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It's one thing if we dont pump
its another thing if we dont pump while cardano does a fucking 100x
This is a max pain scenario playing out and I'm sure Im not the only one feeling it. When we dumped to 35k sats I was fine but this is seriously painful

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Insider here. Big dog was right

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what? I have more money than ever before (on paper), I'm not gonna be mad about that no matter how you try to twist it
jealousy is not good for you anon

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aww poor widdle bayby wants cry on the internet

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I can't stand you bitches that think your favorite crypto can only go up. That's why you lose all the time

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cmon buddy ada was 7 cents while link was 15 bucks
ada is a ghost chain that has been promising smart contracts coming soon for the past 4 years and still nothing
the only use of the token is to stake and get more tokens
I don't believe that you can watch this play out and not feel the pain
> think that technical analysis does wrong for ADA, for the short timeframe. Fundamentally, Mary will be released on March 1st, full decentralization at the end of the month, and generally March will be full of surprises for ADA. A lot of new releases (While until now, nothing actually was released)
these are the type of people getting filthy fucking rich right now. People talking about the great fundamentals of a chain that no one uses.

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Imagine still holding chainlink kek

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If no one use spooky cryptoberry why do price go up?

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he was never right not once
all his predictions are bullshit
he said we never be over 37k a few weeks ago
then deleted all tweets

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I've held through worse where yfi clones out performed by 10x more than LINK. I'm sure oldfags were more pissed when XRP and other shitcoins like Dragonchain outperformed LINK. It's isn't that painful to see Cardano do something better, it's never painful. You just learn to hold or sell and pussy out. U choose.

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your problem is that you care about ADA
why would you care about ADA when you hold LINK?
it makes no sense

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we have this fucking thread several times a day. no im not selling get it throughr your fucking skull

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(((They))) had to kill the character. Bitcoin was never supposed to pump again but Link was already pumping too much too soon. The only way to stop it was to delay the plan two years and pump Bitcoin and some shitcoins to deflect.

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I don't know what to tell you OP. There are no other options for me. What do I do? I have $470k in LINK. Do I just move that to BTC that has pumped like crazy, ETH that has pumped, ADA that has pumped like crazy, DOT that has pumped, XRP that is dead, BNB that has pumped like crazy etc. Everything has already pumped so much that there is a high chance you are buying some guys 10-100x bags. Meanwhile we have LINK that is up about 20% since August 2020 ATH of $20. Only hope is that during March Bitcoin will just crab and LINK will finally have its own season and the whales are done with their supression games. LINK could very easily pull a 3x since it's only at $10bn market cap while ADA is at $40bn+, BNB at $30bn, DOT at $30bn, XRP at $20bn. There's no turning back now that's for sure. Let's just hope the Gods are done testing us.

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I am literally -and I mean LITERALLY- on the the verge of a complete mental breakdown

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I hear you, but what are we gonna do? I'm not going to sell and try chase a stupid pump. I'm really fucking pissed off with the way LINK has performed in this bull run, but I don't have a choice but to keep holding. For me it was always a thing where either I make it from LINK, or I ride it to 0 and kill myself. Nothing in between.

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Dude this is the most painful period in the entire 3.5+ years I've been holding this piece of crap. At all other times it wasnt bad cause no one knew links potential, we knew but it didn't matter that other things were mooning cause it was still a secret & we knew our time would come. Well guess what, OUR TIME HAS FUCKING COME & ITS NOW - link secures most of defi, has partnerships out the ass, has white papers with wef, and it does FUCK ALL. I mean, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?? Anyone who isn't mad & losing it right now is a newfag & simply hasn't been holding for long enough

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>Larper blows it too many times and has to delete
>(((They))) must have been forced to kill his character
Bro I loved big dogg too but come on

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what kind of insider are (((you)))?

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meant for (You)

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Hahah. You’re such a dramatic little bitch

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Chainlink has not a partnership with ADA. Ada is planning to use its native Oracles.

You married a shitcoin. Pic related. It's Chainlink.

Game over.

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>dog Volt
wait what

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>ada is a ghost chain
how do you niggers keep forgetting that eth has fatal flaws and everyone is desperate to jump ship? ada has the best tech built on a granite foundation. it will roll out slowly but stay forever, outlasting the quick burn of polkadots marketing and bnb’s name advantage.

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Don't bother talking to the boomers. Either you already are comfy with your life because you have a nice job, nice place to live etc or you have a stack that's already in 7 figures. Meanwhile a lot of us are in this $200k-$600k limbo where we can't really star our "new life"(moving out etc) without selling a large chunk of our stacks that we've been holding for so long while living like absolute poorfags. The worst part wasn't that LINK was between $0.2-$0.6 for over a year since everything else was bleeding and LINK climbed from rank 124 at its bottom to like rank 40 solely from the fact that everything else was bleeding. We were climbing sats all the time. That run from $0.6 to $4 was great since everything else was crabbing or dumping or maybe slightly pumping. And it's not even that bad if some $10m market cap coin pulls a 20x. What's bad is if we are in a bull market and a 2017 pumped and dumped absolute vaporware crypto that is still in like $2bn market cap pulls a fucking 20x in a couple of months. Meanwhile LINK dumped from rank 5 to rank 9. I'm already past the mental breakdown phase.

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We're in this together... I've been struggling for the last couple of months but I can't do shit but just hold. If we don't get a decent enough pump to make it this year I'll probably kms, I can't do another 3 year bear market bros.

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Unironically a fast crash leading to a bear market would probably be best for LINK. That way whales only have LINK to make money with so they'll let it pump and then dump. Currently they can just pump and dump other cryptos.