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Moneyskelly seething after 1inch started supporting BSC. Vitalik disabled the CHI gas tokens from 1inch which are worthless now. This is yet another proof that Ethereum is a sinking ship. Vitalik is literally coping by their move kek.
For brainlets: CHI gastokens are tokens that acted as gas on the ETH network, which could be bought when gas is cheap and then used in times when gas is raping you.

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I don't understand why this faggot didn't just bring about V2 like he's been promising. Knowing that CZ and Hoskinson and every other faggot was making an eth killer to replace him, why did he not haul ass to stay on top?

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>id says 1inch
im thinking im going all in

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Not selling my ETH nigger

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it doesn't

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This isn't some plot against 1inch dumb ass ETH is changing entirely

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>ETH is not centralized

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He already said V2 won't fix gas prices. I don't care about it desu since we have a lot of L2 solutions coming up lately. I just don't understand the coping move that he did. So much for a decentralized world kek

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If ETH dies that leaves more room for XRP to grow
so i support this

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he literally got too cocky
you could see the self-righteous smugness in every money skelly photo

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It will be a beautiful day when this eth killer Bag holders are down 90% wondering what happened to their life savings
Imagine buying vaporware for anything but a short term flip

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>if link dies then RLC grows
>if ark dies then PPAY grows
>if aleph dies then amp grows

What the fuck does XRP, a centralized banking coin, have to do with ETH? They're totally different in how they're applied and use within crypto. Why do people always assume the death of one shitcoin is the rise of another shitcoin despite how little they have to do with each other?

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yea sure thing bud. He disables gas storage 1 day after 1inch announces the BSC support. CHI was the biggest in the space by saving you up to 57% gas on the Ethereum network. Even normies can see thru his filthy moves kek

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not reading because your image means you're arguing in bad faith lol

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No I just browse /qa/ for its wealth of soijacks a lot.

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The ETH walrus has squished the first baby seal. Who's next?

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For starters, it was never expected for ETH to become a speculative asset, much like nobody would expect people to hoard actual gasoline until it cost $200 a gallon.
And much like with Sir Gay or Vlad the Chad from RBC, to these slavs their projects are just playthings. Vitalik is so well off that even if ETH retraced 95% he'd still never have to work a single day in his life.

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>trying to strap a turbo on a horse and buggy

this is the state of ETH at the moment

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Good book

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Eth doesn't scale
Flare network will drink Eth's milkshake

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>listening to "Crypto Bethany"
>doesn't know that the removal of gas refunds was planned before 1inch even got popular
>ETH killer
One is a centralized fork and the other one doesn't even have smart contracts yet
>He already said V2 won't fix gas prices
Platant lies. He only stated that L1 will still be expensive to use but nobody even plans to use L1 for retail stuff. Optimist Rollups will be released in three weeks and will make L2 extremely popular (Uniswap will use it).

Why is ETH fud so bad?

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Everybody who didnt sell at the top is just coping right now. Honestly XRP and BAT are two of the most solid holds right now.

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ikr imagine making decisions out of emotions

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Pretty much this, nobody hoards gas. The saddest thing is watching ethfags try to tell people that the coin is actually a store of value that competes with bitcoin

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>implying you could he you wanted to
locked until 2037

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>One is a centralized fork and the other one doesn't even have smart contracts yet

If Vitalik has the power to effectively run Eth from a centralized position then his pretensions to decentralization are pointless and superfluous. BESIDES THE FACT NO ONE CARES ABOUT LE DECENTRALIZED MEMES IF IT COSTS TOO MUCH.

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Based and gonnamakeitpilled. The best thing is, xerpie schizos are getting the ethereum killer for free.

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>Vitalik disabled the CHI gas tokens

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Who the fuck is this bitch and why should I care if she prefers little Chink dick over Russia dick?

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its just a normie. i added her in there since even these retards can see through vitalik's dirty jew tricks

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Wait. What happens to my CHI tokens? wtf

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yeah eth is just a fuel for the network, it exists to be spent on performing actions, its price is utter delusional

also fuck binance, fuck chinks, and i hope cz dies a painful death

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lmao they've intended to get rid of the gas refund function for a while. And if you know anything about how it works, they should.

