No.29852065

>are you even paying attention?
Nigga you for real?

>> No.29852095

Your foresight is impeccable, make sure to sell at 60k or whatever so you don't get caught "holding bags"

>> No.29852114

>microstrategy will be dumping partials at at least 10x up
sailor is not going to dump unless he needs money to buy shit. He is thinking of this as a store of value, an escape from ((them)) fucking with our money.

>> No.29852132

Housing is also a necessary cost of modern society that has been turned into an asset. There is a natural floor on the price of housing, coming from literal life or death scenarios of needing warmth and shelter. There is no such floor on bitcoin.

>> No.29852146

This. He wasnt even alone. Many people acknowledged the risks. Its not hard to see, the problem with housing is that it was leveraged to hell and back because "houses only go up".

>> No.29852149

Idk but you should definitely buy some silver and some mining company stocks.

>> No.29852162

Of course he is right, the name of the game is to dump on others.

>> No.29852183

go back

>> No.29852203

>”4chan say BSV bad!”
>”leeeel he said BSV”
>”Craig said!”
>hasn’t read the white paper
>doesn’t known why genesis devs left to fork BCH
>doesn’t know why BSV was forked from BCH
>doesn’t know what blockstream is
>doesn’t know what Segwit did
>doesn’t know why block size is important
>doesn’t know what Turing complete means
>doesn’t understand what a store of value entails
>”fiat on-ramp?? You mean coinbase??”
You fags must be pajeets or plebbit tourists from plebbit lol

>> No.29852218

it's a fake account

>> No.29852233
File: 5 KB, 200x352, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29852262

I already bought some silver coins so I'm fine thanks. Also I rather get hit by silver prices slump than buying some company stocks.

>> No.29852268

The things you mention are running much deeper in trad finance. DeFi and CeFi and Exchange leverage and all that stuff is really a drop in the bucket compared to the 100x leverages that banksters throw around on literal derivatives, no underlying collateral at all.

>> No.29852276

No hope for you at all. Just try to get out during the final BSV pump, assuming Craig and Calvin are capable of pumping it one last time

>> No.29852277

i'm literally doing incantations to bobo for sub $500 TSLA by my next paycheck. that said, i bought over 800 as well

>> No.29852278

NGMI anon :/

>> No.29852318

institutional leverage has nothing to do with retail leverage anon
there's no such thing as liquidations unless you're in a melvin capital scenario where you're going under and capitals start to mitigate risk
if institutions are indeed buying with leverage, it could crash 50% and they'd probably be okay with it and just buy more (which is what MS is doing, and no one here has still proved to me that they are doing it with LEVERAGE yet)
stop thinking that these institutions are buying this to dump their bags tomorrow, they can very easily keep this up for years, so imo i see 2 things happening, we either blowoff this year, but we have to hit a top so high that these institutions are tempted to take profits instead of double down, or we slowly keep climbing exactly the way we are until 1. happens at any point in the next 3 years
the biggest missing puzzle piece is just exactly how much do these fucking institutions own in btc? we know grayscale has 650k btc, but what about all the rest

>> No.29852348
File: 897 KB, 375x304, F43218B7-3AAC-4736-BAD4-B34229E02EA2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being this retarded

>> No.29852366

he wont "dump", he will "dump partials", aka "take profits"
see >>29852318

>> No.29852378

the difrence with defi is that people cant not go bankrupt and walk away from the debt. Defi only lets you put up money you can 100% lose.

>> No.29852387

Land utilization hasn't reached its peak supply yet. Once lumber and wuflu go down again you'll see mass new developments the nation's interior. Additionally, while bitcoin doesn't have an inherent value, it does have an inherent supply limit, and people in economies with higher inflation rates than the USA will always have demand for bitcoin.

>> No.29852450

He made out with a 10 bagger you gorilla nigger

>> No.29852460

What part of I’m a BTC (Core) maximalist don’t you understand? Fuckin’ mouthbreathing pajeets deserve the rope.
>can’t even read a complete sentence let alone coherently respond to it

>> No.29852478

take profits into what, fiat? anyone thinking the dollar is going to be worth more then a tool to wipe our asses is in for a surpize

>> No.29852508

lol with a couple of words from central banks it drops 30%, of they act to 0, they are just letting it be for a little while

>> No.29852518

So your best idea to create a threat to the most powerful governments in the world is to centralize as much as possible into 2 maybe 3 mining firms, that can easily be located and pressured by governments?

Continuing to trend to zero in bitcoin terms. You've gone from a high of 0.04 on the ratio to less than 0.004 now. Hopefully one final pump and you can exit completely. Good luck shilling here so that you can final escape this financial hell you must be facing

>> No.29852561
File: 105 KB, 512x512, 1613391373353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so, is he a nocoiner, or acoomulating?

