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Where do you live /biz/ and how much do you make?
>60k a month

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>5 ADA a day

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>>60k a month
So you are left with 2k after taxes?

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U guys following NEXT Chain? Next chain is the new blockchain where assets and smart contracts can be built on the bitcoin core technology. Due to these extensions they are able to perform many transactions at very low costs. With this they increase scalability and they are able to fully support DeFi. No more high dynamic gas fees or slow transactions, join on Telegram @nextchain

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£2000 a month


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land of the juice

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>~60k / year

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T-Temmy, is that you?

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>450 dollars a month

This is considered a pretty good salary in the place where I live.

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>1.5k a month
Keep in mind I'm a student and I work only 2 days a week. It more or less completely pays all of my rent and insurance bills, and gives me 1k extra to throw away.

I make sure I make just enough to have a decent sized disposable income, but small enough that I get about $600 a month in free govt gibs and scholarships for university. Invest those gibs into shitcoins, current networth is 375k.

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rough where do you live?

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45k a year, US

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kronor eller dollar?

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hur i hela helvete tjänar du mer än en halv miljon i månaden?

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lol check how this autistic genius tries to have some money from these poor people

Fuck that.
Already participated in yield farming on YVS Finance and their smart staking system with low tax. That’s what you should check first now

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lyckades med en liten grej jag gjorde

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what do you work with?

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vilken grej?
o ljug inte för mig för min pappa arbetar hos säpo.

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tråkig grej med mjukglass men nu tjänar jag pengar passivt

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jag fattar inte, hade du tur med crypto och lever på utdelning eller något sådant?

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haha va? mjukglass?

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>2.8 billion annually
>deep inside your somalian mothers juicy swedish cunt

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köpte o sålde bilar när jag gick ut gymnasiet o tjänade bra
sparade ihop några hundra k o köpte glasstånd i stockholm 2016 (billigt o bra läge)
tjänade bra o blev kompis med leverantören
fick snilleblixt om att köpa o sälja mjukglass o sälja via honom
han gillade iden och vi provade
sålde snabbt
skalade upp och nu kör vi bara köper mjukglass och säljer
nästa steg är väl att öppna ett brand

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60k med mjukglass
låter som en larp

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ersätt mjukglass med annan mejeri
tänker inte bli doxad

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currently a NEET but i should really start college or uni this year. just need to find something comfy

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What are they planning? How can we stop it?

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That pepe is really unsettling

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vi kommer och hämtar opp dig om cirka 67 timmar.

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hey that's illegal
stop it right now!

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take me too pls, i wanna join the swedish dairy mafia

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tror du mjölken kommer från kossor?

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10k a year

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The /biz/ server link is:

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OP did you take the exidio pill yet ?

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£28k gross in London, England

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I've noticed it too, somehow it just feels wrong

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>60k a month
did you really just make an entire thread just to larp as the 0.1%

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