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I understand the need to raise wages, but an increase to 15 bucks an hour over 4 years seems unrealistic. Is there a provision in the bill for the government to subsidize small businesses while they double their payroll? How would such a plan not spur massive inflation and destroy small business?

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If you’re business can’t pay $15/hr then you shouldn’t be in business.

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So much this

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>raise price of goods/services to make payroll
>Everything now costs more because every business has to raise prices to pay its employees
>Inflation go brrr

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about to post this

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>t. Amazon lobbyist

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I’m just gonna pay wetbacks to do it for $100 a day even if they work for 12 hours. What’s your move now, fag?

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A lot of other rich countries manage a decent minimum wage, burgers. You will survive an increase to $15

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A minimum wage just makes people too expensive to hire, it does not actually increase the productivity of workers to the point where they are worth more money.

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the labor of the average high schooler phone addict is not worth $15 an hour, raising the minimum wage is just a way for adults that failed in life and made bad decisions to feel like they have more value than they really do

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how are mutts talking so much about this while claiming to be first world when literally every single EU country has an higher minimum wage?

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Generally speaking higher minimum wage results in higher productivity. That’s only to an extent of course, you can’t start paying everyone $100 an hour, but $15 won’t lead to hyperinflation or good businesses failing

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It's always the kikes

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Just so all burgers realise, the exact same arguments have taken place in every country where a min wage was introduced or increased (eg the uk in the late 90s).

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>europoors telling us but to worry
You clueless cucks. The minimum wage causes unemployment. This just means more nigger "teens" with no way to get money legally.

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>The minimum wage causes unemployment.
I do not argue against that... but you retarded clueless homoid commie seriously think THAT is your biggest threat?
You literally allow illegals to work

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Why would it spur inflation? It's not just money that's created out of nowhere like the stimulus checks.
Walmart had a net income of 14.88B this year, net - as in pure profit. If they can't pay people a living wage then fuck em. You can't keep using "but muh small business" to let big corps fuck everyone over.

Pretty sure the whole point is that people can survive, not that they become more productive. Refer to the productivity vs. wages chart since the 60s.

People flipping burgers or cleaning toilets still deserve to survive, even if you see them as "failed" adults. If you think that's overvaluing them, does that mean you think they don't have enough value to exist? People need three jobs just to survive nowadays.

Just because maccers fires everyone because minimum wage goes up doesn't mean it causes unemployment - it means maccers doesn't want to pay people a living wage in favour of making profit

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Stfu stupid investor cuckcoin
>I will never go for your trash you try to show
no one will believe in this rubbish
smart people chose juld, just check this info for last year. easy 220% plus

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if they cry over such symbolic amount they are not fit for the fittest

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and triple the taxes

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>Just because maccers fires everyone because minimum wage goes up doesn't mean it causes unemployment
Minimum wage cause unemployment to go up. Every single regulation is a limitation that causes the market to not being able to selfact...

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You fucks have the government so far up your asses, it's laughable.
>Muh living wage for any job, muh free health care, muh nanny state
You're so far gone and detached from how nature works and how we get ahead, it's just sad. Europe as an example of how to run anything is a joke. Stfu.

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Fuck greedy kikes

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with a tenth of your hospital costs, or many more examples.

>muh we love our illegals
>muh let them work
hard cope

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It could pay $15 but your retarded ass doesn’t deserve $15. We’ll just automate it now so enjoy unemployment!

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on what legals grounds does that kike have the right to strike it down? I'd love to hear the bullshit she came up with.Their infiltration and infestation in the legal system has made it a joke, the same way they turned politics on it's side and every other field they dominate through nepotism and systematic racism (fuck it, I'll use their verbal diarrhea against them).

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>Bringing up illegals
I didn't say shit about illegals. Stop deflecting, schlomo. Now that you mention it though, that's exactly where the jobs will go when the minimum wage increases. Go eat a frog or goat stomach or putrid cheese you faggot.

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Americans fighting against the most basic services is always funny

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Yea because all the other jobs that would pay below $15 get automated. It has nothing to do with people being more productive.

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It causes short term unemployment till consumer goods inflation has made the 15$ wage equal to previous 7$ wage.

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I just have to assume you're 14 years old. or younger. I stopped believing in santa when I was 10 or 11. Why would you simply believe something is true when there is no empirical evidence supporting it?

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Amazon pays over 15 an hour

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But why do you insist our society should function how nature works? Because it's "natural"? I thought the whole point of society is to transcend hunter gatherer free-for-all society. Or are you a go back to monke proponent?

>Europe as an example of how to run anything is a joke
>Your example of systems working well for people somewhere else is a joke
I mean okay

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sure let them lay off 30% of their employees because don't want to get rid of their profits because of some silly government regulations

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sure it does!

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Europoors thinking giving shit to everyone is sustainable or good for your people long term. Let me make it clear. If you don't have survival of the fittest, your are doomed.

