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Compared to the rest of the market, I think it's doing pretty good

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The absolute state of algocucks

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>+8% on a 100k investment.

Well look at that I just made more money in one swing than you make in an entire year. >>29842587
poorfags keep seething

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>he needs a 45bil market cap just to 4x

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I'll call my boy Elon.

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>100k in ALGO


Could have put 100k in fucking Apple and made 20% and that is after this Feb tech dip. And had dividends.


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que to sell

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Bought algo under .30 because I'm not a moron like yourself.

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waiting for 0.5 to buy more

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If you already have 100k to invest in something you're already better off than 99% of people on earth, so who cares that you made even more money. I want something BIG because I'm poor, not some small dick 10% pumps

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All aboard boys!!

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>what to sell

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I bought most of my algo last week. What a fucking rugpull.

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>+8% on a 100k investment.
If you had put that 100k into Cardano 6 months ago you'd be on $500,000 right now...

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Loser who thinks buying the top is a rugpull. Get fucked

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>implying that I don't have exposure to apple.
Retard. I started off as a poorfag making $8 an hour. You need to change your mindset. Even the smallest ripple in the ocean can turn into a tsunami. Keep at it, you'll make it.
You can say that about almost any coin, besides RLC.

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Is it a good time to get in algo or did I miss the train

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ALGO milkers poster, I kneel

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Yes. Personally looking to triple my stack if it dips under $1 again

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Last train under $1 leaving /biz/ this weekend. You my be lucky and catch a weekend dip today or tomorrow... though it's amazing how ALGO is performing against the market right now.

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enjoy that 8% APY fren

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Drop that February / August fud, as nobody is stupid enough to fall for it, except for new fags.

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Why are there so many websites saying algo is bareish but could reach 18-20 dollars eoy?

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Man I'm still underwater with this shit

Put down 300 bux when it was hovering 1.38 weeks ago. Now it's just 230.

HODL or switch to other coins like GRT or XLM?

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Depends on what you want. ALGO is a mid-long term bet, a very good one at that. I myself cannot wait for it to dip a little further and keep filling my bags.

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this pump is making me COOOOOOM

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Algobros should I pull my algoys out of coinbase and stake in the wallet? I've had it sitting for on cb and see no staking rewards after a month

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Whoa he didnt even make sure staking was clicked on

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You've got to go to your preferences, look for something like Financial Services, and activate it.
holy fuck bro it's brutal. I'm liking how I'm happy no matter if ALGO dumps or pumps right now

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Also - impressions on ZIL coin?

Not sure if it's just me but Cardano has colored my expectations. While the rest of my portfolio cratered this week, Cardano has proven to be bombproof.

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We're going to $2.25 in 2 weeks. Check 'em.

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There's nothing to "fall for" unless you ARE a newfag, because you could've seen the early backer release schedule (which was always spammed in algo threads) matching up exactly with the volume/drop in price in every march and august.
Unfortunately, algorand removed the page from their website last month because it was being spammed everywhere, so newfags have no idea that rich asian investors are going to redeem and then immediately dump over 500M algos March 11th. The price right now is fake.

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I still haven't sold

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Thats algo staying above the 200 sma on the 4 hour chart boy

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not happening. Look at it on the daily right now. its going to be one of the first out of the gate. Not the first but one of them

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>bought at 1.55
>cant average down because I was chasing after ADA and made mad dosh
>but 60% of my gains are gone because of ALGO

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I haven't either. Still seeing this coin drop to from 1.80 to 80 cents in only a few days is what worries me. Once stimulus comes and this shit poomps past 2 dollars I'm out. It's clear early algo backers are just retards holding onto the token and not adding real value to the network. Fuck algo I should have went with coins that have actual devs working on their blockchains.

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Yeah, pulling out into ADA as soon as this gets a real bump. There's clearly no future in this coin.

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>not buying under $1

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same here. add me to your group of dumb faggots please, thanks.