>> No.29852610

I hope so. At this point and performance it'll just crash before the stocks as some big joke.

>> No.29852632

Well then, let's see them shorts

>> No.29852667

kekd and checkd

>> No.29852668

The point of miner stocks is that they have potential to 10+x if silver doubles

>> No.29852717

>infinitely scaling P2P Global Currency
As an engineer, i'll tell you right fuckongthere that BTC was never ''infinitely scalable'' from the get go, as no such thing exists. I think you're talking about the fact that second layer protocols are more centralized, and yes, that's true. But anyone can run a node like that.

>> No.29852740

michael burry is always too early. when did his GME play payoff? Didn't he start in 2019? So we at least have a 2 year runway.

>> No.29852744

Maybe because you write so many goddamn sentences in this thread its pretty hard to figure out what your point is or to take you seriously, especially considering you believe BSV is useful which immediately undermines anything else you could say

>> No.29852760

what an absolute fag. Haven't even bothered pulling up my old recovery seed to get this shit coin

>> No.29852774
File: 746 KB, 2481x3508, WEF_Cryptocurrency_Uses_Cases_2020-23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

niggers will you fucking stop with
>muh governmental ban
why the fuck are you thinking they will ban it now if they havent done that when silk road was still a thing, just how fucking braindead do you need to be to still claim govts will ban btc with things like coinbase IPO, canada ETFs, and Christine Lagarde sucking bitcoin's dick on every chance, pic related

>> No.29852785


>> No.29852860
File: 613 KB, 498x374, 1614104076684.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29852891

>take profits into what, fiat? anyone thinking the dollar is going to be worth more then a tool to wipe our asses is in for a surpize
i don't get what you're saying then anon, is "this time different"?
>i know this cycle is not the cycle, or at least i hope so, otherwise we're all about to get priced out from bitcoin forever

>> No.29852902
File: 271 KB, 480x270, 75152C35-9023-4AE4-B949-650AA594BB6A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>your idea
If you’ve bothered to read any of Satoshi’s Bitcointalk forum posts you’d understand your understanding of the original intent behind “bitcoin” is so far removed from reality it’s unreal lol.

I’ve been buying Bitcoin since you were likely in diapers, but that’s okay. You’ll learn the hard way in due time, meanwhile I’ll be traveling Europe for the 10th time thanks to you and other’s years of fiat onramping unknowingly chasing a line in the sand you think will never come.
>pic related was before we had crypto exchanges (sub $5 BTC) when you had to buy green dot moneypaks and send them to sketchy vendors on the silk road to get BTC

Thank you for being here with us anon(s). It would be much more difficult to come out ahead against someone who actually knew what they were talking about / investing in. Love you more than you know!

>> No.29852909

Only correct opinion in this thread.

>> No.29852942

That doesn't destroy my thesis though. Housing has innate value, if supply goes too high then eventually demand will pick it up at the bottom, and vice versa, demand which will consistently be there.
People in economies with high inflation can hedge with stocks or bonds or just other currencies too if need be, a fatal flaw could be exploited in the BTC code tommorow sending it to 0. People only prefer bitcoin because it is going up faster then every other option, which is exactly what a bubble is.
I see massive use for programmable currency on the horizon, and I see companies that deserve their trillion dollar valuations for bringing that programmable currency into reality in the future, but I just don't see a spot for bitcoin in the future. It literally is like AOL, way too overpriced, way too overhyped, and way too outdated tech. The way the system works now is good for the populus and the rich both, I dont see society giving that up to inflate the net worth of a handful of pedo NEETS and their exchanges into the the billions, I really just don't. I think bitcoin will crash spectacularly and the entire defi space too, and the only things that will be left standing are buisnesses actually capable of being invested into. I believe if you couldn't list your coin on the NASDAQ at it's current marketcap and have it go up, then your coin is going to zero when the bubble bursts.

>> No.29852973

>Maybe because you write so many goddamn sentences
>“Nuuuuuuuuu! You can’t just have conviction in your timeline.”
Sorry you’re unable to follow along fren :) I’ll dumb it down next time

>> No.29852990

Why would drumpf have banned it

>> No.29853024

>a fatal flaw could be exploited in the BTC code tommorow sending it to 0
Stopped reading here

>> No.29853027
File: 291 KB, 797x1067, 92305F35-45A5-44E1-94F2-557EEB9419BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic related

>> No.29853092

btc will reach 1 trillion dollars this year and crash to 1 billion and then go up to ten trillion

>> No.29853095 [DELETED] 

Dude don't bother, pretty sure that's a not spamming the same 3 bsv pasta.