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Blah blah blah. Sustainable since WW2, while you cucks need to wage 3 jobs and still can't pay rent

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I don't understand why we can't just let each state decide their minimum wage like they do for gambling, gun carry, income and business tax, prostitution, drug laws and every other fucking thing. You want a higher minimum wage get it on the ballot in your state and we'll vote on it. We don't need the federal government deciding everything for everyone and further raping the 10th amendment

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>Let me make it clear. If you don't have survival of the fittest, your are doomed.
>muh let our illegals work

I only see you coping hard this whole thread

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I only see commie jews or eurofags brainwashed by them. You're coping, dumbass.

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>how nature works
You mean human nature right ?
Cause the whales in the ocean have a balanced nature in this planet , while humans have a destructive nature the way they influence this planet, kinda like a leech , a virus

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>giving shit to people who don't deserve it makes humans less like a virus
You're all shills or indoctrinated.

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Inflation has been increasing without the 15 dollar min wage raise and its going to increase as long as companies see people are still willing to buy a more expensive product to make them more profit, i think its fair for those extra profits to go back into the deserving payroll. No one should be working 30-40 hour weeks and only having enoigh money to pay off bills. Plus shouldn't we want more pay? More cash people have hire the chances of them investing

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Only valid argument in my opinion

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he isn't wrong at all...
we're smart enough to leech the ressources but dumb enough not realizing that it all ends at some point.

and no, global warming is still not real, don't put me in that category you 14 year old "hard red pilled" goy.

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No one should expect to pay bills with an entry-level or low skill job. Those jobs are for kids and the like. Being on the side of the government warping the free market usually causes problems in other areas. Many studies show what a minimum wage does, and it will lead to more nigger crime.

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Ridiculous, the us is a crime ridden hell hole already. Denmark Germany Australia etc aren’t and they have high min wage. Not saying they don’t have problems but come on man.

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>How would such a plan not spur massive inflation and destroy small business?

In the shithole where i live, it was a minimun wage rise of about 30% a few years ago. When lower wages raises it pushed mid-wages a bit too to keep a salary progresion., There will be some inflation, of course, But there is an increse of spending in low income familly that were strugled with basic expenses before and after the rise, the could spend a bit more, till prices adapt to higher salaries. At the end, the rise of minimun wages were less dramatic than FUDders made it looks at the beginning.

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Anon, if work in real estate with my mother. We talked about how the real estate market has changed in our area through the course of her career, and we also talked about who most of her clients were.

The majority of the old folks who were buying and selling their homes worked simple jobs. Were talking about people who could afford a home while working as a cashier at a grocery store, or a butcher, or any other low paying job.

It was incredibly depressing when I realized that most of those old folks "made it" with jobs that haven't had any wage growth for decades. Meanwhile, obviously the only "young" couples buying and selling their homes are people in their late 30s with AT MINIMUM a bachelors and working in some job that pays at least 40-50k.

Completely ridiculous.

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I got a job for a contractor when I was 19. He was a senior, a farmer and had lots of machines. I lived in a trailer at the back of his property. Most of the time he didn't pay me for my time. What he did give me probably worked out to about $2/hr altogether. Why would you pay someone who doesn't know anything $15 to shoot the shit and pass you tools while your fixing something? By the time I left the farm I was capable of making over $100/hr with the skills I learned. Our arrangement was technically illegal-what a fucked up World.

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>grant amnesty to millions of people who previously got paid in cash and didn’t pay taxes.
>this prices most of them out of the labor market in which they were participating
>raise minimum wage to $15
>this prices the remainder as well as previous citizens out of the labor market in which they were participating
>more immigrants come to get paid cash under the table and under minimum wage.

That’s the plan to make Americans utterly dependent on the gov.

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And you deserve life itself ?
Define deserve.
For example you deserve to be behead by the Islamic state cause you are a infidel ?

Deserve is just a human wrapped concept, a word made to suit many different purposes.

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This is the only post that stands out so far.

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Your point? The government printed money like crazy. The government raised the minimum wage, spreading the wealth to truly entry-level positions (not cashier or butcher, but bagger and mop boy), the government allowed the illegals in, the government taxed individuals and businesses alike to support their backwards nonsense.
>muh government will fix it now for sure!

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unironically this. if your business is reliant on minimum wage nigger cattle labor then understand that the state is sponsoring your shit business model with welfare benefits. small business owners with a brain will find a way to survive (automate away nigger cattle jobs) and the poorly run shithole small businesses will fail.

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Then wtf is the purpose of a job if not to help pay expenses, if it was enough to raise a family on 50 years ago, it should still be enough, cause we do more work and have higher productovity than they did in the past. I work to study and pay rent(with a roommate) in hope that i can graduate and make more money. If you've done nothing with your life and gotten lucky, good for you. But for people like myself and others alike, we deserve the chance to make enough money to support ourselves at least

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And I was not even thinking about global warming.

