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SPENT 200$ FOR 2 FUCKING SWAPS, SWAPS DIDN'T WORKED BUT THEY TOOK MY 200$ ETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I FUCKING HATE YOU VITALIK SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!FUCK OFF UNISWAP AND ALL THIS FUCKING EXTH EXCHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!vvvvFUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!vvvFUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!FUCK OFF !!!!

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This is why I'm on BSC Binance for 15c fees bro get into $Vlad and make 15x easy

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thanks for the shekels goy

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But some coins can't be taken on BSC

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lots of projects are creating a bridge to BSC, ETH is unusable for 90% of people.

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Are you sure it took the whole $200? Usually failed transactions only used up a fraction of the gas

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Why are you crying about these shittokens?
That’s all your mistake mate, don’t be so tarded
Wanna see profit?
>listen carefully da boi, go to JustLiquidity and see yields for JULD
>See the stat, be smart!

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>tfw I have the same reaction as OP whenever I lose $0.30 on BSC
I get stomach cramps whenever I just THINK of trading in eth. Gives me the heebie jeebies, you know?

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sorry sir please try again

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Yeah I sold all my PNK and ETH because of this bullshit. Totally unusable, has no future unless they fix this.

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When I was new I thought that happened, but it just took some time to go through and I had to import the new coin into my trust wallet.

Did you copy the code for the coin you were trading for from coingecko to make sure it was the real thing?

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Happened to me twice only 15 bucks tho dunno why it does that

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dropped 20% since you posted this. Real nice

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Thank you come again :^)

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why is Metamask so shit at computing BSC fees?
Most of the times it proposes you a 10gwei fees that'll never pass and you need to raise it to 13 manually.

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ETH is so unironically garbage it makes me seethe

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Sorry Kid, you haven't been tipping your miner, so I decided to pass on your transaction.

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A small price to pay for Decentralization™

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Should've been more careful with "your" money than to waste it on random internet garbage

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Sorry bro, stop being a poorfag haha layer 2 in 2050 we're dEcEnTrAlIzEd

t. spaghetticodedeveloper.ETH username

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ETH is a Russian scam retard

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I was actually wondering the same
is there a better wallet out there?

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I'm on fortmatic.
Same shit, but a little less shit

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Just waiting for my transaction in ETH to go in my fucking wallet. I'm watching my coin crashing while I'm waiting, and I can't do anything but just wait for it to crash even more since I have to wait for my ETH to go in my fucking wallet.

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hope ETH is going to die soon

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Transaction "processing" since half an hour... well Vitalik I hate you

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Get unicorn'd.

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unicorn is a pain in the ass

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Remember the prophecy
>it will happen when the weather cools
>an island will drift away
>the black flag will fly above the dome
>the bear will leave its cave forever
>the ravens will starve
>the dragon will eat the unicorn

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Capitol loss?

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Has anyone tried an L2 swap protocol? Any recommendations?

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Look into AVAX and PNG.

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Quickswap is godlike. I've made close to a hundred swaps and prolly paid less than 2 cents in total.

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This is the exact reason why Turing complete smart contract systems are a meme. When something is Turing complete you cannot predict how many compute cycles it could take.
Something like clarity or simplicity language that can be proven mathematically to complete in a certain number of cpu cycles is the only real way to do smart contracts

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>crying over losing 200 bucks
yeah stupid pajeet

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just move to BSC anon, i made over 200 transactions in a single week

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spot on

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Is this man talking about REN or something else?