The fact that you misunderstand and misrepresent the meaning of this change helps to confirm to me that we are still very early on ETH.

It has nothing to do with BSC, and everything to do with Gastoken hurting the ethereum network.

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>subvert network you build on by offering alternative method for users of the network to accomplish network tasks
>get kicked off network

It's no surprise that all the scam defi bullshit is jumping onto the scam masters centralised normie raping making. BSC is a joke but it will be perfect for this purpose.

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you got btfo and everyone else read it so it doesn't matter if you did or not lol

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>He disables gas storage 1 day
he didn't do anything
do you really think vitalik can just change ethereum's parameters like that?

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Sorry kid, you're not invited to the pleasure domes

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I said it before and I'll say it again. Etherium is a jewish coin with it's fees the equivalent of interest rates. It's a fee for the jews.

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close enough

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>Crypto Bethany

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>Why is ETH so bad?


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>XRP, a centralized banking coin,
Ripple turns off one of their nodes when a new one is added (well not all, they will keep some)
McCaleb will be done selling in about 2-3 months
Escrow is automated and does not belong to anyone

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Explain this to me like I’m a slow 5 year old please anons. Need to decide whether to dump my ETH and I’ll be forever grateful

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Right now tokens like CHI are using a hacky method of tokenizing gas by creating data on the chain when gas is low and then using a feature of ETH that refunds gas when you destroy the data to save on fees when gas price is high. Buterin is looking to remove that feature and thus making the hacky tokenized gas worthless.

It's unfortunate for 1INCH and their CHI token, but I don't think it's a direct attack at them or anything. Here's the proposal:
And here's the discussion around it:

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rly funny to see their BUYBUY shill
idiots want to fuck you with all this shit scam on biz

don’t believe if you don’t want to lose your wallet
I receive rewards each day with YVS staking, 1.330 $YVS just from staking

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platent cope

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I got fucked twice shorting this shit.
Just die already.

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>It's unfortunate for 1INCH and their CHI token, but I don't think it's a direct attack at them or anything.

He did that one day after 1inch announced their support for BNB
>just a coincidence bro

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>CZ is buying out all the good projects and devs with exchange money
beyond based. welcome to the real free market Vitalik.
BNB, Cardano, AVAX, I don't really give a shit who comes out on top. I just want to witness the death of ETH

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cz announces checkmate

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>What the fuck does XRP, a centralized banking coin, have to do with ETH?
Flare/spark is coming. Ether contracts on ripple,litecoin, and doge.
Say bye to gas...

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I want him to sit on my face and insult the size of my pee pee

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thank you fren

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>CZ trying to corner the market like the chink he is

Skelly and his fans were stupid assholes but it's better if someone else, like Ark or Female to Male, ends up replacing him. I would not prefer to be ruled by the chinese and definitely not by the fat soiboi that is hoskinson.

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>I would not prefer to be ruled by the chinese


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Because the problem of scalability / decentralization tradeoff hasn't been solved yet.

BSC is centralized. Its essentially a fork of ETH, but with the block chain ripped out, so under the hood it just goes direct through binance run servers. Its nice as a sort of ETH test net I guess, or for small time gambles, so I think it has potential, but for people with millions+ in defi, you are essentially putting your funds entirely in the hands of Binance. It kind of defeats the point of a block chain. You could just run apps on AWS (of course it wouldn't be "crypto" and hyped to shit in the short term though).

Cardano doesn't exist yet. Its entirely possible when it rolls out smart contracts, they don't scale either. ETH still has a massive head start. And if you think about it, the only chain that has come close to adoption is BSC by straight up copying ETH to support the existing tools. Even if cardano is a success, it still has to wait for all the tools and ecosystem to be ported over.