For example this nature existed before humans, I mean this planet already existed, many animal species have been extinct since our presence I think it's a perfect example , we extinct already something we did not create.

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Why do you fags even care? You neets don't even work.

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You're choosing the easy way out and thinking it results in the optimal outcome.
>people making decisions on gut feel and emotion instead of reading an Economics trxt book

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I agree, but a lot of employees do not deserve $15 per hour.

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>if your business is reliant on minimum wage nigger cattle labor then understand that the state is sponsoring your shit business model with welfare benefits.
I fail to see how offloading training to gov welfare "higher education" institutions produces better results. You pay more right off thr bat and still have to train to your specific niche.

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The same headass mentality as
>if you don’t like how Walmart does business why don’t you just make your own company

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isn't a specialized workforce a central meme in modern economic theory? something has to give. we're at the intersection between primitive labor markets and advanced job markets. also we have to do something to address the fact that a significant proportion of our population is too stupid to contribute to the modern workforce. think the millions of 85 IQ niggers that can't handle work more complex than flipping burgers or stacking boxes in a warehouse.

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why don't you invest in crypto? avax? bitcoin?

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But what is this shit about deserving or not..
Maybe they don't want to be there in the first place but are forced cause they don't have other alternative. They depend of a system they were born in and don't have any other choice.
Sorry but I don't DESERVE this too

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Where can i buy avax mate?

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I closed my small business a year ago and bought altcoins. Avax and eth. Now I don't care about all those nonsense

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It's not even a choice at this point, fed is inflating dollar to oblivion you have no other chance to save yourself from losing your purchasing power. Make the change to crypto, avax is indeed a good choice

>> No.29841615

U can buy avax binance ftx mate..

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for the future of our neet siblings

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Anon, you already hold your life to an iver bearing "government" entity. I highly doubt you produce any if your own food. You go out to the mass chain super makets for that. I doubt you produce you're own energy. You pay the massive utility company for that. You also pay to have water pumped to your house and to be treated so it won't give you parasites. Our entire lives ALREADY are at the whim of massive entities. You may call a corporation thats fine, but don't let them delude you into believing you're "freer".

I'm not saying government is the final solution. I'm saying there needs to be action from the government to prevent such tremendous looting of future generations. It should have been illegal for Jewish CEOs to off shore all those manufacturing jobs and outsource all their other jobs as well.

You need a strong government to keep these things in check. If I had to choose between a gay corporate world that pretended not to be in control of my life, or a guy government that flat out stated its control over my life. I'd choose the latter simply because at least then I'd know whats going on.

>> No.29841699

Also, if you purchase 2000 avax you can become a validator and earn passive income, take that FED!

>> No.29841720

Don't tell me I didnt warn yall to buy #AVAX while it's still low

>> No.29841836

Avax makes a lot of sense to invest guys

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How shitty are your margins if you can't afford to pay someone 15 bucks an hour? I don't understand this shit. Pay them 15 bucks an hour, and all of us make out better because there's way more money in the economy. The only people against this should be fortune 500 ceos and really terrible small businessmen. Who cares?

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>I will be a good goy and support commie nonsense
Fuck off, moshie

>> No.29841909

>please let me continue on doing more idiotic stuff cause I'm too stupid to think things through and not find my own potential solutions to real world problems

>> No.29841920

Go back

>> No.29841938

>with no way to get money legally.
The black market is not going away ever anon.
Everyone is a criminal. Yes, you have broken a law.

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>You need a strong government to keep these things in check. If I had to choose between a gay corporate world that pretended not to be in control of my life, or a guy government that flat out stated its control over my life. I'd choose the latter simply because at least then I'd know whats going on.

And that's why China will win.
>muh they're communist
Current China is not communist at all. China is a fascist/authoritarian country, and what a lovely one.

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Checked. Create automated labor replacements and you will never run out of customer base as wages artificially rise.

>> No.29842086

>someone who cant be bothered to learn what fascist means

>> No.29842096

I don't see why you faggots with BAs in business think having a large portion of Americans impoverished is good for the nation.
Increased minimum would lead to higher competitive wages, better regional economies since people would be able to consume more, and would lessen the incredible wealth gap that's turning America into a shithole.

>> No.29842154

Only post ITT I'll agree with

>> No.29842171

Exactly, small wages don't keep the money flow.
Because they don't have money to put back in the monetary system, and many businesses end up closing cause people cannot even afford to eat in a nice restaurant once a week without compromising they're monthly expenses like rent , electricity bill,etc.