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I almost did but I bought ADA below .96 during the dippening and now I made thousands. I'm still holding my ALGO for years but I dont feel confident in buying more of it if it cant even recover back to its average price

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If it dips from here there is no stoping till about .60, its to early to tell but staying above about .90 - $1 is bullish

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Shill me on Algo, frwens. Should I buy it now and why? Is there big news coming for it?

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Pumping. Hope you got your make it stack

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There's been 'big news' its entire life, and probably for the rest of it, too. You'll never see it come to fruition, though.

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>flipped AVAX
Feels good algonauts
What ghostchain with 0 use case shall we flip next?

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Start smaller fren, there are many other ghostchains before us
For starters, how in god's name is NEO a top 30 coin? This should be a no brainer to flip

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Weak fud bud. You clearly don't understand the psychological mechanisms this coin is structured to tap into.

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>bitch I
>bitch I got that
>ayyyyeee ayyyeeee

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gonna wait for this to dip to .65 to buy some

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It's doing better than I expected today honestly. I held off on Friday and I was actually hoping to pick up more for under a dollar this weekend but I haven't had an opportunity yet

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What are some of the bigger projects that did this? The founding company getting a large amount of their token and pumping and dumping it to get a shitton of money, I mean. Ripple did it, anyone else I need to steer clear of?

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Can you say .25 EOM?

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can you tongue my anus?

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This coin refuses to stay under a dollar for more than 12 hours despite BTC dumping, and you think you can grab it at .65 cents? lol

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Can we take a moment to laugh at the gay pozzed redditors who sold yesterday because the natsoc meme images?

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>make ALGO memes btfoing kikes
>jumps almost 20% in a day
Clearly we need to make more.

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>reddit dumps their bags after being BTFO the entire thread
>moon mission begins
So at last I truly see. If I want any coin to pump, all I have to do is FUD it on reddit to dump their bags

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what is this?

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uniswap for algo of course

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>just registered
I'll be watching this with great interest

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everything will have a 50+% off sale soon

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p diddy ah
got that shit litty ah
I'm that dope one huh
the block is hot got three thots on rocks
got a little skinny bitch munching on my dick
I'm just here eating chili cheese fries from my cheese guy. Now let me tell the future 14 eoy

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Already was 50% off.

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please no nigger lyrics, anon.

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Saw several crypto news articles related to MIT over the past couple days... if only there was a crypto being developed there that can catch some influential eyes... hmmmm

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well howdy dowda day
yeehhaaa cowboy

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Credit card partnership announced next mo

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lmao if BTC crashes to 20k might happen, and in that case I would buy something else
this thing must be bought under a dollar and trying to get at least 1 algo every day or two with the interest to get some noticeable short time profit

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It has nothing to do with MIT dumb fuck DYOR

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Yes, get the wallet. The transfer fee is minimal and the rewards are better

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Coinbenis takes a full quarter of your gains. Real APY is 8% but they give you 6%.

What you do is this:
>create wallet
>send ALGO to wallet
>buy more ALGO
>wait for enough ALGO to cover the transfer fee
>send ALGO to wallet
It's literally free ALGO transfers, and it re-compounds your wallet's balance every time.

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glad i put in 100k when xir sold.

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no, ydyor faggot. It's a MIT spin-off, all the basic technology was developed in-house and MIT is officially part of the Foundation, one of the Founding Members in fact.

>“I am delighted that MIT has joined the Algorand Foundation and a highly respected network of inaugural institutions known for their excellence in research and technical innovation,” said Ronitt Rubinfeld of MIT. “We are excited by the global promise of blockchain technology that Algorand fulfills, and are looking forward to working directly with the foundation to help support its overall mission.”

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>The Foundation
sounds big to me.

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the algowallet has a "contacts" like a phone does. save algo adddreses like saving a phone number of a person..

contacts list:
coinbase algo wallet
binance algo wallet
my algo wallet


so you no longer have to copy/paste wallet addresses and go back n forth to get the address from apps..
just save the address like saving a phone number of a person on a cellphone.. its nice.
can add your own wallet to contacts list.. then sen yourself 0 algos and collect the stake for free..

here it is. it so comfy. also it has a "dark theme" in the settings. for alll you "darkies" out there.

