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reminder to unstake or harvest baobros

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cost 90 dollars to harvest 500k bao.
cost 120 dollars to unstake 100 tokens

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unstake for the free harvest, baobro

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what if i dont do anything?

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your pending harvest will be cut by 75% (1/4 left). im in the same spot, staked some for fun but kinda a pain to lose a lot of profits to take it out

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was a good month of farming
I broke apart my UNI LP tokens as well, plan on moving to xdai-bao when we migrate

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etherium fix your shit

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>I broke apart my UNI LP tokens as well, plan on moving to xdai-bao when we migrate
lucky there wasn't IL when breaking apart my UNI LP tokens (lost a bit of ETH but gained more BAO)

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>etherium fix your shit
this is why I still run an ETH mining farm
it's a good hedge against high gas fees and network congestion

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wtf is this migration crap and bao dumping almost below what i bought it at now

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>750 Gwei Stablecoin.
B.. Baobros?

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>wtf is this migration crap

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It's not free, txfee for the harvest is included in the unstake fee. It just saves you clicks, not money. Don't unstake if you plan to restake in future - that's actually a loss.

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i did it and it hurts anonon
its gonna take me half a year to earn it back if bao keeps crabbing like this

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feels comfy to be a bao holder in this absolute sea of shit like ADA, BSC, BNB, pancake swap, etc.

the roadmap for BAO makes me fucking bullish

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