It's similar to link marines who don't have capital to pump they're blockchain ecosystem preventing the coin to go 100$ eoy

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>I understand the need to raise wages
Then you are failing to understand the problem.
Inflation is a issue to be sure, but importing people into an struggling economy will only cause the pay to remain low. Right now. Right fucking now 25% unemployment rate for people who make under $30,000. You think a min wage hike would fix that?
Next up, cost of living. Why not instead address that issue? Lower the cost of housing, gas and electric costs, food costs, rising taxation of food/fuel/phone/internet.. basically everything people have to spend money on a month to live normally. Get those lower through more and better built housing, insulation materials and other programs.
Address the issues correctly and stop punishing everyone else with stupid as fuck minimum wage hikes.

>> No.29842190

Most small business is highly specialized. A school can't teach what I do, yet a kid will come out of those classes and want a certain wage. What's in it for me to actually teach them my full knowledge? They aren't my blood. I will teach them the bare minimum and then they go home. They won't be sitting around talking about how the business is run, quoting, customer relations. Why would I pay them to sit around and talk? Someone who is willing to be paid almost nothing like I was, will learn everything.

>> No.29842193

No retard. If local businesses fail who do you think comes in with their automated workforce?

>> No.29842206

>Minimun wage are useless, any pay they get is a waste.

There is a thread here about 6 figures workers chating about doing absolutely nothing working on home everyday...

>> No.29842236

ask me how i know you think national socialism is a right wing ideology when it clearly is left wing?

>> No.29842242

>Cause the whales in the ocean have a balanced nature in this planet
Now they don't. Nothing is in balance anon, that's pure dogma.
Everything is competing. Only humans are capable of showing mercy in this sense.
Look at Australia horses and tell me that's balance.

>> No.29842547

Another human concept.
Sorry but whales don't compete with each other and they don't even need.
Nature was in balance before our dogmas show up in the map.
You can claim whatever you want till the sun is covered by a nuclear cloud and the rain becomes acid and the air toxic.

>> No.29842786

>Sorry but whales don't compete with each other and they don't even need.
They compete with other pods for food and eat other for mates.
The competing is also with other species.
Whales out competed everything in size.
>Nature was in balance before our dogmas show up in the map.
Read a book anon. No, not a blog about a book. Not a review of a book. Not a youtube discussion about a book. Just a fucking book.
>You can claim
This is scientific fact anon, it's the driving force behind evolution.

>> No.29842807

Other thing , animals show emotions also and empathy.
There is no single emotion you have that animals don't have to.
From fear to joy.
If you have a dog and you die many humans that know you would not give a single shit, the dog will be there in the spot you died moaning your death for days
Strange isn't it ?

>> No.29842887

it should be $15 immediately. you get fucking 4 years to make changes, get over it you cucky ass "small businesses" owners (of which zero post here on 4chan)

>> No.29843017

>Other thing , animals show emotions also and empathy.
>There is no single emotion you have that animals don't have to.
Wrong. I hope you don't own a pet.
>If you have a dog and you die many humans that know you would not give a single shit, the dog will be there in the spot you died moaning your death for days
Not if i beat the shit out of it every day.
Go away, you're boring.

>> No.29843148

>"small businesses" owners (of which zero post here on 4chan)

Hi, what qualifies as a small business? I do like 700k in revenue so am I small? I want to be a big business :(

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My son will be old enough to lift a 4x4 by then.

>> No.29843290

I mention whales don't compete inside their own community unless it's to procreate but i dunno about that.
And obvious in nature a lion chases a zebra to survive.
But yet the lion does not make the zebra extinct.
Also the lion is a less evolved species in terms of manipulating the own ecosystem witch makes us humans a species with more responsibility due to higher intellect .

>> No.29843444

What do you think happens in every other country with a minimum wage?

>> No.29843459

>Not if i beat the shit out of it every day.
Go away, you're boring.

well that is obvious you are reversing his emotions towards you LOL

And again all animals feel same emotions as you , even love and anger , fear , stress, joy

>> No.29843498

Yeah it should be matched with either production or inflation and make it $25.

>> No.29843531

You are even more boring and annoying creature :)

Stay in your lane whale , this orca does not like you , and in peace we can coexist

>> No.29843752

Exactly what I outlined. I live in Canada with high minimum wage. You graduate with debt to MAYBE get a job, and what you went to school for will almost never match your actual career. Small business does not take any time to teach you anything, as it costs too much. I gained my skills in a 100% illegal scenario where my boss would have been charged if caught.

>> No.29843824

There is 2 types of people!
1. the social Darwinist that believes the poor aren't worthy of life.
2. The empathetic that loves the poor, so much he may want things that are a little unfeasible...

I'm glady #2 because #1's are heartless monsters and are everything wrong with this world.