>> No.29853136

>ITT: midwits with $2000 shitcoin portfolios think they're smarter than micheal burry

>> No.29853146

>sees bitcoin go only up since 2013
>governments and higher ups considering regulating it and maybe even adding it to reserves
>sec chairman is pro-btc
>Miami mayor and NY runner-up are both pro-btc
>at least 3 senators have openly admitted to holding bitcoin
jesus fuck biz has everyone here just fucking swallowed some schizo blackpill

>> No.29853204

They are considering strict regulations right now homie, people dump money on fraud exchanges everyday and thats going to hurt when it all falls down

>> No.29853217

Why did Trump’s SEC appointee go after XRP? Especially when they had the support of the Clinton Foundation (look up the XRP event Bill Clinton and Madonna talked at lol) and multiple hedge funds such as Grayscale were invested? ;)

>> No.29853218

>jesus fuck biz has everyone here just fucking swallowed some schizo blackpill
These are the vibes I've been getting lately, I don't know where its coming from. I have never seen /biz/ so bearish on Bitcoin in particular.

>> No.29853219
File: 5 KB, 227x222, 1532072310089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh wow.
never heard that one before

>> No.29853248

Thx for answering m8, i don't think you're a schizo. There's definitley truth in what you say, that banks back BTC. But what happens when atomic swaps become a thing and you can anonymously, easily swap BTC for anything, e.g. Monero?

Then that will be completely invisible. Yes they'll try to control it but they won't be able to. I think the banks and the powers that be tried to suppress crypto (ridicule phase), then they tried to ban it, now they see it's not possible plus they wanna get rich too, so they try to control it, but the genie is out of the bottle.
Why would you for example ''pay your fair share'' of 50% cap gains tax on your gains if you could just pay 0%? They will inevitably lose control because they dont understand what decentralized and trustless truly means.

>> No.29853271

Yeah so don't get left holding the bag nigger.

>> No.29853274

The mayor of Miami is going as far as to offer city workers the option to get paid out in BTC. Good example to bring up desu

>> No.29853320

im saying the usd it at the top of being the worlds big dick. you can delve into that deeper just look at history and the monetary policy of germany pre ww2. They had the same shit going and were actng the same way. Helicopter money, plebs making money in the stock market instead of actually working.

>> No.29853323

back to r*ddit

>> No.29853332

What's the reason for such a bearish outlook?

>> No.29853342

It literally could. Keep coping. If you follow arrest seizures of DNM you would maybe learn a thing or two about smoking out what the NSA knows about bitcoin

Yes idiot, everyone is bullish during a bubble because they drank the koolaid. This time is literally no different, it's just that you cant see that because all you can see is green line = new paradigm validated

>> No.29853355

So far the only thing your timeline has shown is a literal 99.9% decline from the high on the bsv/btc ratio to currently all time low and still dropping

What's the next move on your "timeline"? Dropping out of the top 25, then the top 50?

>> No.29853372

for sure. Thing is that inflation will force interest rates up, causing stocks with high PE multiples to crash. Which we are seeing the beginning of right now with TSLA, ARKK, and many other high PE stocks. The question is whether the stimulus will delay the inevitable by a few months to a year or not.

>> No.29853394

Me personally? Yes. But you just hit the nail on the head, we will reach a point where Bitcoin, XMR, and emerging assets will become the modern day Swiss bank accounts.
>honestly appreciate you leveling with me though
This is controlled chaos, (IMO at least) the genie was purposely let out of the bottle with an agenda in mind.

>> No.29853395


>> No.29853399

It has nothing to do with BTC, it's the general zeitgeist. We're heading towards a global collapse. Countries will fall. Civilizations might follow. People sense it, and they voice their hypotheses. Those who are into BTC will project this on crypto. Those who are into PMs project this on top of that. Stocks and housing is the same.

>> No.29853424
File: 23 KB, 1318x582, btc analysis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I put together some prices from the past, make of it what you will

>> No.29853437

>reach 1 trillion dollars this year and crash to 1 billion
Bitcoin has never fallen by 100x, let alone 1000x.
>It literally could. Keep coping. If you follow arrest seizures of DNM you would maybe learn a thing or two about smoking out what the NSA knows about bitcoin
>what is a fork

>> No.29853458

Was this justed picture taken before or after he tried to kill himself with a katana? Because he looks just JUSTED enough here for it to be taken afterward.

>> No.29853464

It's not a "speculative bubble" when it's being used as a store of value to protect from inflationary practices of governments and central banks. It actually is functioning the same way land does as a store of value

>> No.29853477

You can also stay on bitcoin and do coinswap protocol which is undetectable privacy, even better than current coinjoin approaches. You could coinswap straight in and out of a monero swap as well. People underestimate bitcoin privacy possibilities

>> No.29853541


>> No.29853580

We all know bitcoin has booms and busts.
This trannie thinks he is telling us some hidden truth?
Fuck this faggot

>> No.29853586

I’m confused as to what you’re getting at? Why do you keep bringing up BSV’s radio to BTC when I strictly hold BTC and haven’t cashed out my forked coins due to an interest in the individual utilities each fork provides?

