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Some pajeets forked egg and now constantly fudding the token while promoting their own rugpull. Its like the son betraying his own father.

Incubator farming is gonna be on a private repo. You cant copy pasta anymore ransheet.
Since you've never developed in Solidity and just copied the code pastad the code, your project is now officially dead.


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Really fucking hope that they use private repo.
It's always so sad to see how a good project just gets forked by pajeets.
Remember POWH3D and how many clones were forked

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Yes, they gonna switch to a private one.
No more copy pastas.
I fucking hate niggers and panjeets ngl

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good. It's hilarious reading the comments the Toad dev wrote. Dude barely knows programming

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i've never seen a more coordinated fud campaign against one coin. EGG was due for a dip but not this hard. the fud defo worked. what a shame. im still holding and printing cash everyday, think it might be a week or 2 before we close above 100 again

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smells like Curry in here

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Ye, he is a fkin larp ngl.

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guys why don't more people just copy paste some shitcoins for free money? i might do it desu

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Based. Incubator and Leveled farming should be in private repos. These scum bags fork the code, change the names and a bit of CSS to scam people.

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Incubator is coming on Monday right?
Gonna buy some more. It will pump on monday I think

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Egg is literally a fork of pancake swap lmfaooooo

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Eta is Monday/Tuesday

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Only the Factory and Router. (2 Sol Files)
But they are already working on that.

Rest is developed by them.

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+ EGG is the first Swap without the MigratorCode.
+ double audit.

Now compare that to the EGG forks, they just renamed and changed the contract address.
pathetic ngl

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My egg boutta do a lil som on Monday you fucking poo in loos

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i understand but EGG was a rugpull that got doxxed by CZ / binance

long story short if they rug pull many, many people will be searching for them. not just for their $$$ but for discrediting BNB.

so now instead they have turned it into a slow, controlled rug

price is going to bottom out at $20 this summer

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>EGG was a rugpull that got doxxed by CZ / binance
And I suppose there is still no source for this claim huh?

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there are four members of the egg team, they are based in europe and are all under 27

the got doxxed thru contracting a full stack dev

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There will be no rugpull.
Trust me.

But if you are still unsure:
You can always use the "emergencyWithdraw" method to get all your funds.
You are 1000% safe.

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So still no source, ok

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you are absolutely correct, there will be no rugpull in the meowth / wyanaut / cobalt sense

if you check the code you will see that they can literally issue and mint an infinite number of EGG, which they have already been accumulating in different wallets with 1000 egg each

in a month they are going to do a LONG, CONTROLLED dump

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show us the transactions.
you are just spreading false informations without any source or proof.

and please stop using double space ransheet

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lol im not shilling anything.. these EGG devs are fags who are scamming thousands on anons on /biz/

quite frankly if they were on reddit shilling everyday i would not care and would not even go out of my way to divulge the information i know is true

but as soon as you fuck with the last good and strong bastion on 4chan I take it personally

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so shut the fuck up about things you dont know about apu and go suck some cow tits

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>dev wallet sends eggs to this address
>cashes in hundreds of eggs every several hours

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show hand now

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this is the devwallet:

he didnt send anything to anyone.
fuck off pajeet

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pajeet, you can see the devwallet if u read the mastercontract.

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I did more researches.
The devwallet is sending his EGGs to this address: "0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead"

>They are burning EGGs.
>They are doing buybacks.

Nigga with the weak fud

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that's not the devwallet you illiterate fucking pajeet, this is >>29832471 which you can see is sending hundreds of eggs to the address in >>29832276 if you filter by EGG token txns. Dev wallet is literally siphoning their eggs to that address and dumping them on you poor fools.

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anon you do realize they can just make other fucking wallets and just load those up

you sound so gullible

>hur dur look dev wallet good
well not shit its good since we can all see it, go to the transactions and just look at all the eggs being stored in wallets with no transactions what so ever they just received egg from source

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so, are you both in TOAD?
devwallet is only sending EGG to "0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead" or doing some buybacks.

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>does egg burns and buybacks at a slower, pointless rate compared to the amount of eggs they siphon and cash out for USDT to their private binance hot wallets
>s-see!! They're being honest!! They wouldn't lie!
Can't make this shit up

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this is the devwallet:

and not the one u posted.
the devwallet is also written in the mastercontract if you invoke the dev address method.

fuckin larp

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Wait, first you said they are selling EGG to newfags, now you are critisizing the burn and buybacks?

