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Are you a high achiever /biz/?

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Class of 03 should be 35-37. Being 38 means they graduated high school at 20

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im 25 last month but was class 2013? am i high iq?

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>tfw 230k at 30.

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I'm class of 2020.

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i really am, thanks for the fucked hopium
according to other graphs im 75 percentile

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This is way too low.

38 net worth $400k?

House? Pension? Investments?

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I was a high achiever a week ago, but not anymore unfortunately.

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If you haven’t noticed, millenials are fucked.

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34 here yeah I have about that much in debt between the house and car and student loans

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Most people retire in 1.5-2.0 million range. At 38, they're already ahead while still peaking career wise

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yeah i have more than that

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Is this supposed to be for college or high school?

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how many 38 year olds have paid off mortgages or bought their house with cash

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How do you guys fuck up that bad? i’m 35 with $500k NW(few weeks ago but i keep that as my benchmark)

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Sorry mate. You are dreaming if you think $1.5 to $2m net is enough to retire in low/modest comfort if you have wife and kids.

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Lost all my money on McDonald's coin.

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25 not 35...

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>Most people retire in 1.5-2.0 million range.
The median retires at around $300k

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Very few - but this is supposed to be a high achiever chart, not general population....

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this seems very low, especially for burgerland
as what is high achiever defined, for it certainly can't be richest cohort, must be something like savings potential for wagies

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Thank CommaClub and his scamming cunt friends for that one

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Yeah that chart seems like bullshit because most Americans are in debt via mortgage/student loans so their net worth should be zero

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retire to a govt hospice or what? no way you can retire with 300k. you are making just 30k a year on a 10% return, and thats not counting inflation

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I'm 29 with no work experience, a useless degree, but im making 1800 a month on government gibs

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Yeah I wasted a lot of time in college jumping between majors, after that I got married and had kids, the expenses just keep coming and here I am. Wife doesn’t work. Life is good for the most part, and ill claw my way out of most of the debt in a few more years

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You're retarded. Comma hasn't sold a single token and is still very actively marketing the project.

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This is high achiever only you fucking tard. This is the average...

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im 19 and i have 2k from a summer job sitting in my bank account

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"high achievers" probably have a well-paying job to pay off their high mortgage
that doesn't really translate into net worth until much later

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Yes. 8 figures at 30.

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How much do you think it costs to live comfortably when you have no loans to pay? Without my mortgage and student loans I could live on $30k and take multiple.vacations every year.

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Yes, but I don't feel like it

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thats only true if you are underwater on your house loan. which i dont think most people are.dont buy a new car and you should have positive net worth

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the net worth of "high achievers" increasees by about 25k a year

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Actually made 80k. Fuck yourself retard.

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you cant live with 30k with wife and kids. obviously im not refering to neet losers that cant afford anything.

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fuck off sneed investor dickhead
>I will never visit your trash you try to show
no one will trust this trash
smart investors chose juld, just check this stat for last year. easy +220%

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Wife would have her own retirement moron. Kids are long gone by retirement age. Fuck off zoomer.

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also, you arent even considering inflation on that mix. so out of that 10% realistically you can only spend 5%, then theres capital gains tax. people that try to retire that early with that little are homeless and addicted to meth

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retard alert. im taking about retiring at any age, not when you are 70. also, your net worth would be much higher than 300k cos most likely they will also own the house they live in

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>class of 2016
>$284K after taxes for 2020
thanks don

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Based and Neet Pilled

>27 Laid off last month
>Make 2k / month After Taxes from neetbux

Use all $ on crypto to buy BNT

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The ages and grad years are inaccurate.

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I think it's talking about college class

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Gee, it’s almost like having a 20-40 year head start means something. It’s also almost like one generation was taught how to save, plan, and wait while subsequent ones were taught that everything has to be now and to spend it when you get it.

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Disagree boomers lived in an era of abundance. Houses were super cheap.

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get the fuck off my board boomer

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Lies and slander.

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Search average millenial NW.

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I was just pulling your chain, but I will take this.

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>how much money do you have?
Fuck of datajew
The oven will come for you

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>30 years old
>feel like a slacker and idiot for not already being in 7 figure hell
>still haven't even hit 1/2/3/4 for reps
>haven't had a gf in a decade
I'm starting to think I need to flex on poorfags more to help my self-esteem.

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>Gee, it’s almost like having a 20-40 year head start means something

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Ehh the FIRE community says it works you just have to be super thrifty.

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$160k at 27? lol in my state you could save $160 in 5 years by living at home and making minimum wage.

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I'm a "high" achiever. If you catch my drift.

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10x that shit chart

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Yes and no debt as well.

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Most people don't own a home themselves.