>> No.29843919

>I mention whales don't compete inside their own community unless
Goalposts = moved.
>But yet the lion does not make the zebra extinct.
Only because the romans liked to watch them eat jews and their allies, the egyptians and nubians liked to flex in fur and the middle east dried up.
Horses are destroying the Australian ecological system right now. Extinctions predicted unless humans start shooting them or relocating them for tens of thousands per horse.
>humans a species with more responsibility due to higher intellect .
Get to your point and explain to us brainlets why you're so smart and humane while we're dumb niggers with no morals and we should repent and say a rosary or something.
Fuck i wouldn't trust you to sharpen a pencil.
I don't care about your faggot animals or faggot environment.

>> No.29843974

Meanwhile roasties who do nothing but text on snapchat all day gonna make even more money

>> No.29844069

with a tenth of your hospital costs, or many more examples
and making 5x less money

>> No.29844073

Massive inflation is coming anyway because of all the brrring last year, that $15 will likely have less spending power than the current de facto $9 minimum wage does

>> No.29844152

>send illegals back
>punish all companies that don't move back to America SEVERELY!
>push 3rd world nations to raise their wages so the fruits of cheap labor are no longer so sweet
>with little option but to pay the American worker what is owned install $15.

>> No.29844227

Deserve's got nothin to do with it

>> No.29844273

>doesn't know how to use green text...
>doesn't know to read previous post where I wrote that EU countries have higher minimum wage
how is it to always be late and getting dumped on?

>> No.29844280

facebook is that way>>>>>

>> No.29844497

>$15 = inflation can't do it
>inflation happens anyways everyone getting poorer
>$15 is still to risky inflation people inflation!
>America is a failed state and now no one can afford anything, we look like the 3rd world literally
>hey at least we didn't cause a crisis with $15's inflation

>> No.29844569

>everything now costs more

So? Save your money.

>> No.29844646

First of all whales don't kill each other over competition.
Also I was mention extinction of species in this ecosystem made by humans.
While all the sudden horses are destroying ecosystem now, and never before thousands of years ago, maybe because humans start producing animals in farms.. And they are being reproduce at industrial rate and not biological rate..

Also I am not smart or humane or whatever humans words you are using to justify your emotions about me.

Morals and rosamarys are humans concepts that I don't identify with.
I don't trust emotional primitive brains that use those kind of words concepts.

>> No.29844662

wallstreet agrees

>> No.29844704

you talk like a retard
<p style:"color:green">EU countries have higher minimum wage<p>

So? EU surgeons earn less and pay more %taxes than amerimutt plumbers

>> No.29844707

more like if you are working at a job providing under $15/hr worth of value you should find another job.

Minimum wage will only make those people it is intended to help unemployed and at the same time raise the cost of products for everyone.


Based Schiff made a satire video of this showing how hypocrite people are with this

>> No.29844732

>Is there a provision in the bill for the government to subsidize small businesses while they double their payroll?
Yeah the government is offering loans and payroll tax deductions to small businesses.

>> No.29844877

>what is wealth inequality
brazil is calling

>> No.29844917

>implying that 30% of minimum wage employees are currently expendable
These places operate on the bare minimum to allow them to function. If they could lay off employees they would do it at any price. They're not like white collar hr type of positions where 75% of the workers don't do shit and could be immediately disposed of.

>> No.29844956

Will someone address this am I wrong and why?

>> No.29845023

actually Germany has more homeless people than the US. And you should really read some basic economics book if you think min wage will help people. Also in many countries of europe we have no minimum wage, it's the trade unions or more precisely trade mafias who gather the employees and demand the free market to stop functioning in an organic way which drives up costs and drives down production.

Trust me trade unions, minimum wage, whatever it is is cancer to economy and standard of living. This doesn't mean people should be left alone, but people on very low salaries should be given subsidies in a direct way, you don't need to destroy the free market to do that.

That would only lead to unemployment or bankrupcty of smaller firms, and bigger firms such as mcdonalds and walmart would get tax breaks for raising the wages and thus strengthen their position as a monopoly.

>> No.29845047

There hasn't been inflation in the 12 years since the last minimum wage increase? This handwave sounds like a cope if I'm being honest.

>> No.29845119

Have fun being exploited by kikes and licking your bosses boots while me and my union members get fair pay and benefits kek

>> No.29845127

nigga you must be slow in the head

Aside from food, prices in the EU are on par with the US, we import everything from the same place you silly twat.

>> No.29845133

Yeah switzerland is fucking expensive to live because minimum wage is $25 dollars an hour. Think about it you need to make $25 dollars an hour to be on par with the poorest people of the country, who barely make it past their bills..

The amount of silly leftist Keynesians here disgust me

>> No.29845212

> me and my union members get fair pay and benefits kek
at the cost of everyone else. In Finland everything is more expensive than in the states because our labor mafias. We had a right wing PM who tried to turn as into a capitalism but he failed because the mafias stood up and they have more influence than the prime minister.

>> No.29845215

Did he fuck your ass too?

>> No.29845216

>meat of EU comes from China (or as during Trump from Africa) like that in USA
yeah... that's a no...