Could give a fuck if BCH/BSV go to zero, I only bring them up to establish the fact the projects have different use cases. BSV is the closest thing to Satoshi’s white paper we have. BTC (core) is a store of value — neither opinion involves FUD fren. Nor does the difference in use cases mean BSV will come out ahead.. especially when it’s designed NOT to act as a store of value lol

>> No.29853601
File: 856 KB, 1200x675, 1611694448327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Except there was nothing correct about GME. He literally got lucky that idiots on wallstreetbets decided on shilling GME. Could have been any stock they went with. His investment thesis was wrong though. GME isnt turning itself around. If he felt that he wouldnt have sold on a pump and dump.
BTC is only a little over 2x from last ath. Thats barely overvalued. Speculation bubbles go to much higher percents than that.

>> No.29853604

Because adoption is here and the ENTIRE industry is still literally peddling libertarian rhetoric about inflation as its main selling point. BTC crashed in 2017 and instead of building up actual tech to utilize the space effectively the entire fucking industry decided to double down on playing money games, hence defi. Look at how little actual progress has been made on ETH since the last bullrun, doge is literally in the top 10. The space has not matured despite widespread adoption, it is a bubble and it will crash HARD to kill the speculative euphoria and force some actual buisness development to be done with the technology.

>> No.29853617

Oh it was done on purpose allright, for sure. I just think it CAN'T be controlled, and it's hubris and extreme arrogance to presume that they can. I think it will be their downfall.

I'm aware that this is wishful thinking on my part tho because otherwise i'd be very, very blackpilled

>> No.29853631

Yeah if inflation goes out of control with all the big problems connected people will surely look for the magic internet money mined 90% by China

>> No.29853656

I thought bcash holders were delusional but bsv shills take the cake

>> No.29853688

>protecting from inflationary practices of governments and central banks
>doesn’t realize BTC is controlled and owned by the central banks

>> No.29853708

Bitcoin isn't a fucking store of value, I hate you fags that preach this nonsense. You know damn well 99% of the money in bitcoin is in it for speculation.

>> No.29853727

Marry me

>> No.29853747

That’s 100% a fair stance to take

>> No.29853751

>literally CNN kikery
good job goy

>> No.29853753

And what happens if the attack goes on for months undetected? We're going to put one team in charge of the global reserve currency and they will just fork every time the global reserve gets fucked by an exploit? That's not how it works.

>> No.29853766

This one-eyed motherfucker deletes his tweets every day. Doesn't mean he is wrong.

>> No.29853844

i understand what you're saying genius, but do YOU understand what you're saying means for bitcoin?
If this bearish sentiment genuinely reflect retail market sentiment, I don't even want to start calculating just how bullish this year is going to be, as bearish retail is usually the best fomo fuel there is, in 2017 we had moonboys since it started going above 1k$
anon all i see both here and on twitter is people that are not willing to buy bitcoin at these prices, but will probably buy it above a 100k

>> No.29854115

>People just need something they can park in and expect it to last forever
That can't exist, because that value has to come from other people in the future, and who is going to agree to that? More importantly bitcoin can't be a store of value because it's not backed by anything. Without backing price pumps a lot when there's speculative interest and absolutely collapses when people try to get their 'value' back.

The only store of value is us dollar and us bonds. That's because debts are in us dollars, including taxes. At the same time it slowly loses value - that's the fee for its unique enforced backing.
Imagine a major catastrophe happens. Food prices would go up because of shortages, but asset prices would absolutely collapse, and bitcoin would nuke into oblivion. Are people going to buy bitcoin when there are food shortages? No.

Bitcoin is nonlinear leverage on the stock market - idle speculative money

>> No.29854119

Your observed reality /=/ measurable reality. Bitcoin can both simultaneously be a bubble and still have money on the sidelines waiting to buy. I'm not even saying this is the last bullrun mind you, we could get another cycle to 200k even before it implodes in my mind, I'm not fucking buying though. I think the bubble has matured and within time bitcoin will be far below these levels

>> No.29854130
File: 202 KB, 2150x1174, EvPhj7wWQAcuUvv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

final pic related for all the bears in this based thread
fuck nigger curry
fuck jannies
buy bitcoin

>> No.29854240
File: 40 KB, 754x284, (((brendan))).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muh no you're a liar just like CSW
>stop CSW
mossad always does a terrible job and israel has still no right to exist

>> No.29854415

So what you're saying is were not only fucked...but ultra-fucked...

Damn but be nice being a financially free fag now.

>> No.29854665

Which once again that entire chart has existed inside the world's biggest financial bubble