It seems like you are desperately trying to find a mistake.

fkin larp

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Retard, I never claimed the wallet I posted in >>29832276 was the dev wallet, but that it's the address that the dev wallet is SENDING to. Again, use that tiny Indian brain of yours and filter by EGG txns and you'll see that it's receiving thousands of eggs from 0x3378d043ab527eee4556c950a9c4bd87f06cd804, the dev address.
Jesus fuck no wonder why you retards fall for scams like this.

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Yo faggot, I filtered the transactions now.
These are the only incoming transactions.

What now faggot?
>nice try

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uh oh

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holy fuck, Prakesh, you're even dumber than you look.

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I tried to warn them, but did they listen? Of fucking course not, because they're retarded 'jeets in on it or idiot /biz/tards too blind to save themselves from getting fleeced.

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oh my oh my i hope we dump to 30 so i can go all in on egg

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>I know that you gaylords are in the same TG fudding EGG and promoting ur shitty egg clone.
>I also know that u are larps without any coding skills acting big reading transactions from the BSC. (Omg a hacker)

But let me clarify:

The 9% dev fees were communicated since beginning. It is used for marketing purposes (youtuber, ads, etc.), CEX listing, dev income and so on.

Why is this a bad thing?
It was in the docs since the beginning,
every fkin cryptocurrency has some team/dev-share

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I just posted a link to one. I just bought 9 eggs. Whether it's true or not doesn't matter right now. Only market sentiment does. Truths dont make shit moon or dump its the common market sentiment. Im worried about my money.

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well, fudding about the 9% dev share is literally the shittiest thing you can do rn.
just wait for the incubator release on monday.

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im not in toad im unironically in EGG about $75,000 bc i still believe there might be some juice left

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man ur too good to be a paid shill maybe ur a devs assistant

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kek, see this piss on /biz/
these faggots think we will visit this scam
>I’m not a racist but these niggers are rly tarded
>good that my purse is safe with justliquidity with their great staking and yield farming

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Curry outsider detected, no one fucking greentexts like that using "I" statements.
9% of minted EGGS go to their wallet but immediately cashing them out for BUSD every couple of hours without disclosing this to anyone is the damning part. It means they have no confidence nor faith in the long-term prospect of their project and token when they're completely cashing out their 9% like that. imagine if fucking vitalik did this with ETH in the first few crucial stages of the project. Also
>Im-fucking-plying using bscscan properly is any big deal
Hey now, you're the retard who couldn't even figure out how filter txns on bscscan, not me. That's entirely on you.

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>Without disclosing this to anyone?

Nigga, are you okay?
As I said, the 9% was communicated from beginning.

>Immediately cashing them out for BUSD
Okay, are you just acting retarded? If they need the money for devs, marketing, .. how should they pay them? With EGGS?

Whats your problem lmao

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>cashing out literal millions causing the price to dump
>I-it's just all for marketing, honest, trust me bro
Imagine still fucking investing in a startup where the owners have already sold 100% of their holdings

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just stop already, no one is gonna buy your copy pasta toad rug pull.

you copied the code, so you ll also have the 9% fees.
fkin larp

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Well if we look at the coordinated FUD at least they achieved something.

''Update on the Egg Selling:
As we have already recouped the cost of starting this project, we will stop cashing out the eggs.

We start with a 1240 eggs (86,800 USD) burn

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fkin based dev.
Love them, ngl

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you literally can count the number of eggs sent to that address you fucking jeet. blockchain doesn't lie. You're coping that the scam got exposed and now have to pin me as some toad shill when it's most certainly another similar ponzi scam like egg. All BSC shit tokens like egg, toad, salt, donut, whatever the fuck will die with the devs making out like bandits off of dumbass "investors" like you. Assuming you aren't a paid shill of the goose devs yourself, of course.

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look what the team wrote.
hope you stop now?
fkin larp investing his whole weekend fudding a project.

gj in reallife

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EGGbros can you spoonfeed me with a few things?

1. What is my metamask private key for? eth blockchain? bsc block chain?
2. If metamask ceased to exist, could I use my private keys in another wallet, and keep my funds?

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>investing his whole weekend fudding a project
Literally a couple minutes doing basic bscscan sleuthing of the dev address, wow so fucking hard
>look at what the team wrote
kek holy fuck you're gullible. See >>29832606 for just one easy possibility of circumvention so simple and obvious that even a brain dead moron can see through it. Very telling that you, however, can't.
I'm gonna enjoy seeing your pink wojaks next week.

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