>> No.29845287

<aside from food>
Yeah you are slow in the head

>> No.29845292

>what is wealth equality
Karl Marx is calling..

t. European

>> No.29845294

Nooooooooooooooooooooo organized workers are literally mafias NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.29845347

hahah for the sake of you I hope AOC becomes your president soon! My dear comrade!

>> No.29845353

>EU BMW gets imported from Mexico

>> No.29845360


>If your work isn't worth $15/hr then you should be forcibly unemployed!

>> No.29845369
File: 8 KB, 300x168, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


How come every time this comes up a bunch of people that have never looked at a fucking balance sheet are suddenly experts on labor margins? 30% is industry standard for labor in restaurants/ fast food. So, for every 99c jr bacon cheese burger about 30 cents goes to labor. If EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE at Jack-in-the-Box is currently getting paid $7.50 and they all get a raise to $15 the price of the jr bacon cheese burger would have to go to $1.30 to offset the change in labor $. The MARGINS would look shitty but the total net operating income would be the same.

Obviously not everyone at jack-in-the-box makes $7.50, probably way less than half of labor $ goes to minimum wage employees. A realistic price increase for a $15 min wage is probably something like a 15¢ increase per dollar spent by customers. SO you'd have to pay a whole $1.15 for a jr bacon cheese burger to have everyone there make a livable wage. Oh no, the fucking tragedy.

>> No.29845402

the workers don't understand that they are organizing against themselves.. It's the labor union leaders who get the benefits by requiring annual membership fees

>> No.29845405


>> No.29845449

Inflation has always been present, that is what sustains this economic system.
Same as credits from banks to buy a house for example , as soon as you get a credit they have a long term security , because the money will be there in the next 30 years at least, and during that period they generate more revenue, it becomes a dependent economic system.

>> No.29845479

So why just not make the government give stimulus bills to them every month to meet their needs? Why make everyone pay for it, actually not everyone, the poorest pay for it? The poor eat junkie food the most

>> No.29845530

Unions can't operate without the fees, it is up to the members to insure the higher ups fight for them with it. Many don't I will admit this doesn't mean workers should lay down docile.

>> No.29845571

Just wait till BTC starts to get heavy regulated , you will day trade for 10$ hour waggie

>> No.29845575
File: 10 KB, 233x250, 1614259888370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>every single small business in America is wiped out overnight because only corporations the size of Amazon and Wal-Mart can afford to pay their employees $15 while still staying afloat

>> No.29845595

> But mu freedom
> Flips burgers at min wage
> posts about hating wagecucking because he doesn't earn enough
Typical burger mindset

>> No.29845686

>labor margins
Sure, don't change anything like for example advertising costs. I'm sure there's still someone in the civilized world that hasn't heard about Coca-Cola or McDonalds

>> No.29845775

In finland we have fees. But unions are damaging regardless if they have fees or not. Unions is the most socialist thing that can exist in capitalism.

>> No.29845777

Lol, says the guy from the country with trailerhomes all across the country and tentvillages literally popping up everywhere beause they cannot afford to live in a proper home as there is no min wage.
Decent min wage actually helps businesses because more people can afford to spend money. Also less crime and more stable politics but you do you

>> No.29845797

>labor cost goes up
>price goes up
>labor theory of value validated.

>> No.29845868

>make the government give stimulus bills

If you think the people can make the government do anything then you dont understand where the real power is. Biden ran on $2000 checks and then jewed us down to $1400. You think thats a coincidence? They are sending us a message. "Take the scraps we give you or we'll give you even less." They hate all of us and would grind us into dust for nickels. The government is not your friend and they dont work for you.

>> No.29845927
File: 401 KB, 601x601, 1515215557_1479744192003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Unions are the most socialist thing that can exist in capitalism.

>> No.29845936

Dude /poltards are brainwashed and rooting for the very people and politics that fucked them in the first place

>> No.29845962

The minimum wage not increasing is directly correlated to CEO wages going up 400% since the 70s. You can rage about 'COMMIES' all you want but the fact of the matter is that YOU'RE the one with a cuck individualistic mentality. That individualistic mindset that prevents you from realizing that no one is a self-made man. When families were earning more pre-70s they would have enough to not just help themselves but to help those around them. To build up their communities. This is what belonging to a real American town was like. Somewhere along the line everyone in the country became indoctrinated with extremists mindsets (both sides don't fucking assume I'm some retard dem). The right became the extreme individualist wanting everything to be private and the left became the commie that all americans feared during the red scare. The reality is that there are somethings that need to be socialized and others that would benefit the public from being privatized, and if that doesn't work them maybe some systems should incorporate both. However, because we never increased the minimum wage and just left the bottom chunk of the country without any way to help themselves or their communities. And when they did they would literally be penalized as the current welfare system literally incentivizes you to stay on it when it should be doing the complete fucking opposite. The real people in control planned this because by creating the most divisive times in US history they could more easily control us. Especially after they feared up uniting with the rise of technologies such as the internet. Stop being a fucking cuck and realize that the best system is one that is virtuous, and not leaning towards any one side of the political spectrum. Blockchain literally solves the issue of socializing a countries services without the need to trust a 3rd party which in our case IS the government.

