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>It’s time to dust off your musical instruments and get your voice warmed up!
>Win a share of $200 in $RBC by composing lyrics or songs about #Rubic!
>PS: Easter eggs might occur
What is this shit?

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That's what you get for having a woman in marketing pos

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> of $200 in $RBC
lmao i hope nobody fucking writes a single thing

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I'm discouraged to write anything because theres already a clear winner https://youtu.be/r1UOpATpe6I

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is this like the reef song contest? so there's going to be a tron partnership and a great dumpening.

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This shit is so based I'm thinking $100 is utter FUD. it shows confidence and big dick energy through the team.

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Fucking women. The womans place is truly in the kitchen

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>spend hours making a song only for the $200 of RBC to be worth less than $100 in a couple months


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200 in RBC, that's like 50k EOY kek

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You guys either really hate fun, or can't sing.

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this kind of FUD is very good, but look what happened to Kleros

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kek, true, i hope as much newfags as possible get utterly rekt to never come back and fuck off back to plebbit

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this ffs, everything has to be dreadful and pretentiously cutthroat. find a single shitcoin more based/fun than Rubic, it already lasted beyond most of them and embraces the pajeetery like a natural

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a crypto community centered around photoshop, after effects, singing, and memes lmao can't make this shit up

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yeah sell retards so I can buy some more waiting for that .35 for another 2 ETH buy

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The song contest is becoming the social equivalent of migration rugpull.
Anyone who doesn't exit in a quick quiet and orderly fashion is gonna get Station Nightclubbed.

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You are all fucking wrong! It is not $200 it is a SHARE of $200!

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Bearish af. I'm out

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oh fucking kek
this needs morr views

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Except kleros devs told CZ and other cex's to literally "fuck off" which killed any price movement it may have had. Rubic already finished their cex applications and are in discussions to be listed. Make all the pajeet fud that you can and want... Rubic is going to a minimum of $3 in a few months. Fuck the kleros team.

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female vibes from this comment, fuck off.

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Final warning. You guys are FUCKED.

The delusional idiots who think think a broken dex that nobody uses is going to flip eth can't be helped, but dudes with a "maybe this might hit" bag, this is an atomic siren.

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I'm going to start hiring pajeets on fiverr to do this for everything I want to FUD this is brilliant.

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Hey! They copy this idea from Reef. Copycats!!!

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>What is this shit?
The kind of thing that gets reddit weirdos excited and engaged. And you know how good their money is?

As good as yours or mine.

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