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Is this trannycoin ever going to go up or should I sell for $5. I feel like it has potential. I only bought because biz convinced me it would make the top 10.

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i think it goes up in the next two weeks, but i also think btc crashes so

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Have patience, child. 5x EOM

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no, none of it ever made sense, the only reason it went up at all is because of the ridiculous reward program and even that doesn't make it worthwhile, there's a reason it has been around for years and wasn't worth shit

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>market downturn
>BNT holding its own after over 5x pump

Uhh I don't know chief with everything yet to come all markers still pointing towards North-East

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You don’t have a clue what this is

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I don't even care if it goes up. If it helps, the ratio of staked coins is increasing so liquidity is drying up slowly but surely.

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don't know shit about BNT, why do people compare it to Uniswap ?

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>just pumped from 2.5 to 5$ in a few days
>Consolidating during huge bitcoin dump
U r a fuken retard m8

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Uniswap is a fork of Bancor. They are both AMMs but Bancor has solved impermanent loss

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Because Bancor literally invented the crypto AMM, Uniswap is a fork of the same product but with ETH as trading pair

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Are you staking? We were around $1.5 only a month ago. Just wait lol