>> No.29846083

So true , starting by voting Trump, and I am not even anti-Trump mania

>> No.29846091

You know unions are good when big companies don't like them kek

>> No.29846127

Yes but monopoles and cartels hurt the economy and only a few benefit. This is exactly what happens and the wages stay low. Regulation is there to help people not get fucked by the powerful. (Yes if the powerful corporations lobby with enough money it it's the opposite way)

>> No.29846133

you think the guys doing advertising are making minimum wage? Even supply chain peple are making over $15. Its literally only poor illegal farm workers and front line retail/restaurant people that make minimum wage or less. And there is no fucking way illegal strawberry pickers are getting $15 an hour, the industry requires near slave labor. Nothing will change about that, those people are fucked

>> No.29846261

But it's more fair and countries are more stable that way. USA is literally at the verge of another civil war

>> No.29846311

>pay dumb wage cucks $3 a hour lol free market bro
>wage cucks say fuck you we unionizing

>> No.29846313

>Yes but monopoles and cartels hurt the economy and only a few benefit.
What you meant is lobbyists.
On paper it's true that regulations would be there to "help"... but that's not the reality.
Regulations are done by the government, the government is not controlled by the people but by lobbyists which decide which regulations will help them to further get bigger while destroying the opponents.

maybe read the post again...

>> No.29846519

Lol says democracy is socialism

>> No.29846585

ahahaha, free market they say , only free when it's convenient.
It's a centralized market.
I cannot even believe how /biz/ that pushes decentralization of the BTC market eat this crap

>> No.29846687

>I cannot even believe how /biz/ that pushes decentralization of the BTC market eat this crap
that's another thing you got wrong. /biz/ only pushes number going up
these retards are more retarded than the average mutt

>> No.29846751

>already struggling small business owners are kikes

>> No.29846821

That's the nature of the market the winners centralize the gains so they can keep winning. Why would you beat a competitor only to spur on many more. It makes no since financially.

>> No.29846836

Costco pays $16 an hour minimum, more like 25 for most employees. Prices are cheap, stores are nice and clean, they only buy high quality items, basically Capitalism working perfectly. McCuckolds pays minimum, people shit in your burgers, bums do drugs/have gay sex in bathroom. McCuck workers get food stamps and Medicaid. The gove spends $2 for ever $1 given to the people.

CMY: you're a taxpaying cuck if you don't support 15 an hour. You save .3 on a burger but give Biden $3000 more a year to cover those "saving"

>> No.29846861

Workers Make >20k a year, management and owners pulling in 80+k a year. Maybe owners and managers should earn a little less and workers earn a little more

>> No.29846961

I mention something before but I will say it again.
As soon as BTC starts facing heavy regulation, all the day traders will be in the office cage of a company trading for $10 a hour.
They better start getting rich faster and hold those bags tight

>> No.29847021

Pretty much what I do. It’s crazy how efficient they are for such little money

>> No.29847096

>decentralization of the BTC

95% of all BTC is held by <50 wallets....... how is that decentralized again?

>> No.29847356

Via other blockchains , I dont have to really on a btc wallet, there are dozens of other projects.
All of them try to push the idea of privacy and decentralization.
Basically you organize your own finance without rely exclusive to banks.
You can have Monero instead of btc or any other asset.
For now..

>> No.29847758

You know something is wrong when the government is helping you. You should be happy to be an independent nation, not a bunch of lazy asses who expect the gov to take care of them from birth to death.

>> No.29847816

I actually think it's vice versa, they have some contracts, also known as cartels which gives the big companies monopoly status. It's the consumers, low skilled workers, unemployed and small business owners who are fucked in the ass by minimum wages.

>> No.29847955

>Blockchain literally solves the issue of socializing a countries services without the need to trust a 3rd party which in our case IS the government.
that's an interesting take. How would it work, you expect people to just be virtous and help each other or would it be mandatory?

>> No.29848065

In a healthy society every single citizen has a role and time to enjoy life itself, without having to sacrifice much time or mental and physical distress.
Now you have a society of homeless people, people without job , mental illness rising, isolated people in they're homes on the internet and the list goes on.
Rotten system basically

>> No.29848272

Lol Oz’s entry level retail/food service wage is $20/hr, Melbourne is consistently ranked one of the best places in the world to live.

