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volume falling off a cliff, no dip buyers in sight. monthly candle about to close. btc is about to dump to 40k isn't it? also eth to 1,200 and ltc to 150. enjoy round 2 everyone.

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god i hope, please let it happen. im ready

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reminder that the bottom is the same moment in which Peter Schiff tweets about #Bitcoin

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Factually correct

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Agreed. I can see a panic sell to $35k possible but barring this isn't the Big One, $40k is a nice psychological support line

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If it does hit 40k, all 3x long margin from the ATH is forcibly liquidated. There's already been a squeeze and a consolidation from the 5x liquidations.

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My last 2 digits say k price eow

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And will be a great time for me to pool my earnings into DLO pools by XFAI for some passive income till the bear passes

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Volume dropping after a price decrease is bullish, we are running out of sell pressure. BTc will bounce back to $54k before the next real drop down below $40k

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lets shake some normies out hell yeah

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