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Retard here. How do I stake from a ledger?

>> No.29855266

Buddy it tells you in ledger, you just add usdc and/or tether to the algo wallet and it automatically does it. There's even a claim rewards button to send yourself 0.00 algo to get the rewards.

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What is your problem nigger.
Are you a chink? A pajeet? Or a nigger?
Because only those people are as stupid as you.
Algo has had a 120 percent return in a month and is the future of DeFi.
Apple is failing company that makes shitty products and only lives off of their dead founders name.
Most likely Apple and other big companies like Uber will build off of ALGO.
fucking rope yourself nigger, for all of us.

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For those who don't know what this anon is talking about.

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You are beyond stupid kid.
It doesn’t work that way. This dip was caused by the exchanges selling their INTEREST tokens you fucking moron.
Now there are a lot of ico investors who bought at 3.48 so there is a ton of resistance at that price.
Expect a big dip when we hit that target, but after that there is literally zero resistance.
That’s why 8.50 to 9 bucks by December is very possible.
Hopefully you will have necked yourself and we won’t have to hear from you.

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Pajeet nigger detected.

>> No.29856548

Sorry guys, this things coin is going to crash.
I just bought in @1.18 so that will be the highest it'll ever be.

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probably the biggest brained comment in here, desu.

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Hahahhahaha reddit fags get the rope!
So awesome, I’m glad I bought the dip.
God I hope I picked up some of those faggots bags.

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Nicely done.

>> No.29856683

Very bullish

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Algos a long term hold

>> No.29856964

that's exactly what we needed to moon. Post more notseemeemes! Get those crab ass fags the fuck out of our APY pool.

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> bought like 4k worth when it was 1.35 and spent all my money

>> No.29857481

Can I add you as a friend I did the exact same with $6k

>> No.29857538

At least youre getting interest, every free Algo lowers your price in.

>> No.29857609

There are people on biz who fell for ALGO?

>> No.29857644

I actually sold then and rebought at 1 dollar

>> No.29857901

Kek doing Gods work anon.

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>he bought the top

>> No.29858103

Congratulations all that didn't panic sell.
We held through the storm and now we are seeing the sunshine at the edge of the world

>> No.29858196

How long until we see an article about
>Algorand: The Alt-right white supremacist crypto. 10 reasons why white ownership of crypto should be illegal

>> No.29858262

I made $25 bucks testing the waters swinging this. Lol

>> No.29858742

Aaand it's dumping again. Should have sold some of stack at 1.20

>> No.29858784

Bad news:


>> No.29859017

Having more chances to buy the dip is not bad news at all at this stage of the operation anon

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Seems as though the cuck has found this thread.

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But seriously. Gonna increase my buy order to 98 cents because it doesnt look like 90 will be hit again

>> No.29859239

nah man $1.05 minimum

>> No.29859342

yeah but we've been getting more dips than pumps, anon

>> No.29859486

It’s not about swing trading this coin fren. This is something you can sit back and forget about.
At the end of the year you will have nothing but good vibes and way more money because of staking

>> No.29859643

Nah, grandpa BTC did those. Doesn't matter to me anyway, I'm bullish on ALGO long term.

>> No.29859705

based bad news pajeet. just sold, thanks for warning.

>> No.29859780

feb 12. nice try dipshit

>> No.29859954

well, you called it

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>> No.29860985

that was funny. fuck ledditors

>> No.29860993

>>already down to $1.10
Wow what a JINX!

>> No.29861211

The new floor will be $2 soon, the 30day rolling average high water mark is about to hit the point when Algo pumped earlier in the month. I also did some digging and found something special I'll hint. March 2.

>> No.29861288


>> No.29861386

Big news is an understatement. It's a coin made by the colleague of the upcoming head of an alphabet agency. Glowies know.

>> No.29861394

>This is something you can sit back and forget about.
Except for when you BTFD and stack your stake.