There is no competitor that is even close to ETH right now, that is actually decentralized. I think we'll see ETH be the "gold standard" and small time shitcoin gamblers might play around the edges on alternative chains like BSC which have bridges to ETH tokens, But at the end of the day its like BTC. BTC is what has value because its the most decentralized, the most secure, even if its mostly traded on centralized exchange or wrapped in tokens on other less-trusted blockchains that have higher scale.

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ETH fud is the funniest shit. Its just competitior bag holders trying to bring it down lmfao. Just give up. Buy ETH. Hold. You will make so much money.

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Soon they will all kneel

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Do you trannies have a discord where you decide which fud you will shill on biz next? Can I join?

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All these fundamentals and ETH killer arguments and shit are meaningless because boomers are already seeing ETH as a cheaper BTC2. They don't give a fuck about your fees and shitcoin swaps. ETH will be pumped with millions and millions and millions of dollars in the next few weeks and all of you will be priced out and left behind.

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>muh centralized
>muh china
How many eth nodes are on centralized aws again? kek, ethkikes are SEETHING

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good, I was hoping for one more pump before I dropped this dogshit for more ADA and RSR. sick of watching this absolute cripple of a coin bleed out while other projects with brighter futures steal away it's market share

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>ethereum shills told us it was decentralized
>creator can block tokens at will
theres literally no point in staying on eth now, bsc is the future until something real comes along

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Chink fud.

Kys ching chong. ETH IS KING.

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>good, I was hoping for one more pump before I dropped this dogshit for more ADA and RSR. sick of watching this absolute cripple of a coin bleed out while other projects with brighter futures steal away it's market share

It just broke the ath at over 2,000 a week ago. The whole market is bleeding, because btc correction.

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>ETH is not centralized

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Unironically this

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Excellent. Gas all ethfags

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>mETH heads move from a decentralized network of centralized token scams to a centralized network of centralized token scams

Nothing of value has been lost.

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>ETH is dead kek kek ! Chinese chain is the best superior chain kek ! I love binance and china !

Ok, time will tell.

The fomo from eth killers back into eth after it scales will be glorious though.

>Ethereum scale ? Kek kek ! BSC is best chain kek !


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How does CHI even work?

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What would happen to the Ethereum network, if Amazon pulled the plug on their web services?

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Try reading it from their website.

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The problem is that Eth blockchain is already unusable, and it will be only worse if ETH price grows more. No one wants to pay $100 for one transaction.

>> No.29843388

Eth2.0 is already obsoleted by Algorand.

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ETHkikes won't answer this question

>> No.29843494

And insane volatile gas prices.... don’t?

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BSCniggers are the lowest form of life on the planet

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>black id
GET BTFOD by kek himself

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Nothing. I'm running several nodes at home.

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>creator can block tokens at will
None of that happened.

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>Black ID

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Genuine retard question here, why don't people just run multiple separate Ethereum blockchains in parallel (kinda like CZ is doing with his chink copy)? It seems like it'd solve a lot of the issues, keeping the load down would result in cheaper gas fees and not cramming everything under the sun into a single titanic blockchain would make it easier to run the nodes.

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just sold all my eth, i'm out.

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>just sold all my eth, i'm out.

Nice timing, considering it dumped 30 percent.

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Source : "Tranny Twitter Who ? "

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Retard..selling at the bottom

The meme is real

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Closest thing I've found recently for a loner to do is to try is dissect the RBC transactions. That was actually a real pump and dump. So many PnDs now are just shilling for a few 1 minute candles. That one you actually had time to get in and the people who lost should have known they couldn't be weeks late like that or unfathomably never selling such a huge rise
I found a couple other decent moves by following some of the early movers on that

>> No.29844458

>. No one wants to pay $100 for one transaction.
If they didnt then why do they keep paying it? The fees are only high because people dont care and still spend the gas for it while buying stuff on uniswap.
Anyone who isnt getting paid yuan by the post knows all this. It will be clear eventually.

>> No.29844553

>hy don't people just run multiple separate Ethereum blockchains
Because you lose security from consensus. You split mining hash power onto each chain.

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The current solution is layer 2 networks that work by using smart contracts to pack many transactions into one, thus amortizing gas fees.

