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>There are people on this board who didn't even buy 1 of these
How soon can we hit $1000? This shit looks ready to take off again and we are still over $500.

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I'm sick of waiting the bags I sold three days ago for a quick 2x are mooning. I need this shit to hit 1k pronto.

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Bro there are still only like 400 holders right now. We are so early in this
Once people realize how good this deal is we can take off any minute.

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That's because everyone is holding on quickswap or stacking in the LP in reality it's probably 4-5k.

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that's fair. I didn't bother to transfer my shit over to the L2 because I don't plan on trading it. Just gonna buy and hold

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Friends still early don't be greedy look at the mcap and liquidity hold at least for a month

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3711 holders on matic network.

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I have 6 boys am i gmi?