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You sound mad, but I'm just trying to help out newfriends like you.
>It doesn’t work that way. This dip was caused by the exchanges selling their INTEREST tokens you fucking moron.
Genuinely one of the dumbest things I've read on this website. It was caused by the claim date of the "super staker" early backer program.
There are 1.2 billion algos that can be claimed by super stakers without penalty every 500k blocks (about every 6 months). The next dump is block 12,500,000, which is looking like it'll happen on march 11th. You can see this for yourself on the block explorer.
Have you really not noticed that the supply of algos is more than twice as high as the circulating amount? The current inflation rate is 36%/year (this goes to the super stakers), and you only get 8% for holding.
>Now there are a lot of ico investors who bought at 3.48 so there is a ton of resistance at that price.
Absolutely delusional. Only ~40M Algos were bought during the algo ICO. 3.7 BILLION are being GIVEN AWAY between node operators and early backers/"super stakers."
You can figure this all out just by googling it; I'm done spoonfeeding.
I'm assuming you're referencing my post here

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>> No.29861555

>I'm assuming you're referencing my post here
Yes but something even bigger is happening on March 2, indirectly related to Algo but will give Algo a fuck ton of leverage behind the scenes.

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File: 36 KB, 820x254, niggers-tongue-my-anus-and-usdc-runs-on-algo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cleaned this up a little for ya, fren.

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you're the same faggot, wandering into EVERY algo thread, posting the same tired fud. you had like 2 years to fill your bags, guy. what's your real motive?

>> No.29861771

Price is still lower than two weeks ago, i bought more during the dip but calm down guys it aint doing that good.

>> No.29861782

Man, you have 3k USD, it would be nice for you to pour everything into one coin, and not be fooled small things

> listen to this shillers on / biz / and get fuckcoin
> lose everything in a moment

And now way to do a real PROFIT:
> buy GSX and hold
x10 is available soon. Easy!

>> No.29861793

The font is an important part of the meme. Other guy did it better.

>> No.29861894

the higher the price, the more ALGO we earn, no?

>> No.29861900

Jealousfags gonna seethe

>> No.29862041

Usdc runs on other chains too. Stable coin adoption doesn't really mean anything at this point.

>> No.29862054

Okay shiller on /biz/ telling me about a fuckcoin

>> No.29862067

>explaining how the coin works is fud

>> No.29862255

He's right though, accelerated vesting is what is suppressing the price of Algo. The good news is we're about to hit the 30 day rolling average. March 2 is when it begins but don't expect shit to take off until March 12. Another thing is happening on March 2 though and if it passes the Senate, Algo will be set in stone as the future backbone of the digital dollar.

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I get .35 ALGO a day for holding 2,000 ALGO in the ALGO wallet.

Can someone do the math and show me how that's 8% APY because i am retarded.

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>Another thing is happening on March 2 though and if it passes the Senate
Any chance I can get a source? I sold a week ago and my current plan is to buy back after the 12.5MM block relay node dump

>> No.29862520

2000x8% for the year, divided by 365 because that's the interest you make for a day at the yearly rate.
2000x0.08=160/365=0.4383 interest generated in 1 day, add that to your stack then calculate again.
2000.4383x0.08=160.0350/365=0.4384, add that to the stack then calculate for tomorrow.
The interest isn't 8% so your .35 is probably 7% or so. That's how you calculate compound interest at the yearly rate compounded daily.

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yes, that was a good story for the day. and the best algo meme of the day too.
whoever made that algo meme..
what a chad.

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oh i'm sorry nigger. guess I overlooked that.

>> No.29862743

It is currently at like 6.4%. APY fluctuates depending on Algos in circulation according to the docs. Compound interest can change this to a degree.

>> No.29862838

it comes out to be roughly 6.5% daily

I guess it fluctuates. thanks anon.

>> No.29862896

you should be getting .38/day.
(.38*365)/2000=6.9% (current rate)
I'm pretty sure the block explorer uses a nominal rate, so it doesn't take compounding into effect

>> No.29862909

sorry buddy, you're going to have to DYOR on this subject but if you need another clue, research the background of a key player in a alphabet agency of the financial sector.