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>It kind of defeats the point of a block chain.
Does it? The millionaires will continue keep their fortune on the blockchain - no risk to them and they don't care about a $100 gas fee on trade of $100,000. The pajeets and other plebs will move to centralized sidechains - cheaper fees but they risk get rugged at any time, although it is unlikely because the centralized entity will lose all customers and any future fees they would have collected. Plus if you ever "made it" on a sidechain you could just move your funds into the blockchain with all the big boys.

>> No.29844868

Bros what happens to LINK if ETH "dies"?

>> No.29844938

it will dump another 30% from now

>> No.29845321

ETH 2.0 won't be cheaper, L2 doesn't count

>> No.29845327

That's why Ethereum Classic exists.

>> No.29845390

Buying when it dips bellow 1k.

>> No.29845433

I want you all to know that I have no fucking idea what this thread is about or any of its terminology besides etheream and gas

>> No.29845484

Unless she posts her tits with a timestamp I'm thinking that's a CCP shill account.

>> No.29845521

Matic and Quickswap is going to save it by killing Uniswap.

>> No.29845526

Why are you guys being so mean to eth holders and btc holders. I was so happy about my 10k eth a few days ago, more is like you just want to laugh at me? i make too much money so my capital gains at brutal so i always hold long

>> No.29845672

look at him. Does he looks like a retarded autist? yes.
That's why

>> No.29845707

absolute unit

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Avalanche is as decentralized and can scale to an infinite amount of full block producing nodes without compromising finality or tps.

Optimistic rollups sacrifice finality times to achieve higher tps and have weaker security. Transactions are final only after a week and scalability is limited to the number of people able to check bundles for validity. It also kills composability.
ZKRollups are more promising, they don't have a long finality time and provide proof rather than needing someone to check, but its a long way off before they are being able to be used for anything other than just simple transactions.

Ethereum 2.0 is just 64 shards each with the same speed of current ETH and only 256 nodes are full block producers (otherwise it significantly bottlenecks the network), so really not a huge scalability improvement and it's a huge compromise on decentralization. Some shards will be busier than others to benefit from composability on that shard, and thus may have the same high fees as what we see today.

Other famous alternatives aren't really better, BSC is absolute garbage, it's a copy paste of EOS propped up by a billionaire that wants to pump his bags, Solana is exactly the same, a billionaire pumping his bags.
FTM isn't centralized by design but it's centralized de facto because the number of full block produces can't scale, it's also very vulnerable to Sybil attacks, one even happened last week.
Cardano is not better, only 15 nodes can be full block producers so it's even worse than Eth2 and it doesn't even have smart contracts.

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You missed out on Polygon
>love the Partnership with Benchmark Protocol

>xMARK available to users and dapps on the polygon network

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Avalanche you fucking idiot. It exists and works right now.

>> No.29846768

Yes, and thats a good thing.

>> No.29846849

Too busy politics posting on twitter and dancing like a sperg on stage. Hard to say vitalik is anything other than lazy and resting on his laurels at this point.

>> No.29846881

he is a billionaire drowning in pussy, he could care less about eth.

>> No.29846887

gibs FLR already I want to stare at a new number

>> No.29847023

Polygon aka Matic isn't really different than using BSC as an Ethereum side chain except it's even less secure. It's a centralized blockchain with a couple a full block producing validators, nothing revolutionary.
If you want to make a quick buck sure, we're in a bubble right now so everything is pumping, but long term it'll end up like most 2017 tokens.
After all the team already exit scammed once, they can do it again.

>> No.29847064

Why do you pretend AVAX doesn't exist eth faggot?

Avalanche AVAX decentralizedd, already has 850 validator full consensus nodes. Barrier to entry is 50k usd, or 2000avax. Mind you they gave away 2000avax 6months ago, a gift worth 50k. They gave it away.

AVAX already today runs Ethereum in a subnet, letting it do 200tps.
AVAX itself can do 5000tps today.

>> No.29847158

>After all the team already exit scammed once, they can do it again.
redpill me on this. what did the pajeets do?