>> No.29848799

No, the only reason why insurances and socialized systems in the country are fucking horrid is because of administrative costs and politicians fucking everyone over. If it was all done through smart contracts via blockchain there would be no if ands or buts about the system. It would just fucking work and the lower costs would benefit literally everyone including the rich. It's honestly ridiculous that most people on biz don't already think this way. I guess most of you fucks are degens, but still this seems like the blatantly obvious choice.

>> No.29849381

It won't happen because America isn't founded on ethnonationalism. More and more, people want a diverse country and that means pulling from immigrant populations. China is ethnonationalist, they could do it

>> No.29849844

You don't have to even be a ethno-nationalist, simply put the domestic population first as a nation.

>> No.29849891

lmao what a retard, here's your reply

>> No.29849974

So you think social benefit programs would fix that? hahahah Also as I said there are in proportion to population about same or a little bit more homeless people in Sweden and Germany, countries where tax revenue to gdp ratio is around 40-50% (In US it's 24% I think)

>> No.29850075

That would fix so many problems. Also tax rates could be lowered with more safety net than nowadays as everything would be infinitely more effective

>> No.29850148
File: 145 KB, 1074x742, IMG_20210227_201018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that the retard boomers going on about working for, say, 5 bucks an hour in 1960 earned 44 bucks an hour in today's money. You're being conned.

>> No.29850268

How would businesses having to pay more in salaries lead to inflation? It's not like more money's being created, it's just being distributed differently

>> No.29850556

This. If $1 is the difference why are you even in business? If $1 ($2080 in a year) is enough to crumble your empire you probably shouldve just gotten a full time job at min wage instead.

>> No.29850661

So if automation was so easy why is $1 the difference between doing it or not? Thats right youre lying and using it as an empty threat so min wage stays down, kek.

>> No.29850685

Unironically based

>> No.29850780

>administrative costs and politicians
the common denominator of both of these things is PEOPLE. What you are suggesting is not going to work. Because blockchain is created by / and managed by individuals. The only way to get rid of corrupt systems on this planet is to exterminate all human beings.

>> No.29850783

>destroy small business?
Well we did our best to destroy small businesses with the fake pandemic. If some of them are still clinging on that is their fault and they will soon wish they weren't.

>> No.29850792
File: 1.16 MB, 1125x1323, 1582358111975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>while they double their payroll

If a small business is hiring nothing but minimum wage workers, why would you give half a fuck about that business? Sounds like a dickhead and I'm happy they're losing their slave factory.

>> No.29850808

If your business cant afford to pay $99k a year then you cant afford to sneed in business.

>> No.29850897

>It was incredibly depressing when I realized that most of those old folks "made it" with jobs that haven't had any wage growth for decades. Meanwhile, obviously the only "young" couples buying and selling their homes are people in their late 30s with AT MINIMUM a bachelors and working in some job that pays at least 40-50k.
upping the minimum wage won't change that

>> No.29850898
File: 1.94 MB, 1055x739, 1543554751476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not wanting a $15 minimum wage so that it accelerates the move to automation
>Not wanting your burgers flipped and tendies served by cleanly robots rather than dirty normalfag wagies

>> No.29850941

I just want to remind everyone that Ayn Rand died in public housing and living off food stamps

>> No.29850945

gas station employee gets paid $10, now gets paid $15. Gas goes up to cover cost of employee.
Higher gas prices cause farmers to pay more for fuel, workers to pay more for traveling to work.
Farmer now charges more for his food to cover new fuel costs and having to pay $15 hour for employees.
Store has to increase prices because farmers had to charge more. Also increasing prices and cutting staff because now everyone is above $15 an hour.
Oil field worker and oil refinery worker now asking for more pay because the price of food and fuel to get to work has increased.
Gas now has risen in price to match new pay level for workers.
Higher gas prices cause farmers to pay more for fuel..

>> No.29850960

Shouldnt we tell them theyre all getting fired for this though?

>> No.29850965
File: 99 KB, 1600x900, wojak-soy-boy-thick-glasses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>witch makes us humans a species with more responsibility due to higher intellect .

>> No.29850999

Unironically house prices will rocket. Y’all thought you were priced out haha

>> No.29851060

So the market readjusts? Not that big a deal, who care

>> No.29851071

She was also a jew

>> No.29851079

fuck em
What'll they do? Burn down another target?

>> No.29851699
File: 27 KB, 500x354, 1542748930966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, market re-adjusts to a point. Someone will get screwed. I can tell you 100% that it is not someone making $150,000+ a year getting screwed. It will fuck over the lower and middle class all in 1 shot. Unemployment in the US right now for those making under $30,000 is 25%. Tell them they have to pay more and you will see massive job losses. 3 guys making $10, will turn into 2 guys making $15. if they do keep all 3, then they will have enough hours cut that it wont make a difference to their income.
If they dont like it, too bad. Biden will let another 20,000 people cross the border looking for work from a country that used to pay them $10 each week.

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