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Lol it’s kinda funny because I feel like the same two people have been going back and forth and anon finally started making a few memes just piss him off. Algo threads have been kinda funny the last few days.

>> No.29863119
File: 130 KB, 920x962, Compounding.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I make 2 transactions a day to make sure compounding is applied.

" the easiest way to force rewards compounding is to send a zero Algo payment transaction to the target address on a frequent, recurring basis"

>> No.29863145
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one more thing, don't forget to settle your debts on the ides of March, it's traditionally Roman tradition.

>> No.29863191

The recurrence relation of your balance over time is:
B(n) =A
B(n) = B(n-1)*(1+r/t)^t -ft
A is principal
R is interest rate
T is times you collect per year
F is fees
N is number of years

Solve recurrence relation of wolfram for the answer

>> No.29863262
File: 1.11 MB, 1574x834, i made it fren.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i made it this morning fren.
thanks for the extra 15% buff today..
was comfy waking up today.

>> No.29863426
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>> No.29863506

i like it!

>> No.29863861


>> No.29864005

still doesnt get me to that sweet 8% APY.

ima hlod regardless

>> No.29864022
File: 66 KB, 750x699, 417B03C5-99B2-4017-84FC-EC0E678DDF3F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29864071

Meant B(0) =A

>> No.29864108

Malicious link don’t click niggers

>> No.29864570

I clicked, am I fucked?

>> No.29864733

Good luck to us both anon

>> No.29864790


>> No.29864837
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>> No.29865407

So what happens when all the ALGOs are staked? Indefinite inflation like DOGE/XMR?

>> No.29865507

I set an order at 0.70 but i think that ship has sailed. Ill wait until Monday to re-evaluate tho

>> No.29865671

enough with the March 2nd pump BS, pretty easy to fact check your horseshit that nothing is going to senate next week:

>> No.29865828

I mean the entire crypto market is doing that, not just algo.

>> No.29865895

Literally fucking this. Why the fuck are you niggers short selling and panicking?

>> No.29865923
File: 318 KB, 830x961, Alglowie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>individual: GG
>position: infiltrated
Aglowies know

>> No.29866036

It's a long term coin people. If you don't plan to keep it for at least a year, fuck off. You clearly don't understand the cause.

>> No.29866680

Ur getting fatter and I like that

>> No.29866698


>> No.29867407

I'll give you another hint, it's not a bill or piece of paper being passed in Congress. It's a tradition. When it happens, nothing big will really happen but will give Algo huge leverage within alphabet agencies behind the scenes.

>> No.29867419

I’m only a fatness instructor. Your blubber is attractive Lizzo

>> No.29868965

i need more algo

>> No.29869000

This I’m an Algoholder but jesus christ these Algo threads can be cringe.

>> No.29869135

1000x 69

>> No.29869829

damn, that is siiick.
very subtle.

>> No.29870767
File: 163 KB, 773x1000, algo-2-bucks-by-dawn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks, anon.

>> No.29871256

>buying during a bullrun
I used to be dumb like that before too

>> No.29871355

kek. to be fair, as much as I like ALGO this is a good lesson to learn from. NEVER fucking buy into a pump of anything more than like 3-7%, IMO.

>> No.29871546

Yeah the longer you're at it the less you'll feel fomo

>> No.29871707
File: 207 KB, 682x900, algorand magazine italian flying saucer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29871905

If you look up Project Mars by Dr. Wernher von Braun, you'll find more of that aesthetic

>> No.29872199
File: 1.11 MB, 2048x1369, algo-nasa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

looks good, anon. hopefully people save these because sometimes I don't after I make them, kek.

>> No.29872314

Also Mars ruled by Elon. Not even kidding.

>> No.29872358

technically Elon is just the name of the government position but yeah lol. Gets the noggin joggin

>> No.29872868

How do I know Algo will be the Foundation? Psychohistory