>> No.29847219


>> No.29847270

>Why do you pretend AVAX doesn't exist eth faggot?
>but ada this!!!
>fantom dat!!!
>bsc centralized!!!

It's almost like they're scared to face the reality in front of them.

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We need a service where people trade wallets holding the alts instead of trading the alts themselves. Bye bye gas fee.

>> No.29847533

After a big news and a 300ù something pump, the team dumped on everyone around 3 to 5% of the total supply at once in late 2019.
The price tanked by 80% and everyone panicked, the team said the price crashed because of low liquidity and people panick selling (yeah, can't understand why lmao).

These guys are dodgy as fuck and their chain is nothing special and it also kills composability, they're just riding the L2 hype train atm

>> No.29847665

Avalanche is awesome but it's still very barebones and it has yet to attract a lot of devs, it can get there though.

>> No.29847835

>If they didnt then why do they keep paying it? The fees are only high because people dont care and still spend the gas for it while buying stuff on uniswap.
Yes, I use it myself because of legacy. I receive some shitcoin every week and must claim it and sell. But I'm not gonna use any new ETH defi when there are many on BSC.

>> No.29847862

Please delete this, i will loose money and my wife and her son will never forgive me and i love both with all my heart.

>> No.29848156


>> No.29848346

Zero Exchane (zero.exchange) solves this

>> No.29848989

Did anyone even go to the PR and read the discussion, or all of you retards sheeping without understanding the reasoning behind it?

>> No.29849086


>> No.29849192

It's okay, it was rhetorical. I didn't expect you to say you understand it.

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there are people in this thread acting like being a centralized shitcoin like BSC is fine if it means lower fees

>> No.29849328

>Avalanche is as decentralized and can scale to an infinite amount of full block producing nodes without compromising finality or tps.
it compromises security (double spend)

>> No.29849428

>Why is ETH fud so bad?

Because it’s now being pushed almost exclusively by priced out trannies.

>> No.29849484

It's totally fine for the end user. It's not fine from a longetivity perspective because it's not censorship resistant

>> No.29849810

This is the thinking man's take

>> No.29850279

So if ETH dies what does it mean for all the coins built on it?
Will we see an end to LINK?

>> No.29850526

ETH isn't going to die. You're listening to retards with no crypto knowledge other than what the next shitcoin is to ape into and get rugged.

>> No.29850547

The Avalanche protocol didn't have a double spend and no fraudulent transactions was validated, there was an issue in cross-chain communication which has nothing to do with the consensus mechanism, it could have happened with any network that uses a side chain. The Avalanche network saw that invalid minting was happening and shut itself down to preserve a healthy state.

>> No.29851194

I don't think its going anywhere either.
But lets just say for the sake of argument that the biggest pedo ring in history was taken down and they were using ETH so the world governments shut it down.

In this hypothetical situation all coins built on ETH die as well?

>> No.29851254

What happens to USDC if ETH dies?

>> No.29851305

Thanks anon. Just sold 500

>> No.29852225

Hashgraph solved this

>> No.29852724

>Because the problem of scalability / decentralization tradeoff hasn't been solved yet.
Avalanche, nigger.

>> No.29853036

It can't scale its validator set, so no, Hashgraph doesn't

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>> No.29853361

Eth is on its way to becoming litecoin 2.0

>> No.29853596


>> No.29853630

>much like nobody would expect people to hoard actual gasoline until it cost $200 a gallon.
What the fuck are you talking you shit eating pig I've been storing oil in my families garage for almost a decade and when the price explodes you're I already know who u gonna buy it from.
Fuck you die in fire

>> No.29854026

based bnb hodler

>> No.29854071

>need a service where there are a train of people all who have the private keys of a wallet holding a constantly resold asset.

Unless you're somehow talking about Wrapped Wallets...

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>based bnb hodler
triple digit portfolio

>> No.29854785

>I don't understand why this faggot didn't just bring about V2 like he's been promising.

3 words: NVIDIA, ProgPow, Minehan.

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actually 4 digits now